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30 November 2011

Thanks to a group of Greytown ladies 120 children who attend Umvoti AIDS Creche and the Drop-in centre will be having very special Christmas party next month.

Presents have been bought specifically for each child -thanks to donations of cash and gifts from more Greytonians. As can be seen in the photograph, the presents have been wrapped and special party packs of sweets made up for each child.

Father Christmas himself will be there to hand out the presents and Father Francis, St Theodore's Catholic Church will speak to the children on the meaning of Christmas to the children.


Naqeeba Ackbaarr will celebrate her sixth birthday on 3rd January 2012 but needs urgent medical treatment to ensure that there will be many more birthdays for her to celebrate with family and friends. For this delightful little girl is in urgent need of a bone marrow transplant.

In September, three years ago, she was diagnosed with acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia - she spent a year in Inkosi Albert Luthuli hospital being treated and now pays a monthly visit to receive chemotherapy.

Dr B.G. Neethling, Department of Paediatric Haematology Oncology at the hospital has told her parents, Muhummed and Tasneem, that the overall prognosis is poor and “the chance for her to relapse overtly is extremely high - in fact she will relapse at some stage.” So although she is in partial remission at present...and her hair has grown long after almost three years of chemotheraphy Naqeeba urgently requires a bone marrow transplant.

She has no siblings and a local search of the cancer registry has shown no match so the only alternative is to locate an international donor. If such a match is found then the parents will have to pay and the costing for this life saving procedure could be between R500 000 and R1 million.

On the advice of the the specialists treating Naqeeba a trust fund has been established to assist in obtaining the necessary treatment for Naqeeba.

Details are; N.ACKBAARR


Please indicate depositors name as reference when depositing.

For further information contact Muhummed ( 082 352 4732) or Tasneem Ackbaarr on 082 530 1029.



It's 24 hours daily for 365 days a year that Golf 911 control room personnel are on duty to serve all members of the Umvoti community as Riaz Cotwal, Kenny Pillay and Thys Uys work twelve hour shifts.

Due to the festive season as has been done in the past, a hamper is being put together for the G911 staff, should anyone wish to contribute they can contact Bridget on 079 180 3539 or drop off any goods/donations at the offices of the Greytown Gazette.

Just a reminder that the Umvoti Community for Law and Order, better known as Golf 911 centre is an apolitical, non-profit, voluntary organization based in Greytown, serving the community of Umvoti as a whole. Its main function is to act as a link and connect anyone with a problem to the right solution. 911 is in constant contact with SAPS, Dingwane Security, Road Traffic Inspectorate, Fire Department, Ambulance Services, Eskom, Telkom, the Municipality, uThukela Water, local Farmers’ Associations, Businesses and Private Security Firms. It is not only the farmers who benefit from Golf 911, but all Umvoti residents experiencing any sewerage, electricity, water problems, cats up trees, trees fallen on the road, snakes on the loose, cows out on a road etc etc call G911 for help.

The Centre however, relies entirely on the community for its funding, with residents, businesses and farmers subscribing a small monthly fee. Should anyone want to contribute monthly, stop order forms can be collected from the G911 offices (based at Greytown High School) or email and a form will be sent.

Obviously the 911 personnel will be operating the centre on Christmas Day and New Year -to show appreciation for this a hamper of Christmas goodies is being put together for them - should anyone wish to contribute please can contact Bridget on 079 180 3539 or drop off any goods/donations at Greytown Gazette office.

A typical 911 scene as helping hands are extended by 911 personnel Kenny Pillay (seated) Riaz Cotwal and Thys Uys with 911 chief Dave Carroll




Mrs Sonpathie Orie was called to rest on 14th Novmeber having been born seventy six years ago in Botha’s Hill. Fifty eight years ago she married into the Ori family, a wellknown pioneering family of Greytown, and took to the role of a wife and mother to the extended Ori family with great love, sincerity and dedication. Her husband Prem, wellknown accomplished religious leader, and President of Shir Vishnu Mandir, was unstintingly supported by his wife.

Mrs Ori’s personality is encapsulated in the Hindi word “Mamta” a word which brings with it the connotations kindness, compassion, nurturing, quiet fortitude, generosity, forgiveness, pleasantness, courage and unquestioning love - this was Sonpathie Ori not only to her children but to all who came into contact with her. Even in the depths of her illness, she could share a smile and bring hope and courage to all those who visited her.

Mrs Ori lost her younger son, Shammi, nine years ago. She leaves, a grieving husband, four daughters and sons-in law, a son, twelve grandchildren, two great grandchildren and many relatives and friends. She will always be remembered for her love and kindness and for her cardinal contribution to the Hindu and greater community of Greytown, one of the unsung heroines of our community.



16 Days of Activism for no violence against women and children 25th November - 10 December


Don’t look away act against abuse

Friday 25th November was the start of the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children campaign which runs until 10th December. Since 1999 the Government has run the 16 Days of Activism Campaign to create public awareness on the negative impact of violence on women and children and to encourage collective action against all types of abuse and its prevention in communities.

Theme for 2011 is : “From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World: Proliferation of small arms and their role in domestic violence.”

with five sub themes of::

Bringing together women, peace, and human rights movements to challenge militarism

Proliferation of small arms and their role in domestic violence

Sexual violence in and after conflict

Political violence against women, including Pre/During/Post-election violence

Sexual and gender based violence committed by the police and armed forces

Suggestions as to what action individuals can take during the campaign as follows:

Speak out against woman and child abuse. Encourage silent female victims to talk about abuse and ensure that they get help. Report child abuse to the police immediately. Encourage children to report bullying behaviour to school authorities. Volunteer for non-governmental organisations and community groups who support abused women and children. Use your life skills and knowledge to help support victims of abuse.

Contact your local police station to find out how you can join a community policing forum and help create safer and functioning communities.

Families must stick together to create safe environment for women and children. Parents and adults ensruing that children are not exposed to sexual and violent material .

Get connected with important contacts and information published on

Important national call numbers:

Counselling and support for women

National Crisis Helpline (Lifeline) 0861 322 322

Family and Marriage Society of South Africa 012 460 0733

National Network on Violence Against Women 012 321 4959

Childline 0800 055 555

Child support grants 0800 601 011


Marie Stopes clinics 0800 11 77 85

Depression and Anxiety Group 011 783 1474

AIDS Helpline 0800 012 322

Legal assistance

Legal Aid Board 011 845 4311

Lawyers for Human Rights 011 339 1960

Campaigns for men who support no violence

Men as Partners Project 011 833 0504


South African Police Service


Suicide Crisis Line 0800 567 567



Zero is the theme for World AIDS Day to be commemorated on Thursday 1st December . That is

ZERO: new infections;

ZERO: discrimination

ZERO; AIDS related deaths

Both Umvoti AIDS Centre and PANNAR are actively involved in spreading this message to as many as possible.

Union Co-op Ltd has invited the UAC team be at its mill in Dalton and other bases to talk, test and also cover the 16 days of activism on no violence to women and children. On Thursday a candlelight vigil will be held at the UCL mill.

PANNAR is promoting the ZERO theme with talks and a mobile testing clinic. There will be fun activity on Friday in the form of soccer and netball matches between Research and Factory personnel.



Umvoti Fuel and Oil sponsored the meal at the happy hour on Friday 25 Nov - Thank you to the Chiazzari family. Brogan Mason took the cash prize and Ingrid Meyer for the second time in a row took home the Chivas! Sylvester and Penny won the consolation prizes. Thank you to Grant Goble for playing the music and putting everybody in a festive mood. The night was a great success. Thank you to Greytown Beer Distributors for sponsoring the SAB beer.

On Saturday we once again we had to say farewell to one of our older golfing members. Jimmy Crowe has been a member since 1955 and has recently relocated to Salt Rock, a very sad day for us at the Club indeed. We would like to wish Mr. Crowe and his wife happy retirement and good health for the future.

R900 can be yours on Friday 2 Dec when you attend the draw at 6:30pm.

New Year’s party! Saturday 31 December we will celebrate the end of 2011 with a big bang. There will be music and dancing with lots of drinking specials during the evening with champagne popping galore! Come and join us at the Club and Party, party, party the night away!

Ending on 31 January 2012 there will be a golf challenge open to all NGU golfers! Karl Bartels has kindly donated a 42” LCD TV with a tv scanner that can be yours at the end of this challenge. The competition is an individual bogey stableford. Rules are up on notice board at the club. Anybody interested can contact the Club on 0334172441. The entry fee is only R10 added to the normal green fee\competition fee.

Dates to diarize

Sat 3 Dec – Mascor monthly mug

Sat 10 Dec – Bring & take Hackers day

Sat 31 Dec – Old\New year’s party!


First Thusong centre opens in Umvoti

Makabeleni was the venue for the opening of the first Thusong Centre in Umvoti at an official handing of the keys last Friday.25th November. Administrative and legal obligation were also handed to Umvoti Municipality for its first Thusong centre. These centres form part of the Government’s policy to bring services closer to the people. Makabeleni centre is first of eleven such centres to be financed by government and rolled out in each of Umvoti’s 11 wards.

There are offices for the Ward Councillors, fully fitted with the latest technology (computer, internet, etc) and support staff to ensure the effective and efficient delivery of services. In addition other sections of the centre can be used for community services such as ABET, community sewing classes, community gyms etc.

Sections of the centre will be rented out to Department of Social Welfare/Home Affairs/Health/economic affairs etc, which will mean that community members will not have to travel long distances to access necessary services and that the rental received from these Departments will make the centre self sustainable.

The Makabeleni centre is some 2 hours travelling distance from Greytown. Umvoti Council also intends to approach Deputy Home Affairs Minister, MS Fathima Chohan to set up a home affairs satellite office within this Thusong Centre as such an innovative approach would help accelerate service delivery.


readers write

Traffic Pressure


Traffic flow can be likened to blood flow through the vascular system. When arteries become constricted, high blood pressure can occur.

This is precisely what is happening on the “Killer Road” (Gazette Lead Article, 23rd November, 2011).

This road needs to be widened, more passing lanes need to be constructed and portions of it needs to be resurfaced.

The section of road between Seven Oaks and the Ravensworth turn-off was meant to be resurfaced immediately after the completion of the New Hanover hill section, but alas it remains, like the majority of roads in this country, pot-holed!

Ernie Venter.



With the wonderful Rain in August and September and even October where has all the rain gone?

I hear Greytown has had more then we have so hopefully gardening is looking more exciting in your neck of the woods.

After the fabulous flush of all the shrubs including the roses now is the time to dead head and lightly cut back.

If you do not dead head, especially the roses you will retard the next flush. So go daily into the garden and do the job. Then I suggest more of that boring mulch, spray for fungal decease and bugs plus put a good dose of foliar feed into the spray.

The perennials must also be dead headed regularly and again mulch with a good compost.

I have planted more knee high dahlias. Last year they were wonderful.. a real Wow! Factor in my tiny garden. Michaelmas Daisies are also easy to grow, you can pick them for the vase and another stunning flower to have in the garden.

Being an avid flower arranger,” if you can’t pick it , don’t grow it”… that is my policy!

The veggy patch will need replenishing ,,,. lettuce is always in demand at this time of the year. The old fashioned type of home grown cucumber is so delicious so pop in a few seeds. Plant them on a small mound of soil, they will then not rot as they would if left on the flat ground. Beans are really starting to come into production, do not forget to sew more seeds regularly.

Hope you are looking after the herbs. They need to be cut back at times, particularly marjoram and thyme.

Potted plants are such a head ache when you go away for the Christmas period. I am going to try to leave mine in a big plastic bowl with water in it … Also hope my neighbour will give it the odd watering!

Have a wonderful peaceful Yule tide .

Happy Gardening.



Volatile weather over the past two weeks has resulted in considerable and extensive storm damage in Umvoti

On Monday around about lunch time sudden and hard thunder and hailstorms in Eshane and Matimatola created chaos and extensive damage to several schools, houses, and many cars.

Matimatolo Police Station Commander Captain Pheka told the Greytown Gazette that the Police Station itself had been damaged. He said reports from the community were still being received - houses and schools with tiled roofs suffered the most damage and flooding of rooms;many windows were broken and Police and private vehicles had shattered windscreens and hail dents.

At Eshane Primary children were taken to the local clinic after being injured by hail; Maqhinga Primary had several windows broken; roof damage; 5 classrooms were damaged at Matimatolo Primary and Busane High School when parts of the roof blew off. Exams at the schools were disrupted.

The Greytown Gazette will publish photographs and detailed reports of the damage in next week’s issue.



Greytown Gazette publishes a monthly Shadow Column listing events to take place throughout the year. Main objective is to notify the public of what is scheduled to take place, or about to, and to avoid,as far as possible, “double dating” -that is two events on the same day which could create problems not only for the organisers but also the public.

An appeal therefore to all Churches, ngo’s, sports bodies, clubs etc. to submit dates and event details to the Greytown Gazette for publication asap.


4th; 9 a.m.St James Sunday school nativity play -all welcome

6th: Wembley carol service and moonlight market

9th: Schools close for Christmas holidays

11th: St James Anglican Church Service of Nine Lessons and carols.

16th :Day of Reconciliation

20th:St Peter’s carol service

21st: Final issue Greytown Gazette 2011


14th:Craig Hinds of Watershed at Green Bar

18th:Schools re-open

18th: First issue 2012 Greytown Gazette


9 - 11th LinkSeed u15 rugby festival:Greytown High School


23 November 2011


It was walk about time on Monday morning as Umvoti Mayor Councillor P.G. Mavundla guided a large group of Umvoti Municipality personnel round the streets and pavements of Greytown to point out what must be done to clean up all the neglected areas - round the trees, in the gutters, pavement holes, etc.etc.It was a really close up look for many of the workers to be shown what they have to do to keep the streets and pavements well maintained.



There is nothing unusual about these photographs except that someone , sick and tired of challenging death to travel on the Greytown/Pietermaritzburg road , actually took them .Motorists for many years have complained about the dangers of driving on this road;the total lack of policing ; the total disregard by so many motorists of the rules of the roads resulting in so many accidents ,injuries and deaths on what is known as the killer road.

Road blocks checking driving licences etc do help but active policing to stop the non stop reckless driving is desperately needed.

In the interests of road safety ,the Greytown Gazette appeals to passengers (not drivers) to use their cameras to record drivers breaking the law or blatant examples of bad and irresponsible driving. Such photos will then be collated and submitted to the authorities to ensure that positive action is taken to reduce the daily dangers of driving on the Greytown/Pietermaritzburg road.

Minister of Transport, S’bu Ndebele in launching the I-Pledge road safety campaign recently said that the only way in which to achieve success in the road safety campaign was for all road users to change their behaviour. On average 40 individuals die on South African roads each day - 40 000 each year.

These figures show that is way over time that something was done to stop the carnage. Its up to you !



READERS WRITE Excessive costs of taking Parliament to the People


The National Council of Province’s Taking Parliament to the People has come and gone. Schools, clinics, housing projects, hospitals, community centres, police stations and other state institutions were visited and progress assessed. In almost every visit there were signs of desperation among the delegates at the shoddy workmanship, poor quality of materials used, slow progress, abandoned projects, excessive costs incurred and blatant disregard for the people they were supposed to benefit.

Service delivery is in a dismal state and the people who should benefit from it are prejudiced at every turn. These “Taking Parliament to the People” events are grossly expensive and consume millions of rands that could have been better used to improve on service delivery.

The one-week event in Nquthu cost the taxpayers in excess of ten million rand. This is a conservative estimate -tents;toilets;vehicles;accommodation;security;transport;medical services;security;water and electricity all were provided and paid for by taxpayers

. At this cost, we must ask; “What was achieved?”For four days, residents of Nquthu were given an opportunity to express their concerns, complaints and frustrations with the lack of delivery. Teams of MPs and MPPs were taken to on-site visits during the proceedings. Inside the four million rand tents the litany of complaints were addressed by Ministers, or their appointees, when they failed to pitch, who promised that action would be taken.

The DA believes this money could be better spent on improving delivery. Imagine how many schools could be refurbished for R2 million rand - the cost of one day’s sitting of the KZN parliament. How many hospitals and clinics could be brought up to a standard of excellence with R10 million - the cost of infrastructure for the NCOP week in Nquthu?

What have the local people ultimately benefitted from the NCOP week – besides the free caps and t-shirts, a free meal and free transport to the venue, all contributed to as part of their tax? Promises that action will be taken; issues referred to local, provincial and national spheres of government for attention and action ;report back and feed back.

A multi party task team from the NCOP could have achieved exactly this, and possibly more, at a fraction of the cost. They could have met with their provincial and local counterparts and inspected government funded projects and report back to the NCOP.

The DA has consistently called for these events to be scrapped and replaced with small multi-party visits where necessary. We cannot afford this type of extravagant expenditure if we ever hope to provide quality services to our people.

Radley Keys

DA Chief Whip in KZN legislature



Apologies -the Gazette gremlin got into Umzinyathi regional taxi council cell number printed last week for people to report bad driving and bad behaviour.

The correct number is 083 301 6269 -to register a complaint please sms(do not call) this number and the message will be processed




After reading a couple of articles on the lack of visible traffic police in Greytown I thought that things would start improving, but sadly not.Some drivers, including police vehicles just park anyhow and anywhere and inconvenience the rest of us, expecting us to maneuver our vehicles around them at the risk of involving ourselves and others in an accident because of being obstructed and poor visibility.

Also interesting, is the number of unlicensed and under-age drivers on our roads putting other drivers and pedestrians at risk. I was shocked recently to see a school pupil, who I am quite sure is not eighteen yet,”legally” driving around town alone -and what makes it even more interesting is that I have heard, this youth’s parent is a police officer.

So what are we saying here? If your parent is a police officer then you can break the law and get away with it! So it seems!

Lastly I think we need to give lesson how to cross the street. People just cross the streets anywhere and at their own leisure expecting vehicles to wait for them.

Some people don’t even like using the pavements;they prefer walking on the road thereby obstructing traffic.

Somebody please do some something before there is a terrible accident and the unnecessary loss of life.

Frustrated Motorist



Watermelon is one of those fruits that conjures up happy memories of refreshing tastes on hot summer days - of picnics and beach parties usually ending in splashy watermelon battles!

Not only does it taste good and it is also good for you. Watermelon is the lycopene leader in fresh produce - Lycopene is a carotenoid and pigment that gives fruits and vegetables their red color. There have been a number of studies that have drawn a correlation between lycopene and the possible prevention of cancer, heart disease and stroke. Watermelon contains higher concentrations of lycopene (2-cup serving) than any other fresh fruit or vegetable. For the weight watchers watermelon is virtually fat free, and low in calories

If by any chance you ever have leftover watermelon, de-seed and stick in the blender until smooth -then freeze the juice in an ice cube tray for a tasty addition to a fruit drink.

*First recorded watermelon harvest was nearly 5 000 years ago in Egypt!

*Watermelon is 92% water.

*Early explorers used watermelons as canteens

*First cookbook published in America in 12776 contained a recipe for watermelon rind pickles

How to choose a ripe watermelon:

1 - Watermelons should be firm, free of bruises, cuts and dents.

2 - Lift it up. Watermelons should be heavy for their size, as they are 92% water.

3 - Turn it over. The underside should be creamy yellow from where it sat on the ground and ripened.



Wellknown and respected Umvoti personality Norman Reineke passed away at St Anne's, Pietermaritzburg ,after a short illness. Norman was 79 years old.

Norman was known to many for his sense of humour, and his talent for wood work enabling him to restore old or broken furniture. Hew will be sadly missed by all

Final goodbyes were said at the memorial service held on Tuesday 15th November at the Old Apostolic Church attended by a large crowd of family and friends.


You can help to combat crime Members of the public can assist in crime prevention by joining and participating in the Community Policing Forum(CPF) which works together with the Police. This partnership has proved very successful throughout cities and towns in South Africa. Greytown Station Commander Lt .Colonel Maphalala and CPF spokesman, Mr I. Moola have launched an appeal to residents to co-operate and be one jump ahead in the fight against crime for the safety of all. By reporting any suspicious activities or persons you could be preventing a crime from happening- in failing to do so could be that you are actually protecting criminals . Rather than constantly criticising the Police and the CPF become involved to do your share for your family and the community .The Police are trying their very best -enhance this by working with them in the Community Police Forum. For further information please contact Lt Col Maphalala on 033 413 9017 or Mr Moola on 072 874 7445



They are sports icons in their various fields of expertise and have given up their time to walk through South Africa to help those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS ; to promote sports as a preventative measure and to create an awareness of the pandemic. This group of Sports heroes will be in Greytown on Saturday 26th November at King Edward Park where they will not only hold coaching but there will also be a mobile HIV station for those who are willing to be tested .

The Sports Heroes walk against Aids was initiated by SABC sports presenter Cynthia Tshaka in 2002 with the main objective being to use sport as a tool to change people’s lives and to raise funds for hospice equipment and sports equipment . The campaign , which has raised over R5 million for the fight against AIDS is geared also to bringing an awareness of the consequences and how to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS has proved to be an active tool in removing the stigma associated with the illness.

The hospice nominated for Umvoti is Nkosinathi Hospice which operates under the banner of Umvoti Aids centre and the school is Mzoniwe High School in Seven Oaks which will be given soccer and netball kits and balls.

In giving background to the commitment of so many sporting heroes, Cynthia Tshaka said “youngsters who are supposed to be winning medals at the next Olympics and World Cup are the most affected”.It is vital to start work now on prevention so that those who are not infected can be out on the sports fields, in sports administration etc leading productive lives. She emphasised that “Each one of us needs to stand up and be counted in the fight of our lifetime.”

Saturday’s programme will begin at 10 a.m. at King Edward Park and it is hoped that the learners of the schools which have been contacted in the district will be there



Weather statistics for the month of October as recorded by PANNAR Seed Research are as follows:

Highest temp for the month: 33.13 on 28th October with the lowest being 4.26 on 6th October. Average temperature was 16.9 (17.2 in 2010);minimum average 19.5 (11.7 in 2010) and maximum average 25.3 (25.7 in 2010)

Highest rainfall recorded: 16mm on 1st October and 14mm on 2nd October.

Total rainfall 69.8 -in 2010 84 mm was recorded.

The 37 year rainfall average for the month of Octo ber - 90.21

For Lake level watchers - Lake Merthley is 76.25% full and 0.850m below the wall.


St Cathryn’s news


Very wet conditions on the coast, with some courses receiving over 230mm of rain, some courses closed and some did not allow carts. This meant that golfers came inland to St Cathryns to play. and our damp and misty conditions did not put them off

And with a scramble for golf carts they set off… The golfers met up with a Bulls Party group on the course- who were more “wet” from the inside,

And lots of golf played by all!

Any visitors intending to play over the Christmas period with family, we will be closed on Christmas Day for golf.

Otherwise we are open for golf – please phone if you would like to book a cart.

This Friday 25th we will Bring and Braai, so bring your meat and come and join us – maybe the Garden Club will give us a talk.

To book please phone 083 269 1661 or 033 4441945.



The Umvoti Agricultural Society (UAS) hosted a Bass fishing competition, as a fund-raiser for Golf 911 on Saturday 12th November at the Scope Dam Gazebo (Umvozana) in Greytown. Registration started at 6:00 with a good amount of eager fishermen wanting to get their rods in early!!! 6 large dams were used within a 10km radius of the gazebo. At lunch time a bass fishing clinic was given by James de Nysschen for the children, who were eager to put into practise what they had been taught!

First prize for longest bass: (R2,000.00) went to Simon Haden (57,8cm), 2nd prize to Wayne Scott (52.6 cm), 3rd place to Richard Lubbe (51cm) and 4th place to Herman van Rooyen (45.4cm) .

Largest carp went to Perry Naicker (2.14kg) and 2nd place to Eddie Redinger (2.04kg).

Largest barbel and the junior prize went to Ruben Bardizzio (1.44kg) and 2nd place to Keagan Naicker (1.03kg).

There were lucky draw prizes as well.

The fishing-competition was a big success and the UAS is very pleased with the amount of money that was raised due to generous donations and entrance fees.

UAS are very grateful to the following sponsors for their contributions to this worthy fund-raiser:

Aheers Multisave

Aheers Trading


Beer Distributors

Buffalo Security


China’s Engineering

Field Security

Kluver Designs

Link Seed




Origin Water



Platt Plant Hire

Rochester Tackle


The Fisheagle


Umvoti Repairs




With of the festive season and increased volumes of traffic the SA Police have issued a series of safety hints to assist drivers in preventing hi-jacking. In its press release the Police state that the modus operand of hijackers has not changed - they still strike in the early morning hours and evenings and target drivers entering or leaving their driveways as well as people parked in isolated areas. The public are urged to be vigilant at all times.

Motorists are advised:

*Always travel with the car doors locked.

*Keep all windows closed

*Leave enough room between your car and the one in front to avoid being boxed in.

*Attract the attention of other motorists or pedestrians if you think you are in danger. You can use the hooter, flash your lights, put your emergency lights on or shout.

*Be aware of anybody who approaches your car or is loitering near traffic lights, stop streets, parking areas or your driveway.

*Constantly monitor what vehicles are travelling behind, ahead and next to you.

If you suspect that you are being followed, you should ideally drive to the nearest police station. If this is not possible, drive to another safe place but don’t go home.

*If approached by a suspicious -looking person, especially at night or in lonely areas, drive off quickly from a stop street or intersection, always heeding traffic danger, Skipping a stop sign or red light remains an offence and the onus is on you to prove that your action was in self-defence.

*Report any suspicious looking strangers and vehicles to the police. Give a description of the occupants and their vehicle.

Motorists are warned not to:

*stop at an accident unless you convinced it is genuine

* enter your garage or a parking area if you believe you are being followed. Drive to the nearest police station.

Don’t stop if, for example, a passer-by indicates that your car has a flat tyre or other defect. Drive to the nearest service station or safe area and check it there.

* tell strangers of your movements or plans.Don’t pick up hitchhikers or unknown passengers.

* leave your car door open and the engine running while opening your garage door or gates - criminals can act quicker than you would expect.




16 November 2011


HLOKOMELA! This is the slogan of the newly formed Umzinyathi Regional Taxi Council under the umbrella of the national body, SANTACO which is geared to reduce the high level of road accidents through promoting road safety for all.

Chairman of the Umzinyathi Council, Jeffrey Ngobese told the Greytown Gazette that the Hlokomela (”take care; watch out”) campaign is a focused response to ensure that the taxi industry takes responsibility for the safety of passengers, pedestrians and other motorists. At the same time commuters and other motorists are being urged to report bad driving and behaviour.

The programme was launched in Greytown last week when, together with SAPS, RTI, Municipal traffic personnel and taxi members a monitoring licence check up took place at various points in town.

In terms of the campaign - members will also inspect vehicles; check physical condition of drivers; registration details; provide driver support in emergencies and co-operate with traffic officials to ensure compliance with traffic laws.

An urgent appeal is also being made to taxi passengers to be more vigilant in reporting bad driving, overloading and bad behaviour. It is essential in the interests of road safety for commuters to remember that they have the right not to get on a taxi which is overloaded; to dismount if they feel in danger; and to report any bad behaviour by calling 083 3091 6269.

Headquarters of the Umzinyathi regional taxi Council is at 152 Voortrekker Street Greytown. The Council has expressed its appreciation to David’s Midas, in particular Suren Maharaj, for its generous contributions towards the office and assisting the taxi industry to achieve its objectives. The Council is also appreciative to RTI supervisor Ms Lindy Ntuli; Umvoti Municipal traffic team and the SAPS for its commitment and co-operation.



Last week’s People’s Parliament in Nqutu culminated in a historic address by President Zuma to the National Council of Province. About 25000 residents mainly from Nqutu, Vryheid and Dundee spent the week in air-conditioned tents interacting with parliamentarians, members of the provincial legislature, MEC’s, Ministers and Deputy ministers over a wide range of issues affecting them. Housing and the provision of clean water, healthcare and local economic development dominated the discussions.

In Greytown, the progress of housing delivery, particularly in the lower York Street area, and for those on Ward 9 waiting lists have been identified as a priority together with the RDP houses being built in Enhlalakahle as well as the hostel upgrading and creation of rental stock housing. Extension 14 and other rural projects are also priorities. With regards to these issues, the NCOP have promised to visit Greytown to monitor and evaluate progress.

Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, in her interaction with the Mayor and Speaker at the People’s Parliament has agreed to evaluate the upgrading of Greytown Home Affairs office.At the last meeting of the Umvoti Local Council it was resolved to embark on the process of street renaming. In this regard a 4 person ad-hoc committee consisting of all political parties whips represented in council, has been appointed to take this matter forward in terms of the appropriate legislation. This process will be an inclusive consultative one and endeavour to recognised Umvoti’s past and present histories as well as those who have made community contributions in creating better lives for all.

Finally Council will be establishing a one-stop communication point to facilitate the resolution of complaints by residents of Umvoti.



Pannar Seed is confident that its third attempt to obtain the go ahead from the Competition Court will be successful in regard to the proposed merger with US giant Pioneer Hi-Bred.

In a press statement issued last week, DuPont business Pioneer Hi-Bred and Pannar Seed confirmed that documents had been filed with the Competition Appeal Court to appeal the Oct. 14 decision by the S.A. Competition Tribunal, which prohibited Pioneer’s proposed acquisition of a majority share of Pannar. This upheld the decision by the S.A. Competition Commission last year to prohibit the deal. The partnership has been approved by regulatory authorities in Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Swaziland, Tanzania, and Zambia.

“Pannar has been a family-run business operating in Africa for more than 50 years,” said Brian Corbishley, Pannar chairman. “We are keenly aware of the challenges facing small-scale and commercial farmers in South Africa and Africa and are confident that this partnership would benefit our customers and our employees by bringing cutting-edge technology and additional research investment to South Africa, thus giving South Africa the opportunity to remain a seed technology leader for the continent, as well as an effective export competitor on world grain markets.” Pioneer President Paul E. Schickler. stated that his company is committed to increasing agricultural productivity in South Africa and throughout Africa and firmly believed the partnership would supply farmers with better seed products faster and more efficiently than either Pioneer or Pannar could do on its own.

Pioneer and Pannar believe that compelling evidence was provided during the three-week hearing that the transaction would not be anti-competitive. The Competition Tribunal indicated that it will release the reasons for its decision in the coming weeks.



Umvoti Municipal personnel were shocked to hear the tragic news on Monday morning that a popular colleague Vusi Henry Nene had been shot and killed on Saturday night in the Hermannsburg area.

Vusi, who joined the Municipality in 2009 acted as driver and body guard for previous Mayor Petros Ngubane and since May this year has been the very well liked and committed caretaker of Greytown Town hall.

Kranskop Police spokesman reported that they had received a call on Saturday evening at 9.30 that a man had been shot at Mhlazane. The Police found 40 year old Nene lying dead on the ground outside his house - he had been shot in the face. A 9mm cartridge and pistol was recovered.

Police have arrested three suspects who will appear in the Magistrate’s Court this week. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Investigating Officer, Warrant Officer Sibiya of Kranskop Police at 082 411 6589 or 033 444 1632

Umvoti Municipality will hold a memorial service for Mr Nene on Thursday at 10 a.m. in the Town Hall . The funeral will be held at Hermannsburg on Saturday 19th at Hermannsburg.


‘We shall remember them” (Remembrance day/poppy day/Kranskop)

At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month World War One ended in 1918 with the declaration of peace which, people throughout the world believed, would last forever and forever. But sadly there has never been lasting peace and millions have lost their lives in wars fought in so many different countries. Special ceremonies are held on 11th November, Remembrance Day to honour those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

In Kranskop a wreath laying ceremony took place at Fort Cherry on Remembrance Day. Following the flag hoisting conducted by Rob West, Capt Ventress and Lt Col Minnaar the traditional two minute silence in honor of fallen heroes was held.

Geoff Newlands conducted the prayers and also gave a very interesting and a highly informative talk on Fort Cherry. Amongst those who laid wreaths were Lt Col Minnaar , Rob West and Nick Zachariou.

A long list of members of the armed forces, emergency services as well as members of the farming community killed while serving the community of Kranskop was read out , (amongst them: Supt Chonco, W/O M R S Dube, W/O A Mew , Sgt D Naicker, and Cst Booysens).

Kranskop Police, Kranskop Farmers Association and Kranskop Build It would like to upgrade the small monument at Fort Cherry and update the Roll of Honor. Anyone with any information or suggestions please contact W/O T. Steyn on: Steyn or phone Kranskop Police Station on 033 444 1608.

Unfortunately Fort Cherry is in was a fair amount of panic after the battle of Isandlwana and a house belonging to D’Almaine on the farm Krantzkop was fortified and entrenched in January 1879. At the same time a fort was built on a nearby hill and completed within four days by men of the 3rd Battalion Natal Native Contingent under the command of Captain Charles Cherry This fort was one of a series of Signal Forts from Ladysmith to Durban. As soon as enemy movement was spotted signals, using mirrors only, were flashed from one fort to the next until the signal reached Durban!

In a report in “Zululand War of 1879” by Laband and Thompson they comment on Fort Cherry: ”drunkenness was a feature of life there, a state of affairs no doubt exacerbated by Boredo m.The doctor was often incapable through liquor, the officers drank heavily, and one committed suicide, apparently in a state of delirium tremens.” His grave stands alone still at Fort Cherry.

A plaque stands at the ruins -evidently the original was a bronze plaque - the replacement has the original words.


aQuelle Hermannsburg Mudman countdown

Hermannsburg School’s Mudman 2012 is just around the corner! This Multi-Sport- Event is a chance for all tri-athletes to challenge themselves to bring out their best. Hmb’s Mudman track is said to be the most picturesque and offers exquisite views of the school’s setting, around the dam, bird hide and the plantation.

Full Distance race is a 750m open water swim or 4km paddle, 20 km cycle and 5 km trail run.

Half Distance race is a 375m open water swim or 2km paddle, 10 km cycle and 2,5 km trail run.

There are lots of goodie bags, T-shirts and medals for all entrants and finishers, as well as some great prizes to be won and there will be adequate marshaling, first aid, security and assistance along the route for all competitors.

This is guaranteed to be one of the most entertaining multi- sport weekends in the Mudman series so pencil “Hmb Mudman” into your diary for 4th February next year!



Greytown Country Club 14 Nov 2011

Vijay Roopai lost out on the attendance draw money on Friday as she was not present at the time of the draw. R800 can be yours on Friday 18 Nov when you attend the draw at 6:30pm.

Over the next 4 months, ending on 31 January 2012 there will be a golf challenge open to all NGU golfers! Karl Bartels has kindly donated a 42” LCD TV with a tv scanner that can be yours at the end of this challenge. The competition is an individual bogey stableford. Rules are up on notice board at the club. Anybody interested can contact the Club on 033 417 2441. The entry fee is only R10 added to the normal green fee\competition fee.

Umvoti Tyres golf day is playing on Saturday. The format is a 4BBBS and R120 entry will pay for your green fees, halftime and supper. Some great prizes are up for the winning so please enter. Entry list is up on the Club’s notice board or phone Elmarie on 0334172441 to enter.

Dates to diarize

Sat 19 Nov – Umvoti Tyres golf day

Fri 25 Nov – Happy hour sponsored by Umvoti Fuel & Oil.

Sat 3 Dec – Mascor monthly mug

Sat 10 Dec – Bring & take Hackers day



KZN Turf Managers Association (TMA) held its monthly meeting at St Cathryn’s last week Tuesday with twenty six visitors attending the meeting and sixteen playing golf after the sponsored meeting and talk hosted by Jeff Joubert from Biotechnica. Turf managers also known as green keepers enjoyed their visit and meeting and after the golf rated certain aspects of the golf course.

Ratings were done on tee boxes, fairways and greens and a typical rating would include the mowed areas, disease control and the general “look” of the course. Special emphasis is placed on heights of cutting, conditions of the rough and speed of the greens. On the day of the visit our rough was classed as tough and the greens were running quite true. Diseases on the greens had a good rating, taking into account that spring treatments had not been done, their over all condition was classed as fair to good.

Many comments were also made by the TMA members of the “slow and quiet” golfing conditions experienced on their courses and all were hoping that the Christmas holidays bring golfers in large numbers out to play.

Special thanks to Vegworx and OK Grocer for sponsoring of the prizes -the winners were delighted with their vegetable packs and meat hampers.

Results of the nine holes played:

Winners : Kevin Searle’s Team, (Royal Durban)

2nd: Paddy Carlisle’s Team (Controlled Irrigation)

Farmers Agri –Care Monthly Mug was played on Saturday 12 November , and with some members away on tour, a smaller field played and results as follows.

1st : Merwin Rabe Nett 69

2nd : Barry Oehme Nett 74

3rd : Klaus Kluver Nett 75 oco

4th : Zane Padoa.

Nearest to Pin 9/18th : Zane Padoa

Captains Putter : Carina Rommelspacher.

Supper on Friday 18th will be a Chinese Braai, to book please phone 083 269 1661 or 033 4441945



An interesting and free workshop to develop product and service quality in the tourism industry will take place in Greytown Town Hall on Wednesday 23rd November from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.. Organised by the Tourism Enterprise Partnership (TEP) the programme is focused on both business owners and staff and explains how to plan for good service, how to implement it and how to monitor success.

This training session is free of charge and therefore space is fairly limited - anyone wishing to attend must RSVP as soon as possible to; phone 011 860 3790 or fax 011 880 2740



9 November 2011

Greytown Rotarian Joan Dutton was caught by surprise when District Governor Rob Galligan announced the presentation of the prestigious medal to her at his visit to the Club on 2nd November -past President Tony was justifiably proud at this honour being bestowed upon his wife.

Joan has for the past five years been the prime mover behind Umvoti AIDS Centre helping and bringing hope to thousands of young and old, infected and affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic throughout Umvoti.


Greytown Rotarian Joan Dutton was caught by surprise when District Governor Rob Galligan announced the presentation of the prestigious medal to her at his visit to the Club on 2nd November -past President Tony was justifiably proud at this honour being bestowed upon his wife.


Stopping at a red traffic light on the corner of Bell and Durban Streets last Saturday evening the driver of the vehicle was subjected to a frightening and brutal attack. In her early sixties and frail Mrs X (she has asked that her name not be published) told the Greytown Gazette that she had locked her doors and the windows were shut when she stopped.

Next thing the glass in a small window behind the driver’s seat was smashed and a man reached in holding a gun to her head and unlocked the doors.

A second attacker jumped in the passenger seat and the gunman followed him. At gun point Mrs X was forced to drive into Shepstone Street. At the dirt off road alongside Umvoti Tyres the hijackers told her to drive down there and turn the vehicle round.

The hi jackers brutally assaulted and beat up Mrs X who was very badly battered and bruised -they then drove off in the vehicle.

Mrs X said that the hijackers left her there -she painfully started to walk to safety but said that no-one then or at the traffic lights had come to her assistance.

The hi-jacked vehicle was found shortly afterwards by Mr Nic Diedrick - the four tyres and the spare had been stolen as well the radio and battery.

Four people were injured in an accident on the New Hanover/Greytown road last Friday.Two teachers from Greytown Junior School, Mrs Z. Hadebe, who was driving and Ms Subramany - they were treated in hospital and are recovering from their injuries. A learner, Siya Xhosa was also injured and Ms G.N.Mole fe, a teacher at Indlovana Primary School was still receiving treatment at the time of going to press.



Craig Hinds, front man for Watershed, will perform in Greytown early in 2012 during his 40 show tour of South Africa.

With the theme “Laying new tracks” Craig will be showcasing both new solo songs and some old hits. On stage with him James Sunney on double bass and guitarist Ian Bushell.

An acclaimed songwriter he has worked with some of the big hit makers - the most recent with Sir Tim Rice .Old favourites such as Indigo Girl and Letters will feature as well as a selection of the new ones.

Greytown venue is the refurbished Green Bar on the outskirts of town.The evening will include dinner and the performance and Lee-Anne Bruss expects tickets to be at a premium -so phone her now on 082 415 5611 to book for this exciting opportunity to hear one of the country’s top artists.



South African Police Service KZN has issued a warning to the community, especially persons owning businesses, following recent robberies and housebreakings, where large amounts of jewellery and cash have been stolen and advises that the following preventative measures be taken:

· Avoid taking or keeping large sums of money into your homes – criminals generally study each and every move of their targets and know their pattern of movement - be vigilant at all times.

· If you need to move large amounts of cash – engage the services of a cash-in-transit company.

· Avoid keeping large amounts of valuable jewellery – even in your home safe – and more especially if you are a collector – ensure that your valuables are kept in safety deposit box at a reputable bank.

· Invest in security cameras, an alarm system or even a panic alarm – it is an effective deterrent.

· Be attentive when you are travelling to ensure that you are not being followed.

· Report any suspicious persons/vehicles in the vicinity of your neighborhood or residence to the Police immediately.

· If you are confronted by a criminal - do not try to protect your valuables; at the end of the day it is your life that is most important.

These are cautionary measures issued by the South African Police Service in the interest of your safety.



There has been a change in the dates of the final issue of the Greytown Gazette with the Christmas issue in December being on the streets on Wednesday 21st.

So deadlines for Christmas advertising is as follows:

Display: 12 noon - 14th December

Classified : 12 noon 15th December

Special Christmas greetings: 12 noon -14th December

(Cost R45 per message).

There will then be NO Greytown Gazette for 3 weeks -first issue of 2012 on Wednesday 18th January.

The Greytown Gazette office will close at 1 p.m. on Thursday 22nd December and re-open at 8 a.m. Thursday 12th January 2012.

An urgent appeal to schools to submit prizegiving ,end of year reports and photographs as soon as possible please.

Clubs, sporting bodies etc. are also requested to submit reports of events .

Churches are asked to submit details of services over Christmas for publication in the Christmas issue.



A chain of life saving links reaching back over the years clicked into place to save the life of a two and half year old last Wednesday.The toddler, Notsikelelo Shobe , lives with her mother in Enhlalakahle , but having been sick was being cared for by her 19 year old aunt Thembelishle Madonsela on the farm”Baltimore” owned by Jacques and Caroline Minnaar. They were in the garden when Thembelishle realised the little one was missing found her face down in the swimming pool...she rapidly jumped in and pulled her out.

Then the first links of that chain - years ago Caroline Minnaar had done a basic First Aid course, including CPR -she drilled her daughters, Thembelishle and others living on the farm and made them practise the techniques non stop.So Thembishlishle knew exactly what to do - although there was no sign of life -she carried out CPR procedures until the little one coughed up water and actually started breathing.

She then ran into the house to carry out the next link in the chain. To radio 911 for help. Here again everyone living at Baltimore had been trained from an early age - any problem -radio 911 for assistance

The call that a little girl had nearly drowned was not only picked up by 911 which dispatched an ambulance but also farmers Andy Buchan and Dave Carroll who immediately dashed to Baltimore to help.

Still another link to come. Arcadia now also on the Golf 911 radio system on hearing the appeal prepared the Trauma room and contacted Dr Ally who was there waiting for the patient to treat and stablise her.

Final link in this amazing chain of events - thanks to the prompt attention and care the little girl was stablised and on seeing her mother 24 year old Tembeka Madonsela - burst into tears and said she was hungry!

This incident certainly highlights the vital importance of children and employees been taught how to contact Golf 911 through the radio system and also how essential basic First Aid training is.

Lieutenant Colonel Caroline Minnaar told the Greytown Gazette that she urges all parents and employers to undertake such training and pass it on.

911 Chief Dave Carroll said that the chain of events once again proved how efficiently the 911 Control Room operated and what a benefit it was to the entire community.



Preschool children in Eshane are set to have long term benefits improved lifeskills through the introduction of Psychomotor Education programmes in March this year. Children growing up in difficult conditions are regarded as less likely to be ready for school, while children who have experienced good, quality education in the ECD phase progress well, once they have entered formal schooling. . So the psychomotor program has particular relevance in the Foundation Phase, as a Life Skill component. The program is based on Non Violent Communication and empowers the child with specific skills to negotiate conflicts peacefully. It helps the child to develop harmoniously in the Society. This program promotes independence, responsibility, self-discipline, self-esteem and respect.

. Children play freely with specific equipment, in a non-violent and non-prescriptive environment. Their freedom is conditional on a double rule “We do not hurt others, and, we do not hurt ourselves.” Psychomotor Educators respect and trust the child’s own unique “inner program” of development.

A survey was conducted prior to the start of the programme and now - both parents and teachers have reported changes in the children stating that previously children would fight but now they are able to negotiate and address the problem amongst themselves without involving adults and that is very remarkable. They are able to intervene when other children are fighting. Parent are also reporting that now the children are able to speak freely about their feelings and emotions which was something they were not free to do before attending this training.

Last week this project was launched by World Vision and handed over to Department of Education and the community. Five teachers from three Eshane pre-schools who have completed 62 hours of theory on psychomotor education were presented with their certificates by Inspector H. Khumalo.

World Vision has expressed its thanks to the following business for donations :Boeties transport; Mondi;Mr K Dladla, Vikindlala; Greytown Chicken Licken; Mr Bhovungana ;Community of Eshane .

The Pschomotor program will be introduced in Matimatolo in April 2012.

Report by: Sayinile Mzolo,

World Vision Umvoti Programme Manager

Salvia splendens, also known as Red Salvias, have to rank as one of the hottest flowering annuals available. It’s not just their long lasting, fiery colour that makes them so appealing as a summer bedding plant, it’s also the ease with which they grow and minimal maintenance that make them a must. With a just few trays of seedlings and minimal time, you can transform almost any area into a welcoming explosion of colour and charm.

Salvias enjoy plenty of direct sun, thus enhancing their rich red colour, although they do perform in dappled shade areas. Adding to their popularity is the fact that they aren’t fussy about their growing conditions and in turn this makes them ideal to those living in townhouses or those of us who have barren spaces to fill, as you are instantly rewarded with magnificent colour.

Salvias flower for long periods, through summer and can even push through into autumn if one deadheads regularly.

Information supplied by the Bedding Plant Growers Association. For more go to


911 fishing competition this weekend

Lots of interest is being shown in the Golf 911 Bass fishing competition organised by Umvoti Agricultural Society , as a fund-raiser for Golf 911 on Saturday 12th November. Cost is R80 per angler (irrespective of age). and registration at the Scope Dam Gazebo (Umvozana) .Anglers arriving after 12 noon will pay R50.Registration is between 6:00 – 6:30am and lines in at 7:00am. Lines up at 4.30pm. Prize-giving will be at 5.30pm.

At least 6 large dams are available within a 10km radius of the gazebo (maps will be available at registration). Kick boats, float tubes, small boats and sneaker motors allowed. The dams are not equipped with slipways, therefore no large boats and launching is done at own risk.

For the youngsters a clinic has been arranged and will be held between 1 and 2 p.m.- cost R50 per rod for anglers under ten

First prize for longest bass: R2,000.00 and numerous prizes to be won in different categories and many lucky draw prizes.

Bacon and egg rolls will be sold in the morning and braai facilities will be available (bring your own meat), a cash bar will be available.

Entry forms and pre-registration can be done with Leonie at the offices of Neil Reid (at the Wimpy Centre) during week-day mornings only.

For more information or should anyone be interested in donating prizes: contact David – 082 564 3289


Collect-a-candle campaign

There has been a very positive response to the appeal for candles and matches for students in rural households which do not have electricity.Many of these families have to share must one candle at night to provide limited light which obviously creates major studying problems.

Thanks to the iniative of Umvoti CMC Department of Education a candlelight campaign has been launched appealing for packets of candles and matches.

A large number of boxes of candles, packets and matches been dropped off at the Greytown Gazette offices and the Umvoti Circuit office at 162 Voortrekker Street. A big thank you to the businesses, individuals, schools and learners who have responded so positively.

This is an ongoing campaign so please more candles are required to light the way for the students.


St Cathryn’s News:

Over the last few months the word Trophy has been the buzz word around the world. Firstly the rugby world cup trophy has come and gone and many a South African was very disappointed with the trophy staying in New Zealand. Some bet huge amounts of money that it would be back but lost their bets, Then the Curry Cup Trophy that had a permanent position at Kings Park….never came back and has now found a new place at Coca Cola Ellis Park.

Then there was this trophy dating back to 1927 known as the “Smylie and Kemp Kranztkop Farmers Association” floating trophy for the most points won in the ladies section on the local show. This trophy was found on the South Coast and donated back to the Kranskop Farmers Association and it was for this trophy that the Farmers played on Saturday.

Farmers were paired up with golfers and played over nine holes for the silverware . The format was medal, Four ball Alliance ,American scramble and the handicaps were added together and divided by four. The farmers hacked, the farmers hit, the farmers moved the earth and the farmers played and judging by their comments at the 19th hole ( the one hole they were all able to Par) the farmers even enjoyed their golf. In the field were also golfers from the United States – Dr. Kevin Smith and Prof. Brian Steffeson with Prof. Sakkie Pretorius from the university of the Free State. Visitors from Scottburgh Kevin and Trish Beadsworth had the good luck , when they were visiting friends in the area to find themselves on the golf course among the farmers.

There was Jeff Newlands who had three” freshies” in one round, not to mention Rob West with one and Jack Karavaanpark with a pair.

Spectators and supporters of golf were disappointed not to have seen Hugo Ortmann and Thomas Shearing on the course.

Results:1st Liekie Steyn, James Hampson, Rob West and Murray Hampson 23 Points

2nd Mike Shuttleworth, Kevin Beadsworth, Trish Beadsworth and Francois Jacobs 26 Points oco

3rd Heino Duvel, Bodo Ortmann, Andre Mulder and Rolf Königkrämer

4th Edmund Duvel, Peter Rommelspacher, Jack Karavaanpark and Carl Ortmann 27 points

5th Rikus Kloppers, Sakkie Pretorius, Brian Steffeson and Kevin Smith 28 Points

6th Piet Nel , Jeff Newlands Erich Ortmann and Kelvin Swanepoel 37 Points

Nearest to Pin on the 2nd Rikus Kloppers

Nearest to Pin on the 9th Bodo Ortmann.

Medical student and St Cathryn’s member, Erik Kloppers was also in the prizes when he and his partner , Helgard Hanson won a golf tournament at Magersfontein Memorial in their Sasko golf day when they came in with 46 Points to win the competition.

New members to St Cathryns, are a pair of new chicks born to the Crested Cranes - the very proud parents guarded their new chicks that were hatched out last week and all members are waiting to see their prances on the fairways.

Farmers Agri-Care Monthly Mug to be held this Saturday 12 November , from 10h30 - and on Friday 11th we will have a bring and braai, to join in with these please phone Cathy this week 082 555 2661.



Five local bowlers from Greytown SAPS, Omo Di nkelmann, Ericka Fischer,Nokthula Mzila, BR Mkhize and Brah Myaka attend the SAPS national bowls tournament at Stilfontein.

Omo Dinkelmann, Ericka Fischer, Nokthula Mzila and Tienkie van Vuuren played in the KZN ladies team;Brah Myaka in the unisex team and BR Mkhize in the invitation team.

KZN came third overall and won a Bronze medal.Omo went thorough to the finals and won a silver medal - she was also selected for the National team;Omo and Erika won the ladies pair Plate and Erika playing for the national team against a Provincial team won silver.

Development players Nokthula, Brah and BR played exceptionally well taking into account this was their first national tournament.

On the home front it was heartening to see so many new faces on the greens last Saturday -there is still bowling green space from many more!

Finals of the selected pairs was played on Saturday between well seasoned pair, Erika Fischer and Omo Dinkelmann against Jack Drew and Derrick Balfour. Determined to put up a good fight against the men the score was 8 all after ten ends but then the men put on the screws to win the game 19 -12.




Thanks to the generous donation five years ago by SAPPI of the old Visick sawmills to Umvoti AIDS Centre thousands and thousands of people, young and old, infected and affected by the AIDS pandemic have been given help ...and most importantly hope.

Last Friday, SAPPI Managing Director, Hendrick de Jong, officially handed over the property and unveiled the plaque to commemorate the event. He said he was honoured to be able to have been part of what had been a dream but was now reality. SAPPI was based in many rural communities and did its best to improve the quality of life of the poorest of the poor. The company was very aware of drastic impact of the AIDS pandemic on so many lives . He congratulated UAC on the magnificent and comprehensive being done and said SAPPI was there for support wherever possible.

Philani Madi , Umvoti AIDS Centre , pointed out that in the past five years, from a handful of home based carers there were now 250fully trained home based carers operating on behalf of the Centre., In the past year 30 000 home visits touching the lives of 23 000 individuals. The contribution by SAPPI was highly valued and had led to changing the lives for the better of many.

Entertainment was provided by the talented dancers and drummers of Tholinhlanhla School and a brilliant speech by 13 year old Hezekiah Jali, a Grade 7 learner at Tholinhlanhla. Arbor Day was also celebrated with Mr de Jong planting a tree with the special SAPPI ceremonial spade. Many other trees which had been donated were also planted.

Unveiling the commemorative plaque, SAPPI MD , Hendrick de Jong with Martin de Kock and Neil Dobeyn and UAC Joan Dutton and Philani Madi.



Eight years after the controversial sale in execution of a Greytown house belonging to Stiphen Mkhize the Supreme Court of Appeals has upheld a decision handed down in the Pietermaritzburg high court by Judge Malcolm Wallis last year in favour of Umvoti Municipality.

According to the facts placed before the court, Mkhize and his late wife bought the vacant land in 1998 for R25 000 and built a house on it which was never completed. Following the death of his wife in 2000 Mkhize became sole owner of the property.

He never lived in the house but lived in another home which was also owned by him, together with other properties.

Umvoti municipality subsequently obtained judgment against him by default in respect of arrear rates and other charges he owed relating to the property, as a result of which a warrant of execution against the property was issued by the clerk of the magistrate’s court and a sale in execution followed.

The property was sold to Nalini Khan, employed as a credit controller by the Municipality, for R8 000 and was subsequently transferred to her brother, Navin Chetty. The property was thereafter re-sold on August 28,2004 to Vusi and Daphne Dlamini for R350 000.

The outcome of the court case was however based on a constitutional issue raised and not on the factual history.

In that regard the Supreme Court of Appeals ruled that judicial oversight (or a court order) before a property was sold in execution, was required only in order to protect the right to adequate housing enshrined in the Constitution, and applied only to execution against people’s homes.

In Mkhize’s case his right to adequate housing was not found to have been compromised as the house concerned was not his home, nor was it suggested he did not have access to adequate housing.

Report by Ingrid Oellerman



Bats in your ceiling? If so, get involved in bat research!

Research on roosting preferences of insectivorous bats in KZN, including Greytown and surrounding areas is being carried out at the University of KZN . These are the small bats that you may hear or see flying around street lights at night and a number of species roost in buildings . Dr Joy Coleman, lecturer in Biology Science Education ,School of Science ,UKZN, is conducting the survey and would really appreciate a response from anyone in Umvoti .As part of the research, records of the different species and numbers of bats roosting in buildings in the area will be updated.

The research team will visit the house or building as identified in Umvoti to determine the species as well as numbers and also advise on any problems being experienced in regard to the bats.,

If you do have bats please contact Dr Coleman with your name, address and contact details on 083 720 063 or email:

-she is very keen to include this area and its bats in the research.,


Going Dutch this Christmas


“Christmas in Holland” is the interesting theme of the Garden Club’s Christmas meeting to be held at the Beehive , Mooi River road, on Tuesday 8 November. Traditional Christmas biscuits and treats, Advent wreaths and a traditionally decorated hearth are just some of the interesting items to be enjoyed and demonstrated at the Garden Club’s annual Christmas function.

. In Holland the arrival of Sinterklaas is celebrated very early in December. At the meeting renowned Dutch cheesemaker, MJ Mook and others will be sharing a variety of interesting and delightful ideas for a Dutch themed Christmas. A selection of MJ’s delectable cheeses will also be available for tasting and purchase after the meeting.

To facilitate seating and catering, members and guests are asked to please respond with numbers attending to Sheila Redfern on 082 4867541 by Friday 4 November. Tickets are R30 for members and guests.

Members and guests are requested please to bring along a colouring-in book and box of crayons ( the short, chubby, pre-school type are preferable) to the meeting. Cash donations toward this project will also be gratefully received. These items will be contributed towards the LETCEE Toy Library which serves rural children throughout the Umvoti District.



A group of IFP marchers to lodge their protest against a number of issues relating to the ANC led Umvoti Council.

The IFP concluded by stating that if their concerns were not met within 7 days rolling mass action would occur and as “The IFP will make the Municipality ungovernable as a last resort.”

Turnout was not as large as anticipated as some transport from the outlying wards did not arrive.

Among the issues raised in the

memorandum presented to the acting Municipal Manager:

*Objection to removing the street name plaque of the IFP leader -demanding it be restored and replaced immediately

*Employment policy should be fair, transparent and involve the people and ward communities. Object to people without necessary skills and experience have been appointed.

*Abuse of Municipal properties and assets;private uys age of Municipal grader and tractor.

*Abuse in the usage of Municipal motor vehicles

*Restore pauper burials



South African Post Office Media office has urged customers who use surface mail to send their Christmas gifts abroad to send them now. This will make sure they are delivered in time for Christmas. It has also issued the following hints for the safe delivery of parcels:

*Parcels must be packaged securely, as they are transported in bulk.

*If your mail item does not fill the container, fill it with packaging material like shredded paper or polystyrene to act as a shock absorber.

*The Post Office sells strong, attractive boxes that can be used to send parcels.

Registered items can only be insured against non-delivery. This is due to the fact that the Post Office does not have control over the contents of a package, or the packaging material used and cannot accept responsibility for possible breakage.

Live animals and items such as bottles containing liquids - or any other material that could break, leak or damage other postal packages during conveyance – are not allowed to be posted.




What a fairy tale weekend it was for sport this weekend, with the Gauteng Lions winning the Currie Cup final. Many would say that this was against the run of play to beat a mighty Sharks team with all their Springboks back. It should have been a walk in the park……….and one would think without their previous Captain the Sharks could have pulled it off.

The same could be said about the St Cathryn’s teams from Kranskop...who would have imagined that they could march to the Alliance finals on Sunday in the KZN Inter club league tournaments played over the weekend down on the South Coast. What even makes this fairy tale even more exciting was that both their Frog teams managed this amazing feat.

Captains Paul Els and Mike Harrison lead their teams with great discipline and determination which inspired the teams to do well. What must also be mentioned is that the weather also played a big part in these victories to take the teams to the finals as the most perfect holiday golfing weather was experienced.

Other clubs that went through to the finals are Mt Edgecombe, Umhlali, Margate, Richards Bay and Vryheid to name a few and the final results in the Frog Alliance Finals played at Umdoni on Sunday

1st Mt Edgecombe F1 78 oco;2nd Umhlali F1;3rd;Maidstone F1;4th:AthloneF1;5th Margate F1;

Richards Bay F2;7th St Cathryn’s F2;St Cathryn’s F1

Port Edward F1;10th Umkomaas F1;11th Vryheid F1

Other results in a competition played within a competition as follows,

Best Player on Tour:Dieter Meyer on 71 points

Duggie Rheeder 69 points;Piet Nel and Piet Coetzee 68

Paul Els 62;Mike Harrison 58 points.

Frog1 201 Points;Frog2 195 Points

Dads and Lads :1st Mike Harrison Piet Coetzee and Duggie Rheeder; 2nd Paul Els Piet Nel and Dieter Meyer.

The players would like to thank their sponsors, TUTA Carriers Kranskop, Supa Quick Greytown, Meyer Motors King Williams Town and Freight Liner Pinetown.

Comments were made on how smart the players looked!!

This weekend the local Farmers’ Association members will be playing their fun Golf Day and the families enjoy the afternoon at St Cathryns too. This is a nine hole competition.

The next Farmers Agri-Care Monthly Mug will be held Saturday 12 November 2011, to play please contact Piet 083 269 1661.




Sitting at your desk at night learning by the light of a bright lamp have you ever wondered how the many students living without electricity cope ?

In many rural households in Umvoti just one candle is shared providing limited light for the family’s requirements.

Being aware of what a problem this is to so many the Umvoti CMC Department of Education has launched a candlelight campaign. Project manager is Mr T.L. Mvubu , who with the full backing of Circuit Manager Mr N.H.S. Radebe is running the campaign and can be contacted on 084 300 1961.

Please drop off candles - one packet or more (and matches to)at the Greytown Gazette or the Umvoti Circuit office at 162 Voortrekker Street or telephone the Project Manager to collect.

24 high schools fall within the Umvoti Circuit and 1 295 matrics are currently writing the end of year exams .

Your assistance in donating a packet of candles -costs average around R7.95 would really be of considerable benefit to hundreds of students in Umvoti.


strap heading:Speaker’s Corner FROM PEOPLE’S PARLIAMENT TO FRAUD!

Last Wednesday the Umvoti Council meeting was held at Cele Tribal Court, Matimatola and the following important resolutions were taken.

*. Council has resolved to sell excess housing which it owns.. It will retain 4 homes for essential critical staff. It will dispose of land in Enhlalakahle, Kranskop and Greytown through a transparent fair process which will endeavour to give first time home owners, a chance to participate.

*. KPMG which is conducting the fraud investigations, presented a confidential report to Council. Subsequent reports which will be made public, should be available in November.

*Next week the Peoples Parliament, will be set up in Nqutu. It is important that all role-players and stakeholders within uMvoti and Umzinyathi , and member of the public who wish to have a say in their future attend these sessions. Transport and food will be provided for those interested. This is a full scale Parliament with legislation, members of parliament, the President and an array of Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Chairs of Committee’s, MP’s, NCOP members, MPL’s, district and local councillors, AmaKhosi and special interest groups attending. For further details, contact the speaker Ahmed Shaikh, on 081 471 9671 , or Dorcas Zondi on 033 41 391 98

* On Friday the mayor, deputy mayor, speaker and senior municipal officials met the Minister of Housing and Public works, Ms Maggy Govendor in Pietermaritzburg. Emanating from this meeting, it was agreed that the present 493 houses which are nearing completion, would be increased to accommodate people living on the flood plain, and in the old Enhlalakahle area.

An implementing agent for the slum clearance site, has been appointed, and roughly another 1000 plus houses, will be built to ensure that both squatter camps will be eliminated once and for all. It was agreed that RDP lower and medium cost housing will be the next urgent priority. This would then eliminate those living in the coloured area squatter camp, and will accommodate those in the ‘”old Greytown” waiting list.

Extension 9 (on the Lake Rd) will be developed as an upmarket estate.

. Priority has been given to creating rental stock in Greytown and Kranskop.

The next council meeting will be held in Ward 3 - Eshane.



Happy Hour was on Friday 28 Oct. Thank You to Richard Cyrus from JIKELA for sponsoring the meal and to Greytown Beer Distributors for sponsoring the SAB beer. The night was a great success and the winner of the Jackpot was Corrie Krause. Kasten Meyer took the Chivas and Hayden Chiazzari and Ginny v Rooyen won the consolation prizes. Thank You to the Goble family for supplying the music.

Over the next 4 months, ending on 31 January 2012 there will be a golf challenge open to all NGU golfers! Karl Bartels has kindly donated a 42” LCD TV with a tv scanner that can be yours at the end of this challenge. The competition is an individual bogey stableford. Rules are up on notice board at the club. Anybody interested can contact the Club on 0334172441. The entry fee is only R10 added to the normal green fee\competition fee.

Cheese and Wine festival is on Friday the 4th of November. R35 per person includes snacks. Bring your credit cards as there will be a selection of cheeses and wine for sale. Please support the Club.

Mascor monthly mug is playing on Saturday 5 November. T-off from 12pm, everybody is welcome

We would like to say thank you to the Mason Family and Richard Cyrus for donating towards our Golf Classic. A printer’s gremlin got into our reports and we neglected to mention these sponsors. Very sorry about that, please know that we do appreciate your sponsorship greatly!

Dates to diarize

Fri 4 Nov – Cheese and Wine

Sat 5 Nov – Mascor Monthly mug

Sat 19 Nov – Umvoti Tyres golf day



Between them these seven Greytonians have made their mark at College in Pietermaritzburg as follows:Matthew Phillips was awarded his rugby and water polo colours while Ryan Odendaal received his colours fro rugby and was named the 1st XV most dedicated player for 2011.Michael Cyrus received honours for Shooting as he was selected for the KZN A shooting team and did well in the national championships. Ryan Blaker was awarded Academic honours and was in the top 10% in trails. Both William-Waide Slater and Nick Rottcher excelled at off road motor cycle racing.

Ebrahim Shaikh was selected as the for the second year running. He has his Natal colours for debating.

Back row: Matthew Phillips ; William-Waide Slater; Ryan Odendaal Middle row Nicholas Rottcher, Michael Cyrus; Front Row Byron Blaker.


The quality and range of material which can be produced by the state of the art brand new multi print photo lab at Greytown Drugstore is absolutely fantastic. Scrap bookers, photo enthusiasts, family pictures, calendars, cards -you name it - all can be impeccably developed.

Members of the public will be able to see for themselves at the official launch ceremony at Greytown Drugstore on Thursday 10th November from 4 p.m. Please contact Jolene on 033 413 2157 if you would like to attend so that an invitation can be sent to you.





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