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25 JULY 2008


What a pleasure...the welcome to Greytown sign on the Pietermaritzburg road really now does say welcome - thanks to the generous sponsorship of PANNAR and Starke Ayres. It is sincerely hoped that the "welcome" signs on the Dundee and Muden roads will be given a much needed facelift by Umvoti Municipality.





Umvoti's Integrated Development Plan(IDP)2008/9 which was tabled at the Council meeting held at the end of June makes very interesting reading. Basically the main issue  is  one of an underdeveloped economic base and lack of diversity in the nature and structure of the local economy.

Agriculture, subsistence and commercial, remains the main economic activity of the region.

Tabled as part of the IDP is a survey of service backlog  which was carried out by Jeffares and Green (Pty) ltd  appointed to conduct a backlog study in the  Umzinyathi District in March 2007.

Summary of backlogs in Umvoti is as follows:

Water: Served 8 536 Not served: 14 056: Percentage backlog: 62.%

Sanitation: Served: 9 305 Not served: 13 287: Percentage backlog 58.8%

Electricity: Served: 8213 Not served: 14 379: percentage backlog: 63.6%

Refuse: Served: 5 990 Not served: 16 602: Percentage backlog: 73.5%

Negative factors listed:

lack of educational training facilities linked to poor skills base;  lack of job opportunities; roads in poor condition  and poorly maintained by Dept of Transport; water supply with limited capacity which has potential to undermine further economic and industrial development:rural areas shortage of potable water and for irrigation; shortage of housing and lack of suitable land - current demand for Umvoti is 13 969 units; lack of co-ordinated planning,development  and marketing for tourism.

On the positive side, key opportunities list the  strengths: well established commercial agricultural economy producing timber, dairy products, maize, beef and vegetables; location on provincial and regional transportation routes; natural resources such as good river system - Mooi and Umvoti; strong culture and history of the Zulu nation, Germans and Afrikaners.

Umvoti Municipality has a number of development options including: processing of agricultural products; industrial land availability in Greytown; traditional arts and craft skills passed from one generation to the next; irrigable land along Uthukela, Mooi and Umvoti rivers creating irrigation scheme projects; rich history, including battlefields.

It is stated that the opportunities which exist are  aligned to agriculture and tourism. In regard to the former development opportunities include: FSC accredited products for export; wood wedges for America, veg boxes from waste timber; production of bio-fuel pellets from sawdust for export; animal feeds; maize, beef and dairy products etc.

On tourism the report states that Umvoti, despite having no major anchor tourist attractions,   is located at the intersection of at least three tourism development zones each with unique character. Realization of this potential would include: Shushu hot springs; Lilani springs; Itshe likaBhambatha; indigenous arts and craft.

Previously the development of an Umvoti Zulu craft and cultural route had been recommended with key components: Muden craft centre; Ngome game reserve; Greytown Museum; Lilani; Hermannsburg Mission House; Enhlalakahle tourism experience; etc.

In the section on spatial development framework (SDF), a sector plan of the IDP, which  is a forward planning initiative indicating where developments should be promoted and where not. It forms the basis of the Land Use Management system; identifying investment priority areas, underdeveloped ones and those that should be protected because of environmental sensitivity and other factors.

The SDF highlights development corridors - roads linking Greytown and Stanger and Pietermaritzburg serve as trade routes; collector distributor routes to national roads and as link roads with major centres such as Durban, Pietermaritzburg and Richards Bay. As the greater Msinga is part of Umvoti's catchment  the importance of integration and connection of these areas highlights the importance of the Greytown/Dundee road. Not only for public transport, but also serves a critical role in facilitating service delivery to the rural communities.  The report states that the route requires substantial upgrading. National Government has set Millennium Development goals with a commitment to specific development targets over the next ten tears. 

Umvoti, like all other municipalities has the following core targets to meet:

*By 2008 all households to have access to clean water

*By 2010 all households to have decent sanitation facilities

*By 2012 all households to have access to electricity.

However the IDP report states "when looking at the current Municipal situation (both financial and  human capacity) it is felt that the Municipality will not meet its targets - nor will the District Municipality.





There seems to be quite an interest for fly fishing for Natal Yellows or more commonly known as a scaley, an indigenous fish found in most of our KZN river systems.

The scaley or smallmouth yellowfish species can reach sizes of 4.6kg which is the S.A. record taken in the Mooi River in 1956. The average size though is around 1 kg with anything over 2kgs considered a trophy fish.

Yellows have an underslung mouth which adapts them to bottom feeding where insect nymphs, crabs, algae and organic material make up the bulk of their diet. They have however been known to take crickets, fruit, or top feed off insect hatches.

Tackle and tactics for Yellow fishing consist of a 5 weight rod and matching reel. Although a lighter rig could still take a medium sized yellow the length of the fight can put the fish under stress and jeopardise its subsequent survival. A 5 weight rig with a 1kg Scaley should give an angler more than enough of a fight before landing.

Due to the large variety of water systems varying from dams to pools to fast flowing streams either floating, sinking, or intermediate line can be used with leader lengths depending on angling tactics. When fishing pools dams or slower rivers tippets of up to 4 meters can be used whereas in faster flowing waters a short tippet can give more control over the fly. The ideal tippet weight should be around 4x. Most trout techniques will also work for yellows. In faster waters upstream try nymphing with a floating line but take care to use enough weight to get the fly into the fishes feeding zone. A two fly rig with the lead fly heavily weighted and the point fly unweighted and trailing is also useful, Nymphing flies include bloodworm, scuds, flashback nymphs, zak nymphs and caddis patterns all weighted and preferably in sizes 18 to 10. Dry fly can be used for surface feeding yellows, like DDD’s, Adams, Mooi Moths or nymphs fished sub-surface. Pool fishing will require long casts covering large areas with Flashback nymphs, dragonflies and damsels in sizes 10 to 16 doing the trick.

Kzn yellows feed best after a period of settled warm weather with mid-morning and warm afternoons being optimum especially now during the colder months. In muddy water conditions the best time to fish is at midday during high light penetration. Like bass, yellows feed all year round so get out there and give it a go. I have had reports of several Yellows of 45 to 50cm being taken and Lags English bagging one of 57cm – there’s a challenge.

Umvoti club competition is to take place on Sunday 27th July at West End dam. An open species competition will be held at Lake Merthley from 1 p.m. on Saturday 18th August to 1 p.m. Sunday 19th August.


St Cathryn's News.


Greg Norman couldn't maintain .................... but Mo Wulfsohn could.!!!! Greg Norman led for two of the days of the British open, but couldn't maintain the pace and was beaten by Padraig Harrington, a much younger man. But at St Cathryns.............. Mo Wulfsohn held off the three younger chasers to win the Farmers Agri-Care Monthly Mug, played on Saturday 19 July .
Results as follows:
1st: Mo Wulfsohn nett 64
2nd: Duggie Rheeder nett 68 o.c.o.
3rd: Philip Kohne o.c.o.
4th: Klaus Kluver.
Nearest to pin 9/18: Philip Kohne
Captains putter: Sbonelo Khumalo.


Members to represent St Cathryns in the Regional round of the Sanlam Cancer Challenge are:

A Div: Eldred Britz
B Div: Merwin Rabe
C Div: Rikus Kloppers
Ladies B Div: Liekie Steyn.


The next round follows in August details will be given to participants as soon as we receive them.

All at St Cathryns wish Erik Kloppers a very Happy Birthday on the 25th July ..
The next Competition will be on Saturday 9 August- Farmers Agri-Care Monthly Mug.
To book for golf please phone Piet on 033 4441945 or 083 269 1661.





For the thousands who attended Shalom's Mighty Men Conference earlier this year, the good news is that the date has now been set for next year and it will be held at Shalom.

In a press statement issued last week,Angus Buchan stated:

" We will go openair because there is no tent that will take the crowd, we are expecting approximately 200,000 men to be here that weekend. It will be hosted by ourselves on 8,9 & 10 May 2009. Please tell as many men as possible. I really believe that revival is here. I believe that the tide is changing and I believe that the Lord is going to visit this nation in the most incredible way. Please keep up the good fight, run the race, do not grow weary, Gal.6:9, because in due season you will reap, if you do not lose heart."


71 000 people packed Loftus Versfeld stadium in Pretoiria last weekend to hear Angus preach. Huge crowds are also expected at the forthcoming events at which Angus will preach at Kings Park stadium, Durban and Ellis Park stadium Johannesburg.


Since the announcement last week of the dates for the 2009 MMC a number of B and B's and families who hosted men from all overthe country this year, have reported to the Greytown Gazette that they have already recieved bookings for next year.




Greytown Country Club


Unfortunately it seems that the golf course has become the latest target for scrap thieves! Last week a number of rakes were stolen and other pieces of equipment on the course were vandalised when it was realised that they were plastic and not metal. Please report any suspicious looking behavior on the golf course to the club manager.

(Editor's note: it appears that nothing is safe from the scrap thieves who receive payment from the scrap dealers for what they produce. Surely more questions need to be asked, not only by the scrap dealers, but the Police and organised business as to what positive action is being taken to halt this epidemic of theft).

The Country Club was very quiet this weekend. On Friday afternoon the "Chicken Run" was won by Duggie Rheeder. The tee off time for the "Chicken Run" will now be at 3pm until further notice. Golfers to please organise their own partners, or phone the club before hand.


On Saturday only four golfers took to the course. Perhaps the Springbok/Australia rugby match had something to do with the poor attendance. Sunday too, saw only four players on the course. They were guests from Pietermaritzburg,

On Friday night, Paul Gasa lost out on the R800 for the member's attendance draw. The next member's draw will be held on Friday night 25th July and the prize stands at R900.00. The end-of-month lucky ticket draw has been postponed from Friday Night 25 July until Friday 1st August as the Club will be welcoming Kammaland for a function on Friday night.


Please remember that everyone, including non-members are welcome for the lucky ticket draw on the 1st August. First prize is R1000.00 and runner up gets a bottle of Chivas Regal whiskey. If you are not a member of the Country Club you can purchase one of the available 100 tickets at the club bar on arrival. The draw is held in conjunction with a happy hour which starts at 6.30pm. There is usually a sponsored meal or snacks and music.


Dates to diarise: 2nd August MASCOR monthly mug




This fascinating and comprehensive coverage of the Adendorff family is the happy culmination of four years work by co-compilers Robin Adendorff and Tiny Christie.

Covering nine generations family genealogy and history, the book obviously includes details on many historic events. Dated from 1750 up to right now, there many interesting biographical details, together with the family’s Anglo-Zulu War association, amusing anecdotes and military records.

The work features over 200 colour pictures and many black/white, such as old bible entries of births, map locations, and two sketches by Robin Adendorff.etc.

Both soft cover and hard cover editions have been printed and being snapped up fast. The soft cover sells for R350 and the hard for R500 - anyone interested in obtianing a copy is asked to phone Robin on 033 413 3226 or Tiny on 083 734 6553.




Brilliant weather and running greens combined to provide a really outstanding afternoon of club championship bowls.

In the selected pairs Alex Gevers and Gerhard Balzer beat Peter Mason and Jacque Minnar 21-16. In the other selected pairs semi finals Brian Paul and Chris van der Westhuizen lost to Heinrich Zhert and Mac -21-11.

Finals will be played this weekend between Alex Gevers/Gerhard Balzer and Heinrich Zhert/Mac.

The handicap singles semis were also played. Derrick Balfour played Hedley Edwards - Derrick won 21-18 in a closely contested game. Upset of the day was in the other handicap singles game with a surprising win for Roy Thomson against club champion, Jack Drew 21 -14.

Bar duty this Friday:Roy Thomson; Saturday: Chris Fischer.





MR M.P. Ngcobo appeared in the Greytown Magistrate's Court on Monday on charges of murder. This charge arises out of the horrific death in a burning car of Ngcobo's wife, Zora Zodwa Ngcobo on Wednesday, 2nd July. Greytown Police have issued an urgent appeal for anyone who might have seen the vehicle BDS 939 MP (white Honda Ballade) on the Pietermaritzburg/Greytown road early on Wednesday morning or who might have seen a man getting of the vehicle, or walking along the road that morning.

The vehicle was found parked off the road alongside the farm Hannahdale, the inside was destroyed by fire and the burnt body of Zoro was discovered - she had been burnt beyond recognition but Police identified her through the vehicle registration. Zoro lived in Pietermaritzburg with her family - her three children are 15, 9, and 7 years old.

She travelled through daily to her job as an administrative clerk at Greytown Police Station where she had been employed since April. Her colleagues expressed their shock at Zoro"s death and said she would be much missed as a work colleague and a friend.

A forensic expert from Pretoria was called in to inspect the burnt vehicle the following day with foul play being suspected. Anyone with any information is asked to urgently contact investigating officer, Captain Bobby Naicker on 082 469 9189.




18 JULY 2008

(only one article received this week)

By Kirsten Drury

Durban to Dublin - covering all 14 000 kms of it on BMW 1200 Adv motor bikes......thisexciting adventure is being undertaken by two Greytonians, Roger Scheffer and Derek Oldfield to raise funds for charity.Carrying only camping equipment and a few spare parts and tools, will begin their two and a half month journey from Durban in May next year, travelling up through Africa and such countries as Mozambique to Morocco, crossing over into Spain and Europe, to end their journey in Dublin, Ireland. All proceeds from the ride will be donated to the Pebbles Project, which offers health care, shelter and education services to abandoned, abused and disadvantaged children on wine farms and townships in the Western Cape. The two will raise funds along the way and a special event has been arranged, with BMW, when they arrive in Munich. Local fundraising kicks off on 6 August, with a supper theatre charity event the Heritage Theatre in Hillcrest.This promises to be an exciting and entertaining evening, with the musical “Long Train Running” featuring music from the ‘60’s and ‘70’s, including a performance by John Ellis, lead singer of Tree63, as well as a talk by Alfie Cox. Limited edition wines and racing memorabilia, such as the racing shirts of motorcross champions will be auctioned, and with the unveiling of the new BMW 450 motorbike, this is an event not to be missed. The evening will begin at 6:30pm for 7pm. Tickets are R250 per person and bookings can be made at (031) 765 6362. ends

11 JULY 2008


Following on the tragic death of 38 year old Zoro Zodwa Ngcobo last Wednesday, Greytown Police have appealed to any motorists, travelling between Pietermaritzburg and Greytown, who might have seen the white Honda Ballade in the photograph, to contact them urgently.

This vehicle was found parked off the road alongside the farm Hannahdale - the inside was destroyed by fire and the burnt body of Zoro was discovered - she had been burnt beyond recognition but Police identified her through the vehicle registration. Zoro lived in Pietermaritzburg with her family -her three children are 15,9 and 7 years old. She travelled through daily to her job as an administrative clerk at Greytown Police Station where she had been employed since April.

Her colleagues expressed their shock at Zoro's death and said she would be much missed as a work colleague and a friend. Police investigations are ongoing - a forensic expert from Pretoria was called in to inspect the burnt vehicle on Thursday. Police suspect foul play but are awaiting the outcome of the post-mortem to establish the cause of death.

Police have appealed urgently to anyone of the road between Pietermaritzburg and Greytown who might have noticed the vehicle and who was in it to contact Investigating Officer Captain Bobby Naicker on 082 469 9189 or Captain Ntombela on 072 063 7752. Greytown Police are holding a memorial service for Zoro on Thursday 10th July at 10 a.m. at the Police Station. Her funeral is to take place in Pietermaritzburg on Saturday.



Early morning peace and quiet was shattered last Friday morning by a bomb explosion which blew up an ATM at Kwasizabantu Mission outside Kranskop causing extensive damage. According to reports, a white Audi A6 drove through the entrance gate just before 1 a.m. -five men, armed with AK 47 rifles were in the vehicle. The vehicle did not have a registration number.

Three security guards on duty were held up as the attackers took 9mm Norinco pistols from two of the guards. They were taken to another part of the building, at gunpoint, and forced to lie on the floor, by two of the attackers. One of the gang stood against the gate to prevent it from closing whilst the other two made their way to the Standard Bank ATM .

At this time, an American visitor, returning from Church, walked into the attack. He was held up and forced to lie down on the ground alongside the security guards. He told the Police that within minutes there was a loud explosion. Commerical explosives were reportedly used to blow the ATM, which resulted in structural damage to the building,estimated at close to one million rand.

Gang members grabbed the money from the ATM, got into their vehicle and fled the scene with an undisclosed amount of cash. No injuries were sustained. Police have appealed to anyone with any information to contact Investigating Officer Captain Bobby Naicker,Greytown Serious and Violent Crime Unit on 082 469 9189. Any informant who wishes to remain anonymous may contact Crime Stop on toll free number 0800 10111.



Local Heroes is part of the Nedbank policy to uplift and develop the communities in which it operates and to acknowedge the amazing work being done by volunteers. Local Heroes is a call-to-action for all South Africans to make a difference in their communities by volunteering their time to a worthy cause. A client of the bank can nominate a non profit organisation which fuflils this policy. Nedbank client, Trish Kirkpatrick nominated Umvoti Aids Centre, with Joan Dutton and Philani Madi as an outstanding possible recipient of the R10 000. Nedbank agreed and local manager, Louise Phillipson recently presented the special cheque of R10 000 to the very appreiociative recipients. Just a small range of the comprehensive work carried out by Umvoti Auids Centre is · Care and training of child-headed families. trains home-based carers;feeds and cares for Aids Orphans; · Undertakes bereavement counseling ;and runs a creche and a drop-in-centre etc. The 2008 Local Hero campaign will run from April till December and Nedbank is encouraging all its clients or prospective clients who are involved in charity or volunteer work to nominate the causes close to their hearts to receive a financial boost from Nedbank.


Greytown Country Club

On Saturday morning a number of supporters gathered at the Country Club to watch the rugby and cheer on the Springboks. Sadly, however, it would seem their cheers and wishes fell on deaf ears.

The supporters went on to enjoy some boerewors and chops before the tee off time for the Monthly Mug. Looking at the good scores it appears that the golf course is playing pretty easy at the moment. First was Steve van der Merwe with 62 nett, followed by Paul Gasa on 67 and Sidney Bondesio on 68.

Well done gentleman, great golf! Two clubs went to Anton, Sidney and Dusty. The captain's putter went to Gary Swartz - what a long day Gary.

On Friday night, Chris Odendaal lost out on the R600 for the attendance draw. This coming Friday the draw stands at R700.00.

Dates to diarise: a.. Saturday 12th : rugby test match at 9.30 b.. Saturday 12th: invitational golf day. Please will all golfers invite a number of guests with whom they can enjoy our beautiful course. It is an excellent opportunity to raise funds for the club.

Lady Golfers we are fervently hoping that you will also bring guests and enter teams on the invitational golf day! Please call the club to book your teams.

Squash players are reminded that the builders are still busy with court no. 2, so you still need to book your court time early to avoid disappointment.

Finally, the club would like to thank Elias Thusi for all his hard work and wish him a very happy and long retirement!



Tennis coach, Derek Brown, was thrilled at the turnout of 40 young tennis players who competed in the annual holiday tournament organis ed by him. Results were: Girls singles: U8: Ashley Mason; u10:Hannah Tedder; r/up:Carmen Duvel;u12: Hayley Brown;r/up:Ceyanne Scott; u 14:Sam Brown :r/up:Justine Pearson; Boys singles: u10: Lance Comins;r/up:Tim Norris;u12:James Tedder; r/up:Damon Stamp;u16: Hilgard van Rooyen; r/up: Gareth Larkan. Girls doubles:u14:S.Brown and C.Coetzer;r/up:D.English and K.English; Boys doubles; u10 and u12: J.Tedder and L.Comins;r/up:J.Pearson and D.Stamp.:u14 and u16:M.Phillips and R.Carlile:r/up:G.Larkan and B.Blaker. Mixed doubles:u8 and u10: K.Pearson and H.Brown;r/up:H.Tedder and N .McGhie;u12:J.Tedder and D. Marx;r/up: D.Stamp and B.Kohne; u14 and u16:G.Larkan and A.Conradie;r/up:C.Coetzer and M.Phillips. ends Fishing Feva by edge To those who read this column sorry for missing two weeks but blame must go to a gremlin in my e-mail. To start with a quick report on club point standings. Ladies, first Charmaine Lombaard with 8.76 points followed by Lee-Anne Lombaard with 3.73 points. Juniors sees Joshua Oellermann in the lead with 10.65 points with Steve Nel second on 1.30 points. In the mens division Marius Fourie leads with 22.34 points followed closely by Darrel Munday on 19.54 points with Mike Findlay third on 4.37 points. Thanks to Carl Gathmann for making Westend Dam a club dam. Anyone wishing to fish there can apply for a fishing permit from the Chairman on 0825548235. We will be having a club competition at Westend Dam on Sunday 27 July 2008 but visitors are welcome, more details on this in next weeks column. Congratulations to Roy and Tess Kirpal on their good carp catches,so for the cynics who claim there are no fish in Merthly, the proof is in the pudding. Also to Mathew Martin and son who picked up a 16.5 and 23 kg Couta as well as a sailfish of about 30 kg just south of Durban. And to prove that winter catches are not fairy tales,Piet Nel and co landed 9 bass off the deck at St Cathryns whilst socialising. Finally there seems to be a bit of confusion between "cover" and "structure" as relates to Bass angling. If this helps, structure is any permanent underwater land form for instance, drop offs - a drop downwards next to a flat and can be anything from half a meter to 10 meters and over. Ridges - raised land forms often starting at a point outside the dam, river beds, rocky bank edges often referred to as rip rap, points running into the dam or leading out from the dam, bridges, humps and rocky flats. Cover refers to reed beds, Lilly pads, timber stands, piers, water grass beds, fallen timber also called laydowns,etc. The best fishing spots will often be where structure coincides with cover and provides bass with both hiding places and points of ambush. Till next time keep it in the water and above all involve the whole family and have fun.



Although its still quite a few months to go, music lovers should diarise Saturday 25th October when the wellknown vocal male quartette, the "Opera Kings" will perform in the Greytown High School hall. Organised as a fund raiser by St Theodore's Church the four specialise in a wide range to meet all tastes. Kwazi Makhanya; Msizi Mnyandu; Mhlaba Buthelezi and Melusi Kubheka are students and graduates of the University of KZN. time. The Kings have performed all over South Africa and are in much demand . Make a note now - more details closer to the event.



Two weeks ago the Greytown Gazette reported on the Umzinyathi mayoral imbizo held in Muden with a budget of R958 000. The following is the unedited reply received from Councillor M. Yengwa, the Mayor of Umzinyathi District Municipality. (editorial comment in italics and brackets)

"THIS IS NONSENSE! This is real nonsense, Umzinyathi under my Leadership and under IFP shall never spent such amount when people do not have services, but as long as Greytown Gazette is still mouth piece of the ruling Party we will always read this propaganda in our local newspaper, how can the person spend R300 00 per plate, this is nothing else but propaganda and that people we transported by Municipal vehicles was blue lies worst from a person who was not even there. "

(The Greytown Gazette is not and never has been or will be a mouthpiece for anyone individual or organisation.. As a voice for the entire community it has a responsiblity to its thousands of readers to keep them factually informed of what is happening in the district. The photograph of the Umvoti Municipal vehicle, admittedly not a good one, was taken at Muden on the day.)

''What a brave reporter reporting as if she was present during the event misleading residents, how can you trust such a paper? HOW? HOW? To prove what I am saying she writes about MUDEN District we do not have a District called MUDEN where Cllr Ngobese stays and he is not a special Councillor above all Councillors invitations was brought to the attention of Umvoti Municipality not Muden District, if Ngobese was not present that is not our business. We have invited Greytown Gazette several times no response except criticism.''

(Apologies to all those living in Muden - according to Umzinyathi it does not exist. Councllor Ngobese is the ANC PR Councillor for Ward 4, which is Muden)

How many Izimbizo has taken place in this area? Why does she not write about them? Last weekend there was one. Will she be negative about it since we had crisis about its organisation where I was not invited, Mayor Ngubane was not given a chance to say Hi! It is so funny when the newspaper which is supposed to be the watch dog of the public becomes a mouth piece for the ruling party. Where are heading to when the entire media is monopolised in this fashion and its editors made puppets of the state.

(The Greytown Gazette was not informed by the "ruling party", Umvoti Municipality: the Department of Social Welfare etc, of any details of last weekend's imbizo - despite several phonecalls to ANC Departmental officials, requesting information . Seems like the paper was in the same boat as Umzinyathi and Umvoti mayors!)

Moreover to share some green light, the said reporter happened to get hold of the operation plan for the Imbizo and she wrote about our budget estimate and not the real figure which was utilised. The R 450 000.00 she is referring to was an estimate budget to produce promotional material and the printing of the summary of the annual report which in any way had been produced in-house and no money spent and yet the unscrupulous reporter continues to pin the nail where there is no wood.

(the budget was presented as an item in the agenda of the Umzinyathi District Municipality ordinary executive committee meeting held on 18th June - nowhere in this document does the "draft" appear. The opening paragraph states"To request the Executive Committee to approve the content of the Communication Plan and the budget for the Implementation of the plan (mayor's imbizo)

The event itself was huge success and we are satisfied that we accomplished our mission with a turn up of about 5000 people which attending our Imbizo. Again, a wrong impression is created by the same reporter, that councillor Ngobese was not invited. If Cllr. Ngobese does not attend council meetings who then will run after him and report these council matters to him. In fact he should be fired for non attendance if that is the case. Moreover this was not a budget meeting but it was a report back to the community about the municipal performance for 2006/2007 financial year. We just do not do this because we feel like spending the money but Chapter 6 of the Local Government Municipal Systems Act No. 32, 2000, article no.42 which talks of Community involvement in the Municipal Affairs gives us the authority to do what we did. A quote from that act will share some light in that regard

(Details of this section available at the Gazette office)

Therefore, the purpose for the imbizo was to create awareness on the municipal performance for the 2006 / 2007 financial year and to present the record of the municipal activities for the year under review to the citizens of the district and not all the nonsense that the Greytown Gazette is trying propagate.


Cllr. M.S. Yengwa Mayor of Umzinyathi District Municipality"



Please forgive me if I only write about roses this month. I shall be quoting from that wonderful doyen of rose growers the late Lyn Kepler who's rose notes I have in front of me. About a month before you prune condition the soil by digging in a cup of Dolomitic Lime, around the rose.

I do not prune till the end of July to the middle of August. DO NOT be in a hurry this year as we have had so little winter, which I think will come and will remain probably till September. Lyn says in her notes that the new way of pruning is not to cut them too hard. With a very tall rose cut back half the growth and smaller ones about a third.Cut above a node, where the leaf appears but do give it space or you will end up cutting right through the node. Cut across or at an angle.with the cutting blade downer most.

For a climbing rose over a pergola or arch... only encourage about 5 main stems. Tie them securely and then prune them horizontally... all the little shoots that appear from the nodes cut back till they measure about 2 cms.When pruning bushes leave the small twiggy stems, these will produce leaf growth which in their turn produces more roots. If you have really poor stems cut them at the base. All DEAD growth must be removed and this applies right through the growing season. This is a very simple guide to pruning which really is not nearly as scary as so many people think!

If you have recently planted roses do not prune them but take off all the leaves. All leaves and the cuttings must be carefully collected & burnt. Pull all the mulch away from the rose and FEED. 1 Bucket of Kraal manure or Compost or Rose Starter per rose. 1 cup of Bounce. 1 TABLESPOON of 315 or 515. 1 Tablespoon Epsom Salts. 1 TEASPOON Potassium Nitrate. Sprinkle this around the rose being careful not to touch the stems. Lightly dig in and then water . I then spray LIME SULPHUR on the roses, mixing a 50% solution.Never use old Lime sulphur from a bottle that has been opened in the previous season. Discard and buy fresh. If there is scale I suggest you do it again a couple of weeks later. Scale is an insect that makes your rose stems look quite white. To check scrape the scale with your finger nail and squash it with your thumb if moisture appears that's the scale. All this now done... water . A rose needs at least 20 litres a week . I like to water twice a week and at this stage do not put the mulch back. I leave it off till the rose starts shooting then I replace the mulch.

A lovely poem Lyn has in her notes ... Bring me a Rose. "I'd rather have one little rose from the garden of my friendThan to have the choicest flowers when my stay on earth must end. I'd rather have the kindest words which may now be said to me, than to be flattered when I'm gone and life has ceased to be. I'd rather have a loving smile from the friends I know are true then tears shed round my casket when I've bade this world adieu. Bring me all your Roses today whether pink or white or red; I'd rather have one blossom now,than a truckload when I'm dead!." RD Richards. With that... Happy Gardening.


4 JULY 2008


Well wrapped to combat a typical Umvoti winter's day, a large crowd of music lovers revelled in the warmth and joy of Chris Duigan's superb piano playing last Sunday at the picnic concert, sponsored by Greytown Mica, in the grounds of Hallcar, home of Rudolf and Jo Aulfes.

With over 160, young and old, totally absorbed in every note, Chris showed his outstanding technique, passion and love of music in a programme ranging from Scott Joplin to Beethoven! Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Greytown Mica, Rudolf Aulfes told the Greytown Gazette that three local charities will each benefit from an equal share of the R8 325 raised.

In view of the success of this piano picnic it is hoped that a Greytown Mica musical event will become, at least an annual event, in Greytown.




Four men have appeared in the New Hanover Magistrate's Court on charges of murder and robbery following the discovery of a bullet ridden body on a cliff in the Dalton area on the 20th June. A fifth was charged with being in possession of property stolen from the victim.

An intensive manhunt, involving SAPS personnel from the District was launched when on 13th June, Tekelete Lolaso, an Ethiopian, who sold blankets in the Dalton area was reported missing to the Emtimatolo SAPS by his family. Following on the discovery of the body, a murder investigation was launched and information was received that four young men, from Mtulwa, Dalton, were involved - one of the suspects Sboniso Duma had announced that he would surrender if confronted by the Police but "was prepared to shoot the Police and die in the process"

This information was passed on to the National Intervention Unit by Kranskop Station Commissioner, Superintendent Chonco and a briefing meeting was held with all to programme an operation for the capture of the Mtulwa gang. Just before midnight the Police team assembled, having obtained information that the chief suspect, Duma, was at his home and was firing shots to frighten the people around him. A strong team, with representatives of District Police and led by Captain Bambeni (NIU) and Superintendent Chonco, surprised Duma, a wanted and dangerous criminal, in his home. He was unable to use his firearm as he had proclaimed. The Police recovered a 9mm P/38 pistol with the serial number erased and 9mm ammunition.

Second suspect 19 year old Fo Zondi was arrested at 2 a.m. at his home - a new blanket from the deceased's stock was found.

Just thirty minutes later the team arrested 19 year old Nkululeko Ngcobo, who was asleep at home as was the fourth suspect, Lindelani Dlamini, a 22 year old man, who was arrested at 3 a.m.

The four suspects then led the team in their search for a blue Toyota Corolla (ND 148392) which was reported to have been stolen from the victim. At a panel beaters in Enhlalakahle a man was found working on the vehicle in question, which it is alleged he had bought for R3 000. More parts were found piled up in the home of Sibongiseni Dladla and the engine was discovered in the yard. Dladla was arrested for possession of stolen property and appeared in Court with the other four.

A spokesman for the Police praised the dedication shown by the SAPS personnel who worked round the clock to solve the case and arrest the accused. Motive for the crime was said to be robbery as it was well-known in the Dalton that the deceased kept his stock and money in his vehicle.



A girl of 7 was one of the scrap thieves caught stealing water pipes last week-she was one of 15, who apparently are being given taxi fare from Muden plus R20 per day, to come to Greytown and steal the water piping. Not one of the group was prepared to say who was paying them.

This all came about last Monday when Captain M. Naicker received information that bulk water pipes were being excavated in the break pressure tank area. Trevor Rajnarain of Uthukela Water, 6 SAPS members and a Field Security team to the area. As they approached from two sides, about 20 people were seen working along the pipeline with picks and spades but scattered in all directions when they saw the vehicles - hiding in bushes and the undergrowth. One man was apprehended and then five youths on the lake road - they had turned their clothes inside out to try hide any evidence that they had been working in the trenches.

The man, the five young boys and three young girls, who were also apprehended along that road, were questioned and said they had been paid to come from Muden to dig up metal pipes in Greytown. They would not reveal who had paid them or where the scrap was to be taken. A case of theft/sabotage has been opened.

After digging up the water pipes, the thieves break the pipes into small pieces to make them easier to transport - such scrap was recovered as well as picks, spades and hammers used in removing the pipes. Whilst the removal of "genuine" scrap such as rusty old vehicles etc from the scene is appreciated, the blatant encouragement of theft by unscrupulous buyers of scrap, is not. This crime is being compounded by turning young children into criminals. According to Captain Marie Naicker of Greytown SAPS no-one is permitted to deal in second hand goods without a licence. Surely it is more than time that something positive is done to monitor the scrap stealing/selling situation ...a Greytonian on the way home to lunch last week saw a youngster trying to dig up a metal corner post in his daughter's garden; a Seven Oaks farmer had 30 standards stolen from his fencing...and it goes on and on.



Our Sanlam Cancer challenge attracted a small field of golfers although there were excellent prizes to be won, from Tailor - made kit bags, to stainless steel braai sets and a wine cooler pack. The nearest to pin, Tailor- made golf balls attracted much competition with the nearest to pin on the 9/18th hole marker, a mere 55cm from the pin... and the golfer 3 putted... can you believe it.

Results :

A Div :

1st Eldred Brits

B Div:

1st Merwin Rabe 44 Points

2nd Klaus Kluver 40 points oco

3rd Duggie Rheeder

C Div :

1st Rikus Kloppers 46 points

2nd Piet Nel 42 points

3rd Mike Harrison 32 points

Ladies Div:

Liekie Steyn 38 points

Nearest to pin 2/11 :Rudi vd Westhuizen " "

9/18: Eldred Brits.

Thank you to local Sanlam representative, Jack Drew, for organising everything for the day - sorry you couldn't be there on the day with us though.

Golfers can now go into winter recess, like our politicians, as the next tournament is only 19th July, for the Farmers Agri -Care monthly mug. We have had a busy few months from club champs, Greytown Feeding project golf day, Prosurvey Medal and members are asked to stay in condition by watching the British open in a week or two's time.

Our winter special for July is on at the moment with 18 holes of golf, a cart and half time only costing R 100.00 per person. So if you are not into the winter recess thing and you wonder how Mugabe won the ZIMBABWE election, come and ponder over these amazing UNBELIEVABLE facts over a game of golf.

Booking is essential for the special as the golf carts are limited. Please phone Piet on 033 4441945 or 083 269 1661.



It is that time of year again when the danger of runaway fires increases. It is vital for the public to be aware of and alert to the dangers of the fire season.. 2007was one of the worst fire seasons ever in South Africa and many of these fires were caused by negligence or ignorance on the part of landowners.

During dangerous periods small mistakes can quickly turn into disasters, cause loss of lives, and livelihoods. For this reason the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry has published a prohibition on the making of fires in the open air other than in designated cooking or picnic sites .

Umvoti Fire Protection Association has issued the following restrictions, from the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF) as to when burning is NOT allowed.

Brushwood / Slash: no burning from 1st June to 31st Oc October

Firebreaks: no burning from 1st August to 30 September

Block Burns:no burning from now until 31 July thereafter no weekend burning.

Maize Stalks: no burning on weekends

Sugar Cane: no burning weekends (except Sunday from 17:00)

Weekends are defined as generally as from 6 p.m.on Friday to 6 a.m. on Monday.

During the fire season KZN Fire Protection Association, twice a day, calculates the Fire Danger Index (FDI) taking into account the temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction and if any recent rainfall. This information is conveyed to all members of the Umvoti FPA.

FDI Colour coding:

Red - extremely dangerous

Orange - very dangerous



Blue - safe

It is extremely important for landowners to follow the FPA procedures and to inform 911 Centre at (033) 4172911 of where and when they will be burning. . Umvoti Fire Protection Association also urges all members of the public to exercise extreme caution during this period and to light fires only in designated cooking or picnic sites.



Suddenly noticed a crayon strip -green, red or blue drawn somewhere visible on the outside of your property? Police and security firms throughout the country have confirmed that crime syndicate members do mark intercoms, gates and walls etc. coloured crayons to identify potential targets.

The colour code is:

green - housebreaking;

red-hijacking or theft of a car;

blue -theft out of a car.

It is reported that markers, who are at the bottom of the ladder, are paid a few rands to find targets and use coloured crayons to mark properties indicating what type of crime could be best committed.

Next rung up the observers and information gatherers who watch and assess the marked properties for weaknesses and what valuables are in the house. This information is then passed one rung up to the actual criminals who check the area to identify entry and exits. They also line up the drivers, shooters, and after the job is done deal with a buyer who in turn has a receiver lined up.

Payment is distributed to all levels of the syndicate with the largest amount going to the leaders. Security personnel claim that the above is not an urban legend. Last year it was reported that criminals were using empty cooldrink cans to mark - red for no go and a green one for ok.


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