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26 June 2013

Report :Niyanta Maharaj

TEN men, allegedly responsible for the Greytown ATM bombings in January this year, were denied bail in the Pietermaritzburg Regional Court on Monday. Magistrate Kevin Leat said no compelling circumstances had been presented by the accused to justify their release on bail while the State’s case, when finalised, was promising of a conviction..They are charged with four counts of robbery with aggravating circumstances, five counts of contravening the Explosives Act, five counts of malicious damage to property, eight counts of attempted murder, three counts of murder and charges of unlawful possession of explosives, machine rifles, prohibited firearms and ammunition.
The ATM bombings relate to incidents in Howick, Merrivale, Nottingham Road and Greytown, and the murders of Sizwe Gule and Patricia Nkosi in Utrecht on December 5, 2012. Appearing amid a heavy police presence and in leg shackles, the accused showed no emotion when they were denied bail.
Magistrate Leat said he was “thoroughly satisfied” that the accused had presented no exceptional circumstances that rendered them being released on bail.
Investigating officer Warrant Officer Willem De Wet in his evidence had said that the State had DNA evidence placing one of the accused at the scene of the Greytown ATM bombing as he was arrested at a hospital recovering from an injury to his arm and that blood found at the scene and in the getaway car, linked positively to him..He added that releasing the accused on bail would send the wrong message to society as statistics showed that from July 2007, 20 people were killed and 65 wounded by ATM bombers countrywide.
The men are expected to appear in the Regional Court again on July 26 for indictment to be served on them and a High Court trial date.


Umvoti has a new Mayor! He is NFP Zamokwakhe Xaba, who has been deputy Mayor since last year’s Municipal elections. The Mayoral chair fell vacant when Councillor P.G. Mavundla stepped down as Mayor two weeks as part of a move to pre-empt the proposal to dissolve Umvoti Exco including the posts of Mayor and deputy Mayor.
At the special statutory meeting held last Friday - following the dissolution of Exco probably the only non-controversial move was the election of Xaba as Mayor of Umvoti!
From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. the talk and rhetoric ranged back and forth as political cut and thrust manifested from all.
The three party alliance, consisting of 9 IFP Councillors, 2 NFP (who had previously aligned themselves with the ANC) and the one DA Councillor moved and passed the motion to dissolve the Exco leadership citing lack of consultation, service delivery and finances as the main reasons for this.
According to the Municipal Structures Act, Umvoti Council consisting of 22 members was entitled to 4.4 Exco members -in other words 4 with 2 each from the two main political parties, IFP and ANC. This led to several hours of heated discussion as the IFP expressed their dismay at the fact that since 18th May last year they had been given only 1 Exco seat, instead of the 2 they were entitled to. Eventually the ballot papers for a secret ballot were ready. As the ANC had nominated only two Councillors for the two Exco posts, PG Mavundla and Nqobile Mashaba claimed no election was necessary and took their seats.
However the IFP alliance nominated three Councillors: Z.Xaba;R.Maharaj and P. Buss. Therefore a vote had to take place and the two Councillors receiving the most votes from the 12 alliance Councillors would be the IFP alliance Executive Committee members.
After the voting the Municipal Manager announced that as Councillors Xaba and Buss had both received the highest votes they would represent the alliance on Exco!
Without any ado (compared to the rest of the meeting) Councillor Zamo Xaba was unanimously elected as Mayor.
However a two hour cut and thrust followed -the ANC nominated Councillor Mashaba as deputy Mayor but the IFP nominated Councillor Hitla Maharaj. But according to the Act the Councillor has to be a member of the Executive to be elected to the position of Mayor and deputy. Eventually Speaker Ahmed Shaikh ruled that Mashaba be declared deputy Mayor.
A quick introduction to Umvoti’s New Mayor.:He is from nThembisweni and matriculated from Candbuthule High School.The Mayor has a strong financial background having been a Unit manager with Royal Food Services and Mvelphanda Investment group . He became a Councillor in 2009 to replace the late Councillor Ngcobo. In 2011 he joined the NFP and is a PR Ward 3 Councillor. He is to marry Thandi Mdladla of Mbovini on 6th July.
The Mayor’s vision for Umvoti is to bring about political stability amongst all the political parties in the best interests of the communities and society as a whole. He will be looking at developing services to the ratepayers in rural areas and town.
In looking at the economic potential of Umvoti Mayor Xaba will focus on agriculture ,industry and existing businesses.
He will be a full time Mayor with an open door policy -and will welcome interaction with all residents. To contact Mayor Xaba phone his PA, Sanele Goge on 033 413 9100
during office hours.
On behalf of IFP, Councillor M Yengwa states:"We were supervised to learn  that in fact I.F.P. was correct when we went to court to  demand our exco seat which  we  were told for the first time that  it was ours since 2011 elections. This was confined by  the Municipal Manager - two seats  for  I,F.P and two seats A.N.C. considering  other parties as well .This caused  chaos such as I have never seen  in my life time since I joined politics in 1979 . as a result the election of the exco members  at Friday's meeting was  chaotic.
However we sill believe that we have very experienced Managers in the Municipality in the field of  local Government  and  one hopes that they will help us resolve the issue of the exco very soon ,having said that we shall  do the best we can to support  our new Mayor who is well experienced as a councillor .We will do whatever it takes to help him to serve the people of Umvoti . If this problem is not solved internally, we will  have no option but to take it up with the court of  Law as the last option .

Our co function is service  to our people nothing else that we are still committed to serve our people of Greytown and to make their lives better with  the small budget we have and to serve them with integrity."

Choral concert grand finale to choir week

Hermannsburg will be resonating with the sounds of music as music lovers from all over the country gather for their annual choir week in the first week of July.
The S.A. Heinrich Schutz association was founded in 1968 to promote choral church music in South Africa. To achieve this, over the past 45 years, an annual choir week has been held in various venues...and this year the venue is Hermannsburg! Maintaining the high standard, each year a professional choirmaster is invited from Germany - Christian Stotzner from Eisnach is this year’s choirmaster.
On Saturday 6th July, as a closing highlight a concert will be held in St Peter’s Lutheran Church, 283 Voortrekker Street at 7 p.m. The hour long concert is free -a collection will be held to assist the Association in it’s work. The concert will feature some seldom heard church music-right on the doorstep for Umvoti residents.
Flow(and grow) with nature
This was the essence of an inspirational talk given by Jenny Cowie at June Garden Club meeting held at her lovely home at Insingsi Nursery. Jenny encouraged the large crowd present to observe, follow the seasons, plan, and allow your garden to be a creative expression of yourself. ‘Think of the different areas of your garden as different rooms in a house,’ Jenny advises. Cater for family members’ interests, like birds, animals or trees, and have different areas that emphasize these.
She had some great practical advice for new gardeners, for example, to simply follow the seasons!Wintertime, which many people think is a dull, bleak time in the garden, is ideal to reflect, plan and prepare, and to enjoy the fruits of summer labour – both literally out the orchard and veggie patch, and visually in the beautiful winter flowers and grasses around.
Winter is a great time to plan new beds for spring;what vegetables to plant;what plants need pulling out; if any pots need maintenance or revamping. In autumn we need to plant poppies, sweetpeas, foxgloves and petunias which will give such rich reward in winter and spring. Jenny reminded us of the importance of ‘black gold’ – compost to give back to the soil – and mulch, which acts as a natural blanket to keep cold out and moisture in.
Jenny pointed out that any catastrophes brought about by the forces of nature are all eventually smoothed out by nature too, and that gardens are dynamic, living entities that grow and change with us.
Jenny is an excellent speaker with a wealth of knowledge specific to the rather unique Greytown climate. Phone her on 082 921 2134 to arrange a date to visit Insingsi Nursery on the outskirts of Greytown.
The finals of a very successful 2013 Supa-Quick tennis handicaps and championships were played over the weekend in perfect weather.
Handicap finals were played on Saturday and produced some interesting and ,in some instances, careful tennis. The men’s singles title was won by Pierre Steyn who edged out Ian Redfern 7-3, and the ladies title went to Corné Nefdt who beat Jeanette Nell 7-3 . Men’s handicap doubles was won by Herman van Rooyen and Mark Thomas who beat Dieter and Josh Meyer 7-4. Jenny and Hannah Tedder beat Kim Steyn and Erica Gevers 7-4 to take the ladies doubles handicap title.
Father and daughter team, Dieter and Megan Meyer won the mixed doubles handicaps title beating Juan and Anna van der Vyver 7-2.
On Sunday the championship finals were played and there was some really excellent tennis.It must be a record - all four members of the Edkins family played in the various final championship matches!
Well done to Ashley Cotterrell the new men’s singles champion. The men’s final was a fast paced match with both players starting well and Ashley Cotterrell beating Kyle Edkins 7-6 and 6-2.
In the ladies match Kelsey Edkins played Lynn English . Both played sizzling tennis and Kelsey won the match 6-3, 6-4.
The ladies doubles championship finals was played between Jenny Tedder and Sylvia Varty and Kelsey and Wendy Edkins. Jenny and Sylvia won the title 6-4; 6-3 after a nail biting finish .
Again it was a father and daughter team win in the mixed doubles final with some superb and exciting tennis played - titleholders Clive and Kelsey Edkins beat Juan van der Vyver and Jenny Tedder 6-1; 6-3.
After all the matches were played, chairperson Pierre Steyn presented the winners with their trophies, and prizes sponsored by Supa-Quick. Thanks to Supa-Quick for their continued support .
Thank you too to the ladies for the delicious tea eats and to all the spectators who came to watch.
Lastly, a day like this could not be such a success without the hard work of the committee members. Thank you all for making it such a special day.
Derek Brown is holding a junior tournament sponsored by PANNAR SEED on the 10, 11, 12 July. To enter please phone Derek on 083 228 9243.
On Saturday it is back to social tennis starting at 2 p.m. All visitors and students are welcome to join in. Players are also reminded of the popular PANNAR mixed doubles Tournament on Sunday, 21 July.
The Farmers Agri- Care Monthly Mug was won by Paul Els……and Dieter Meyer misses the mug again. A determined Dieter Meyer successfully was able to par hole number eight, and scored a four on that hole for the first time – as on numerous occasions he has recorded five , six and even more on that hole. Dieter threatened to jump into the dam if he could par that hole…….. ( His fellow players let him off this time as he had tennis to play later that afternoon) Dieter, it takes one good drive, or punch or hit to the middle of the shortest fairway, then a good chip onto the green then even give yourself two putts………to get to par.
Other players in the field Nel and Aherin shied away from the medal competition but played for stableford points. After being called sissy’s because real men play Medal the two of them carried on in their own quiet way to try and demolish the field…… But to no avail.
With the frost we have received the fairways are giving that extra distance in the drives and surprisingly the greens are holding well.
1st Paul Els Nett 69 - Paul turned after the first nine with a thirty two.
2nd Dieter Meyer 71 oco
3rd Sakkie Marais
Captains Putter : Brent Barkhuizen
Nearest to pin 9/18 : Paul Els
Stableford : Paul Els 42 points.
Travelling down to Mandeni for the Triangular last Sunday - we would like to acknowledge golfers Sakkie Marais and Brent Barkhuizen for showing real commitment to their club for travelling firstly up to St Cathryn’s from Kokstad and Westbrook respectively but then making themselves available for the Triangular at Mandeni. Thank you manne it is appreciated. Our club fielded five players, Mandeni 22 and Darnall nine players. The third and final leg is to be played at Darnall on Sunday 13th October .
Now the Greytown paper had a lead story last week that the town of Greytown has no mayor, eish-- quite a story. This Triangular tournament is almost in the same predicament…..we have no trophy….but it is out there somewhere between Mandeni and Darnall. Our team will make every effort to try and regain the trophy and to bring it back to its rightful place on the mantle piece at St Cathryn’s.
Mandeni 32 points, Darnall 31 points and St Cathryn’s 27 points.
One of our golf members Merwin Rabe, had a tumour removed last week and according to Rudi and Ruth - Mervin is doing well and will be discharged soon.. They would also like to thank all the club members for their phone calls and continued best wishes. Come back Merwin, Dieter needs to find out how to play hole number eight!
Next St Cathryn’s feature is the SANLAM Cancer challenge to be played on 6th July to be competed in all divisions. We ask members to please contact Piet to enter .
Supper on Friday 28 June will be chicken - a -la -King, rice and salad – to book please phone 083 269 1661
Tribute to Bhai Maharaj Contributed
The David Maharaj family wishes to record, with great sadness, the passing of local icon and business entrepreneur, Rabisunker Maharaj, known across SA as “Bhai”. A pioneering figure in Greytown’s automotive and transport industries, he worked closely with his late father, the well known David Shreebagwan Maharaj, to start the family-owned businesses of David’s Motors, David’s Cartage, David’s Passenger Services and Suntin Investments. The brick manufacturing concern, Greytown Brick & Tile, was also acquired and operated under his management.
Late “Bhai” was a no-nonsense character from the old school with a strong work ethic and devotion to duty. But he also had a powerful sense of humour and almost always ended a social or business encounter with a clever quip that defused any tension and replaced it with laughter.
He matriculated at St Oswald’s High in Newcastle and was a keen sportsmen with an interest in most sports, featuring prominently on the local soccer scene of the late fifties and in the sixties. He passed away on the 17th June 2013 and is survived by his wife Shanti, daughters Reshika, Reshina and Reshiva and sons Raynand and Sanjeev. The family acknowledges, with sincere thanks, the support and messages of condolences from relatives, friends, business colleagues and acquaintances locally and abroad.
He grew up here: matriculated at Hermannsburg in 2004;graduated with honours from Rhodes and is the youngest exhibitor in a permanent photographic exhibition in USA.
He is Shaun Walton (son of Cliff and Debbie of Greytown).This multi-talented young man has combined and used his background as a trained biologist and professional wildlife guide with his love and skills of photography.
After obtaining his honours in entomology Shaun then spent two years at Mala Mala as a professional wild life guide.He has always had an interest in photography - he said generated during childhood by his father’s interest.
While at Mala Mala Shaun realised that combining photography with nature gave him in depth insight into the animals as well as “incomparable pleasure” Specialising in striking black and white photography which Shaun said allows a far wider range of contrast and tonal shades.
To obtain more formal training he enrolled at the Brooks Institute of Photography in California...and has not looked back since!He has exhibited solo and collectively, picking up several awards along the way. Santa Barbara Museum of Art recently purchased one of Shaun’s works for its permanent collection - a high point for him even more so as he was the youngest among the other 93 artists!
Married to Skyla, also a photographer , the couple live in Santa Barbara and run a wedding and lifestyle photo business. Shaun was in Greytown to see his parents, before leading an American tour group on a photographic safari in Namibia, Botswana and South Africa.
In between he is passionate about woodwork and is working on his first book!
Updating the old saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away it is now claimed that an avo a day is just as good as follows:
*Most of the fat in an avocado is healthy monounsaturated
*Avos are a good source of soluble and insoluble dietary fibre which plays a vital role in good health. Soluble fibre can help reduce cholesterol re-absorption to the intestine and insoluble helps maintain bowel function.
*A rich source of vitamins C,E,K and pantothenic acid. The vitamins C and E contribute to cell protection from free radical damage and help build collagen -also a source of vitamin B6.
*Avos have a strong anti-oxidant capacity to help prevent the healthy fats in avos going rancid too quickly.
Some suggestions on how to prepare that daily avo:
*sprinkle balsamic vinegar on a chopped avocado - tasty snack!
*Mash avocado with tahini, hummus, olive oil and/or lemon juice -use as a mayonnaise or salad dressing alternate.
*Make sweet potato or butternut even tastier by spreading chopped avo on the vegetable
*Instead of butter or marg on bread - try spreading mashed avocado!
Youngest and newest Rotarian
He could make the Guinness book of records -25 year old Dumi Mdudli is certainly the youngest Rotarian ever to have been a member of the Greytown Rotary Club.Dumi, who is completing his LLB through UNISA whilst doing his articles with Nel and Stevens, was inducted by Rotary area co-ordinator Roger Heynes ,last Wednesday night.
Greytown Rotary Preseident Tony Dutton said that he was positive that with Dumi as Rotarian more young people would realise the benefit of becoming a Rotarian and become involved in the wideranging services to different communities carried out by Rotarians throughout the world.
Dumi Mdudli was inducted as a Rotarian by Rotary area co-ordinator, Roger Heynes, last Wednesday.
It is a well documented and researched fact that Early Childhood Development (ECD) programs benefit children, families and communities .Through Greytown’s LETCEE (Little Elephant Training Centre for Early Education) the Sikhulakahle Abantwana Project has been set up in Mbuba with the support of the FNB Fund.
Training for the project is facilitated by trained volunteers Abahambi,ECD practitioners, who visit children at home and run learning through play sessions using educational toys and equipment from a toy library established in the community. They also assist caregivers to access the necessary documents so that they can receive social grants.
The 12 Abahambi are dedicated to improving the community and the lives of the children who live in the area. Children that access ECD services and receive early intellectual stimulation tend to be enrolled in school timeously, have improved nutrition and health, significant improved relationships between adults and children, lower incidence of violent discipline and an improvement in social behaviour.
The impact that LETCEE has had on the community is tangible. Almost all the families in the Mbuba area have received their documents and are registered for grants.
Through LETCEE, children who would otherwise have no early learning opportunities now receive good quality grounding for schools and they grow up in an environment that nurtures and protects them. The training also encourages their personal development and growth. Having the Abahambi walking around the community and working closely with leadership encourages the community to value early education for young children. The toy library also creates a safe, stimulating environment for all the children in the community to enjoy.
LETCEE provides family based ECD services to children in 4 communities in the Umvoti area of the Umzinyathi district municipality.

Is the law above the law?
A curious reader submitted this phot to the Greytown Gazette querying whether the law is above the law when it comes to illegal parking

19 June 2013


There was surprise all round at last Wednesday’s budget meeting as Umvoti Mayor Philani Mavundla instead of proposing the 2013/2014 budget announced he was stepping down as Mayor.
Umvoti’s three opposition parties welcomed the resignation. IFP caucus leader, Councillor M. Yengwa said”We were shocked when the Mayor resigned instead of tabling the budget but we accept his resignation because that is his democratic right. He resigned in front of members of the public and the media. There are a quite a number of issues we want to discuss- for instance we believe the rates are too high for the residents and the organogram much too big for a Municipality this size. However, these will be raised when the new Mayor is elected as stipulated in the Municipal Structures Act”
Councillor Yengwa then referred to the motion to be put to Council this Friday, 21st June - a vote of no confidence, proposing that the Executive Committee be dissolved which automatically would mean the removal of the Mayor (Mavundla) and deputy Mayor (Xaba) and IFP Exco member (Maharaj). This is the second time this motion has been proposed ,On 26th November last year the High Court issued a decree nisi to interdict the IFP, NFP and DA from tabling such a motion for the removal of Exco members. Subsequently acting Judge Stretch discharged the rule nisi. The Judge had also ruled that the memorandum of agreement between the ANC and NFP was not legally binding and was more of a “gentleman’s agreement.”
This second motion proposed by NFP deputy Mayor Z.W.Xaba and seconded by NFP Councillor E.S. Shange and signed by the 9 IFP Councillors and DA Councillor P.Buss has the majority support - ANC has 10 Councillors and the Opposition 12. The NFP , signed a national memorandum of understanding with the ANC after the last election which resulted in the ANC being the ruling party with a small majority of 2 in Umvoti.
NFP chief whip Councillor E. Shange said they had been unhappy with “too many illegal decisions” taken by the Mayor without consulting the NFP or the caucus. He said that the community had been affected by this through lack of service delivery. Councillor Shange said that the NFP caucus would be meeting over the weekend to discuss the memorandum of understanding.
DA Councillor P. Buss said that when or if the “opposition” did take over Umvoti Municipality, they would have a lot of hard work to do to remedy the situation in Umvoti -he said “we are committed to serve and deliver what our community deserves.”
In a statement to the Greytown Gazette, after his resignation, Councillor Mavundla said that “he had decided to jump before being pushed” in terms of the motion to be proposed on Friday to dissolve Exco. In referring to the tensions between the ANC and NFP which had been manifest for some time, Mavundla said the tension had escalated with the suspension of a Municipal official for corruption. This official, who claimed to be a member of the NFP threatened during the hearing “to render Umvoti Municipality ungovernable”- this had led to a greater divide between the NFP and ANC
Compounding the situation is the fact that in terms of the Municipal Finance Management Act the annual budget must be approved by 30th June 2013 -failure to do so would lead to Provincial intervention.
Therefore , yesterday,Tuesday 18th a special Budget meeting was called - it was assumed that an acting Mayor would be appointed so that the budget could be discussed and passed.
However Mavundla informed the Greytown Gazette on Monday that the ANC and NFP Provincial l;leadership had intervened and the status quo remained.


For those of you that stayed up to watch the US Open on Monday morning until 01H40 would have seen the great “Vasbyt” that Justin Rose persevered with to win the US Open by one single shot. . On St Cathryn’s we had a father out on the course. Ron Deane playing with his two sons Daniel and Shane and son in law, Roger and their present to Ron…….he could win and he won by far!
This Saturday we play the Farmers Agri- Care Monthly Mug and tee off is from ten. For the non traditionalists, that don’t like playing medal, come give it a go with stableford points. Sunday morning we travel down to Mandeni for the second leg of the Triangular tournament. As there is no official team selection, come and play for a small fee of R150 green fees, half time and lunch included.
Our thoughts and prayers are with Merwin Rabe who is in hospital and is to undergo an operation. Merwin, good luck and we wish you a speedy recovery and a quick return to the course.
Supper this Friday at book club will be Bring and Braai.- To book for golf and or meals 0832691661.


Three men, a father and his two sons, were arrested last Tuesday 11th June, in connection with the brutal and callous killing of seven in Muden on Saturday 9th March.The special Greytown Police task team, formed by KZN commissioner, Lieutenant Ngobeni, conducted operations in Greytown and Muden which led to the arrest of a 51 year old man for the illegal possession of an unlicensed firearm -the man was released on bail pending trial.
However after ballistic testing, the weapon was found to be one used in the Muden massacre and the man was re-arrested -further investigations led to the arrest of his two sons , aged 28 and 30. The three will appear in Greytown Magistrate’s Court charged with seven murders and two counts of attempted murders.
The killing of Mkhize family members was carried out execution style .Surviving family members said that the killers, dressed in Police uniform, had gone from hut to hut to shoot the seven, who included three teenagers. A three year old who was critically injured later died in hospital.
The Mkhize homestead, consists of nine units and only those occupied by the male members of the family were targetted -nine women and five young boys were left unharmed by the killers.
At the time it was claimed that the motive behind the killings was related to stock theft and it was alleged that the Mkhize family had apparently been linked to continuous stock theft in the area.


Many residents in Greytown and the surrounds of Umvoti have learnt that when there is a service or crime 911 (033 417 2911) and the necessary action is promptly put into operation.
At the recent annual general meeting of the Community for Law and Order - more popularly known as 911, a good turnout) of 150 people heard about the excellent and comprehensive services provided by 911 to all members of the community as outlined by 911 chief, Dave Carroll.
Apart from the extremely efficient radio call up network to farmers covering security and fire alerts on a daily basis 911 personnel handle a variety of problems for “townies” too. Those in the know,as soon as they hit a problem - like no telephone service; no water; no electricity;strange noises;suspicious characters; house fire;stolen vehicle etc. etc. immediately dial either 033 417 2911 or 074 125 5756.Once the problem has been explained 911 personnel will immediately contact ...SAPS;ESKOM; Municipality etc as required.(The Editor had to call security o Saturday night - phoned 911 who alerted Pannar Security and literally within 3 minutes there was action)
Although a number of residents do contribute many have not increased the R5 through their lights and water accounts which was set up many years ago. A new donation form is published on page 6 of this issue and all , in town and out, are requested to commit themselves to a fixed amount which will be deducted on resident’s monthly lights account.911 is facing a shortfall of R19 000 this financial year and obviously would like to rectify this deficit.
Umvoti residents are extremely fortunate to have the Community for Law and Order which provides such a wide ranging and efficient services to all. It is often quoted as an outstanding example of how such a community service can run for the benefit of all.
Please fill in the form on Page 6 and drop it off at the Greytown Gazette or Umvoti Municipality.


This is a real life story of recovering drug addict Greg Ivins written by him for publication to highlight the problems of drug addiction/alcoholism and how through help one can overcome and recover. Greg writes:
”30th November 2012 is a day I will not forget” - he flew from Cape Town to Durban in an advanced state of heroin withdrawal battling with aching bones, unbearable stomach cramps and constant nausea. Destination Harmony Retreat, Greytown. Greg says”I have spent the better part of 20 years fighting this addiction with various degrees of success ...and relapses.The toll of these on my family reduced them to nervous wrecks-never knowing if I would overdose or die. I had stolen their valuables to finance my drug abuse but their incredible love and support for me never wavered.”
Greg says he did not know what to expect at Harmony -previously the ten or so rehabs he had been in seemed to focus on a “tough love” approach-in other words “you got yourself into this mess, face the consequences and don’t expect any leniency.”
At Harmony “I was stunned at the love and compassion I was shown by residents and staff alike. There is a sense of peace and tranquility despite the many battling to overcome severe addictions as they work through pain and trauma. I knew I was in the right place and the healing I so desperately needed could begin. I was not judged or berated for my past deeds and the unconditional love and support shown to me gave me an inner peace that had eluded me my entire life!”
Purpose of this article Greg states is to highlight the fact that drug addiction/alcoholism is a very real problem in society today.”By concealing this we actually, by default, make the problem worse. It can happen to anybody regardless of race, religion, age or economic standing.Help is readily available for those who seek it and the sooner the better the odds are of recovery. Addiction is progressive - the longer we leave it the worse the usage and consequences.”
In future Greg will go into more detail of the effect addiction has on loved ones and how unless properly addressed it can and will tear families apart - “that’s the nature of addiction, its like water and will always find the path of least resistance resulting in families often bearing the brunt.”
If anyone has any question or are concerned about substance abuse please phone Gad Avnon at Harmony Retreat on 033 417 2227 for advise and assistance.

readers write JEHOVAH JIREH

There has been a lot of interest in the Jehovah Jireh painted on the wall at my house 246 McCullum Street.
Just a few thoughts to clarify it.
Since I was a little girl, my Christian mother taught me that Jesus Christ is my Provider -I needn’t fear or worry. I have experienced His provision numerous times throughout my whole long life, right up to now where I am a 77 year old widow.
I belong to the Dutch Reformed Church (Pastor Willie van Zyl). And my tenants Greth and Irenee Allen are Christians who go to His Church (Pastor John Pope).
To conclude Jehovah Jireh is one of the many biblical names of our Lord Jesus Christ and the meaning is “The Lord will provide” (the Lord will see to it).
May God delightfully surprise you with His abundant blessings.
Mrs E.G.J. (Betsy) Wessels.


The Country Nursery and Tranquili-tea have opened a maze at their venue on the outskirts of town. It was planted 3 years ago in June 2010 and is made up of over 700 indigenous Freylinia tropica or” Honeybell Bush.”
The maze is great fun for the children as well as giving yourself time out and to slowly lose yourself in nature amongst the birds and butterflies attracted to the plants. When you eventually get to the middle, relax, reflect and write a message to a loved one and leave it on the “tree” in the middle.
Ona Makhaya and Thabane Makhatini made the potman relaxing on the bench
Maze guides Ona Makhaya and Thabane Makhatini showed young Talana Lubbe the route through to greet the potman


Pansies and violas really take the bite out of winter.
The main difference between the two is flower size. Pansies generally have fewer blooms per plant, but make up for it with much larger flowers. Violas have small, dainty flowers, but they are very florific. Both perform well in a sunny or partially shaded position, so planting under deciduous trees in autumn is ideal. Violas are even happy in quite shady positions, so are perfect for brightening up dull areas.
Set out your seedlings 20cm apart as soon as the weather cools and you’ll enjoy them for many months to come. Pansies and violas are suitable for the front of borders and beds, in small groups among other flowers, as well as in containers.
They can survive light frosts and in mild climates bloom throughout winter and spring, often right up to Christmas. For the best performance water thoroughly about once a week and use a plant food every other week. Don’t forget to deadhead to extend the blooming period.
Information supplied by the Bedding Plant Growers Association. For more go to

Holiday fun at Brenda’s Barnyard

Apologies for the Greytown Gazette gremlins who confused the dates in this article in last week’s Greytown Gazette.
So please note the correct dates in the article as follows:
It will not only lots be of fun but a learning curve for local children during the June/July holidays at Greytown’s own mini farm Brenda’s Barnyard,8kms outside Greytown. Geared to primary school age groups (5 to 13 year olds) wellknown children’s author Brenda Munitich has opened an exciting and interesting mini-farm and has designed a wide ranging programme to entertain the youngsters.
The Barnyard will be open as follows:
Children’s programme:cost R100.
Open 24th;26th and 28th June; and 1st; 3rd and 5th July from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Open to public: cost R20 per adult and R15 per child.
Open:25th and 27th June ;2nd and 4th July
Also open to playgroups, baby groups and birthday parties as required.
The children’s programme will include a dog training and grooming demonstration -either your own dog (on a lead) or one of the farm dogs, as well as advice on how to care for your pet.
There will be a fun session with the dogs playing flyball, jumping tracking etc. and Brenda will demonstrate how the sheepdogs herd sheep.The children will be able to walk around and touch the many different animals -milch goats, geese, sheep as well as rabbits and guinea pigs. They will be able to buy little food bags to feed the very tame Pekin chickens and different breeds of duck.They will also be shown how to plant lettuce seedlings to take home with them and make their own stok-broodjie , bake it over a fire and toast marshmallows for pudding!
Each child will receive a poster and dog care booklet.
Please phone Brenda on 082 677 7200 to book


This past weekend saw some excellent tennis being played in the SUPA QUICK Handicaps and Championships Tennis Tournament.
The handicap and championship finals will take place this weekend on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 followed by prize giving and a bring and braai. Salad and rolls will be provided.
. Spectators are most welcome to come along and enjoy some really good tennis - Club members are asked to please bring a plate of tea eats.
Weekday matches that have to be played before Saturday 2:30:
Dieter Meyer & Richard Cyrus vs Ian Hill & Ashley Cotterell ©
Guy Platt & Ingrid Surendorff vs Juan & Anna van der Vyver(h)
Juan van der Vyver & Josh Meyer vs Darryl Evans & Mike Barrow©
Ian Hill & Erika Gevers vs Juan van der Vyver & Jenny Tedder ©
Ian Redfern vs Lance Commins(h)
Pierre & Kim Steyn vs Bobby Pearson & Lynne English (h)
Ian Hill & Steve Muna vs Lance & Bill Commins (h)
Saturday 22nd June
1:30pm;Dieter & Megan Meyer vs Ian Hill & Carol Adendorff (h)
Kyle Edkins vs Lance Commins ©
Juan van der Vyver vs Ashley Cotterrell ©
Ladies doubles handicap final : Jenny & Hannah Tedder vs Kim Steyn & Erika Gevers
2:30pm;Mens Singles Handicap final :Pierre Steyn vs Winner Ian Redfern vs Lance Commins
Ladies singles Handicap final (Corné Nefdt vs Jeanette Nel)
Herman van Rooyen and Mark Thomas vs winner Ian Hill & Steve Muna vs Lance & Bill Commins(h)
Dieter & Megan Meyer vs Ian Hill & Carol Adendorff (h)
Clive & Kyle Edkins vs winner :Juan van der Vyver & Josh Meyer vs Darryl Evans & Mike Barrow ©
Dieter Meyer & Sylvia Varty vs winner Ian Hill & Erika Gevers vs Juan van der Vyver & Jenny Tedder ©
Sunday 23 June:8:30 am: Ladies Finals:
Kelsey Edkins vs Lynn English
Mens Finals:Winner:Kyle Edkins vs Lance Commins vs
Winner: Juan van der Vyver vs Ashley Cotterrell
9:30:MEN’s Doubles Final
LADIES Doubles Final:Sylvia Varty & Jenny Tedder vs Wendy & Kelsey Edkins
10:30: Mixed Doubles Final:
Clive & Kelsey Edkins vs winners play-offs.


12 June 2013

STOP PRESS: Mavundla resigns as Mayor


Close to thirty tonnes of tomatoes were distributed free last Saturday...not by choice but as a result of the truck carrying the crates overturning about 30kms from Greytown on the Kranskop road.
The accident occurred at 4 a.m.on Saturday at the NTE turnoff. The driver of the Dashen Produce (PMBG) truck had collected the tomatoes in Messina,delivered some at Siyabonga in Kranskop and was on his way to Pietermaritzburg when the truck overturned landing off the road surrounded by tomatoes! The driver fortunately was uninjured.
Residents in the area were rapidly on the scene carrying any utensil that could be filled to the brim with he unexpected luxury of free tomatoes!
As can be seen in the photograph the edge of the tar is sharp and dangerous if a vehicle connects with it. This is also the case on the brand new Greytown/Pietermaritzburg road and has resulted in a number of accidents and shredded tyres. If anyone out there can explain why the edges are now being left “unfinished” please contact the Greytown Gazette so that all road users know the reason for this new development.
Congratulations to Ewald and Rolf Kohne of Waldecke farm Hermannsburg who swept the board with their winning animals in the Hereford cattle section at the recent Royal Show as follows:
Grand champion Hereford cow and who was also awarded the title ...Hereford supreme champion.
Hereford males titles:Bull calf champion;Junior champion;
Senior champion; grand champion; and reserve grand champion.
Hereford female titles:Heifer champion;Junior champion;senior champion; grand champion;reserve grand champion; and supreme champion.
In addition , a Simbra/Braford cross, owned by Edsel and Rolf,was named champion carcass on the shown. In the auction it was sold to Crown Butchery for a world record breaking R110 per kg - normal sale price for beef is R27.50!
Prizes included cash of R2 000;Royal Show medallion;sash and champion certificate and the General Arnott memorial trophy.
Other local top medal winners at the Show were Mascor (as reported in last week’s issue) Wizzard Worms again won a gold medal for its stand; and Brenda Munitich for her poultry.
Brenda Munitich lost out on the draw money as she was not present at the time of the draw. The next attendance draw will be on Friday with R600 up for grabs. Be here at 6:30 – 7pm and you could be the lucky winner.
The Springboks obviously thought the Italians were going to be a pushover! The same can be said for the 22 golfers who entered the Mascor/NLDTF Monthly Mug and Business League this past Saturday. Stiff winds greeted them and many a perfect drive down the middle ended up in the rough. One would have been forgiven for thinking that Vijay Roopai grew up in Windy Corner, as he mastered the conditions superbly to shoot a net 66. His reward was the much sought after Holy Grail of Greytown golf, the Monthly Mug. The rest of the results were as follows: A div 1st M Steyn (net 69 oco), 2nd B Zuma (net 69). B div 1st V Roopai (net 66), 2nd F Botha (net 71). We would like to remind all our golfers of the Sanlam Cancer Challenge which will be played on Saturday 22nd June with Sanlam sponsoring the prizes. This is a national competition for a worthy cause and deserving of our support. The format will be an individual stableford with A, B, and C divisions. The winners will progress to the regional finals and, if successful, to the finals at Sun City. The entry list will be up on the notice board at the Club or contact Elmarie at 033 4172441 to enter. Only players with official handicaps will be eligible to play.
Family fun day 29 June!!ody. There will be different categories for golfers, non golfers and children with great prizes to be won per category. Jumping castle and a movie for the kid’s entertainment. Support the sharks from 3pm. Dj Rob will entertain you from 7pm till late. Bring the family for a fun and exciting day chipping away. Please diarize this date and watch this space for further details.
Cook-off (potjie\kettle\braai) Saturday 6 July will be the big competition for the best culinary skills on fire. Join us at the Club for a taste of all these delicious meals. Tickets will be R40 a plate. “July Fever” together with the Ladies Wimbledon finals will be available on TV for your entertainment. Contact Elmarie on 0334172441 for more details on how to enter.
The “Sunday 9@9” entry fee is R25 to play 9 holes. Richard Chiazzari is sponsoring a chicken that will be up for the winning on Sunday mornings-winner of last Sunday’s 9@9 was Keith Norton.
Dates to diarize
Tues 18 June – Cheap-as-Tuesday
Sat 22 Jun – Sanlam Cancer golf day
Sat 29 Jun – Longest drive comp
Sat 6 Jul – Cook-off comp
There has been a request from members to move the Farmers Agri-Care Monthly Mug from Saturday 15th to Saturday 22 June, due to the long weekend and other commitments. This means that the weekend of 22 and 23 June will be a busy golfing one, as we are also playing the next leg of the Triangular Competition – this time at Mandini. The Triangular competition is open to all and costs R 150.00 which includes golf, half-time and lunch. Tee-off from 09h30 onwards.
The course still looks green as we have not had any frost yet, but we expect that could change very soon.
Please contact Piet should you wish to play in any of the competitions. Supper on Friday 14th will be bring and braai, with pap and sous – so if you would like to join us please contact 083 269 1661 - will be open for golf all weekend.
*”A father’s words are like a thermostat that sets the temperature in the house”
* “Fathers are biological necessities, but social accidents.” Margaret Mead
*”I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.”
Sigmund Freud
*”If the new American father looks bewildered and even defeated, let him take comfort from the fact that whatever he does in any fathering situation has a fifty percent chance of being right.” Bill Cosby
*”My father didn’t tell me how to live, he lived, and let me watch him do it.”
* ‘‘My father used to play with my brother and I in the yard, Mother used to say “you’re tearing up the grass” Dad would reply “we’re not raising grass - we’re raising boys.”
*”A father is a banker provided by nature”
*”By the time a man realises that maybe his father was right, he usually has a son who thinks he’s wrong”
cartoon sent through
50 years for Greytown Child Welfare
Its a proud record of fifty years of service to so many in need over the past fifty years. Child Welfare , Greytown held its inaugural meeting on 2nd November 1963 and its 50th annual general meeting on 18th May this year. It originated as the Greytown and District Indian Child and Family Welfare Society, but is now Child Welfare S.A. Greytown serving all residents of Umvoti.
In his annual report , President Hitla Maharaj said the previous year had been challenging but thanks to the flexibility, dedication and effort of all the role players the society had succeeded in achieving its goals.
In Umvoti a total of 111 new cases were handled, including abandoned , orphaned, sexually abused and neglected and uncontrollable children; applications for birth documents and HIV/AIDS cases. 16 families made use of the Society’s therapeutic and counselling services. There are 451 foster care children under Social Work supervision.
The Kranskop sub-office has 233 foster children under social work supervision and handled 78 new cases in the different categories.
Office bearers elected at the agm were: President: Hitla Maharaj;vice-presidents:Miss M.Bridgehookan and Mr Madonsela;secretary: Miss S. Balwanth;treasurer:Mr.S.Pillay;members: Mrs Chanda;Messrs: B.Naipal;V.Maharaj; R.Maharaj;D.J. Lembede;S.Zondi;Mrs P. Ahmed;Mrs K. Pillay:Ms Z. Shongwe; and Ms N. Biyela

Holiday fun at Brenda’s Barnyard
It will be not only be lots of fun but also a learning curve for local children during the June/July holidays at Greytown’s own mini farm, Brenda’s Barnyard, 8 kms outside Greytown.
Geared to primary school age groups (5 to 13 year olds), well known children’s author Brenda Munitich has opened an exciting and interesting mini-farm and has designed a wide ranging programme to entertain the youngsters.
The Barnyard will be open at the following times:
Children's programme:24th, 26th , 28th , June and 1st, 3rd, 5th July from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Cost:R100 and
each child will receive a poster and dog care booklet.
Open to public to visit the Barnyard on 25th, 27th June and 2nd, 4th July -cost R20 per adult and R15 per child
Pony rides also available.
The Barnyard is also open to playgroups, baby groups and birthday parties as required.
The children’s programme will include a dog training and grooming demonstration – either with your own dog (on a lead) or one of the farm dogs, and advice on how to care for your pet. There will be a fun session with the dogs playing fly ball, jumping, tracking etc, and Brenda will demonstrate how the sheepdogs herd sheep. The children will be able to walk round and meet and touch the many different animals - milch goats, geese, sheep as well as rabbits and guinea pigs. They will be able to buy little food bags to feed the very tame Pekin Chickens, and different breed ducks. Each child will also plant their own lettuce seedling to take home with them.They will make their own stok-broodjie (stick bread) and bake it over a fire and toast marshmallows for pudding.
Please phone Brenda on 082 677 7200 to book -this is essential.
A new crop of outstanding young polocrosse players are hitting the headlines as they in the footsteps of their talented parents! At the inter-provincial tournament in Port Elizabeth at the end of May representing under 14 Southern Natal team Camryn Minnaar, Emma Dick and Jacquie Minnaar won the Inter Provincials under 14 division overall. Camryn won best number 1 on her horse Mary and Jacquie won Best number 3 as well as the prestigious Golden Pony individual award on her horse Indy Blue .
In the mens B division Mike Taylor ,Gerrit Stevens and Mark Scott together with a section from Northerns won the Mens B division with ease to bring the trophy back to Southern Natal.
Damien O Sullivan represented the southern Natal mens A division and although they came third overall, Damien played consistently well throughout the weekend in the number 2 position..
Thembi Madonsela played in the mens under 19 division and although the team lost all three matches, Thembi held her own throughout the weekend against talented under 19 boys and many spectators commented on her excellent riding skills and ball skills . Thembi did Southern Natal proud by playing with determination and confidence in a really competitive division.
Caroline Minnaar ,Shae Taylor and Debbie Dick, narrowly missed being the champions in the ladies A division by one goal, and finished as the runners up!
Extensive damage was caused to the Place of Safety at Umvoti AIDS Centre when a fire broke out there late on Sunday afternoon. .People in the building did their best to extinguish the flames but were not able to so - Umvoti Fire department put the fire out. Fortunately the three people currently a the Place of Safety were not injured.
A spokesman for the Centre said that the Place of Safety was in the process of being formally registered with the Department -it will provide protection and shelter to abused women and children ..In the fire beds, bedding, clothing etc for anyone who is placed there were destroyed and will need to be replaced. Please contact UAC (033 413 2746 ) if you would like to assist in anyway to refurbish the buildings and contents..
At the time of going to press it had not ascertained what had caused the fire.
Its early deadlines for the Greytown Gazette of 19th June as Youth Day falls on Sunday, Monday is a public holiday.
Deadline for display advertisements is 12 noon this Friday, 14th June and for classifieds and legals 1 p.m. on Friday 14th June.
The Greytown Gazette office will be open from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Monday 17th for sports and weekend news reports.
Please, if the advertisers who are always very supportive of early deadlines can meet these once again -anyone with stories,letters or reports -these would be very welcome, if possible on Friday!
Plans are in the pipeline,and on course, for the expansion of Buhlebuyeza High School in terms of technical subjects. The school was chosen out of 18 schools in KZN for this development because of its steady progress. Glencoe is the only other school in KZN.
The Department of Education has a budget of about R45 million to set up these very exciting and new range of subjects which are very close to what is being offered at the F.E.T. colleges.
There will be new buildings and four additional teachers to cope with the additional streams. Subjects to be offered:businessplan, civil technology, electrical technology, mechanical to automative engineering, fitting and turning, welding etc. The number of packages to be offered depends upon the number of learners registering.
Learners , unable to enter the colleges or University will be able to do internships, workplace experience, artisan training etc. -this is a very important development for the youth of Umvoti.
Report:Sam Gcisa (media officer)

Murder accused in Court
Murder accused, Claudius Chetty has appeared in the Pietermaritzburg Magistrate's Court twice-- the Copesville teenager is charged with the murder of Rasmika Janthielayal of Greytown at the Northdale FET campus on 3rd June.
After a brief appearance in Court on Monday, the date for a bail application, which is being opposed by the State , was fixed for next Wednesday 19th June.


5 June 2013



Mascor has done it again for the third year running it was awarded the trophy for the best big agricultural machine display at the 2013 Royal Show. In the photo Martin Kusel (Soucy track manager), Anelda Uys (Head office), Butch Pike (John Deere salesman Pmb), Marone Lotter (Marketing coordinator) Piet Prinsloo (Manager Mascor Midlands), front row: Brendon Fourie (Skid steer salesman) and Werner Malan (John Deere salesman Pmb).


Family and friends were shattered at the killing of 17 year old Rashmika Janthielayal, daughter of Vicky and Shireen of Greytown. The teen was a student at Northdale FET College.

Police who were called to the College on Monday 3rd June at about 10 a.m. found her body lying in the corridor on the 1st floor, outside a classroom. She had sustained multiple stab wounds to the face, neck and body. It is reported that Rashmika had been talking to a 19-year-old male student at the College on the stairway during their break. It is alleged that an altercation took place and the male produced a knife and stabbed Rashmika several times, seriously wounding her. He then fled from the scene.

Paramedics who were summoned to the scene tried to resuscitate her, however, she died a short while later.

The 19-year-old suspect was later arrested and will make a court appearance shortly.


Gale force winds over the weekend led to what has been described as the “worst ever start to the fire season” as over 16 serious fires flared up throughout Umvoti as fire fighters battled against 60kph winds in Greytown, Seven Oaks, Rietvlei, Ahrens and Hermannsburg. It is estimated that over 600 hectares went up in flames -an assessment of the total cost of this destruction will only be available towards the end of the week.

As early as last Monday Firestop warned that the weekend would be Code Red - extremely dangerous with winds ranging from 75 to 100 kph. Umvoti Fire Protection PRO Charles Haden told the Greytown Gazette he had alerted members at the beginning of the week -Saturday had been yellow code - winds ranging from 46 to 60 kph. He said that Saturday and Sunday’s fires had destroyed timber, brushwood, crops and veld grazing -causes had been from previous brushwood burns which had flared up again; Eskom lines touching which sparked off fires and suspected arson.

Many of the firefighters averaged an hour or so sleep over the weekend as they moved around helping fight the fires. No water bombers were used as they were unable to fly in the high winds. There was only relief at 3 a.m. on Monday when the wind changed and exhausted firefighters extinguished the remaining blazes.

UFPA chairman, Dieter Meyer said that the response from members had been absolutely fantastic and he also thanked the 911 personnel for keeping communications and information flowing nonstop. He also expressed his appreciation to ESKOM which had switched the power off when alerted that power lines were touching and sparking fires.

In Greytown itself two fires were reported. On Saturday afternoon a prefab unoccupied house owned by the Department of Transport in Harding Street went up in flames. On Sunday a fire broke out in Umvoti Pharmacy in Sergeant Street -thanks to the prompt reaction of Min Cash personnel who used the supermarket’s fire extinguishers the fire was contained.

The fierce blustery winds, has also led to much non fire damage. Throughout the district trees were blown down and a number of buildings lost roofs -branches and debris littered the ground. One of the worst affected by the wind is Khulekani Primary School at Mispah. In January it lost its roof and the plastic which has been used in place of was ripped off and destroyed by the wind. Following on a report in the Greytown Gazette on 15th May the Department of Education SEM “promised parents, principal and staff that the matter would be attended to not later than the 31st May” - no action has been taken and the school is now worse off than previously.

Time to meet the newest member of the Umvoti Fire Protection Association ...Nitsi is a 6 year old female super star blood-hound tracker from Malmesbury. and was trained by experienced dog trainers at ‘Dogs & All’ together with her handler, Cole Ngcongo of Buffalo Security. The Tracker dog is mainly used to assist humans with specialist functions, because of the dog’s superior abilities; namely its sense of hearing, speed, smell and natural instinctive abilities.

Nitsi is owned by the UFPA and her primary role, is for the detection of arson fires, however she can be used in any security incidents for tracking but it is absolutely essential that the scene does not get contaminated before her arrival. At the time of writing this article Nitsi had been called out four times - two call outs were a success but unfortunately two were not as the crime scenes had both been contaminated by too much activity at the scene of the crime. On Saturday she identified the source of a fire on the border of Enhlalakahle when an individual had inadvertently thrown out burning coals. Please contact PRO Charles Haden on 076 154 1090 if Cole and Nitisi’s services are required



Comrades runner Claude Moshiywa took 5 hours 32 min and 8 seconds to win the Comrades up run between Durban and Pietermaritzburg on Sunday, but it took Paul Els just over a day and a half, three competitors and just under 44 Holes to win the coveted Nel Blue jacket and therefore retain the St Cathryn’s Match play championship over the weekend.
Playing in the most fearsome winds over the weekend the top eight players from the Tuta Carriers St Cathryn’s club championship, set off long before the start of the Comrades marathon on Saturday. Some of the worst winds were experienced and gusting at times at 70 km an hour…..making shot selection incredibly difficult. Sunday afternoon Paul could not receive the prize as the barman, golf committee and spectators were out fighting fires but all will be rectified in the coming week.

Round one Dieter Meyer took Barry Oehme to the wire by loosing right at the end after leading most of the way. Things changed at the Poly Shorts of St Cathryn’s, the 17th par 4 and that is where Barry overtook Dieter.

Late replacement Paul du Preez took Sakkie Marais two and one. Sakkie travelling all the way up from Kokstad to play….that’s commitment! Merwin Rabe took Jarad Manser four and three and Brent Barkhuizen lost five and three to the eventual winner Paul Els.

After round two started Sunday morning golfers were met with the uncut greens and they were left uncut for a reason…..imagine with cut greens how the ball would of slipped of the greens, but no complaints were lodged just the odd remark and these were taken with a pinch of salt.
Barry was up against Paul du Preez and lost five and three with Paul losing a record of nine balls.
Merwin Rabe’s game against Paul Els was a much tighter game and Merwin lost to Paul four and three.

After an hour and a half break Paul Els, runner up in this year’s Club Championship took on the wiser, more experienced golfer Barry Oehme the current Tuta Carriers St Cathryn’s club Champion. Barry’s golfing game was not designed for the wind and Paul Els walked off and regained the Nel Blue Jacket.

Book Club members enjoyed the curry and rice Juanita and Carl Ortman made on Friday while the coming Rosebudd Society dinner will feature the handing over ceremony of the Nel Blue Jacket and supper will be “Honey’s” lovely Bean soup! All golfing and meal bookings to be made with Cathy 082 555 2661. (Confidentially Cathy turned 51 last week and all members wish her a happy birthday and thank you from all her friends and husband at St Cathryn’s for all her hard work)



May has never been a good rainfall month in Umvoti -the Pannar Research stats from Ram Bagdath show the 39 year mean as 18.427mm.Over the past six years the May totals recorded have been:







In Greytown itself Grant Gifford recorded 28.8 for May.
According to the PANNAR records the average minimum temperature was 4.69 - the coldest morning was minus 1.51 on 6th May with 2.01 on 31st May.
Average maximum temperature for the month was 22.59 - the hottest day was 2nd May was 29.45 and the coldest 10th May at 10.99.
Lake Merthley IS 94% full and 0,200m below the wall.



We do not know why so few people are coming to play bowls -it can’t be our body odour because we are outside in the sunshine! Can it be that our lives are so busy that we have to ignore our bodies crying out for some kind of mild exercise that is linked to a game and good company?

Also it has to be the most affordable sport you can imagine -it costs just R15 for a game!
It costs R160 000 a year to keep the greens in their tip top condition -whether four, forty or 140 people play. So please, do yourself and us a huge favour and join us, on a Wednesday or Saturday afternoon -look forward to seeing you there.

Representing Greytown in the Men’s Fours, Tony Smith, Chris Fischer, Andre Roberts and Jacques Miner had mixed fortunes and will be playing this weekend in the next round.


From the courts

As there only two weekends left before the finals of the different section to take place over the weekend of 22 and 23 June, these matches have to take place this weekend. If you cannot play on Saturday, please contact your opponents and arrange another time to play.

SATURDAY 8TH: 8am Pierre Steyn & Shaun Watson vs Dieter & Josh Meyer (h)
Ian Hill & Steve Muna vs Lance & Bill Comins (h)
Gordon le Roux & Guy Platt vs Mike Barrow and Martin Platt (h)Darryl Evans vs winner Juan van der Vyver vs Josh Meyer ©Kelsey Edkins vs Corne Nefdt;
Dieter Meyer & Sylvia Varty vs Herman van Rooyen & Debbie Comins;
Guy Platt & Ingrid Surendorff vs Juan & Anna van der Vyver(h) Keith Cowie & Sylvia Varty vs Ian Redfern and Erika Gevers (h)Mike Barrow vs Lance Comins ;
Clive & Kelsey Edkins vs Darryl Evans & Corne Nefdt;
Steve Muna vs Ian Redfern (h)Martin Platt & Trish Kohne vs Darryl & Kerry Evans (h)Corne Nefdt & Lynne English vs Sylvia Varty & Jenny Tedder ;Juan van der Vyver & Josh Meyer vs Darryl Evans & Mike Barrow ;
Ian Hill & Erika Gevers vs Guy Platt & Pam Paul;

Weekday matches

Juan vs Josh;
Pierre & Guy vs Eric & Steve;
Pam & Carol vs Julie & Colette (h)
Wendy & Ingrid vs Kim & Erika (h)


“Shooting Snakes”

She grew up in Hermannsburg and will be back there next Wednesday to promote her first book! She is Maren Bodenstein whose novel “Shooting Snakes” has been described as impressively written “with elegance and skill to create a poignant and perceptive story.”
Maren grew up as part of a Lutheran German missionary family which lends reality to her setting part of the story on a remote mission station.
To meet Maren, discuss the book and obtain a signed copy a candlelit evening of reading and chatting about writing and childhood will take place in the Hermannsburg Mission House museum on Wednesday 12th June at 6.30 p.m.
For further information contact Maren on



Kevin Cockburn of Greytown at the recent launch of the Southern African Butterfly Conservation Assessment. He was one of 15 lepidopterists who co-authored this important publication which took seven years to put together. The launch was held at the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens in Johannesburg, and was a very special occasion indeed, with both contributors and sponsors present. The conservation of butterflies has attracted great interest, particularly in their critical role as indicators of environmental health, and of sound conservation practice.



The next attendance draw will be on Friday (7 June) with R500 up for grabs. Be here at 6:30 – 7pm and you could be the lucky winner - the kitchen will be closed due to the Kammaland function.
Happy Hour on Friday was a great success. Thank You to KM Hydraulics for sponsoring the meal. Lucky winner was Wembley College, who walked away with the cash prize. Hayden Chiazzari got the Chivas Regal. The consolation prizes went to Ingrid Surendorff and Wally Kohne.
Saturday the 8th is Mascor monthly mug\business league. with t-off from 10:30am. Entry is R50 including your halftime. Entry form is up on the board OR phone 033 417 2441.
The “Sunday 9@9” entry fee is R25 to play 9 holes. .
Family fun day 29th June!! A longest drive, Chipping and a Nearest to Pin competition open to everybody - with great prizes to be won per category. Support the sharks from 3pm. DJ Rob will entertain you from 7pm till late. Bring the family for a fun and exciting day. Please diarize this date and watch this space for further details.
Cook-off (potjie\kettle\braai) Saturday 6 July will be a competition for the best culinary skills on fire- these delicious meals. Contact Elmarie on 0334172441 for more details on how to enter.
Dates to diarize
Fri 7 June – Kammaland function
Sat 8 Jun – Mascor monthly mug
Sat 22 Jun – Sanlam Cancer golf day
Sat 29 Jun – Longest drive comp
Sat 6 Jul – Cook-off comp

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