Pure water to drink through WaterMate  

One of the favourite topics of conversation with Greytonians is the erratic water supply experienced in parts of town over the two years which in turn has led to water with a distinctly unpleasant taste  coming out of the  tap . 

However now thanks to Brian and Gillian Baird water drinkers can indulge.  They are agents for WaterMate which gives you crystal clean pure water at a reasonable price. WaterMate is a high qaulity triple-filter purification system. 

The Bairds have fitted a large system, designed for hotels, to supply the needs of customers who buy water direct from them. It's 75 cents a liter - you can make a once buy of  a 25 litre container with tap or take along your own container. Alternatively a unit can be installed at your home. WaterMate fits directly onto your main water supply and brings purified water to every tap in the house not only improving health but it also prolongs the life of appliances such as the geyser.

WaterMate eliminates through its triple filter purification 99% of all bacteria and contaminants thus insuring total water safety and health. Drinking at least two litres of water a day is being recommended more and more from a health point of view -as Watermate claims drinking their water you will see the difference; taste the difference and feel the difference.

WaterMate purified water is available from the agents Gillian and Brian Baird at 261 Coo per Street  and they can also install a WaterMate system into your home immediately. To phone 033 4123 1249 ;Brian 073 212 6627 or Gillian 084 963 8697




In view of a considerable number of queries to the Greytwon Gazette from concerned residents who had not recieved their lights and water accounts for June a request was made last week to the Municipal officials for a statement as to what the reason was for the late delivery. 

The following was received by the Greytown Gazette on Monday afternoon: "The Municipal Manager sends his apologies on the above matter, due to year end procedures the accounts were unfortunately printed late the normal due date on accounts is the 12th of each month. However there has been an extension for payment until Wednesday, 15th July 2009. Please do not hesitate to contact our offices should you have any further queries."

The Greytown Gazette also requested, on behalf of ratepayers,  clarification on the implementation of the new rates and payment  thereof. Hopefully this information will be made available for next week's issue of the Greytown Gazette



Six men executed in Msinga

Six men were brutally shot execution style in the Nqhongeni Msinga in the early hours of Saturday morning. An intensive Police investigation is being carried out under Investigating Officer Captain Bobby Naicker and a special Task Team of 6 members.

Motive for the murders is still not known although family feuding is considered a possible motive.

Five of the dead were members of the Mbatha family; 67 year old Mabele; 20 year old Thengakuhle;21 year old Senzo; 29 year old Thembiso;25 Mandlawapheli and 24 year old Bongani Sokhela who was visiting the family.

According to Police reports Mabele Mbatha was the first to be attacked and was shot dead in his room in his house.The second attack took place about a kilometre away.

The attackers kicked in the door of the room in which the five men were sleeping. They forced them outside at gunpoint , forced them to lie on the ground next to each other and shot each one execution style.

Two females who were on the scene were slightly injured and managed to escape the killers.

Someone who witnessed the killings is so frightened of the killers and has gone into hiding.

A Police spokesman said that several AK47, R-1 and R 5 cartridges had been recovered at the scene of the killings.

MEC for Transport, Community Safety and Liaison, Bheki Cele condemned the killings saying that Police could not rule out the element of faction fighting which had plagued Msinga in the past.

The MEC stated that “ such acts of cruelty have no place in our society. I would like to assure the public that the Police will not rest until the suspects are brought to book and account for their barbaric deed.” He went on to assure the pulbic that the killers would not escape the long arm of the law and anyone with any information to contact the Police as a matter of urgency.

Anyone with any information is asked urgently to contact Investigating Officer Captain Bobby Naicker on 082 469 9189.

Anyone wishing to remain anonymous should contact Crime Stop on 08600 10111.



Gnoming in the July garden

July ... the waiting period... waiting for the right time to prune, water, plant and for the warmer weather to come!

I have noticed on these cold days feverish activity amongst the birds in my garden. This has been a revelation to watch them scratching around in the mulch and the leaves, searching for the odd morsel to eat.

I do not feed birds because I was once told that ornithologists in some areas, seem to think that feeding very often upsets the migratory birds from seeking warmer climes, often causing deaths when the very cold weather arrives. Please do not let me put you off feeding them, as I know many bird lovers who generously supply food for our little friends.

But one can encourage the birds to the garden by supplying water in bird baths, planting a natural habitat for them, including open lawns, long grasses, plants that are left to go to seed - all of which provide food. Nesting areas can be artificially created by placing a sisal log in a tree, the birds who like to make holes will love this, as will those who would love to nest in a box with a wooden roof. Provide nest cups by placing upturned flower pots in dense area where the birds won’t be disturbed.

Hedges are wonderful places for birds to nest, certainly in my garden can often been seen busy building in the hedge.

I have noticed many sunbirds lately feeding on the bottle brush and the red hot poker seed heads. Masses of Bronze Manikins, white eyes and the lovely Thrush have been all over the lawn and in the mulch.

Even Burchell’s Coucal [Rain Bird} has got me so excited as it is said when he calls it means it is going to rain. Alas the fool I have has delusions!!!

To get back to gardening this month. Heavy frost lately and unfortunately a lot of damage to plants. Do not cut frosted plants or shrubs back until all danger of frost has past, as untidy as they might look. I would not prune till the end of this month even wait till the middle of August , as I think winter is far from over, you do not want to encourage new growth to form, that may be frosted back.

Give the Azaleas a deep watering once a week and make sure they have a blanket of pine needles or any suitable mulch. Feed and water bulbs as they start forming. I use Worm Wee all the time on anything I think needs a real boost.

Still so much to clean up and sweep but do not sweep away plant material... either place around your plants or pile it onto the compost heap.

Hopefully the waiting period will not be too far off and all the hard work you have put in to your spring garden will burst forth with colour, we can but hope!

Happy Gnoming.....



British Open conditions greeted golfers on Saturday for the Sanlam Cancer Challenge, with tricky pin positions, fast greens and a twenty five knot North wind. It was decided to give tricky pin positions so while standing over a puttt each golfer would stop and think about the many people with cancer in our midst . Our Gauteng, Pietermaritzburg, Durban and local members came out to play and enjoyed the day otherwise .

Results as follows:

A Div. 1st:Paul Els 42 Points

2nd; Barry Oehme 39 points

B Div: 1st: Klaus Kluver 40 Points

2nd: Steve Nel 39 points

3rd:Doc Khumalo 36 points

C Div: 1st:Hannes du Plessis 42 points

2nd: Kevin Williams 41 points

3rd: Colin Walsh 32 points

Ladies: Liekie Steyn 35 points

Nearest to pin: Ladies 2nd 11th Liekie Steyn

Nearest to pin: Men 2nd 11th Steve Nel

Longest “wind assisted” drive on 4th: Paul Els .

Lucky Draw: Mike Harrison.

St Cathryn’s golf club would like to thank Annette Williams and Sue Harrison for their help in the pub during the competition while Cathy was away. Special thanks goes to Sanlam for sponsoring the event and to Jack Drew in helping to put the day together.

This weekend we are expecting a golf touring group “Pleasant Feasant Pluckers” from Pietermaritzburg - for a short golf tour playing St Cathryn’s and Greyrown.

Next event: Farmers Agri Care Monthly Mug on July 25th.




Umvoti Community hospital took yet another step forward last Thursday with the presentation of the feasibility study commissioned by the committee. Jetendra Poorun of Stragetic Healthcare Management in tabling the document said that a three fold approach had been taken as follows:

*The geographical, demographical, economic, socio-economic and infrastructure of Umvoti.

*Market supply, medical aid industry, calculation of private beds, the proposed hospital structure, doctors’ support, public/private partnerships and a five year business financial review.

+Business opportunities and risks, the current industry review, an executive overview and the results.

Taking all these factors into account focussing and on business oppotunities and associated risk the study indicated that a fifty bed facility would be sustainable and cater for the demanding needs of a private hospital in Umvoti and the surrounding catchment area of Umzinyathi.

As published in the Greytown Gazette on 24th June the Lady Grey hotel has been purchased by PG Mavundla Properties for the development of premises for the hospital; doctors and specialists quarters and other facilities as required. At the committee meeting Mr Mavundla informed members that the first phase of the rebuilding would be completed within four months. The plans include a pharmacy and coffee shop.

Although a considerable amount of basic research, administrative aspects in regard to licensing; the impact of the National Health Insurance etc still need to be investigated, the most immediate action, which Committee members are undertaking, is to present the feasibility study to potential financiers and medical agencies.

At this stage some of the research in the feasibility study is confidential. However the following should be of interest to Umvoti residents and potential hospital patients:

Pietermaritzburg and Howick has a total of 546 beds in private hospitals and these are usually full.

There are four district hopsital: Charles Johnson Memorial; Church of Scotland; Dundee Hospital and Greytown Hospital; thirty seven Provincial and Municipal clinics; and nine mobile clinics.

An average of 80 -120 patients from Umvoti travel through monthly to a private hospital in Pietermaritzburg.

In the feasibilty study Mr Poorun states the objective: to create a private and independent general family hospital which has the capability of improving access to private health care through “carefully balancing quality of care to the cost of delivery.”


From the Ditch

The Men’s singles championships came up with a surprising amount of results over the week with Cherry Wulfsohn losing a very close encounter against a fairly new player Chris Fisher in the semi finals.

In the other semi finals match, Gerhard Balzer had a good win against Derrick Balfour. Gerhard and Chris will now meet in the finals of the Men’s Singles Championships which should be played this Saturday afternoon.

In the Handicaps semi finals Derrick Balfour overcame a strong run against Alex Gevers and in the other semi Bob Simpson will play Cherry Wulfsohn. Hopefully this match will take place during the week.

Greytown ladies, Judy Ellmann, Erica Fischer, Sannie Balzer and Elizabeth Balzer competed in the Inoxa Ladies “Fours” Invitation at the Maritzburg Bowling Club over the weekend. They played four games winning two and losing two.

The Pannar “Trips” is on the horizon, 10th August, and the entry list is on the notice board. Entry is limited to 24 teams and filling up fast with entries coming from many outside clubs wanting to compete in this very popular tournament. So sign up quickly!



Thank you Masonite


Two weeks ago, Phillip Swotton and Craig Ivins invited their neighbours to the Masonite office on the Rietvlei road for an informal chat and braai.

This gesture was extremely well received by all who attended and it was noted with pleasure that Masonite is very keen to co-operate with neighbours regarding fire and general security.

Phil and Craig are to be commended for taking this approach and they can be sure their neighbours are just as keen to assist them as they are to co-operate with their neighbours.

A brief presentation was made by Ian Henderson, the 2 IC of Masonite, which was extremely informative and thought provoking. He spoke on management structures and the importance orf determining the causes of fires in order to prevent further fires from occurring.

We all hope and pray that the forestry industry will have a safe fire season.

Well done Masonite

Dave Carroll and neighbours




8 JULY 2009


Umvoti IFP Mayor Councillor Petros Ngubane has been temporarily interdicted and restrained by order of the Pietermaritzburg High Court “from stating, alleging or insinuating ’’that ANC Councillor Philani Mavundla is responsible for or in anyway involved in: “Attacks on IFP members and bribing Amakhosi and/or attempting unlawfully to influence Amakhosi against the IFP.”

Justice van Zyl also ruled at the hearing last Thursday that the Mayor be responsible for the costs of the application. The Mayor was given until 15th July to respond to the temporary interdict to provide reasons as why the interdict should not be made final.

Councillor Mavundla submitted to the Court that the application was urgent in that the alleged remarks were inflammatory and irresponsible at a time when the district was beset with political tension between the two parties which had resulted in a number of killings of both IFP and ANC Councillors and members. In fact, he said the situation was “nothing short of a powder keg”.

Mavundla, who is chairman of the Inkosi Bhambatha ANC region submitted in his affidavit that Ngubane’s position as Mayor added weight to his statements in the minds of his supporters and only served to inflame the political tensions and fuel the political violence in the area. It was submitted that prior to the general election Ngubane had allegedly issued a press statement accusing Mavundla of attempting to buy votes from Amakhosi to wrest the leadership of the House of Traditional Leaders from the IFP.

At the funeral of assassinated IFP Councillor Ngcobo, Ngubane said that Mavundla had tried to get the slain Councillor to join the ANC and implied when he refused, Mavundla had “engineered his death”. Mavundla submitted to the Court that not only were these statements ”seriously defamatory and untrue” but had the potential to incite public violence. Mavundla said his attorneys had been instructed to demand Ngubane to withdraw his statements and make a public apology. However it was indicated that this would not happen.

In the petition handed in by the IFP to the SAPS and Chief Magistrate in Greytown on 26th June, the IFP states that ” the latest attacks in Greytown come in the wake of rumours that a certain political party had plotted to wrestle power from the IFP led Umvoti Municipality, by hook or by crook.” It claims that it is very clear that IFP Councillors are being targeted through a well laid out sinister plan ...and “if IFP Ward councillors are removed one-by one, it will force by-elections and give the political party in question the opportunity to intimidate the local community in order to take control of the municipality.

President Jacob Zuma has proposed reconciliation talks between the ANC and IFP to contain the inter-party tensions in KZN. He referred to a possible merger. However an IFP spokesman said while welcoming talks aimed at reconciliation, it was very early days to talk about merging. Both the ANC and IFP in Umvoti have made it clear publicly that both parties and their supporters should totally reject any form of violence and let political tolerance and peace become the operative forces .



It was a very  special Sunday for a  special lad and Greytown music lovers. Centenarian (plus one) Jose Nel throughly enjoyed a classic music hour with talented pianist Jacques Heyns (formerly music master at Hermannsburg School) playing the magnificent grand piano on which many years ago Jose obtained her Licentiate from the Royal Academy of Music.


Wednesday golf was won by J de Nysschen; M Caldicott took second place followed by S Bondesio.

The results of Saturday’s Mascor Monthly Mug are as follows:

1st: S van der Merwe (67 points);

2nd: P Els (69 points); and

3rd: J Crowe (69 points oco).

Best stableford: S Dlamini.

The Springbok supporters who watched rugby at the Club would like to thank Greytown Beer Distributors for softening the blow of the loss to the Lions by running a half price special on SAB beverages for the duration of the match.

Dates to diarise:

Wednesday 15th July: Caterer Joanne is holding a half price special on certain tasty menu items.




This is the robbery that wasn’t.

Last Friday morning Kranskop postmaster, 37 year old Nkosingiphile Nimrode Ntimbane, laid a complaint with the Kranskop Police that R180 000 had been stolen from the Post Office .According to him at 7.15 that morning, when he was alone, an unknown male knocked on the door and said he “was unable to open his postbox” so the Postmaster opened the door to assist. Then he claimed that the man produced a gun and forcefully entered, instructed the Postmaster to open the safe where the cash was kept. The “thief” took R180 000 and fled the scene.

When the Kranskop Police were called to the scene - four security guards who had been outside the building said that they had not seen any man around as claimed by the Postmaster. On further investigation the Police found that Ntimbane had made a false statement and that he had actually taken the money himself on the Thursday. It appears that Ntimbane had been conned in a classic Nigerian “black dollar” multiply your money scam and had given the R180 000 to the conman who had been around for some time. However since he grabbed the R180 000 he has not been seen.

Ntimbane was arrested and appeared in the Greytown Regional Court on Monday - the case was remanded to Tuesday.




BELL' VILLAGIO has a warm welcoming ambience as people linger over a cup of coffee and in the background little ones tackle a jungle gym. John and Kirsty Pope took over Bell’Villagio last December when they incorporated and merged the Village Co with what was then known as Belles of St Clements.

Result, a friendly coffee, cake and gift shop. The Popes, in an interview, said that they had wanted a place where people would not only go to eat but as a gathering place where all could feel relaxed and comfortable and where it was a safe haven for children.

John who is the minister of His Church in Greytown said that it had also become the focal meeting point for his congregation (Kirsty is also ordained .

A speciallity of Bell’Villagio is the most delicious Lava coffee it serves - available from 9 to 4.30 during the week and 9 to 12.30 on Saturdays. Local bakers supply, as do KwaSizabantu on a Friday.

It's a good spot also for a light lunch - pizzas are a firm favourite to take away or eat there; there are cheezas; toasted sandwiches; pasta dishes etc too. There are the most delicious cakes and Kirsty and John are constantly adding another tasty item to the menu.

They also do outside catering - from sit down dinners to platters of cocktail snacks.The couple have two sons and “new” month old daughter.

For take aways or to book phone Kirsty or John at 033 417 1977 



Greytown Bowling Club competed in the last match of the “Fours” season when they travelled to Pietermaritzburg over the weekend. Playing at Wanderers Bowling Club on Saturday, the local side had mixed results with one draw and won loss. The result did little to change the final score card and Greytown remained in second position on the log.

Also over the weekend Sannie Balzer and Judy Elmann from Greytown teamed up with bowlers from Wartburg and competed in a competition at Alexander Park.The weekend ahead will see Erica Fischer, Sannie Balzer, Judy Ellman and Elizabeth Balzer represent Greytown in the sponsored Innoxa “ Fours” Tournament in Pietermaritzburg . We wish the local girls good bowling.

Now that league is a thing of the past, it is hoped that the local club championships can gather momentum and the players still in the Singles will play their respective games. On Saturday only six local players were at home to play social bowls and celebrate with Bob Simpson who turned eighty on Saturday.




St Cathryn’s selectors made the same mistake as Pieter de Villiers when he played ten new Springboks against the British Lions. What happened at Ellis Park we saw on TV.....THEY LOST. Here the selectors selected a fairly unknown number of golfers to play against a parents’ side from St Charles college on Sunday and what happened.....they LOST. 94 points to 85.

Birthday boy Klaus Kluver was as usual full of cheer, Peter Rommelspacher loud and noisy as ever, quiet spoken Paul Els hitting the ball a mile, father and son Piet and Steve playing with our Captain Williams, were taught a small lesson. Unlike de Villiers who has to face the national media, St Cathryn’s has only got to face the local media in this small but embarrassing loss.......but we we did fight to the end.!

Saturday 11th July is the Sanlam Cancer Challenge. We are starting at 10h00 and the format is Indo Stableford off your high handicap, playing in our three divisions A B and C. As this competition is open to all golfers with an official handicap we invite any golfer out there to come and play as most of the funds raised will be for the Cancer Association.To play phone Piet Nel 033 4441945.




Anyone who thinks that hitting the age of 50, 60 or even 70 means a halt to an active busy life should pop in at the Golden Years Service Centre in York Street to confirm that actually the opposite is true.

Greytown's old Scout Hall has been delightfully and attractively converted into the focal point for the 88 members - all are welcomed with qualifications being over 55 years old and a payment of R36 a year for membership! Under the chairmanship of Peta van der Weg and committee, Sheila Jones, Ina Ortmann, Gerald Clark and Libby Churchill planned activities take place from Monday to Friday.

Open from 8a.m. to 1 p.m. -there is a pool table, television and library -tea and coffee is always available at 50 cents a cup. Details of the daily programme's are as follows:

Mondays: Exercise walk -if the weather’s lousy indoor exercise session.

Tuesdays: Busy Bees meet and knit jerseys, toys etc which are donated to those in need.

Wednesdays: Arcadia bus takes residents to local shops. At 10 a.m. its a carpet bowls session.

Thursdays :Coffee and chat get together and in the afternoon card games.

Fridays Sing-a -long under the talented baton of Libby Churchill.

In addition:

every second Wednesday: Arcadia bus takes members to Pietermaritzburg ;

every second Thursday a bring and braai;

on the third Tuesday of each month a birthday party for all those with birthdays in that month.

A further benefit for members is a daily hot meal from Arcadia at the cost of R12 collected from Arcadia.

For further information on joining or activities please contact Peta van der Weg on 082 761 4492




Greytown’s Children’s Home (Kinderhuis) is growing from strength to strength ninety years after it was founded to accommodate the flu orphans of the 1918 epidemic.

Since 1994 the Home has been transformed and integrated and now provides full care , education , cultural and spiritual for needy children of all races between the ages of 2 and 18. The home is a Christian based institution. A Government subsidy is paid for each child in care, but this does not cover the educational, medical and operational costs to the level required. Obviously it also does not meet capital expenditure required to maintain accommodation, safe transport and other facilities which make up the daily care of the children.

To meet this shortfall the Home relies on the goodwill of individuals, organisations businesses etc. They refer to the donations received since March this year, when a deficit had been budgetted for, as modern day miracles. These included the in house fully equipped primary health care clinic which was opened and which also cater for HIV/AIDS infected children. A regular donor, an electrical contractor volunteered to undertake major work inside and outside as well as necessary painting jobs.

Then miraculously on the 22nd May, a couple visited the Home for the first time to see for themselves the requirements and needs. A week later they phoned to tell the Home that “they were led by God’’ to donate the two brand new vehicles and industrial lawnmower. The couple have indicated that they wish to remain anonymous.

PRO for the Home, Bert Nel said “we can only thank and praise the Lord for keeping us in business. We honour and thank all our donors for contributions.”

The home is appealing to further donations to keep the books balanced and to undertake much needed capital projects. It is a registered non-profit organisation.

Any donations given to the Home enable the many vulnerable children to be ensured of a secure and bright future.




After months of careful preparation, the third annual KTM Rally Raid was successfully held at Hermannsburg. Riders came from KZN, the Cape, Gauteng, Swaziland and even Zambia. Special guests Alfie Cox (multiple South African enduro & off road champion) and Giovanni Sala (six-time world enduro champion) joined the other riders to share their expertise and the fun.

Each participant had to have a KTM Adventure series motorcycle and ride the bike alone from home to the venue. No passengers or hangers-on were permitted. All the riders were looking forward to some serious off road adventure biking. The emphasis was on good, clean fun and adventure biking.

Due to the unexpected rain on the Thursday, the difficulty levels of the three planned routes (Rally Raids 1 to 3) had to be re-evaluated on the Friday morning. Rally Raid 3 was due to be a 350 km ride over relatively easy terrain, but became more difficult due to muddy conditions. Rally Raid 1 covered about 150 km of more technical and challenging riding, and many riders attempted Rally Raid 2, an intermediate route.

After lunch at Shushu, hosted by the SAPS, the riders returned to Hermannsburg, tired but satisfied.

Saturday morning saw riders attempting three new routes, with lunch at St Cathryn’s Golf Estate, hosted by the Kranskop Farmers’ Association. After lunch, the riders returned to Hermannsburg for the Rodeo, which consisted of a slow race, barrel racing and a short racing course where the special guests set the times to beat.After a farewell party on the Saturday night, the riders all left for home on the Sunday morning.

Special thanks go to all those members of the school family who helped in various ways to make the hosting of this event such a success. It was heartwarming to experience the level of support and commitment that loyal members of our school family provide.

The riders and Red Cherry Adventures (the organisers of the event) were full of praise for the facilities and the friendly, warm welcome they received at Hermannsburg.


Holiday junior tennis tournament

Despite a frosty start to Derek Brown’s tennis tournament for juniors, the players thoroughly enjoyed the three day event last week:

Results are as follows:

Under 8:

Singles: Winner (w) Calem Keyser;Runner up (r.u) Tommy Pride.

Doubles (w):Tommy Pride and Callum Norris;

(r.u)Ashleigh Mason and Megan Meyer.

Under 10 singles:

( boys) (w) Luke Ogelsby;(r.u.): Craig Jarvie.

(girls): Kelly Pearson (r.u.) Nicki McGhie

doubles: U10 and U12:(boys) (w) Josh Meyer and Lance Commins;(r.u.) Cameron Goodwin and Luke Oglesby.

(girls): Jeanne Botha and Sasha Botha;(r.u.) Lucy McGhie and Danielle Marx

U12: singles (boys) (w):James Tedder;(r.u):Lance Commins;(girls); Danielle Marx (r.u.) Hayley Brown

U 10 and U12

Mixed doubles :James Tedder and Danielle Marx:(r.u.) Lance Commins and Lucy McGhie/Cianne Scott

U14:singles;(boys):Oliver Thompson; (r.u.) Thuba Mzila;(girls) Hannah Pride: (r.u.):Samantha Brown

.U14 and 16:doubles:(boys) Russell Anderson and Byron Blaker;(r.u.) James Tedder and Thuba Mzila.(girls) Samantha Brown and Justine Pearson;(r.u.): Charlene O’ Neil and Sarah McGie

Mixed doubles: Shane Deane and Donna English; (r.u.) Hannah Pride and Thuba Mzila.

Under 16 singles (boys): Shane Deane ;(r.u):Byron Blaker (girls): Charlene O’Neil;(r.u.) Justine Pearson



1 JULY 2009

Umvoti by-election in August

A by-election to fill the vacancy in Ward 9 brought about through the death of IFP Councillor Nkuthuko Ngcobo will be held on Wednesday 12th August.

Independent Electoral Commission has announced that the

deadline for the submission of candidate nominations is 5 p.m. on Friday 24th July.

It is expected that both the IFP and the ANC will field candidates in the by-election. In the April general elections the ANC took the ward from the IFP by 1665 votes to 1350. All in all the ANC had a majority in ten out of the eleven wards.

An IEC spokesman said that the polling stations in Ward 9 would be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Bangumuzi Primary School; Candabuthule Secondary School and Mzoniwe High School. Only voters who are registered in Ward 9 will be permitted to vote.

Councillor Ngcobo was ambushed and killed on his way home to Thembisweni on 25th May. One arrest has been made in relation to the killings. Mnqaneni Zondi made his third appearance in the Greytown Magistrate’s Court last Friday in an unsuccessful bail application.



During the week two bowls club championship matches were played. On Wednesday, in the Handicap section, Cherry Wulsohn played Tony Smith - this was a tense encounter with Cherry eventually winning 21 - 16.

On Friday afternoon Derrick Balfour played Tony Smith in the singles championships. Unfortunately, it was not Tony’s day and he lost to Derrick 21 - 13. Cherry Wulsohn will now play Bob Simpson in the handicap quarter finals and in the other quarter finals Derrick Balfour will play Alex Gevers.

In the singles championships, Cherry Wulsohn comes up against Chris Fischer and Derrick Balfour against Gerhard Balzer.

No social bowls was played over the weekend due to Greytown hosting Eddles in a league match. The local players did the home club proud by winning both their “Fours” matches. Gerhard Balzer, Tony Smith, Chris Fischer and Chummy Lang won their game 27 - 24 and in the other “Fours” match Cherry Wulfsohn, Heinrich Zhert, Bryan Paul and Jacque Minnaar won their game 28 -17. There is one more match to be played in the “Fours” league and Greytown are in second position.

Our Travelling Balzers played in the mixed pairs tournament at Wanderers on Sunday, Gerhard and Sannie Balzer won all three of their matches and once again it can only be said that it is the support of all the outside clubs that strengthen the game of bowls.



A fundraising project which will be of benefit to several sections of the community is the MOTHS monthly mini market to be held on the first Saturday of each month. To be held in the MOTH Hall in York Street the market will benefit not only buyers, but also craftspeople, bakers, jam makers, etc.etc who can rent a table at R20 a time.

Umvoti MOTHS (Members of the Order of Tin Hats) run 6 cottages in York Street for ex-service men and women - all of whom are pensioners. The MOTH order does not receive any Government or other assistance, and the residents pay a percentage of their very small pensions for rent, so MOTHS have to raise their own funds to keep the cottages going.

As a fundraiser to give people the opportunity to earn money and an interesting Saturday morning outing, they will be holding a Mini Market on Saturday, 4th July . in the MOTH hall, 270 York Street from 10 am to 3 pm Do go along and support this worthy cause.

Supplier tables at R20 each can be booked -contact Barry 0781798420 or George 0823191974




We seem to have so many letters being written in with complaints and unhappiness about municipal services, I felt that when service is good it should be recorded.

On Saturday, 26 June, in the late afternoon we notice a fire starting up on a neighbor’s property. We phoned 911 and requested the assistance of the Fire Brigade. By this time the fire had taken a terrific hold and flames were visible above the neighbor’s house roof.

Within 10 minutes the Fire Brigade arrived, bringing with it enough water to calm the initial blaze. The fire personnel went about their work in a calm efficient manner, locating the nearest source of water and connecting hoses to get additional water to the blaze. All the equipment worked (which is more than you can say about the Pietermaritzburg set up) and in a very short space of time everything was under control averting what could have been a very serious situation.

I would like to compliment the Metro Fire Department on this very assuring show of professionalism; it is good to know that when help is needed we still have some very efficient people to call on.

Long may it last.

Joy Hickman


Special Needs school for Umvoti

In a positive development for children with educational special needs a task team has been set up to establish a special needs school in Greytown. Several meetings have already taken place with representatives of the KZN and Umzinyathi Departments of Education; Department of Health;disabled; Umvoti Aids Centre, parents and community members.

Chairlady of the Umvoti special needs school committee, Mrs Tanya Fourie told the Greytown Gazette that the project is well under way -land has been identified for possible usage to build the school which will also feature a skills training centre.

The committee is collecting statistics on the number of juniors and adults who have a disability - forms are available at Greytown Library which when completed by members of the public will give an indication of the number of disabled in Umvoti.

Anyone with an interest in this exciting project, which will be of enormous benefit to those in need of such education and training, is invited to attend the next meeting to take place on Tuesday 7th July at 10 a.m. at the Municipal offices.

For further information  please contact Mrs Fourie on 076 903 2113.


 St Cathryns news

The St Cathryns greens on Saturday 27 June for the Farmers Agri-Care Monthly Mug, were slick and fast - as we were unable to irrigate in the days before the Mug due to the high winds. The results reflect that our lady member was more able to cope with the unpredictable and temperamental conditions than the men !

1st: Liekie Steyn nett 66

2nd: Paul Els nett 69

3rd: Steve Nel nett 70

Nearest to pin 9/18 : Piet Nel

Captains Putter : Peter Rommelspacher

July golf fixtures : Saturday 11 July - Sanlam Cancer Challenge to be contested in the A,B, C and Ladies Divisions. Members and visitors welcome to play .

Please contact Piet on 033 4441945 or 083 269 1661. Farmers Agri-Care Monthly Mug will be played on Saturday 25 July .



Wednesday golf was won by James de Nysschen, Steve van der Merwe and Mike Caldicott on 78 points in total.

Friday night’s Happy Hour was a resounding success. Fairview Fencing sponsored the drinks. Everyone enjoyed the evening tremendously and the children had great fun watching the movie in the PANNAR lounge.

Nicholas Mason is the lucky attendance draw winner, enjoy your R1 000 prize. Wendy Edkins won the Chivas Regal Scotch whisky. Kinan du Plessis and Mike Caldicott won the consolation prizes.

The MEMP-sponsored golf day on Saturday was very well supported with 39 golfers taking to the field. Although the early morning golfers had frost to contend with, it turned out to be a beautiful day. The Noodsburg visitors enjoyed playing on our course. Results were:

1st : Tubby and Gareth Larkan (48);

2nd: Gary Schwartz and Wally Khone (45)

3rd : P. Khumalo and M. Msomi (44 points)

4th : James de Nysschen Murray Mason (42)

5th : Tony Knight and Johan van Rooyen (4)

6th : Jack Fortune and Bobby Jack (40)

7th : Martinus Steynand Rob Immelmann (39)

Nearest pin on the 12th : Barry Oehme;

on 17th Bobby Jack;

longest drive: Garry Schwartz

Thank you once again to Rob Immelmann and MEMP for their generous sponsorship .

Dates to diarise: 3 July: Attendance draw worth R1 300

4 July: Mascor Monthly Mug.

During the finalS.A/Lions test all SAB beers will be sold at half price - sponsored by Greytown Beer Distributors.

18 July:Aheers development golf

25 July:Spot Onsponsored golf day

2 August: Mica Ladies invitation.



Ongoing violence in Umvoti has created an atmosphere of fear as the district appears to be spiralling into a state of lawlessness with yet another Councillor murdered to bring the total to three ;one injured and three members of a family shot dead.

Police are now saturating the area in an effort to halt this political intolerance -apart from local and district Police personnel members of the Public Order Policing unit ; National Intelligence Unit and Provincial task team are monitoring the situation on a 24 hour basis. MEC for transport, Community Safety and Liaison has called for people to remain calm or anyone with information on these senseless killings to come forward. He regarded restoring peace and stablility in Umvoti as a priority.

The urgent need for peace talks between the IFP and ANC has become even more apparent with the killing of yet another Councillor last Thursday afternoon . IFP Councillor Bernard Mzwana Mbatha (Ntuli)was driving along D217 road towards Makabeleni in the Kranskop area when he was shot and killed by an unknown number of attackers.

A motorist driving along the road saw the stationary Toyota Condor in the middle of the road with the driver’s door open. Taking a closer look he found Mbatha’s body, riddled with bullets, lying on the ground. Kranskop Police were notified and recovered nine 9mm and 2 AK 47 cartridges and one 9mm bullet head at the scene. A police spokesman said that Mbatha was fired upon while in his vehicle which had 3 bullet holes on the driver’s side.

51 year old Mbatha was a highly respected and popular member of the Council whose opinions were listened to by all. A spokesman for the Kranskop Police said that at a community meeting held on 1st June the Councillor has said “there is a campaign out to kill the councillors. My concern is my family and new born baby’ he appealed to the community to protect councillors and to “be beware of such by the unknown.”

Mbatha’s death follows on the assasination of IFP Councillor Ntuthuko Ngcobo; the assassnation of ANC District Councillor Tony Malunga; the attempted murder of IFP Councillor Enock Shange who was shot in the stomach and legs; the brutal killing of three members of an ANC family in Thembisweni, the Sikhakhanes, when a four year old child, her 74 year old grandmother and a teenager all lost their lives.

Expressing their anger, IFP supporters, including Umvoti Mayor Councillor Petros Ngubane and senior councillors, national organiser Albert Mncwango, David Ntombela marched through Greytown streets to present a memorandum to the Police on the unabated political killings in the area. Mr Mncwango emphasised that the local leaders of both the ANC and IFP should get together for peace talks. He claimed that the Province were lacking in the political will to end the violence -he claimed to know nothing about a peace meeting arranged between the Police, ANC and IFP last Monday which the IFP had not attended. In the petition the IFP stated that “the systematic campaign to harm our leaders” started before the General Election when an IFP delegation led by Umzinyathi Mayor Yengwa was “denied entry” into Enhlalakahle by ANC members. Mayor Ngubane recently claimed that the ANC were attemtping to woo IFP Councillors so that the ANC would take over the IFP led council. However ANC regional chief, Councillor P..G Mavundla said that he intends to sue Ngubane for R2.5 million for claiming that he is trying to buy off IFP Councillors.

A mysterious Police raid took place on Saturday night when twelve armed Police personnel entered the home of Daniel (Lennox) Molloi in Enhlalakahle claiming they were looking for AK 47s. Six Police stood outside while the other 6 took the owner from room to room, at gunpoint. When the Gazette reporter went to the house on Sunday morning it was a chaotic mess. The Police had turned everything upside down -broken doors-emptied rubbish bins- pulled clothing out on to the floor as well as documents. After two hours, during which the only “suspicious item” found was a toy plastic gun the Police departed leaving the mess behind. Molloi said he asked for their search warrant, which they did not have. He was also not permitted to make or receive a phone call.

At the time of going to press, Greytown Police chief Superintendent Mapalala said that the incident was under investigation to establish which Police unit had been involved.



You go to bed at night and cuddle under the warmth of an electric blanket or good old fashioned hot water bottle and wake up to a frosted landscape - but there’s hot water, warm cloths and hot food.

But many many people living in Umvoti do not have such basic necessities-they are lucky if its one meal a day and day and night clothes are the same with more than one blanket a luxury.

If you can help bring warmth into the lives of those who are suffering from the chills of winter -please drop clothes,blankets,etc off at the Greytown Gazette office for distribution.



Three men have been arrested and appeared in Greytown Magistrate’s Court on charges of arson and further arrests are, according to the Police, imminent.

The over 150 year old stone farmhouse on Croydon Farm, Rietvlei was destroyed by fire in the early hours of Wednesday 17th June. Owner Gavin Hill and his partner were asleep when the fire started and although they did their utmost to put out the flames, the fire spread rapidly . It destroyed the house and contents,

Police forensic experts were called in to investigate as arson was immediately suspected and confirmed that the fire had been started deliberately.

Acting Station Commissioner in Rietvlei, Captain Marie Naicker told the Greytown Gazette two men, Thulani Majola and Sandile Milanzi had been arrested and had appeared in Greytown Magistrate’s Court on Monday last week. A third man , Delani Mthethwa of Rietvlei was made on Wednesday and the man appeared in Court the following day. The cases were remanded.

Captain Naicker said that an arrest for the possession of unlicensed firearms and ammunition had also been made. Mzayifani Jameson Ndlovu of Seven Oaks had appeared in Court - an unlicensed R4 rifle and 31 rounds of ammo and a .38 special with 6 rounds had been recovered.

Anyone with any information on the arson case, or the murder of Rietvlei farmer Allan Rowe is asked to contact Captain Marie Naicker on 082 9263 254 or Captain Bobby Naicker on 082 4699 189



Die tema vir Saterdagoggend se N G Kerk Vrouediens byeenkoms was Blomme en Hoede. ‘n Interessante verskeidenheid hoede het nogal herinner aan vervloeë dae toe hoede dra nog die inding was.

‘n Heerlike ontspanningsoggend is deur almal geniet. Marthinus en Annetjie Steyn het met pragtige sangitems voorgegaan.

Daarna het Robin Adendorff vir ons nege blommerangskikkings in bybelverse uitgebeeld.

Maritha Kruger en haar span het afgesluit met ‘n mimiek stuk wat tot groot vermaak van almal, aangetoon het hoe ‘n boemelaar ‘n bankie in die park vir homself toegeeien het.

Ons geniet die seën van ons hemelse Vader met al die talent.


CAPTION:Voor: Emmarentia van Zyl en Joey Els; : Middel:Carlien Lotter, Lena Scholtz, Vivian Fourie, Renè Swanepoel, Eleanor de Nysschenen Robin Adendorff: Agter : Maronè Lotter, Sonette Scholtz, Alet van der Merwe, Joey Maartens, Mariaan Roodt, Rolin de Nysschen, Cornè Nefdt, Siena Collen, Anna Viljoen, Carol Bezuidenhout, Griet Phillipson en Ria Pretorius.


The South African Inter Provincial Polocrosse tournament was held, in bitterly cold weather, at Noodsburg Country Club last weekend.

Mascor Toyota Umvoti was well represented with ten players involved in the various divisions. Patrick O’Sullivan was in the Southern KZN men’s A team which reached Sunday’s final against Northern KZN. Northerns, with two current Springboks in the side, proved too strong and out-played Southerns. Southens staged a strong come-back in the fourth chukka when they levelled the scores but Northerns surged ahead to take the title.

Caroline Minnaar was in the Ladies’ A team. They accounted for Northerns and Gauteng on their way to the final against Midlands A. Midlands out-played them to take the Ladies’ division title. Caroline was nominated the U/14 coach and will accompany them to Zambia.

Jarryd Jacklin was in the Southerns’ B side. Losing their first game they played in the handicap division which they won. Jarryd was selected for the U/19 side to play Zambia in Lusaka.

Jane O’Sullivan and Vanessa Williams played for the Veteran’s team. They did well to get to the final which, unfortunately, they lost to Midlands A

The all Umvoti side, Damien O’Sullivan, Janine Meyer and Dean Flowers, were in the U/16 division. All three played brilliantly, winning all their games to become the U/16 inter-provincial champions for 2009. Janine is on her way to Zambia where she will play tests against the Zambian U/16s, while Damien leaves for England.

Tysen O’Sullivan played for the U/14 team. They won two of their three games going down to a very strong Midlands side. Despite a lack of practice, Tysen showed good form and is one to watch for the future.

Cavan O’Sullivan filled in for the Northern KZN U/14 team and had a good weekend. Cavan continues to improve and this week’s outing will do much for his confidence.

Two S.A. teams, under sixteens and under nineteens, leave for Zambia to play internationals at Lusaka. A senior team will travel to England to play three tests. They will also be involved in coaching sessions to help the English team in their preparation for the World Cup. Patrick O’Sullivan and family depart for England where Patrick will be the official South African umpire in the tests. Patrick will also spend some time in Ireland where he will coach and play in a tournament.

It is proving to be a very busy polocrosse season with everyone intent to do well in next year’s World Cup.

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