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Judge Shayam Gyanda ruled in the Pietermaritzburg High Court last Tuesday that the Umvoti ANC Councillors had acted wrong wrongfully in "elbowing Umvoti Mayor Petros Ngubane out of office at the budget meeting in April.

This brought to an end the saga which had started at the budget meeting in April when the IFP Council majority did not return from the lunch break in time and the ANC finding itself in the majority, proposed and passed a vote of no confidence in the Mayor (to be replaced by (ANC) Councillor Titus Ngubane) and also recommended that the rates increase be reduced from 12% to 6% and that a new vehicle for the Mayor and ceremonial dress be scrapped from the budget.

In his ruling Judge Gyanada commented that it was "distressing" that politics, in municipalities such as Umvoti, are still based on confrontational party lines." In a reserved judgement handed down, he granted a declaratory order in favour of the Municipality, represented by Speaker Hitler Maharaj , stating that all resolutions taken after the Speaker had left the meeting, had no force or effect.This also applied to the removal of the mayor, Petros Ngubane, who remains as Mayor.

Judge Gyanda labelled the ANC actions as "opportunistic". The Judge awarded costs against the eight Councillors who opposed the application.

In his summary of events the Judge said that the Speaker had brought the application for a declarator in regard to the resolutions taken on 24th April when he was not present in the Council Chamber. The Judge said that it was not disputed that the resolutions were taken in the absence of the Speaker and without any acting Speaker being elected in his stead. The Speaker had approached the Court for relief following a letter, dated 28th April, from the ANC region branch requesting that a Council meeting be held for the implementation of these resolutions.



"I hope this will be a lesson to other criminals that the Police are serious about their work" commented Bheki Cele, MEC Safety and Community Liaison, on the killing of another two suspects in connection with the assassination of top Policeman Superintendent Z. Chonco of Kranskop on 27th August.

Following Chonco's death, Cele instructed the Police to defend themselves and "shoot hard at criminals". The MEC urged the Police at the official funeral service at Nongoma, attended by hundreds of mourners, "not to die with their guns in the pockets ". He emphasised that Police officers must protect themselves and put the criminals behind bars or in the nearest mortuary.

Last Wednesday two suspects were killed in a shootout with Police on the N3 near Howick - 37 year old Magojela Nzimande and 32 year old Sibusiso Tembe both of whom were being sought by the Police in connection with the murder of Superintendent Chonco. Police spokesperson Joey Jeevan said that information had been received that the suspects would be travelling on the N3 in a grey Hyundai Yucson SUV. The vehicle was spotted and followed by the Police - the suspects shot at the Police who returned fire. The Hyundai stopped in the emergency lane -one suspect tried to run and the other remained in the vehicle. Both were shot dead. in the exchange of fire.An Ak47 assault rifle, Ruger assault rifle, two nine millimetre pistols, and a bullet proof vest were recovered at the scene.

Both suspects were allegedly involved in the taxi industry. At the time of his death, Superintendent Chonco was head of the taxi task team which was investigating a number of killings related to taxi violence. Four of the gang said to have been responsible for the actual ambush and death of Superintendent Chonco have been killed.



Whilst delighted Greytonians, young and old, streamed out onto the Muden road and to Lake Merthley to frolic in the snow, timber farmers were not quite so thrilled. Wattle and gum plantations along the Muden road suffered considerable damage as the snow settled and snapped branches. 911chief Dave Carroll told the Greytown Gazette that farmers would be assessing the damage to timber this week. Hopefully it will not be as serious as the snow damage four years ago. It was reckoned that up to 30 cms of snow fell on Chipperfield.

ends ,


Fishing Feva

By Edge

I confess that after this weekend I need to add to the tackle box certain very important items for spring fishing that I seem to have excluded from my last list . Please add 1 x saw for cutting hole in ice ., 1 x Padded Anorak ( the kind used in arctic expeditions) , 1 x Ice fishing Rig, a portable heater a snow mobile and a seal harpoon.

Unless some one brings a photo with snow in background, falling snow and frozen fish, I will find it hard to believe that any catches were made in Greytown this weekend. Continuing with stocking our tackle box, lets focus on hardbaits. There are literally thousands of hardbaits in all different makes and colours so we will concentrate on the more important ones. Top water baits can be divided into Stick baits like the Zara Spook, Heddons Dying Flutter and other variations of the Zara spook .

Poppers either in the large variety for slow retrieve or the slimmer skitter pop for faster retrieves. Then there are the hard frog immitations and insect copies. Topwater baits are most successfully fished in the warmer months either early morning or late afternoon close to banks and overhanging vegetation.As far as colours are concerned try sticking to baitfish colours,light colours for clearer coditions and darker colours for overcast conditions. Next would be Buzzbaits, the skirts and blades on these baits create the optimum combination of sound, visual and vibration to attract good aggressive bites especially around shallow cover when there is a bit of movement on the water.

Create an even noisier bait by slightly crimping the rivets on the wire arm to create extra squeek. Buzz baits. The close cousin of the Buzzbait is the spinnerbait which varies from the buzz bait in the shape of the blades and size. Blades can be changed to suit conditions and retrieval. Spinnerbaits can be fished deep where they are slow rolled accross the bottom or at a slightly faster retrieve in mid or top water. This bait is excellent for covering a lot of water in a search and locate style to find out whwere the fish are located and at what depth. Good colours are firetiger or white and chartreuse or silver and white. Use gold blades for stained water and silver for clearer waters. Next week more on hard baits.

Dont forget the angling competition at St Catherines, starting at 1pm and weigh in at 6pm with prize giving and meeting afterwards. For any further info please contact Zane on 0827694695 or Edge on 0825548235

Until next time keep it in the water IF YOU CAN.

ends -



Eidul-Fitr is the culmination of the month long fast of Ramadaan which falls on the first day of Shawwaal, (the tenth month of the Muslim calendar). depending when the new moon is sighted. Celebrated by Muslims all over the world, it is an occasion of great joy, as a day for Allah, peace, remembrance, forgiveness and victory. A tremendous sense of achievement is felt by the Muslim community for having carried out Allah´s command of vigorous self denial, sacrifice and abstinence as an exercise in spiritual rejuvenation en masse. Fasting through Ramadaan is obligatory on all Muslims irrespective of colour, creed, and status to strive towards closeness with the Creator.that has the potential to deliver much.

Eid is a day of thanksgiving . it is celebrated by expressing thanks to Allah by distributing alms to the poor and needy and offering special prayers. Charity is given to purify a Muslim from errors committed while fasting;to help the poor and needy,; and to strengthen bonds within the Islamic community. Gifts are also given to children and loved ones. Eid is a festival to create an ambience of love and happiness -family and friends visit each other and enjoy delicious special Eid meals.

We wish all our Muslim readers a joyous Eid Mubarak!



Not much bowls played locally as the miserable weather kept even the most ardent enduring bowlers off the Greens. However Saturday night brought the club members out to enjoy the pig-on-a-spit and farewell to Chris van der Westhuizen who leaves this week for the Eastern Cape.

On Sunday a team played in Wartburg and although the games were shortened , because of the weather, Greytown managed to win one, draw one and lose one! This Wednesday, being a public holiday, a 2-4-2 competition will be held in the morning - tabs in at 9 a.m.

Bowls Club annual general meeting will take place on Tuesday 28th October at 5.30 p.m.



Greytown Country Club

This has beeen a cold uneventful week with no golf having been played at the club at all. The rain, however, was very welcome on the golf course.

Friday night saw a good crowd at the bar with loud music and dancing adding to the festive mood. The attendance draw was not won this week as Murray Mason was not there to collect. The prize money goes up to R400.00 next time.

On Saturday the club hosted a private childrens party.

Forthcoming attractions:

a.. Mascor Monthly mug will be played on Saturday 27 September

b.. October 18th : Wembley College golf day

c.. October 25th: Greytown Rotary /he Amble golf day




Its full swing for the Opera Kings to be heard in Greytown on Saturday 25th October . Booking is picking up and tickets are available at The Bells of St. Clement, so do book early to avoid disappointment. Either book a table of ten or book individually, then you will be seated at a table. Take along a picnic basket - bar service will be available.

The Opera Kings are most excited about performing here in Greytown as this is a town they have never visited. They have become very wellknown through the outstanding calibre of their singing -definitely not to be missed.




A presentation on "Christ in the Feast of Tabernacles" aimed at enriching the understanding of the gospel by going back to the Jewish roots of the Christian faith will be held in Leuchars Hall (St James)on Friday 26th September at 6.30 p.m. Jason Verreyne, the outreach worker of "Jews for Jesus, S.A." the Jewish evangelistic agency will be the speaker.

Through "Christ in the Feast of Tabernacles", the presentation addresses question on the Jewishness of Jesus and its implications for them. Also known as the Feast of Booths, it had a historical reference to the Exodus from Egypt and reminded the Jews of the their wandering and dwelling booths in the wilderness. Books, c.d.s and video tapes will be on sale in the Hall.



new traffic

Chief Meet Umvoti Municipality's new Manager Protection Service,Khayelihle Eric Simelane who has been in Greytown since June after serving as assistant manager in Pongola. Plans for Umvoti include upgrading the testing grounds with a one stop facility on ground alongside ESKOM. This is currently being researched by consultants and hopefully will be in operation by the beginning of 2009 - depending on funding available.

A very important aspect is traffic law enforcement and in this regard Mr Simelane said he is budgetting to employ more staff .At present there are three qualified examiners; 3 qualified for driver's tests and just one law enforcement officer - all personnel were used for law enforcement when they were available. He said that any traffic infringements would not be tolerated .

His personnel worked very closely with RTI and the SAPS -the area covered by Umvoti traffic officers was from Seven Oaks, to Kwasizabantu, from Muden to Keates Drift. Mr Simelane said that moving roadblocks would continue in conjunction with the other law enforcement agencies. On the personal side - he is a soccer fan, used to play but now enjoys watching. Hie is married, his wife is a nursing sister in Durban and the couple's four children are there too.



readers write

Bird hide -should be hidden


We visited the Umvoti Vlei bird hide at the end of July. The veld and reeds around the hide had been burnt. The stepping logs were partly burnt but also many were rotting away. The board walks is in a shocking state of disrepair -in fact it is downright dangerous. The hide itself has become a guano shed. If the authority responsible has not visited the hide recently, I recommend that they do so immediately and erect a sign "closed" before there is a serious accident. Please let me know who the responsible organisation is. Margarita Krusche S-505 DSW 73A Oates Street GroenKloof 0181.





An optimistic report in the Greytown Gazette of 13th June has unfortunately proved not to be.

Headlined "Munmanless" Umvoti no more?" the report referred to the advertisement in that issue for an Umvoti Municipal Manager and the statement by Umvoti Mayor in his budget speech that there would be a MM in place by the end of June. However it is now the 17th September ...and no Municipal Manager is in place.

And this soap opera continues. The saga started in June 2005 with the resignation of the then Municipal Manager, Dr L. Mortimer. The position was advertised at the end of that year and 53 applications received...but not processed due to the pressures of the national Local Government elections. So early in 2006 the post was re-advertised and this time Umvoti Mayor Councillor Petros Ngubane was one of the applicants. The ANC Umvoti Councillors objected; MEC Local Government intervened and eventually ruled that this application be excluded.

So once again at considerable cost to ratepayers the MM position was re-advertised (Sunday Times at R50 000 a time is always included). Thirty seven replies were received and this time round Umzinyathi District Mayor Councillor Yengwa applied for the position. EXCO (the Mayor and Deputy Mayor Zondi) recommended he be appointed and the IFP Council majority confirmed this. ANC and DA councillors recorded that the councillors who had supported this recommendation be held liable for any costs arising out of any legal action. Despite objections from KZN Local Government the Council majority held firm. So it went to Pietermaritzburg High Court. In the meantime Mayor Yengwa withdrew his application and High Court is still to give a ruling as to whom will be responsible for the legal costs of this case - IFP Councillors; ratepayers or Province.. It is possible that the Judge will issue a ruling this week.

But it continues. A fourth advertisement (including Sunday Times) calling for applications for the post of Umvoti Municpal Manager was published on 27th June. The advertisement lists all the requirements for the positions and states that applications be submitted by the 11th July - later changed to 23rd July, to Mr S. Ndabandaba, acting Municipal Manager...all enquiries to be directed to him.

Last Tuesday the Council interview committee met to consider the 41 applications recieved in this, the fourth round and to shortlist applicants. Now believe it or not, one of the applicants was the acting Municpal Manager himself, Mr S. Ndabandaba,. The two ANC councillors on the interview committee objected to the "unfair employment proceedure" and walked out of the meeting. In a letter submitted to the MEC Local Government, and to the press, they had also pointed out that the closing date for the application had been the 11th July and the advertisment had stated that any candidate not contacted within 30 days after this date "should consider him/herself an an unsuccessful candidate."



Rotary Club of Greytown is holding it annual golf day, on Saturday 25th October. Like last year, this golf day is in association with the Albert Falls Amble to enable people to realise the wide range of facilities offered by the Amble, right on Greytown's doorstep.

Funds raised at the golf day are put to work to assist in financing some of the projects introduced by Rotary to the benefit of all sections of the community. Format for the day is 4-ball . Anyone interested in sponsorship or donating gifts is asked to c ontact either Charles Haden ( cell no 082 789 0194 ) or Penny Spence ( cell no 082 789 6321). Golfers can enter at the Greytown Country Club.



Last weekend was bowls and more bowls - social on Saturday afternoon and the singles handicap matches.

In the two singles games Roy Thomson played Clive Mac and Derrick Balfour came up against Ernie Weyks. Roy lost 21-17 and Derrick beat Ernie 21 - 5.

A mens team travelled to Pietermaritzburg to compete in the Archie Allan tournament,. They had mixed results -winning two and loosing one. Sannie Balzer played in the ladies sixes and had a good day, meeting new bowlers and making friends.

The Bracken hackers Sunday bowls bash has come and gone, with all its flair of short deliveries, wrong biases, shouts of encouragement, laughter, and above all, good fellowship. Once again the party was a great success, good food , chatter and lots of happy fun. Teams of six players each competed on five greens.

The most successful were Mugabes' Manne, followed by Grease Monkeys, Chop-Chop,, Droppers Load, Log Slicers, Blade Runners, Keep it Running, Bean Counters, Waller -B's and Granny Bashers!. Best of all, there were prizes for everyone -so big smiles all round. Many thanks to Bracken Timbers for their support and encouragement to the Bowling Club.

On the weekend of the 20th-21st Tony Smith, Jacques Minnaar, Gerhard Blazer and Norman Fryer will play in the Wartburg 3 Musketeers competition. A reminder of the pig-on-a-spit for all bowlers this Saturday. On Heritage Day,Wednesday 24th a 2-4-2 competition will be organised -please enter this weekend. AGM will be held on the 29th October.


Fishing Feva

By Edge

For Those Who Braved The Elements On Sunday and threw a line, spent a whole afternoon, trying every technique and bass bait without even a pull or a touch, like we did, don't despair - this is the joy of bass fishing. There is always another day and another dam and every moment spent on the water adds to your store of experience and will come in handy some day.

Having tried all my options I thought we could have a look at stocking our tackle box. Starting with plastic lures, the most dependable colours are watermelon, pumpkinseed and june bug, these also come with variations of glitter and laminates. Apart from these there are several other colours to chose from as you extend your tacklebox content.

In Spring and Autumn bright colours like pearl, chartreuse, white and silver are good options. Remember when fishing in clear water tend towards light coloured baits and darker colours in murky water.

Moving towards types of plastic bait , The Fluke, shad or minnow is a must and one of the most popular. Keep in mind that this is a baitfish immitation and therefore baitfish colours like baby bass or pearl can also be good options. The fluke can be fished weightless, on Carolina or Texas rig depending on what area or waterdepth you are targeting. Toss it out, let it sink and then twitch it in slowly. When bass are taking aggressively the retrieval speed can be increased for a reaction strike.

Worms come in many varieties, the straight tailed, curleytail, deadringer, u-tail, trick worm, jitterworm and a couple of others. The trickworm or Jitterworm can be fished around structure or cover, either weightless or on Carolina rig. It has a very erratic retrieve which appeals to Bass. Dead ringers and other curl tailed worms work well in murky water when vibration and movement become important.

Stickbaits like the Dinger or Senko, this is a bait that can elicit a strike from the most lethargic bass. Toss it out and leave it lying motionless on the bottom even for long periods of time or fish it as a jekbait.

Grubs, like the Fat Albert or Tab tail come into their own when fished as a swimbait or in cold water with a matching Jighead.

Creature baits and Tube baits like the Brush hog, speed craw and other variations are multi purpose especially during warmer months. They produce a lot of movement and often elicit reaction strikes.

Having covered colours and types we get to size - yes size does count . If you are targeting big bass use big baits, 7", 9" and 10" varieties, If however the lunkers are not biting, reduce the size of the bait and if conditions are really tough try finnesse or dropshot worms. There is a fine line between carrying too many varieties of plastic baits and not enough. When carrying two many varieties one can tend towards changing worms and colours every couple of seconds and not giving the bait used a chance to work. One can start second guessing yourself and lose confidence in presentation. Too few plastic baits and you may not have a colour or type to suit the dam or the circumstances

Dates to keep in mind are Saturday September 27th for the final Angling club competition for the year, with prize giving and meeting to follow. Specific times and details to follow. Sunday October 26th for the cast for cash at Craigieburn - this will be a big one so keep it open. Until next time "keep it in the water.


Big Blood Bash to boost blood stocks

Blood donors can lend a helping vein to boost blood stocks next month when the South African National Blood Service (SANBS) will be holding its second Big Blood Bash from the 6th to the 19th of October, to collect enough blood before the festive season.

To support the KZN Zone, the public can donate blood at their nearest blood donor centre or participating companies;

at Loop Street Blood Donor Centre Mon-Fri 08:00-16:00 Tuesday and Thursday from 08:00-18:00 and on Saturday from 08:30-13:00.

Hayfields Blood Donor Clinic from 10:00-18:00. Tuesdays from 08:00-16:00 and on Saturdays from 08:30-13:00.

Blood donors can donate blood every 56 days, are between the age of 16 and 65, weigh 50kg or more and lead a sexually safe lifestyle. For more information call Shubnum Ismail on 033-2643600 or 0823289587




Tennis players need to confirm their entries for the Pannar Mixed Tournament (Paul – 082 783 7868, Mike 033 4139624, Clive 033 4139544), to be played on Sunday the 5th of October. The AGM will be after Sat tennis on the 4th Oct at 6pm, and all players are urged to be at the AGM, which is followed by a bring and braai.

After several weekends of wind, rain and people out of town, tennis this Saturday is expected to be at full strength, so see you there!




Despite the minimal rainfall last week it is still very much fire season and Umvoti Fire Protection Association has drawn up a set of guidelines, as follows, to assist all rural landowners to ensure prevention of fires and protection from the devastating loss of lives, property, stock, income etc. that fires can and have caused to many people and properties in recent times.


Anyone not a member of the FPA could be faced with heavy legal damages if a fire spreads from his property and causes fire damage to another. If you are not a member of the FPA, you are presumed to have been negligent and would have to prove otherwise if a fire spread from your property. On the other hand, as a member, you would be presumed innocent and would have to be proven negligent by the affected party.


An emergency plan should be documented and learned by all concerned; details of greatest fire risks; risks to neighbours etc.

Contact numbers must be known of : 911 centre, neighbours, fire zone leaders, etc. and also available to your neighbours, zone leaders, 911 centre.

Public Liability Insurance is also worth investigating as it is relatively inexpensive and could save huge financial losses in the event of a disaster.

Firebreaks: There is no practical specification for width / length of any boundary firebreak or within property. Should be wide enough to, under normal circumstances, stop a fire from entering your property or spreading from your property onto a neighbouring one. Firebreaks on boundaries should be prepared in collaboration with neighbours ... not necessarily have to be on boundary line. Equipment: landowners should have sufficient equipment to stop a fire from entering your property as well as spreading to others.

Fire-fighting equipment : beaters, hoes, water syringes, knapsacks, water –tankers, water filler points and even common garden hoses. It is the landowner's responsibility to ensure a fire on the property is contained and does not spread further. This is one of the most common causes of out of control fires.

Mop up:A contained fire, but not totally extinguished, must be constantly monitored and all efforts made to ensure the fire does not spread further.

Contact: Up-to-date contact details and your whereabouts during fire season must be given to your neighbours as well as 911 Ops

Access: Every possible effort must be made for access to your property in the event of an emergency - including access through gates, roads to be navigable by vehicles and dead-end roads to be marked as such.

General fire awareness: . The Fire Danger Index (FDI) is available from the 911 centre on (033) 4172911; weather predictions at www.weathersa.co.za.; landowners should also be familiar with burning prohibitions laid down by the FPA and the government. These are also available at 911. Ops

Every landowner has a responsibility to the community in regard to fire awareness and to comply with legal as well as practical requirements of fire risk. For further information please contact any of the following:

Chairman: Murray Mason 0823751023

Rietvlei Road: Dieter Meyer 0828779576

Muden Road: Andrew Mason 0825552953

Dundee Road: Gordon Le Roux 0825705829

Kranskop Road: Jason Gorzellok 0827835437

Mispah Road: David Odendaal 0825643289

PMB Road: Greg Hull 0823182202

Seven Oaks: Matthew Crowe 0824150524

Kranskop: Rolf Koningkramer 033 4441843




Umvoti Municipal Mayor, Councillor Petros Ngubane has issued the following two statements to the Greytown Gazette on the appointment of a Municipal Manager (see main story this week) and a reply to the letter published in last week's Greytown Gazette from DA Councillor Paul Buss as follows:

"The appointment of a Municipal Manager is the function of the Municipal Council. Umvoti Municipal Council appointed a Selection Committee to perform this important function, to shortlist and invite the shortlisted Applicants.

On the 9th September 2008 the Selection Committee met and considered 41 Applicants 9 shortlisted. The interview will be conducted before the end of the month of September.

The ANC walked out and the DA could not come. The Quorum is there to continue with the process of appointment. The concerns raised about one of the Candidates are the misunderstanding of the ANC Caucus. No one has been promised a job and no appointment has been done. Every person has a right to apply even if having acted on the position. This is going to be a transparent appointment."


"he concerns raised about activities taking place at Umvoti Municipality which he claim are not regular and should be brought to the attention of the rate payers and the MEC for Local Government must be first raised at the Council for further information.

1. First and for most Councillor Bus need to avail himself to courses pertaining to Local Government as supported by the Umvoti Municipality. He must familiarize himself with the legal framework governing Municipality. He must get all the facts before going to the Press. The DA of Mrs. Helen Zille researches facts before going to the Media.

2. Occupying the Municipal Property in Cooper Street is not a secret by the Mayor. There is a resolution taken to that effect. Whether the Mayor is in there or not there, it is not Mr. Buss’s business

3. The concern about the Manager staying at Municipal Property, it is very strange other Senior Officials stayed in the Municipal Properties without the knowledge of the Council even people who were not in employment of the Council. The Council is not going to be apologetic about these matters. The evaluation of this Property is under consideration. Deductions will be deducted once the evaluation process has been finalized. The market related rental fee will be paid for occupation of the Municipal houses. It must be noted that the Honourable Councillor Buss did not avail himself for Budget Workshop and the Budget Meeting. He would not know the outcome of the Budget process. He spends his most of his winter month at KwaShushu Hotspring. Maybe his Constituency will have to know this. I invite him to Council matters. Fishing of information from the unreliable sources will not help him. He must learn to get first hand information from Council. The Council Chamber is in the corner of King Dinuzulu Street and Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi Street, it is where the Council decisions are made. "






Arcadia has an outstanding reputation for the excellent standard of care given to all residents - in the pic a handful of the very caring Arcadia staff: (in front ): Wynina Jansen van Vuyrren; back: Hanlie van der Westhuizen; Eleanor de Nysschen; Lynn Hayden; Rita Reibling; and manager Sue Strydom at the back with Jack Drew who organised the highly successful lucky draw which took place last Saturday. A large crowd were present at this annual fundraising event and thoroughly enjoyed the tasty food and many prizes donated by local businesses.



St Cathryn's News.

The Farmers Agri-Care Monthly Mug was played in a light wind, thankfully not a gale, such as we have been experiencing this past week. The golf course is really displaying its winter colours, but there were no complaints from the members about the state of the course.--The green-keeper must be doing things right.

With 25% of the field finishing with nett scores in the "60's"...results were:

1st: Steve Nel 61 nett

2nd: Barry Oehme 62 nett

3rd: Merwin Rabe 63 nett.

Captains putter : Kevin Williams ( The Golf Captain!!)

Nearest to pin: Steve Nel.

2 Clubs: Peter Rommelspacher, Steve Nel (2), Barry Oehme and Paul Els,

The field for the Hermannsburg Golf Day to be held on Friday 3 October and Saturday 4 October , is filling up fast. Sponsors have been given preference, but all golfers are welcome to contact the school to enter - - please phone :033 445 0601 ext 11. This year, Friday and Saturday are one competition.

We have done some verti-cutting on the greens already, to help take out ' thatch " on the grass on the greens. This has been some early Spring treatment- now hopefully we will get some rain.

To book for golf please phone : 033 4441945.




*** Breaking News!***

The Country Club is pleased to announce that as from 1 September the club kitchen has been taken over by Joanne Cambier (formerly of Ivala Lodge in Muden).

Joanne has vast experience in catering and has planned a comprehensive and delicious menu for the resturant at the Country Club. Whilst she will be delighting all with new exciting dishes, she will also maintain a bar menu for those who would prefer to eat at the bar. The Country Club has no doubt that once Greytonians have tasted her fare they will be returning over and over for more. Please note that Joanne will also take table bookings for sit-down restaurant meals, for both lunches and dinners. The restaurant will be open for meals from Tuesdays to Saturdays and will be closed on Mondays. Joanne will cater for small groups as well as large groups such as business lunches and dinners, celebrations etc. To make a booking please call Joanne on 072 3303140 or call the country Club on 0334172441.

On Friday the chicken run was won by Eric Malunga. The member's Lucky draw was not won last week. Fergus Buchan was unlucky not to have been there to claim his prize. This coming Friday the lucky draw prize will be R200.

The club received very positive feedback on the meals on Friday night. It was Joanne's first evening of catering and those who ordered from the kitchen said that their meals were outstanding. Well done Joanne, we look forward to many more great meals.

On Saturday the Mascor Monthly Mug was won by P. Gasa on 67, followed by S. van der Merwe on 69. Third was E. Malunga on 71 points. The best stableford was A. Vosloo with 35 points.

Will all golfers please take note that tee-off times on Saturday's are as follows: Entry from 12h15 and tee-off starts at 12h30.

On Thursday 11 September the club hosts the Ladies Open. There will be a shotgun start at 8.30am. The club wishes the ladies a marvelous day and looks forward to reporting on some marvelous golf scores.




by Edge

If there was any doubt as to whether the Bass were biting again, let me re-assure you. The water is definitely not too cold, Spring is here and along with that the pre-spawn stage and the bass are definitely on the bite.

To prove that bass are not only caught in perfect conditions, congratulations to Richard Lubbe who landed a lunker of 4.1kg at Merthley on the 31st of August, using a silver speckled Fluke. Now if you remember, that was the Sunday that the wind was howling and we all stayed at home. So that again just proves the old adage that you cannot catch a fish unless your line is in the water.

We went out on this Sunday and I landed a 1.7 kg, what was interesting was that the take was still not an aggressive pre-spawn take but rather a slow hardly discernable movement of the line. Another observation that was mentioned is that although there seemed to be plenty of Bass swimming around they did not seem to be interested in taking any lure. This suggests that they possibly have'nt started feeding yet and are still in preperation mode for spawn and the approach should be to ellicit a reaction strike. Try slow rolling a spinnerbait, especially if there is timber in the water, bounce the spinner bait off the timber or along the bottom.

Plastic baits such as brush hogs,crawdads or other creature baits that create a lot of movement in the water should elicit a strike, or a rattling crank bait fished slowly through the strike zone.Try a swimbait using a slow retrieve. Dont use your rod tip to create movement but vary the retrieval speed through the strike zone.

Dates to remember are 27th September for the bass competition at St Catheryns with annual prize giving and meeting afterwards. We are planning a Cast For Cash open competition at Craigieburn with an entrance fee of R250.00 per boat. This will be a big prize competition in two sessions, Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon so keep this one open.

In November we will host a competition at Westend (Smallhoek) for a two man team, dates still to be confirmed. Apart from the competitions we are also keen to start a school league involving Wembley , Hermansburg , New Hanover, Wartburg, and Greytown, anybody interested in this project please contact me.

Our brag board at ON THE EDGE tackle shop is fast filling up so we will now start a Lunkers board with only photos of fish over 3.5kg, biggest bass of the month wins a prize, so get out there and catch a big one.

Till next time - keep it in the water.



The Richmond family tournament, held at Richmond, last weekend, proved an ideal end to the polocrosse season. The O’Sullivans were selected to represent Mascor Toyota Umvoti and did so in style with a total of eight family members participating.

The A team of Patrick and Damien O’Sullivan and Andrew Heynes, did not have a successful opening game against the Higgs family. Patrick and Andrew were on the green horses and the fourteen year old Damien had to contend with South African coach and ex Springbok, Tony Higgs. They also lost their second game against the Hoskin Family. Their final game went better with Damien gaining in confidence, but they lost by just two goals.

Sean, Cavan and Tysen, played the Shaws in their first game, which they won. Jane had to fill in for Tysen who had school commitments. They had a narrow loss against the Gilsons in their second game. In the final game, Cavan and Tysen realized that they could out-play the opposition and began to dominate play to gain a three-goal victory over the Cockers. They were placed second in their division.

Ruth and James O’Sullivan played in the Pee Wee division. They both played well over the weekend and had a wonderful time. The younger riders in the area will now focus on the Hermannsburg Training Show, which will be held at Hermannsburg n October. Hermannsburg has a very active Riding Centre and their shows are well organized and well attended. It is expected that as many as sixteen riders from the Dunboy Riding Centre will attend. Riding instructress, MJ Mook, is confident that her pupils will do well but expects serious opposition from the Hermannsburg riders. The show will consist of cross-country, jumping and some gymkhana events.



Blonde on a Bike, Bridget Ringdahl will talk about her amazing solo ride from the most southern town in the world, Ushaia across the mighty Andes to Cartagena in Colombia, a distance of no less than 13 100 kilometers. Slides of this incredible journey will accompany the talk on Friday 19 September at St. James Church.

This is an evening for everyone, young and old! A delicious savory pancake supper will be served followed by ‘pudding’ at Leuchars Hall A cash bar will be open before and after the talk and car guards will be on duty. Tickets which include the supper are R 70 per person, half price for children under 14 but please note, tickets sales will close on Tuesday 16th September at Belles of St Clements or the Church office.

There will be a lucky ticket draw, the winner will receive a copy of Bridget’s book, books of both her extraordinary solo rides will also be on sale at R 171.00 each. For further information please contact Sue Swan on 033 507 0042.




Further to the fires that hit Umvoti over the weekend of 31st August as reported in last week's Greytown Gazette, the following report has been received from the Mayor's PA, Dudu Shangase

" A massive fire took place at Emakhabeleni KwaMjuke area ( Ward 6 under Councillor Mkhize) 3 homes were burned down and the people were left homeless. Some of this also took place at Mgwempisi area where 15 houses were burned down. On the 1st of September fire at Njengabantu KwaNogxotshwa area left two Ngubane families homeless.

Most shocking was the death of a male and female who were burnt by the fire when trying to escape. 30 others escaped the flames by taking cover and lying down on the floor."

Unfortunately further details are not available but assistance has been given to the affec ted families through the Municipality. Anyone who can offer assistance is asked to contact Ms Shangase on 033 413 9198.




Community Safety and Liaison MEC Bheki Cele urged police"not to die with guns in their pockets" but to "shoot hard" and shoot to kill when defending themselves against criminals. We cannot train good officers to fill the cemetery. Police officers must ensure they protect themselves and put criminals behind bars or to the nearest mortuary."

The MEC repeated this statement, which he had made at the community memorial service for Superintendent Z.Chonco, at the Military funeral last Saturday stating "Shoot first and shoot to kill! The criminals have declared war on us."

Hundreds and hundreds of mourners expressed their sorrow and sadness at the brutal shooting two weeks ago of the highly respected and popular "top cop" Zethembi Chonco. Two of the gang involved in the ambush have died - one at the scene and a second, 28 year old Lee Buthelezi last Wednesday.

Durban Organised Crime Unit personnel swooped on the KwaDukuza hideout of the suspect in the early hours of the morning of 3 rd September. When they entered the room in which he was supposedly "sleeping" he pulled out a 9mm pistol...the Police opened fire and Buthelezi was shot dead. He was also being invetigated by Superintendent Chonco in regard to taxi violence related murders and was believed to have been a hitman operating in Maphumulo area.

At the memorial service, held at the Kranskop Primary School the enormous crowd present reflected the high esteem in which all sections of the Umvoti and Kranskop communiy regard the Superintedent. Thousands, including many VIPs and dignatories, colleagues, friends and family were present at the official funeral with full Military honours held at Nongoma on Saturday . Many were moved to tears as the Superintendent's oldest daughter, 18 year old Nomagugu paid tribute to the people's hero, who was not only a hero, but most importantly "my father".




Greytown water supply is a subject of considerable interest and concern to all living in and around the town. Residents have the opportunity to be updated on the current situation and future plans at the meeting to be held on Friday, 12th September at the Greytown Bowling Club at 9.30.

The Upper Umvoti Catchment Management Forum, which is made up of stakeholders - officials and community representatives, is organised by the Department of Water and Forestry (Umzinyathi) . Main objective of the forum is to discuss Water Conservation and Water Demand Management (WCWDM) and the philosophy of conserving water as well as strategic inventions required to achieve this, specifically in the Greytown area

The chairperson, Mr J. Reddy has emphasized the importance of stakeholders participation in this project and mentioned that the WCWDM project is currently taking place in two Municipalities i.e. Greytown and Ezakheni Municipality Mr T. Malunga of Umzinyathi DM said that funds have been allocated by DWAF to the Municipality to implement the WCWDM -but this had been delayed through the intervention of Province due to poor service delivery by Uthukela Water . This had resulted in the Municipality also not being able to re keep to the time frames on progress and therefore it had now decided to oppoint a Professional Service Provider to undertake the process and to identify the problem and sort out various loopholes etc.

At the last meeting of the Forum in August, the chairman announced that the Department of Water Affairs (DWAF) had allocated the sum of R15 million rand for the Water Conservation and Water Denmand Management programme and the areas that experienced high water losses had been identified to implement these. At the last Forum meeting it was scheduled that a steering committee be appointed but as there was a poor turnout this could be done. It is therefore vital for the future of this area that residents of Greytown and surrounds attend the meeting to be held on Friday 12th September . This is an opportunity to have a say in the future development of the area. It was agreed that the steering committee be a workable committee and not have too many members but be a "lean and mean " structure to ensure that there was progress. ends



In the process of being restored to its former glory the Greytown Scout Hall will again soon be filled with people enjoying themselves with a wide range of activities.

Bought by Greytown Council for the Care of the Aged (GADCA) some years ago, the decision was taken by the Board to sell the Cathcart Street house, and to refurbish and use the Scout Hall as a social centre for the aged instead. This well built building started life as the 0ddfellows Hall and was purchased in 1967 as a permanent meeting place for Greytown Scouts and Guides.

In the Greytown Gazette of 6th December 1967 it stated that the now official home of the movement had been opened by the Divisonal Commissioner of Scouts for Natal . The hall was used by the Scouts, Guides, Brownies and Cubs for many years prior to being bought by GADCA. GADCA's plans include making it a comfortable and attractive gathering spot for the elderly with orgnaised activities, dancing, music sessions etc. A small kitchen will be installed and meals will be cooked and served from there .





Gale force gusty winds which blew almost non stop on Saturday and Sunday led to numerous serious fires throughout KZN -KZN Fire Protection Association reported over 3000 hectares destroyed in Melmoth.

In Umvoti, Fire Chief Murray Mason told the Greytown Gazette there were at least ten major fires -masonite Rietvlei; Burhill Umvozana -where at least three farm houses were saved from the flames, thanks to the incredible Umvoti fire fighters. Fires were reported on Eldorado, Mistleigh and other large farms in the Seven Oaks area. At the time of going to press an assessment of the damage was not yet available - but it is reported that a considerable amount of grazing, timber, crops, and possibly stock and wild animals were destroyed.

An urgent appeal is made to all landowners - although August has always been regarded as the "windy" month, September and October can be just as much of a problem - therefore the KZN and Umvoti Fire Protection Association has requested that no farm, smallholding be left without some personnel during the fire season.Whilst Umvoti "firefighters" are really special in the way that they work together and help everyone and anyone with a fire problem "absentee landlords" compound an already tense situation.

All credit must be given to all those who showed that very special Umvoti trait of helping each other and whoever had a problem over last weekend and were on standby at all times. Many animals were moved out of the path of the flames and homes of a number of families saved. Mr Mason said it was extremely important that no fires were lit in the open. Rainfall recorded is way down - just 1.2 mm was recorded in August and there is no rain forecast for the next few days.




There was a good turnout of farmers, izinduna, and members of the general public at the meeting to discuss the possibility of erecting a Vodacom signal tower on the Greytown Rievlei Road held at Elsie Mtshali Secondary School last week. A Vodacom representative Mr Ernest Sikhosana accompanied by the local councillor Mr.Joseph Dludla and Oscar Zondi toured the area extensively to establish where best this tower can be placed for maximum utilisation by the communities affected.

Some members of the farming community have come forward and offered their assistance with pieces of land. The Matric class of Elsie Mtshali led by Ms Gwala the School principal and her deputy Mr L.M.Qwabe provided a welcome tea for all who attended. The promise was made by Vodacom to speed up the process in view of the many difficulties experienced by the communities in that vicinity including crime and theft of livestock.

Thank you, Oscar Zondi.



The KZN Midlands Polocrosse Championships were held at Lions River last weekend, with two Mascor Toyota Umvoti teams participating.

Caroline Minnaar, Janine Meyer and Debbie Dick were in the A Team. All three were on green horses and were not at their best. Janine was glad of the opportunity to play at this level and to gain some experience on a strange horse as, if she plays in a test next year, she will be on a pool pony.

Damien and Cavan O’Sullivan with Timothy Halle were in the B Team and were the surprise team of the tournament. They won all their games to become the Midlands’ D Division Champions for 2008. They beat Lions River 10-6, Kargs Post 10-2, and Bishopstowe 13-5. The two youngsters, Cavan and Timothy, did enough to provide good ball for Damien who slotted through the goals. Damien went on to win the “Best Number 1” of the tournament.

Next year will be a particularly busy one for the South African polocrosse players. There will be a senior tour to Australia where they play against Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The U14, U16 and U19 teams have been invited to play in Lusaka in July. America is planning to send two junior teams to South Africa, during their summer, to improve the standard of their polocrosse. There are also plans to send two ladies and men, to England. All this with the normal South African tournaments will keep the players busy. Only the top players will be involved in tours and this will provide an opportunity for others to play at a higher level.

What has been a very busy polocrosse season comes to an end with the Richmond family tournament next weekend. Patrick, Sean, Damien, Tysen, Cavan, James and Ruth O’Sullivan will be representing Mascor Toyota Umvoti. Everyone has had enough polocrosse for the time being and next weekend will be a relaxing, wind-down to a most enjoyable and successful season.


Umvoti G.V Progress Report

Since May this year, properties, urban and rural, in Umvoti Municipality , have been evaluated by Mills Fitchet Natal in preparation for the introduction of the new ratings in July 2009. A draft valuation roll for urban Greytown has been drafted by Mills Fitchet Natal and has been handed to Umvoti Municipality.

The Greytown Gazette last week, requested an update from the evaluators who commented as follows: "We have met with most major, corporate property owners including Sappi, Mondi, Masonite and Pidelta / Pannar who have been very co-operative in supplying us with information regarding their various property holdings. The final aerial photography and Cadastral / land audit for the entire Umvoti Municipality have now been received so agricultural valuations have commenced. We have supplied the Municipality with a Draft Roll for the urban areas of Greytown, but are still performing a number of Quality Control measures to ensure the accuracy the Roll."

Mills Fitchet is appealing to farmers or rural property owners who have not yet returned the completed Data Capture Forms that were handed out at the Farmers Association meetings to do so as soon as possible. Anyone who has not recived a form is ask to telephone (033) 330 6990 as soon as possible. Rosemary Treadway is in the process of working with the Municipality and will be holding workshops with various councilors and municipal officials in early September regarding the proposed Draft Rates Policy and the establishment of a Help Desk"

In terms of the new Property Rates Act a Municipality has to consult with residents before applying the new system. In Greytown, the Umvoti Chamber of Commerce, will act on behalf of businesses, and Umvoti Agricultural Society on behalf of farmers and land owners. Considerable in depth investigation has already been carried out by these bodies on the new Act . Anyone who would like more information on the implications of the Act should contact the Chamber on 072 212 2924 (Secretary:Simla Pillay) or 033 4171276 (A.Shaikh-chairman) or UAS president Graeme Jarvie : (082 789 6339) or Murray Mason (082 375 1023.)



Celebrating the arrival of spring, Umvoti Probus has arranged an outing on 16th September to the wellknown Gheekie's farm in Karkloof with its amazing range of azaleas and other spectacular flowers. Jenny Robertson will take the Probus members round her beautiful Garden and talk on genetics. Anyone who would like to go on this outing should be at the Bowls Club at 10 a.m. on Tuesday 16th for transport in convoy. Please take along a picnic lunch and drinks.



by Edge

We have now definitely moved into a pre-spawn season for bass with the warm weather this week heating up the waters.So a couple of tips for fishing pre-spawn bass.During pre-spawn the males are starting to prepare nests and females are staging in deeper water off the shallows where they are feeding to build up strength. A lure not often used because of weeds is a wobbling crankbait, especially one with a large lip. Drop this lure along the shallows in the deeper drop offs to a depth of about 3 to 4 meters to run through the weeds. The motion of the lure and the large lip tend to push a path through the weeds without picking up too much. Try a steady retrieve rather than a stop and go method and be prepared for the strike.

If fishing a smaller farm dam or pond where water is clear you can try a bit of sight fishing. The watchword here is stealth and quiet. Switch your sneaker off a long way off from the shallows you are going to fish and paddle in quietly. Be especially carefull not to bump against the bottom of the boat as this transmits increased sound under water. Target water between 1 and 2 meters in depth and use polarised glasses to locate males preparing nests or feeding in the shallows. Using a weightless worm pitch it at least 1 meter over the fish and let it drop down to the bottom leaving it there until the fish has settled completely then start a very slow retrieve with just enough action to get your fish's attention. Importantly don't strike until the bass has taken the worm completely or if you can't see him wait for the line to straighten.

Lures to try for pre-spawn are the wobbling crankbait, plstic worms, flukes, large grubs and tube baits. Predominant colours being junebug, black, watermelon and green pumpkin. If the water is very clear try a baby bass colour, shad, tequila or silver.

Finally dont forget the frog. A toad fished on the surface over weed beds or jumped off the bank or vegetation, is deadly. Above all, whatever method you choose to target your PB this season, fish with confidence, dont be too worried what other anglers are using because even though you may use the same lure, you may be presenting it differently to him and therefore not getting the same results. Know your quarry and his habits and don't be afraid to innovate.

The final competion for the Angling club will be at St Catherines on Sat 27th September to be followed by AGM and prizegiving. Watch this column for futher news and until next week ' keep it in the water'


Blonde on her bike!

The journey is on! Blonde on a Bike will take place on Friday 19th. September . St. James’ Anglican Church invites you to share this amazing story of courage, determination and adventure as Bridget Ringdahl herself, relates with pictures, her journey from the southern most town in the world, Ushaia across the Andes to Cartagena in Colombia, a distance of 13 100 km on a bicycle and on her own!

The evening promises to be full of fun and a ‘pancake supper’ will be served! Don’t miss this special evening, tickets are available from The Belles of St. Clements Coffee Shop and the Parish Office at R 70 per person, includes supper (half price for children under 14), a cash bar will be open before and after the talk, car guards on duty. Time 6.30 for 7.00 p.m. supper will follow the talk. For further information please contact Jenny at the Parish office (mornings) Tel. 033 417 1240 or Sue Swan Tel 033 507 0047.



CREW is on the move! CREW – Custodians of Rare and Endangered Wildflowers – is working in Umvoti . A small group of volunteers are engaging with local landowners who have the habitats where many of these rare and threatened species occur, but often the landowner is unaware of the valuable and interesting plants that are growing right there. Umvoti is known as one of the country’s ‘hot spots’ for such plants.

Volunteers of CREW identify the plants, monitor numbers and advise the landowners of the species and importance of plants on their property. All this information is fed into the IUCN Red List.

Plants such as Hilton Daisy (Gerbera aurantiaca); Watsonia canaliculata; several rare orchids; Kniphofia’s and many more are known to occur but to date, have not been monitored and counted. Spring and early summer are the months when the flowers make their wonderful appearance, and the team will be visiting as many potential areas as possible.

If you would like to know more, share in the adventure or know you have areas on your farms that could well have rare plants growing there, please contact either Vic Schutte Tel. 033 4131825 or Sue Swan Tel. 033 5070047.



Lost a bicycle recently ?

Greytown Police have recovered a number and are looking for the owners. Please contact Inspector Potgieter on 033 413 9009 and arrange to go long and identify your stolen bike!


Gnoming round the garden in September.

I am the worst “channel” surfer, but just occasionally I do find really interesting subjects - like this one.. It was a gardening programme on the topic "waterwise gardening, The programme was produced by Rand Water Board and the presenter had this to say:

Certain plants and shrubs require more or less water than others so the suggestion is to divide your garden into three categories.: Low, medium and high.water requirements. For example: Lavender, which has a small leaf does not require much water so plant it in the first area. Grey leafed plants also are water savers, something I did not know. Succulents are a must in this area as are red hot pokers.Evidently, according to this water wise expert, the smaller the leaf the more drought resistant the plant.

Then on to section two which will be planted with those requiring only a moderate amount of water. There are some wonderful grasses on the market that give form and contrast to the all over plan. They come in lovely shades of yellow, grey, dark green and rust. Some are very vigorous and can swamp others...so do be careful. In such a section Daisy Bushes[Margurites] are so rewarding, as are geraniums and if you regularly slip both these species you will have continuous colour for most of the year. Do not let either get leggy, so it is best to plant slips annually.

Then to the waterholics. roses, lilies, iris' … all need lots of water. Plant these in an area where there is runoff from the roof or from other areas. Most gardens drain towards a certain part and that is where you plant the water needy.

Mulch is required everywhere. In the dry spots pebbles and stones can be put down and for the rest, anything from dried grass to pine needles but keep that soil covered.

This month is the time to repot the containerplants that are looking miserable as they have become root bound. Remove, split up and plant back into lovely new potting medium. Vegetables can be planted continuously now... spinach, carrots, beans, lettuce and all the herbs. Busy gardening and have fun.


No water...again Its been quiet on the water front for some time, just like 2006 and 2007, but for the past week York Street residents have had a limited supply of water...in the middle of the night. A burst pipe is said to be the problem. At the time of going to press a reply was being awaited from uThukela Water.

Umvoti water consumers will recall that in view of the continuous poor service and supply record of uThukela Water the MEC for Local Government, Mike Mabuyakhulu, intervened in November last year, giving the company three months to improve the situation or the company would be dissolved. Umgeni Water were called in to assist. To date no report has been made available. Umvoti Municpality is one of four municipalities which make up the Umzinyathi District Municipality which is one of the four District Muncipalities (now three) which originally agreed to the formation of uThukela Water.

Umzinyathi Mayor, Councillor Yengwa however maintained at a recent press conference in Durban that "I think we were too quick to appoint them, We didn't consider if they would be able to manage the town's water properly. Now we face a big problem." He said he understood the frustration of water consumers but gave the assurance that work on the infrastructure had begun.

Interestingly Umzinyathi recommended at a recent Council meeting that it enter in a R55 million project with uThungulu District Municipality -the latter will finance bulk water whilst Umzinyathi would be responsible for operation and maintenance and charge uThungulu for the water supplied to them. Presumably this expertise will also be applied to uThukela once the report is received.


Clivia Glorious Blooms

Clivias in full colourful bloom are one of the many beautiful sights at this time of the year and fortunately in Umvoti is one the few areas remaining where clivias still grow in the wild . In this Province there are 3 of the 6 known species endemic to our borders.

Clivia expert Pieter van Rooyen has, over many years, collected and preserved the Kranskop and Greytown clones . He and his son Francois have a vast and varied collection of Clivia miniata and gardenii. The September Garden Club meeting on Tuesday 9th will be held at The Gem, home of the van Rooyens,.Francios will talk on all aspects of cultivating these glorious blooms which are so well suited to this climate.

Visitors are welcome... please do not forget your chairs and a little extra in your purse as there will be plants for sale.The Gem is on the Inadi Road, follow the signs from the Greytown/Kranskop road. . Registration starts at 09h00 and the meeting at 09h30. Ladies on tea duty are, Louise Yeadon, Varsha Aheer, Ronelle Barber and Pauline Crowe.


Devastation-shock-anger-sorrow were the reactions of the Umvoti community, and further afield, as the news spread last Wednesday of the tragic assassination of top cop Superintendent Zethembe Chonco.

Highly respected, not only for his outstanding record in Police work, but as a caring committed gentleman who was always willing to go that extra mile to assist and support. Superintendent Chonco was ambushed with his colleague Inspector Mphatheni Khanyile whilst travelling part of a three vehicle convoy transporting taxi violence suspects to the Magistrate's Court in KwaDukuza early last Wednesday morning. He was obviously the target of the ambush.

It is reported that the suspects were in the middle vehicle with a POP escort in the first. Four attackers, armed with AK47s, remained hidden and held fire until Chonco's vehicle, which had to slow down because of roadworks, approached. They opened fire, killing him instantly - 19 AK 47 cartridges were later found on the scene.

Inspector Khanyile was also shot - but according to Kranskop Station commissioner Superintendent Caroline Minnaar, having been in a previous ambush, he pretended to be"dead" and as one of the attackers approached shot him dead. Inspector Khanyile who was seriously injured, was airlifted to hospital and is reported to be progressing well. The remaining three attackers ran off up a hill where they climbed into a vehicle and drove off. A task team of top KZN detectives is working on the case - an intensive manhunt is underway.

In last week's Greytown Gazette it was reported that the Superintendent had arrested two men, associated with a taxi violence case, on the Pietermaritzburg High Court's red carpet, as they walked out on bail in a different murder case. These two were among the suspects being transported to KwaDukuza to appear in Court on charges related to the ongoing taxi feud in that area.

"Sup" Chonco was Commander of the Taxi Task Team organised crime unit in the area and was involved in the inv estigation of a number of taxi violence related killings. As he had become so involved with the taxi task team he had recently stood down as station commissioner at Kranskop. His work led to a number of threats being received which he ignored in his dedication to this dangerous line of work and commitment to see justice being served.

One of the current high profile cases he was investigating was the theft of 36 guns, including AK 47 rifles from a Maphumulo police station -according to reports this was linked to local taxi violence. Independent Peach monitor Mary de Haas said that Chonco could have uncovered a lot in his latest investigations into taxi violence . Many individuals have expressed their dismay at this tragic loss -in particular members of the Kranskop and district community where "Sup" Chonco was so instrumental in keeping the peace and a balance between the various groups, have all expressed their sorrow.

Kranskop's community, including the businesses, have arranged a memorial service to pay tribute to Zethembe Chonco on Wednesday 3rd September at 10 a.m. at the Kranskop Primary School. An official funeral will be held at the family's ancestral home in Nongoma on Saturday 6th September at 9 a.m. On behalf of all its readers, the Greytown Gazette expresses sympathy and condolences to his wife and family and colleagues. ends

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