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24 April 2013

She is the only Greytown and Midlands representative in the semi-finals of
the prestigious Mrs South Africa contest.

Durban born 28 year old Keyola Sooku lives in Greytown with her businessman
husband Mershim and 6 year old Yonka and 3 year old Yante. She is the very
hands on business owner of an engineering company which services mainly
Government tenders. Keyola told the Greytown Gazette that if necessary to
get the job finished she will operate the welding iron and spray painting!
In between Kayola does charity work in Durban.


There were 110 entries in the first round of the competition -this number
after interviews was reduced to 88 and there are now 50 semi finalists.

The final selection of Mrs South Africa takes place before a panel of judges

on 1st June -the SMS votes are taken into account;there is a bathing costume

parade; and a series of interviews with the panel.

Winner of the Mrs South Africa title wins a million rand and a car and goes
on to compete in international pageants.

Readers of the Greytown Gazette can help Keyola to win by SMSing Keyola
Sooku to 35959 and here's wishing her good luck!



Fifty years ago Tony and Joan Dutton were married in St James Church with the reception at "Came" Seven Oaks. To the day, 20th April 2013 they celebrated with family and friends this happy loving and very special occasion at "Came" and renewed their vows at St James on the Sunday. In their eight years back in Umvoti the couple have impacted positively on so many lives in Umvoti through their committed activities with Umvoti AIDS Centre and Greytown Rotary Club


17 April 2013

Seven Oaks stock sale makes history

History was made in Seven Oaks last Tuesday, 9th April, with the first ever cattle sale in this farming area! There was considerable excitement in the air as farmers with cattle laden trucks arrived while some beasts were herded along the road from nearby farms.
Rolf Aadnesgaard and the AAM field team were there in full force to set up the complete sale yard with loading ramps, scales, cattle pens, crush, sales arena and buyers stands!

A total of 499 cattle were presented for sale -AAM field officer David McKenzie said that judging by the outstanding report received from local farmers, such sales would continue to grow. He said that “buyers were impressed and happy with the quality of animals presented for auction. Sellers, buyers and AAM all feel that the sale was positive and there is good future of it.”

To many in Umvoti who were regulars at the local stock sales in what is now the Khayalami project, the atmosphere and vibes at the Seven Oaks sale brought back many memories. The Seven Oaks ladies team were in charge of teas and lunches in the remarkably well preserved W.I. hall.

Next sale at Seven Oaks is to take place on 11th June - for further information please phone Dave McKenzie on 084 407 3000

Although its late notice, Greytonians are urged to attend the very important Budget and IDP meetings to be held today, Wednesday 17th for Ward 9 and Ward 10.
Ward 9 ratepayers and residents are asked to be in the Greytown Town hall at 9 a.m. and then Ward 10 residents have a choice of meeting at the Greytown Country Club at 2 p.m. or 5 p.m.
Ward 11 residents will have their meeting at Zibambeleni Community Hall, tomorrow, 18thApril at 10 and Ward 10 residents in the Upper Umvoti hall ., Thursday 18th at 5 p.m.
In terms of the Local Government Municipal Systems Act, together with the Municipal Finance Management Act, all Municipalities are required to consult with the community to ascertain the needs and requirements of the community in order to be able to plan and draw up the budget to give priority to basic needs.
It is therefore vital for all stakeholders to make their needs known and try to be present at one of the above meetings.
Another very important meeting is that on Friday at 4 the Town Hall when Umzinyathi District Municipality will present its IDP/Budget for the district - this again will have an impact on the Umvoti and all stakeholders are urged to make an effort to attend.
Butterfly Census
They are the beauty queens of nature - 800 known species of butterflies in South Africa which play such an important role in the eco system. A census week is to take place from 20-28th April as part of a long term butterfly programme for monitoring the ecosystem .The census is run by the Lepidopterist Society of SA (LepSoc) -it is a fun event -anyone interested is invited to make up a team, to become involved in this important data capturing programme so vital for the effective conservation of South Africa’s butterflies and their habitats.
All butterfly species observed at a specific locality by teams (including school teams) over the week are noted and counted. For more information and to register teams and locality (registration is free), please visit:, and click on the article ‘SA Butterfly Census Weeks’.
For further information please contact the Butterfly census week coordinator, Esther Mostert,on or call:
084 812 2867
Greytown Country Club 15 April 2013
Kasten Meyer lost out on the money from the members attendance draw on Friday as he was not present at the time of the draw. The next attendance draw will be this Friday with R600 up for grabs. Be here at 6:30 – 7pm and you could be the lucky winner.
Cheap-as-Tuesday will continue every second Tuesday with the special running on a hamburger with chips for only R25. Next special will be on 23 April.
Notice to all golfers. The “Sunday 9@9” entry fee will be R35 to play 9 holes. Richard Chiazzari is sponsoring a chicken that will be up for the winning on Sunday mornings. We are appealing to everybody to please support our generous sponsors. The winner of last Sunday’s 9@9 was Keith Norton on 20 points.
Dates to diarize
Sat 20 Apr – Pannar Golf day
Tue 23 Apr – Cheapest Tuesday
Fri 26 April – Happy Hour
Parkinson’s Disease ( PD ) is a progressive movement disorder which affects an area of the brain which controls movement. It is a degenerative illness that cannot be stopped or cured but there are medications which can reduce the symptoms.
It is estimated that there are over a million people diagnosed with the disease in the USA ; about 130 000 in the UK and 75 000 in Australia. There are no accurate figures for South Africa, the total an estimated 15 000 people ,mainly from the white population group, are taking medicines for PD . The Parkinson’s Support group in Pietermaritzburg is using this week to make people more aware of the impact of the disease . Comment from a sufferer as follows:
”Yes my friend, I do have Parkinson’s but Parkinson’s is not a disease, it is not contagious and is very rarely inherited. So please do not avoid me.
The cause of my Parkinson’s is still not known. What is known is that nerve cells in the brain die at an accelerated rate. ( 70 % by the time I developed my tremors. ) The remaining cells cannot produce sufficient chemicals ( dopamine ) to provide the signals from my brain to co-ordinate my body movement both consciously ( walking up stairs ) or subconsciously ( breathing, swallowing ) Yes Parkinson’s is a progressive neuro- degenerative illness that will slowly gets worse. But for the moment I’m feeling great, I only have good days and .......”Better Days” Yes, I”m grateful for being alive.
There are no ‘fool proof’ tests to confirm Parkinson’s. Every person with Parkinson’s reacts differently and may show different symptoms. That’s why it’s often difficult to diagnose it quickly. There is still no medicine that can stop or cure Parkinson’s. Some medicines can slow it’s progress or reduce some of the many symptoms. But often these medicines produce other side effects. Not all persons react or respond the same.
At times you may witness my emotional bouts of misery and despair. don’t leave, it’s not your fault, but talk to me and help me get over it. ( That’s why we’re often prescribed with anti depressive medication. ) If you see me shaking my hands, head or feet, don’t worry, ignore it, that’s Parkinson’s. It’s just my medication wearing off.
When I’m not grinning or laughing at your stories but stare at you with a wooden expression. I do understand you. That’s Parkinson’s influence restricting my facial expression. My problem with swallowing may cause me to drool. Please don’t take offence, Allow me and I will mop it up.
For me to get up after sitting for a while is a challenge. Rigidly and slowness in moving about is part of Parkinson’s. I cannot hurry, I must take my time.
I need to walk, every day. Walk with me if you are able and encourage me to exercise, in any comfortable way. Have you noticed the change in my voice? Allow me to speak, even if it is slow and distorted. Remember I’m slower in movement, my thoughts are slower too.
I may wander around at night when I cannot sleep. That’s Parkinson’s. I may need a nap during the day, I just cannot control it when I’m tired and need a rest. So my friend, be patient with me, I’m still the same person, its just that Parkinson’s has slowed me down. I need your friendship very much. Please remain my friend, “
For further information please contact :
Theo:033 940 0108 or Roger: 033 342 5795


Martin Luther once said, “ If I knew that the world came to an end tomorrow,
I would still plant a tree today”.
Humans and machinery worked together to plant a vast number of indigenous trees and plants in the Botanical Garden at the GET work day on Saturday. It was encouraging to see the number of new faces as well as the “regulars” coming along to help plant and work towards making Greytown’s Botanical Garden a treasure-house of indigenous flora. The Gardens, started by ex-Greytonian Bob Murray, are once again being restored to parklike interesting area that is attractive where the public can wander, picnic or just enjoy the tranquility of nature.
Unfortunately the efforts of the Greytown Environmental Team and caring citizens have not been receiving the support of the Municipal Parks department as was promised state the GET team. Large heaps of grass remain where it was piled in February. By now this debris has killed all the grass and plants beneath which will give rise to a burgeoning weed infestation once it is cleared, not to mention the fire hazard it is creating as the drier weather sets in. Despite repeated efforts by the GET team and photographic evidence emailed by the Greytown Gazette disappointedly nothing was done to attend to this problem.
Despite this lack of compliance from the Municipal department concerned it is encouraging to work with the core of caring people who are prepared to “plant a tree today” for the benefit of the generations of tomorrow.
The next GET work day is on Saturday 11th of May from 9h00 to 12h00. Environmentally concerned citizens are encouraged to come along and lend a helping hand even if it is for an hour or so as every little bit of help makes a difference.

World Haemophilia Day

Today is the fiftieth anniversary of World Haemophilia Day which will be celebrated in many countries to raise an awareness of the condition and to increase the availability of treatments around the world.
In Umvoti, an awareness event will take place at Matimatola organised by Umvoti Councillor Linda Chonco who is himself a haemophilic. Venue for the MAtimatolo event is Busana High School sportsfield from 10 a.m. Stakeholders at the event will include the Department of Health(with mobile clinics) and other Government Departments to bring awareness to members of the public.
Haemophilia is a condition in which bleeding is prolonged as there is a lower level of the clotting factor in the blood. -it is present from birth and normally inherited. It cannot be passed on to others and you cannot “catch” haemophilia.
Left untreated severe cases can lead to early death. However there are successful treatment options available which involve injecting the missing clotting factor into the bloodstream.
For further information please contact Councillor Chonco on 071 613 0892
Curried veg for supper!
Weather fundis say that its going to be a long cold winter - a quick warming and economical recipe from Lynda Drogemoller to make for the family...enjoy!-
Serves 2 as meal with rice
15 ml oil
1medium onion, chopped
1 brinjal, cubed
6 ml curry powder
3 ml salt
2 ml cinnamon
2 ml ginger
10 ml sugar
6 ml vinegar
1 clove of garlic, crushed
1 large carrot, diced
3 baby marrows, sliced
±250 ml vegetable stock
140 gm red lentils
Heat oil and sauté the onion till transparent
Add the brinjal and sautè 1 minute, add the spices, vinegar, sugar and garlic and sauté for further 2 minutes.
Add the vegetables, stir fry for 2 min then add the vegetable stock.
When it comes to boiling, add the lentils and turn down the heat to simmer till the veg and lentils are soft.
If you prefer the vegetables al dentè, cook the lentils before adding. Brown lentils can be used but will not thicken the sauce.

A long time past
My father Jacobus Louis Stephanus (Koos) van Rooyen was born In Greytown in September 1914. His father had the same name and was one of twelve children of Petrus Hendrik van Rooyen. His father, Jacobus LS, passed away at the age of 32. My father inherited a pocket watch with a Kruger pound attached to it.
After my father graduated at the University of Stellenbosch, he commenced teaching Afrikaans and History at the High School in Greytown in 1936. He was also a hostel master up to 1940.
Unfortunately the watch was presumably stolen in the hostel and I have often wondered where this watch presently finds itself. It might have JLS van Rooyen imprinted on it.
I would be prepared to purchase the watch from anyone who happens to have the watch in his or her possession. Obviously, this person would not know where the watch originated from and would not know how it came into his or her family’s possession. I am clearly not looking for a thief but simply for a possessor who might be willing to sell the watch to me. It is unlikely that the watch is still in the possession of someone in Greytown: However, it is worth the try!
I might mention that from 1952-4 I was a scholar at the Greytown primary school and Mrs Du Plessis, wife of the Head of the High School, was my teacher in 1952. Mauritz van Rooyen, son of the attorney WK van Rooyen was in my class.
Prof Kobus van Rooyen SC
Pretoria Mobile number 0828543436

Greytown Children’s Home chatter

The Green Warriors participated enthusiastically in Phase 2 of the Botanical Gardens upliftment program.
Spades and picks were expertly wielded by our strong young men. Plants tenderly placed in the holes and smiles all round.The Green Warriors are looking forward to enjoying the fruits of their labours – a picnic is planned for the not too distant future in the no parklike Botanical Gardens
If you have any of the following taking up unnecessary space in the house, garage shed and you don’t know what to do with it all please contact Terry Rolfe at the Greytown Children’s Home -it can all be put to very good use by them:
Old bicycles especially for beginners
Blow up toddlers swimming pool
Any arts and crafts articles
Sports equipment
Wool and knitting needles

It was bright sunshine on Sunday for the full field of 40 players eager to face the challenge of which is the best -Town or Farm in the annual Wimpy fun tournament!
After the morning mixed doubles session scores were: Farmers 195 and Town 155 games. Five of the couples were husband and wife teams (and were still speaking to each other!)
Th Scores for the afternoon session of mens’ and ladies’ doubles were:
Town Mens: 66; Ladies: 45
Farmers : Mens: 59 and ladies: 80!
Final score: - Winning team : Farmers: 334 games to 266 for Town
A big thank you once again to Wimpy for it ongoing sponsorship. Without your sponsorship this fun tournament would not have been possible. A special thank you to the ladies for all the delicious tea eats!
After lunch of tasty Wimpy burgers Greytown’s Mr Wimpy, Keith Cowie, handed out the prizes: Farmer’s captain , Mark Thomas received the trophy and then the mascot from chairperson , Pierre Steyn.
Winners: -
Mens’ doubles: - Dieter and Josh Meyer
runner’s-up: - Juan van der Vyver and Steve Muna
Ladies’ doubles: - Trish Kohne and Pam Paul
Runner’s up - Trish Kohne and Pam Paul
Mixed doubles: - Darryl Evans and Jenny Tedder
Runner’s up: - Clive and Wendy Edkins
Players are reminded to enter for club championships as soon as possible.

Dr. Kerry-Ann Walton, daughter of Cliff and Debbie Walton recently graduated cum laude from Pretoria University with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. Kerry achieved six distinctions and was also awarded the Anesthesiology prize for the top final year student in Anesthesiology.

Dr Ingrid Cockburn after her graduation at Rhodes University on 5th April. She was awarded her Doctorate in Biochemistry having successfully completed a DNA based Malaria drug research project. Ingrid is now undertaking a post-doctoral fellowship with the University of Stellenbosch. She will be working in the Endocrynology Division at Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town researching the use of stem-cells in diabetes treatment.

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