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16 October 2013

Copper rolls just melt away!

There has been no response from Umvoti Municipality officials to a request from the Greytown Gazette for comment on the theft of copper wire rolls from the Engineer’s Department According to information received rolls, valued at thousands of rand, were stolen in August after the service of a privately contracted security company was terminated and security was implemented “in house”.

Although there was a Council meeting in September, the theft was not reported and when information was requested from Administrator Sithole, he told the Greytown Gazette that the theft had not been reported to him. He referred the press enquiry to the Municipal Manager but to date no comment has been received.

Apparently a case of theft has now been opened with Greytown Police.



St Cathryn’s golfers who travelled down to Darnall on a cold, wet, windy and misty Sunday morning had reason to feel down hearted. It looked liked the weather was going to be against them, like the Sharks had experienced the night before in Durban.

When the six St Cathryn’s members arrived they found that the opposition teams Mandeni, had five players and Darnall - seven players. Our team consisted of youth and experience and this made for a well balanced team. At Darnall a cart is recommended so that one can conquer the famous “Thromboses hill “. This hole is a par five and for the heavy or unfit - this can be testing for the heart rate.

Task at hand was to regain the trophy, and that is what these fine golfers did. The Club won the day as can be seen in the results and was also the winning club for the year as they won in February as well. Next round of the Triangular is to be played in February 2014, at St Cathryn’s.

Results: 1st St Cathryn’s 31.5 points: 2nd Darnall 29.33 points: 3rd Mandeni 22.4 points.
Individual Players results: 1st: Merwin Rabe 38 points oco: 2nd Jimmy Rice oco: 3rd Paul Els.

Next Farmers Agri -Care Monthly Mug will be played on Saturday 19th October. Golfers are reminded if medal play seems too daunting, play in the mug but play Individual Stableford. This Friday the club will be open for drinks – and if the Book club has anything to discuss – they may Bring and Braai. To book for golf and / or meals please phone 0832691661.\


It could happen to you!

”Until you pay R2 500 your electricity stays off!” This happened to a family living in a block of flats with no idea where the individual meters were placed access to which was locked anyway. But two ladies in blue overalls, with no identification, guided the wife to the ,meters (each flat has an individual one) and said “see you tampered with it -the seal is broken “The consumer denied any tampering and queried how would she or other tenants know which meter belonged to which flat and were impossible to access anyway. The fact that dust and spider webs surrounded the meters was disregarded.

But to no avail - the Municipality says pay up or have no power!

Any consumer who has been forced to pay R2500 because of so-called tampering is asked to contact the Greytown Gazette with details. Obviously illegal connections are not included in this request!


Greytown Country Club news

21 golfers took to the course on Saturday 12th October in breezy conditions to contest the Mascor Monthly Mug. We would have gladly played in pouring rain, as it is evident that our course, and for that matter, the whole district, desperately needs it. Well done to Wally for hanging in there!

The results were as follows: A div - 1st Bigboy Ngonyama 67 net, 2nd Boy Zuma 69 net. B div - 1st (and the Mug winner) Steve Muna 65 net, 2nd J Mlangeni 67 net.

Please remember that the Mascor Business League is ongoing and teams who do not field full teams lose those points.

Not to be missed is the annual GCC Golf Classic on 26th October -format is Betterball Stableford and entry lists are up on the board at the Club.

The “Sunday 9@9” entry fee is R25 to play 9 holes. Richard Chiazzari is sponsoring a chicken that will be up for the winning on Sunday mornings.

Robert Beckett lost out on the money at Friday’s attendance draw, as he was not present. The next attendance draw will be on Friday (18th ) with R200 up for grabs. Be here at 6:30 pm and you could be the lucky winner.

Dates to diarize
Friday 18th: Attendance Draw
Tuesday 22nd :Cheap-As-Tuesday
Friday 25th:Next Happy Hour
Saturday 26th : GCC Gold Classic



Applicants for firearm licences are asked to note that the Firearm Licence Office Greytown is now functioning on an appointment basis, for all firearm related matters - please telephone 033-413 9003 to set up an appointment. This is being done to prevent applicants from waiting for assistance. Preference will be given to persons who have made appointments, and persons who have not made appointments will be accommodated when possible. Please contact the office to obtain guidelines and requirements before submitting applications.

Enquiries for licence cars can also be made at this office.



Umvoti Fire Protection Association committee has decided that due to the current weather conditions being experienced in Umvoti, the authorisation to burn brushwood will only be determined on 1st November.

Weather conditions are monitored continuously and there is a strong possibility that this current fire season may be extended until more favourable weather conditions are experienced.

An urgent appeal is made to all affected to comply to avoid a re-occurrence of the disastrous events of 2011.



Greytown was abuzz with excitement when construction started in Pine Street on the new wonder for the community -the street was half cordoned off - and still is!
A monument was begun, with action, but we would like to ask if, and when this is going to continue?
And when are we going to get our street back?
Bryan Paul


Murder accused refused bail!

Murder accused, teenage Claudius Chetty was refused bail by Magistrate Bhekizitha Phoswa in Pietermaritzburg regional court last Friday and is to appear in Court again today.

Chetty charged with stabbing 17 year Rashmika Janthielayal of Greytown, who was studying at FET College, Northdale, has pleaded not guilty.

In refusing bail, Magistrate Phoswa said that the Prosecutor had been right in her submission that the administration of justice demands not only to be on the side of the accused but also of the victims. Phoswa said that Rashmika’s family were sick and traumatised too referring to Chetty’s claim that his family was stressed and traumatised by his detention and that he had lost 46 kgs in prison.

However a report from the prison M.O handed in by the State, indicated that Chetty was not suffering from any major health problems, and had only lost 12, 9 kg since his arrest.
Investigating Officer Sergeant Sheldon Norman testified that his main objection to bail being granted was concern for witnesses, who had made statements, were known to the accused, and had expressed their fear of him. The Sergeant also told the Court that, prior to the murder, Chetty had had run-ins with the victim and her parents but would not stay away from her.

Magistrate Phoswa also queried whether Chetty would adhere to bail conditions if bail was granted.



Thieves, who obviously did not read the notice that these cameras do not work, removed over 20 when they smashed a Greytown Drugstore window in the early hours of last Wednesday. What they did not realise -these were all the good old fashioned type, i.e. non digital, which used rolls of film which were then processed! But such rolls of films are no longer produced and therefore no retail processing!
So if anyone is offered a range of Olympus, Pentax, Konika, Halina, SLR etc - some of which are over fifty years please contact Greytown Drugstore or Greytown Police - a case of theft has been opened.


Greytown Racing Pigeon Club news

Pigeon fanciers are a breed of their own and the majority are good sportsmen, ready to shake your hand if you win. My first experience of this was the occasion of winning my first ever race. At that time I was surrounded by pigeon fanciers, seven in all, everyone a top class fancier and every week I was last to clock. About 30 minutes after my pigeon landing all seven fanciers trooped into my yard, to congratulate me on beating them, as they had seen my bird drop.

Last time I mentioned control over one’s birds. One of my fellow fanciers used to open his lofts at 7 a.m. for exercise leaving his mother in law to call them in after a specified time. She would stand in the loft entrance in her dressing gown and ring a tea bell and the birds would just about knock her over as they scrambled to get into the loft. Another instance of a good lady fancier and control over one’s birds.

Then there are the funny stories one hears. A fancier who had an imported pair of birds, of which he was very proud, invited six of his closest fancier friends to view these birds and their eggs they were incubating. The six crowded into the loft passageway while he put his hand under the hen, only to find that an egg snake had made a meal of the eggs and was still therein a panic he threw the snake over his shoulder and it happened to wrap itself around one of the spectator’s neck. In frenzy, all six fanciers headed for the exit which was closed. Their blind panic and mob rush demolished the door as they gained the open air.
I think the snake got away after all that!


No key to Mavelane peace centre

Mavelane residents cannot understand why their Peace Centre, completed two years ago, remains locked up and neglected. Built in partnership between the Divine Life Society and Umvoti Municipality as part of their mandate to serve and provide for the disadvantaged through economic and social projects.

The Divine Life Society is a non-governmental, non profit spiritual institution and has over the past 55 years served the needs of the disadvantaged and poor community of KZN. Umvoti Municipality, in terms of the Municipal Systems and Structures Act has a similar mandate and the two organisations have worked well together in the past to achieve such goals to the benefit of various communities.

However, Alderman Hitla Maharaj, who represents the ward in which Mavelane falls, told the Greytown Gazette that the Peace Centre remains closed and locked up, despite numerous requests to Umvoti Municipal Manager for the keys to officially open the Centre, in terms of the signed memorandum of agreement by the two parties, a plaque commemorating the official opening is to be erected.

Alderman Maharaj told the Greytown Gazette that despite ongoing requests to the Municipal Manager, as well as Umvoti's Administrator, absolutely nothing has been done.
The Mavelane community is understandably upset that there has been no action for two years and watch the Centre deteriorate as grass and brambles take over. 

Despite the fact that there are legal obligations in terms of the memorandum of agreement, the Municipality appears to be in breach of the signed agreement which could
result in the municipality being sued by Divine Life Society resulting in more unnecessary costs for the ratepayers of Umvoti.



Much to the delight of the 62 littlies at Inkanyiso Crèche in Enhlalakahle they can now play on the swings -which have been broken for ten years! Following some years of problems, thanks to a new dynamic committee this Crèche, the oldest in Greytown, is acquiring a new look.

Some of the buildings have been painted; the murals on the outside walls touched up and brightened; the playground's action toys repaired and repainted. Thanks to Greytown Build It and Aheers Building Supplies for their generous support and a big thanks to  Buhlebuyeza High School Grade 9D , class teacher Mr FLT Zuke and Principal Mr S. Zondi for their painting and touching up of murals etc and, to  Sam the welder from France  for repairing the swings and the old tractor.

But this is just the start - the two teachers, Sinegugu Ndlovu and Mbali Dlamini said that the children come from Enhlalakahle, Lindelani, Tentown and the hostel and that a number of parents find it difficult to pay a monthly fee.  The little ones are there from 7.30 a.m. to 12 noon - when there are donations they receive bread, fruit and juice in the morning but go home without a midday meal.

The crèche committee is meeting this week to prioritise a list of requirements which the Greytown Gazette will publish next week to obtain the assistance needed.


9 October 2013


Following on the deaths of five rhinos in Weenen Reserve, two mutilated dehorned animals were found last Wednesday...alive!

Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife officials said that the two injured were found running round bleeding with their front horns removed by a sharp object such as a saw. Wildlife vets were to decide whether the rhinos would removed to a boma at Hluhluwe where they would be monitored daily or if the wounds were not too deep, they would be treated and remain in Weenen.

According to a report from Ezemvelo, it was suspected that the five rhinos were killed by being darted with an overdose of the M99 drug. It is suspected that a different type of rhino poaching syndicate is operating in Weenen using the drug. Forensic tests were to be carried out to establish what had caused the deaths.

70 rhinos have been killed in KZN since the beginning of the year.


Investigating officer, Sergeant Sheldon Norman, testified that murder accused 19 year old Claudius Chetty should not be granted bail because his safety and that of witnesses could not be guaranteed. Chetty is appearing in the Pietermaritzburg Regional Court accused of killing his girlfriend Rashmika Janthielayal (of Greytown) at the Northdale FET College on June 3rd.
At the bail application Sergeant Norman said that the accused had contacted Rashmika who was attending a lecture - the two had later met outside the classroom and then gone to the end of the passage where Chetty handed her a letter. He then produced a knife and stabbed her 14 times.
Her best friend is allegedly one of two eye witnesses who saw the stabbing and Norman submitted her life could be in danger if the accused was released on bail.
In an affidavit supporting the bail application, the accused said that he had chosen not to testify because he had not the chance to consult his attorney and not because he feared being cross examined.  He said he intended pleading not guilty to the murder charge. Chetty claimed he had lost 46kg since being jailed and believed that his detention is having a detrimental effect on his mental health and wellbeing. He had been tested for tuberculosis but the results were inconclusive and had also been given anti-depressants and psychiatric treatment.
In a second affidavit submitted on a pending assault case, Chetty said he and his brother had assaulted his mother's boyfriend when he started pushing them around after they had confronted him about assaulting their mother.
State prosecutor, Ricky van Wyk and the Investigating Officer were granted time by the Regional Magistrate to check the details of the assault case.
The bail application was therefore postponed to Friday 11th October to enable the State also to investigate the allegations regarding Chetty's physical and mental health while in custody as the Prosecutor said he could not just accept what Chetty had said.


Xmas overseas mail dates
Believe it or not - it's that time of the year again. I am not convinced that a whole year has disappeared since the 2012 dates were published...but still!
Final dates for sea and surface mail (all classes), issued by the Post Office, as follows:
25th October: Australia; South America; America and Canada; Far East and Asia; Seychelles; Comoros; Mauritius and Reunion; Great Britain; Europe; Middle East and North America
22nd November: Tristan da Cuna; Ascension and St Helena: 6th December: New Zealand; Ivory Coast; Republic of Congo (both);Senegal; Cameroon; Nigeria; Gabon; Kenya; Tanzania; Uganda; Burundi; Rwanda; Madagascar; Angola; Malawi; Zambia and Zimbabwe.
13th December: Botswana; Lesotho; Mozambique; Namibia and Swaziland.
Airmail: all classes and all countries.11th December

Greytown Country Club news
Saturday the 5th October was the Umvoti Tyres golf day and results as follows:
1st: Tubby Larkan / Tony Egner; 48
2nd: John Lloyd Rawstone / Thuba Mzila: 48
3rd: Mike Caldicott / P. Els: 47
This Saturday is the monthly Mascor Mug / Business League.
Not to be missed is the annual GCC Golf Classic on 26th October, which is fast approaching. We have confirmed that the Safire ladies will be “manning” the halfway watering hole again this year! The format will be Betterball Stableford and entry lists are up on the board at the Club.
The “Sunday 9@9” entry fee is R25 to play 9 holes. Richard Chiazzari is sponsoring a chicken that will be up for the winning on Sunday mornings.
This Friday 11th October is the attendance draw with R100.00 up for grabs.
Dates to diarize
Friday 25th October: Happy Hour
Saturday 26th October: GCC Gold Classic
The Lepidopterists’ Society of Africa celebrated the 30th anniversary of its establishment at a hugely successful conference and annual general meeting held at Hermannsburg School this past weekend.
Many of Africa’s top experts and academics from all over South Africa as well as from Kenya and Tanzania gathered to network and share research results. Major topics discussed were conservation, ecological studies, distribution and diversity modelling. A recent highlight was the world class publication of the Conservation Assessment of Butterflies of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland. This collaborative effort authored by members of the society in a partnership with the South African National Biodiversity Institute and the University of Capetown’s Animal Demography unit has received wide acclaim in both academic and conservation circles.
Lepsoc’s latest project is to be known as LepiMAP and will expand on the SABCA project to include the whole of Sub Saharan Africa, and will cover all Lepidoptera (Butterflies and Moths). This is going to be a huge project, and the data management will again be handled by the ADU following the finalisation of a Memorandum of Understanding at the conference. The potential success of this long term project will again be underpinned by data gathered by lepidopterists as well as the Citizen Scientist fraternity, with the use of the ADU’s virtual museum.
Our society is appealing to members of the public to become involved in this project. The value of citizen scientists photographing animals and submitting them online with date and co-ordinates has proven to be highly successful and invaluable to conservation efforts.
Butterfly census week is another fun event which takes place twice a year and provides valuable data as well. The next BCW takes place on the week of 19th to 27th October. Anybody interested in participating can contact Kevin Cockburn or visit the society’s website at . If you are interested in other animal groups there are a number of fascinating atlassing projects on the go . By registering you can obtain an ADU number and make a valuable contribution to science by becoming a citizen scientist and getting involved. Conservation is not only for the guys in khaki - it is the responsibility of every citizen.
We can all make a difference. Go-on do it!
Congratulations to Umvoti Kyokushin karate stars, Sensei Sbonelo and Sempai Nkululeko Zondi on being selected to represent South Africa in the world karate championships in Thailand next year!
The two participated in the international tournament held in Gauteng on 28th September and out of 9 participants were the only two to win trophies. Sensei Sbonelo and Sempai Nkululeko were selected to represent South Africa in Thailand in March next year!
Local karatekas are asked to contact Sensei Sbonelo on 071 368 7782 in regard to local karate SALGA selections to take place this weekend.
Report: Sempai Sbusiso Cele (Media sport karate)
St Cathryn’s members are reminded of the triangular tournament against Mandeni and Darnall this coming Sunday 13th to be played at Darnall. Tee off is at 9:30 and the cost of R 150.00, includes halftime, competition fee and a light lunch. Let’s go out and play as these clubs always send up to fourteen players when they come and play at St Cathryn’s in the same tournament. All interested players please contact Piet to discuss travelling arrangements and let’s travel down to the North Coast and collect the trophy.
The interclub Team has one vacancy, to play in the KZNGU Interclub tournament to be played over the dates of 8, 9 and 10 November at Umdoni, Scottburgh and Selbourne. A team consists of three players and therefore the one “Frog” team still has a position to fill. Other positions on offer are team manager, chef, team doctor and head of tactics. Thank you to the sponsors that have come forward to supply shirts and accommodation. This year we plan to enter three teams, one Senior “Frog” and two “Frog” teams. The format over the tournament is Medal Stableford and the maximum handicap is 18. Please contact Piet urgently should you wish to play as we need to enter by Wednesday 9th. Piet can be contacted on 083 269 1661.
Supper on Friday will be lasagne salad and bread please phone 082 555 2661 to book by Thursday.
Applicants for firearm licences are asked to note that
the Firearm Licence Office Greytown is now functioning on an appointment basis, for all firearm related matters -
please telephone 033-413 9003 to set up an appointment.
This is being done to prevent applicants from waiting for assistance. Preference will be given to persons who have made appointments, and persons who have not made appointments will be accommodated when possible.
Please contact the office to obtain guidelines and requirements before submitting applications.
Enquiries for licence cars can also be made at this office.
KZN South African National Blood Service is experiencing a critical blood shortage. Current blood stocks are below the required 5 days stock level and are currently at 0.9 days of stock level. The recent school holidays may have contributed to this, but as the festive season approaches the need to increase the blood supplies becomes more urgent an appeal is made to .community organisations, schools, tertiary institutions and businesses to support the call and help increase the blood collections.
To find your nearest clinic call Toll Free: 0800 11 9031 or visit:
Last month was way below the 40 year rainfall mean of 52 mm for September with just 25.4 being recorded by PANNAR Research and 29 mm by Grant Gifford in Greytown itself. Lowest in the last 6 years was 14.4 in 2010/11 with the highest being last year a much welcomed 146.2. Most rain recorded in September was 9.6 on 21st -as a matter of interest the maximum temperature that day was 12.73!
Temperature wise in September according to stats released by Ram Bagdath of Pannar: the hottest recorded: 33.14 on the 20th with a sprinkling of over thirties in between. Lowest maximum recorded was 13.88 on 11th September. And the lowest minimum 2.86 on 2nd September!
BIZARRE OCTOBER DATES Not quite sure where, how, why and who selected these weird and wonderful “days” for the month of October - but just in case you looking for something to celebrate choose one of these:
1 World Vegetarian Day
2 Name Your Car Day
3 Techies Day; Virus Appreciation Day
4 National Golf Day; National Frappe Day
5 Do Something Nice Day; International Frugal Fun Day; Oktoberfest in Germany ends, date varies; World Teacher’s Day
6 Come and Take it Day; Mad Hatter Day
7 Bald and Free Day; World Smile Day
8 American Touch Tag Day
9 Curious Events Day; Emergency Nurses Day; Fire Prevention Day; Leif Erikson Day Mouldy Cheese Day
10 National Angel Food Cake Day
11 It’s My Party Day ;Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day ; World Egg Day - second Friday of month
12 Cookbook Launch Day; Old Farmer’s Day;
Moment of Frustration Day
14 Columbus Day - second Monday of month
13 International Sceptics Day
14 National Dessert Day - take an extra helping, or two
15 White Cane Safety Day
16 Bosses Day; Dictionary Day
17 Wear Something Gaudy Day
18 No Beard Day
19 Evaluate Your Life Day; International Newspaper Carrier Day; Sweetest Day
20 Brandied Fruit Day
21 Babbling Day; Count Your Buttons Day; National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day
22 National Nut Day
23 National Mole Day
24 National Bologna Day; United Nations Day
25 Punk for a Day; World Pasta Day;
Frankenstein Friday - last Friday in October
26 Make a Difference Day- fourth Saturday of the month, neighbours helping neighbours. ; National Mincemeat Day
27 National Tell a Story Day - in Scotland and the U.K.; Mother-In-Law Day - fourth Sunday in October
28 Plush Animal Lover’s Day
29 Hermit Day; National Frankenstein Day
30 National Candy Corn Day; Mischief Night
31 Carve a Pumpkin Day; Halloween;
Increase Your Psychic Powers Day
October birthstones...and more!
“October’s child is born for woe,
And life’s vicissitudes must know,
But la an opal on her breast,
And hope will lull those woes to rest.”
Opal is the traditional birthstone for the month and is said to have metaphysical properties generating happiness, faithfulness, loyalty and confidence, as well as healing properties relating to the eyes.
Opals is the considered the birthstone for the zodiac sign of Libra (23 September to October) -Libra also responds to Peridot, Agate, Aquamarine, Tourmaline and Sapphire.
Found in Australia, Mexico and America the name means “to see a change in colour”
Libra’s are all about balance, justice, equanimity and stability. They easily surround themselves with harmony and beauty, but sometimes go to extremes to do so if their goals are unreasonable or unhealthy. With Venus as their ruling planet, Libra’s are very understanding, caring, and often the champion of underdogs. They have keen intuitions, but often don’t give themselves enough credit for their perceptions.
Libra colours are shades of blue, from bird egg blue to cobalt, cerulean or ultramarine.
Flowers for Libras are of the fragrant variety - red, pink or white roses, violet, lily, apple blossom, gardenia, white lilac and freesia.


On a recent visit to the beautiful gardens of Benvie, six members of Greytown garden club enjoyed a magnificent morning guided by Jenny Robinson, through garden established by her great grandfather John Gheekie in 1882. Over the years many trees from all over the world have been planted, these are incredibly tall and give the effect of walking in a cathedral, the many coloured azalea and azalea mollis lending the effect of stain glass windows.
Benvie in Karkloof is well known throughout South Africa by both the gardening and bird watching fraternities.  Gheekie, a cabinet maker by profession, also loved trees, and imported seedlings from across the world. Many of these trees   still stand today, including three giant  Mountain ash  (Eucalyptus regnans), the trunks of which boast massive circumferences of more than 6.8 m , and are a rare sight in South Africa. Today the farm's arboretum is managed by Gheekie's great granddaughter, and his descendants have continued the family tradition of cabinetry and furniture making at Intingo Furniture.
The hundred and twenty seven year old garden covers an area of about thirty hectares, and consists mainly of large conifers, rhododendrons and azaleas, all of which is bordered by a typical indigenous mist belt forest. The garden features a walkway, about two kilometres long, directing visitors with a series if signs posted along the way. Here bird watchers stand a good chance of seeing Orange Ground Thrush, Chorister Robin Chat, Olive Woodpecker, Grey Cuckoo shrike, Knysna Turaco, White starred Robin and Cape Parrot which use the property as a nesting site. During early summer a variety of migrant species arrive at the farm. Most of these migrant birds belong to the Cuckoo family and include Red chested Cuckoo, Black Cuckoo, African Emerald and Klaas's Cuckoo, as well as many Diderick Cuckoo. Forest Buzzard and Narina Trogon are also sighted regularly in and around the forest.



On Saturday 28 September 2013 the Hermannsburg Class of 1963 met for a reunion - fifty years after writing matric! Peter von Fintel write: "Starting the day at St Cathryn’s the group then all met Up at Hermannsburg School. They were given a tour of the museum by Inge von Fintel and then a tour and power presentation on the school by PRO Stella Cockburn
.Unfortunately Erna Bestall could not join us for this part of the reunion but she joined us for a lovely lunch at St. Cathryn’s.   With the traditional “Klitsch”. There was much talking about the past, looking at old photos and school magazines and just enjoying
lovely relaxing time with our old class mates and their spouses.
After watching the Boks thrash the Aussies, we had a braai and thereafter spent a relaxing time chatting before we all hit the sack.
.Piet and Cathy Nel went out of their way to make us welcome and comfortable and a big thank you for the wonderful time we could spend together."

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2 October 2013



 Last week this magnificent bull rhino was happily living his life, with others, in the Weenen Game Reserve. But thanks to poachers carrying out their evil dehorning programme for money, this rhino is now another statistic. 

Four in total have been killed in Weenen reserve in the last week bringing the total in KZN for this year to 68 whilst the climbing total for South Africa, this year alone - 637. In 2012 668 were killed - that’s almost two a day!
Weenen Game Reserve is a favourite of many Greytown Gazette readers - close enough to spend a couple of  interesting and rewarding hours there and view the range of animals , and in particular, the  exciting white rhinos. But if this mindless money grabbing evil slaughter continues, both black and white rhinos could become extinct.
Ezemevelo and Police personnel have been investigating the latest slaughter since the weekend. Apparently the four rhinos were killed by darting to remove the horns. Officials removed the head of the rhino for forensic purposes.
This poaching is predominantly fuelled by the illegal trade in rhino horn; globalisation and economic growth has made it easier to establish illegal trading routes. The current poaching crisis is attributed to the growing demand for rhino horn in Asian countries, mainly China and Vietnam, where horn is believed to have medicinal properties. The high price fetched for the horn has attracted the involvement of ruthless criminal syndicates who use high-tech equipment to track down and kill the rhinos.
 To anyone who calls themselves a lover of nature, a supporter of conservation, a human being, let’s stand together as a nation proud and DO SOMETHING.

Brazen car window murder

Bell Street was jam-packed with people last Friday carrying out their monthly shopping in the stores and from the vendors. But in the midst of all this activity a killer brazenly shot and killed a man sitting in his parked car in Sargeaunt Street.

45 year old Sam "Rasta" Ndlovu, a taxi owner from Muden, was apparently sitting in his Toyota Conquest having a quick nap. Round about 2.25p.m a killer walked up to the vehicle and fired off at last three shots through the right rear window killing Sam instantly.

According to several witnesses, the killer appeared to a young man, who after the shooting ran off to Lindelani squatter camp - he used a pistol in the attack.

No motive for the attack has been established.

Greytown Police are investigating and believe that , with so many people in the vicinity, there must be witnesses .Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Investigating Officer, Lieutenant Ngubane on 033 413 9034




In April , the Greytown Gazette published a report headlined “Dangerous and stupid dragsters" on irresponsible car owners and drivers who were drag racing through the town, mainly Pine Street in the early hours of the morning.  Apart from the high potential of injury or death, sleepless residents had lodged complaints with the Police, security and traffic personnel on the drag racing and also the hangers-on who stood around drinking, vandalising and making a noise.
After the article was published there was a lull in these dangerous activities but not for long!
Thumbing their noses at the authorities these young men have "spread their wings" and are carrying  out this stupid activity in different areas of Greytown ... residents in Sergeant, Pine, Cooper, Erskine have all lodged complaints but to no avail. Details of the vehicles involved with NUM, NKK and some number plates removed have been handed to the authorities but still to no avail.
At the time Greytown Station Commander Colonel Mapalala said "Urgent attention and sensitization of night shift members to be extra vigilant for these dragsters and vigorously pursue to bring them to justice." Obviously more needs to be done and hopefully before there is any loss of life or serious injuries the authorities, Police, traffic and security need to put a comprehensive plan into action.
Retaining the theme of lawlessness a number of local retail stores have reported a large increase in theft of items from the shelves; water meters are being vandalised; more housebreakings taking place. And despite the influx of traffic police earlier this year the standard of driving and disregard of traffic rules is once again on the increase.
It is essential that members of the public become pro-active-join the Community Policing Forum to work together with the Police to prevent crime; report anything or anyone suspicious to Ops 911 (033 417 2911)-its operators pass the message on to the Police for action; and remember it is far better to prevent a crime rather than wait for it to happen.




 The first photo shows a 15m x 4m patch of lawn bordering the clubhouse
 in King Edward Park overlooking the oval field. This raw sewerage has
 been seeping out of a manhole for the past 6 months and despite
 repeated phone calls to Umzinyathi Water the problem persists. This
 manhole gave problems about 12 months ago and was fixed but obviously
 not very well. This area is in the middle of a highly used facility
 and how it doesn't seem to bother anyone else escapes me. The health
 hazard from e-coli infection to sportspeople and spectators alike is

 The second picture is of the southern end of the adjoining soccer
 field (the old rugby field). Drainage has always been a problem in
 this corner of the field but it has never been this bad. Surely our
 Municipality can afford to spend a few thousand Madibas to sort this
 out? Again, the risk to health to everyone in the vicinity cannot be
 stressed enough.

 Ivo Wüst

 Caption; yeeeeeuch -raw sewerage!

 Caption; maybe this should be promoted as a mud bath tourist attraction?



Five Greytown gardens will be open to the public for viewing this weekend in the Stihl Open Gardens programme .Also a number of stunning gardens in Pietermaritzburg and the Midlands. All gardens open from 9 a.m.; to 5 p.m.

Brief details of the local garden are as follows:

*"Bloemhof" (District Road 220): Robyn Adendorff has maintained and enhanced this four acre garden which dates back to the 1920's. Magnificent old trees highlighted by aloes, bougainvilleas, azaleas, roses, cycads etc. attract a wide selection of birds and butterflies.

Tea, coffee and homemade cooldrinks will be on sale - proceeds to Ops 911 Centre.

*Jacaranda Villas (High Street): Fourteen very different individual town gardens are on show, featuring interesting indigenous borders and a variety of garden material.

*"The Folly" (Thomas Handley Avenue):Lots to see in this striking four hectare park-like garden Martin and Madeleine Hill. Indigenous plantings, fairy garden, rose garden and lots more are some of the many special features.

Teas available - donations to St James*Walter and Verona Redinger (230 Pine
Street): In just 8 years the Redingers have turned a bare garden into a picture perfect area of colour and design with spectacular roses being a major feature. It took them 200 tons of soil, a retaining wall and about 18 tons of compost to

bring about this place of beauty.

*The Country Nursery: Roy and Pippa Harris have built this up into a popular tea garden with a spectacular view.

Tea, eats and plants on sale.


There are gardens galore with open gates this weekend, so make the most of it, pick up your full programme from the nearest garden centre and enjoy the finest gardens in KwaZulu Natal as they open their gates for the spring season. For more information you can contact Gail at


St Cathryn's News


The "Green keepers revenge" competition on Saturday ended in a fearsome competition between two golfers as the green keeper and weatherman landed in the same draw! It seemed right from the word go, that these two were going to "go for it" from the start on the 15th tee, the first tee for the green keeper's revenge. The intentions were all there for a good battle...the result was the weatherman won the green keepers revenge when he used three extra clubs in his bag. The mist, then the thick mist and finally light rain put a stop to play before the first ball was tee-ed off. The game was called off due to bad weather - that cleared later in the day. The decision is always difficult as to when must the game be cancelled but one needs to take members travelling from a far into consideration.

The final round of the Triangular competition between Mandeni, Darnall and St Cathryn's is to be played on Sunday 13th October at Darnall. No team selection is made and golfers are asked to volunteer to play at a cost of R 150 green fees, half-time and lunch included. Come and join us to get an opportunity to play another course. Even if you are not a member of St Cathryn's travel with us and enjoy the ride.

Farmers Agri-Care monthly mug will be played on Saturday 19th October.

Supper on Friday will be bring and braai - with KSB breads, potato and other salads - please phone 083 269 1661 to book for golf and / or meals.


Greytown Racing Pigeon Club news

Anyone can be a pigeon fancier but not everybody can be a successful fancier -like any sport to be successful takes time and dedication.

Many hours must be spent with the birds to get to know their fads and fancies as each one is an individual and has its own strange habits and the fancier who can sort this out will be a true champion.

Some pigeons will race home to their perch, another to its nest or mate, others to their youngsters. Still others fly home solely to the fancier.

Having tame pigeons is also an asset. I knew a fancier whose pigeons when returning from a race would alight directly into his outstretched hand in which he held food and eat from there. His pigeons responded when he called them by the name he had given them.

Although pigeons are gregarious creatures, they do mate for life unless the fancier decided to mate them differently, but they soon settle into their new matings. Although saying this, it has been noticed that a rank hen will not exactly back away from an amorous cock if her mate is not in the immediate vicinity. But on the other hand will defend her nest vigorously if any other cock attempts to force his attentions on her while she is nesting. As I said earlier, get to know you pigeons and spend as much time as possible with them and success will come your way.




Huge decisions are looming for senior learners - be they in Grade 9 or matric - and the best way to deal with decisions which will have long-term consequences is to arm oneself with as much information as possible states education expert Dr Felicity Coughlan, Director of the Independent Institute of Education which provides higher education on more than 20 registered campuses in SA.

Matric pupils have only a few days left to apply for access to most public universities, while Grade 9 learners need to make their selection of subjects for the National Senior Certificate examinations they will write in
3 years' time. For both these groups, deciding on what they want to do after school can seem a mountain too high to climb, but it is necessary for them to take a step back, calm down, and get as much information as possible to make the best decision possible.

For both Grade 9 and 12 learners, the IIE suggests that they spend time investigating the websites of public and private post-school institutions to get a quick understanding of what courses are on offer and what their entry requirements are.

Dr Coughlan suggests learners choose subjects that open doors:

· Hold on to Mathematics as long as you possibly can, but don't place yourself at risk of not achieving an NSC at all if all the indicators are that you will in fact be better served with Maths Literacy.

· Choose subjects that stretch you and choose at least one you love or are very good at.

· Ask more than one person for advice but make a goal-based decision

· Remember that there is both a public and a private sector - keep your options open by considering both in relation to your goals.



There is an urgent need for platelets and the Blood Bank has launched an urgent appeal to the public to become a platelet donor - slightly different to a blood donation. Platelets are small colourless cell fragments circulating in the blood and play a vital role in blood clotting and prevention of excess blood loss. When a blood vessel is injured, platelets collect to form a plug that stops the bleeding. Platelets are required for:

· Patients with leukaemia and other cancers, undergoing chemo or radiation therapy; bone marrow or organ transplant patients; patients undergoing major surgery and trauma; and patients with Aplastic anaemia

a platelet donor needs to be healthy; weigh 55kg or more; be between 16 and
65 years of age; consider their blood and blood platelets safe to give to a patient; not have taken aspirin in the past 7 days prior to donating ; not have taken anti-inflammatory medication in the past 3 days and have a platelet count above 200 000 per micro-litre

Platelet donation is slightly different to blood donation, it is important to contact SANBS for more information on the process and requirements - phone toll free 0800 11 9031, visit or connect on and Twitter: the SANBS



Don't forget the Beer Festival this Friday - Durban's Premier Party Band "Chameleon" will be the entertainment for the evening. Tickets are available and selling @ R50 which includes your meal (Pig on the spit) and one 330ml free Draught Beer of your choice.

For further information contact Lone du Plessis at the Country Club at
033-417 2441.

Friday night, 27th September was Happy Hour, has to be mentioned that Pete Koller walked away with 1st and 2nd prize. This is a first, "one person walking away with both prizes".

We remind golfers to diarize Umvoti Tyres Golf Day which will take place on Saturday 5th October. It will be the first opportunity to play on our spring treated greens and tee boxes while enjoying the hospitality of one of Grey town’s prominent businesses. Not to be missed is the annual GCC Golf Classic on the 26th of October, which is fast approaching. We have confirmed that the Safire ladies will be "manning" the halfway watering hole again for us this year! The format will be Betterball Stableford and entry lists are up on the board at the Club.

The "Sunday 9@9" entry fee is R25 to play 9 holes. Richard Chiazzari is sponsoring a chicken that will be up for the winning on Sunday mornings.

Dates to diarize

Friday- 4th October 2013 - Beer Festival

Saturday - 5th October 2013 - Umvoti Tyres Golf Day

Friday - 11th October 2013 - Attendance Draw

Saturday - 12th October 2013 - Next Mascor Monthly Mug

Friday - 25th October 2013 - Happy Hour

Saturday - 26th October 2013 - GCC Gold Classic




The Greytown Gazette publishes a monthly Shadow Column at the end of each month to list events to come. . However it would appear from the lack of response from schools, sports clubs, churches, etc. that no events have been scheduled from now until next year! No prize-givings, sporting events, Christmas functions etc.

Main objective is to notify the public of what events are scheduled to take place, or about to, so to avoid, as far as possible, “double dating" -that is two events on the same day which could create problems not only for the organisers but also for the public.

An appeal therefore to all Churches, NGO's, sports bodies, clubs etc. to submit dates and event details to the Greytown Gazette for publication ASAP - from now until the end of the year there are so many events social, sporting, prize-givings etc-so please notify either verbally or electronically in time for the next Shadow column!


1st: Schools open for last term

4th: Beer festival

5th: Navraathree

13th:Durgaa Pooja

15th: Garden club: Tarr Roses

27th: Senior Service Centre members bring and share picnic


2nd: G911 bass fishing competition

3rd: Deepavali

4th: Gobardhan Pooja

12th: Garden club Christmas at Beehive

30th: Wartburg W.I. Xmas fair


4th: Schools close for Christmas holidays

16th: Day of Reconciliation (Monday)

16th: Umvoti Carol Service: St Peter's Lutheran Church

18th: Christmas issue Greytown Gazette

25th: Christmas Day (Wednesday)



1st: NewYears Day

15th: First 2014 edition Greytown Gazette

15th: First school term starts (Wednesday)


21st: Human Rights Day (Friday)

28th: Schools close for Easter holidays (Friday)


18th: Good Friday

21st: Family Day

27th: Freedom Day (Sunday)

28th: public holiday

29/30: School holiday


1st: Workers Day (Thursday)


16th: Youth Day (Monday)

27th: School close (Friday)


21st: Schools open for third term (Monday)


9th: Women’s Day (Saturday)


24th: Heritage Day (Wednesday)


3rd: School close (Friday)

13th: Schools open for last term (Monday)


9th: Schools close (Tuesday)

16th: Day of Reconciliation (Tuesday)

25th Christmas Day (Thursday)

26th Day of Goodwill


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