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25 January 2012



Four years after the shooting of Greytonian Police dog handler Ageet Mewa and the wounding of his colleague Navin Maharaj, the killers were sentenced in the Pietermaritzburg High Court last Friday to life imprisonment plus 110 years each for aggravated robbery.

Acting Judge Kobus Booyens, sitting with assessors, found Tholinhlanhla Zuke, Mbongeni Zungu, Musawakhe Maphumulo, Siyabonga Cebekhulu and Wiseman Zuke guilty of murder and armed robbery.They were also found guilty of a robbing a private security guards of his service pistol and hi-jacking three motors while making their getaway . They were members of a gang of about 12 heavily armed men who had come from Johannesburg to rob Aheers Supermarket on 28th November 2007 an operation, the Judge said, which had been planned and executed in military fashion.

On that morning, round about 8.45, a gang of heavily armed robbers, wielding high calibre rifles and hand guns stormed into Aheers supermarket from Voortrekker Street.. About nine robbers forced staff and customers to lie on the floor at gunpoint whilst the store manager was forced to open the safe

Greytown Dog Unit Inspector Ageet Mewa and Inspector Navin Maharaj were driving past on a routine patrol in Voortrekker Street, unaware of the armed robbery taking place. It is assumed that gang members thought the Police had been alerted and fired a volley of shots at the Police van tragically killing Inspector Mewa and seriously wounding his partner.

One of the customers in the store managed to sneak a call to 911 Ops Centre who alerted the Police and security personnel who p[promptly swung into action. Gang members hi-jacked three vehicles and sped off on the Kranskop road as well as having a number of their own vehicles on standby in the area surrounding the store

. In the ensuing chase, a Police helicopter spotted three of the gang who had crashed one of the vehicles-they were arrested .A further three were arrested in a roadblock near Ahrens;one robber who opened fire on the Police was shot dead. All in all by 5 p.m. that afternoon nine members of the gang had been arrested; a number of firearms and ammunition recovered as well as 11 cellphones. A cash till was found in the old public toilets in Maitland Street

Five of the gang were sentenced to life for the murder of Ageet Mewa and 20 years each for robbing six people in the store ;15 years for the attempted murder of Navin Maharaj;15 years each for robbery of a number of vehicles;a .38 special revolver and six rounds of ammunition.In addition they were given a further 15 years for the murder of one of their accomplices, Cljimpi Mdlolo, who was killed in the cross fire of shoot out with the Police.

Maphumulo received a further 15 years for the possession of fully automotive AK 47s ;Zuke and Zungu were given an additional 15 years for the possession of semi-automatic pistols and all three were given another 15 years for possessing handguns with the serial numbers filed off and a further one year each for the possession of ammunition.

An accomplice, Bheki Xulu, who gave evidence for the prosecution , said he was one of the getaway drivers parked nearby to ferry the robbers from the scene, but he panicked and left them behind when he heard gunfire. The Court accepted Xulu’s evidence as being reliable and honest. He also attested that the gang had planned in advance that if they left stranded by the getaway vehicles, which in did happen, they would hi-jack vehicles to escape.

An application for leave to appeal against their sentences was refused by the Court.

The Greytown Gazette in reporting the murder and robbery on 7th December 2007 recorded the shock and sadness of the community on the death of Inspector Mewa and the injury to Inspector Maharaj.



For years drivers and passengers travelling the Greytown/Pietermaritzburg road have complained about the killer road and the total and complete lack of policing to ensure that the rules of the road are followed. Traffic officials apparently ignore these complaints -despite the high accident, death and injury rate.

But someone has at last done something positive. A petition appealing to the Minister of Transport to improve the policing of the killer road has been place in many outlets in Greytown and surrounds. Members of the public are requested to sign these petitions - just name, signature and address is required.

The completed petition will be submitted to the Minister of Transport and hopefully there will be more than enough signatures so that action be taken, on an official level, to -turn it in the non-killer road.


Cable criminals cut chat

It would appear that, like the rhino horn attackers, cable thieves are also been allowed to conduct their taking ways without any interference. As seen in the photo a bakkie load of 700 metres of cable was recovered by Field Security last Tuesday morning, having found it on the side of the main road at the Chailey turn off.The cable had been taken from the turn off to the railway bridge. And thumbing their noses again at Telkom the cable thieves removed another 200 metres the following night

A spokesman for Field Security appealed to the public to be on the alert - the gangs apparently are now stealing early in the evening -please if you see anything suspicious contact the 911 Ops Centre ( 033 417 2911) so that action can be taken

Telkom clients in  Seven Oaks have been without landline connections for the past few weeks -irate subscribers informed the Greytown Gazette that Telkom had indicated that it would not be replacing and restoring the lines in the near future.  Telkom has not stated how this conforms with its status as a public service provider.



What an opening! The enthusiastic audience came from far and wide for the first event at Greytown’s newest and exciting venue - the Shed,

an extension of the Green Bar which was officially opened on Saturday 14th January with an excellent performance by well known South African band ,Watershed.

The superb and professional entertainment was seen , enjoyed, and applauded by many Greytonians and visitors - much to the delight of Craig Hinds, lead-singer of Watershed.

Those who were not able to obtain a ticket can relax... as the Band asked the organisers to arrange a repeat performance in about a year’s time.

The acoustics, according to the expert and the audience were excellent in the carefully designed venue.

As the evening’s entertainment was an overwhelming success the organisers have indicated that there will be many more live performances in future at The Shed.


St Cathryn’s news

The Farmers Agri - Care Monthly Mug played on Saturday 21st saw twenty eight golfers play for the January mug in near perfect golfing weather. The first three ball set off ahead of schedule because they arrived early from Durban and the rest of the field tee’d off in fifteen minute intervals. A new competition within a competition was held whereby golfers had to enter separately for either the Mug - medal competition or the Individual Stableford or both.

A daring pin position on the twelfth green tested all golfers and the Local rules board note “ Don’t attack the pin” but golfers being golfers attacked the pin, with Kobus Cronje landing a mere meter away from this pin and landing himself in the prizes with a lovely bottle of Schnibble Gerken produced by Ruth Rabe.

Results: Farmers Agri -Care Mug

1st Rob Martin nett 64.

2nd Merwin Rabe nett 69 oco

3rd Mbongeni Khumalo.

Nearest to pin 9/18th Barry Oehme.

Two Club: Ewald Kohne.

Individual Stableford Comp:

1st Rob Martin 44 Points

2nd Merwin Rabe 39 points.

At prize giving the Farmers Agri- Care sponsors had apologized for not being present due to other commitments, and so Rikus Kloppers- sponsor of the wine for the year, for the nearest to pin on 9/18, then welcomed the many golfers and took us through the winelands of the Cape. A short wine tasting session followed - where some of the wines were sampled, and the late staying golfers, Rikus included, mentioned that the wine was of top quality. Wally Gevers had not much to say about his egg sponsorship, but thanked all housewives for purchasing his products. Each golfer also received a pack of six eggs to take home. Thank you to all members and visitors for their support.

On Sunday six of our golfers enjoyed the Jens Jug competition in Greytown with Liekie Steyn and Paul du Preez and Mbongeni Khumalo and Sbonelo Khumalo in the prizes. It was a lovely outing to Greytown golf club and we say thank you for a lovely day and a scrumptious meal.

Thank you to all members who have renewed their membership and paid their subs, anyone who would like to join the club please contact Piet 083 269 1661.

This Friday 27th there will be a bring and braai – please phone Heidi on 083 3209 044 if you would like to join in.



An urgent appeal is made to businesses and generous fit and able individuals to assist a group of dedicated disabled athletes to attend the annual wheelchair challenge in George.

Two years ago the Greytown Disabled Sports Association was founded by Umvoti People with Disabilities - with the

assistance if the Department of Sport and Recreation wheelchair racing was introduced to disabled athletes in Greytown and district.

In 20 10 and 2011 a Greytown group took part in the Outeniqua wheelchair challenge in George and the Hermanus wheels and runners race thanks to the support of local businesses, community members and Umvoti Municipality. Five bronze medals were won in 2010 and one gold, a silver and ten bronze, as a team, in 2011. Because of these achievements the local athletes have again been invited to take part in the event at George from 16th to 20th February.

Twenty wheelchair athletes from Greytown and surrounds, with 10 support members could attend but desperately need financial assistance for food and accommodation. A local school in George will provide accommodation at a discounted R80 per day - a total of R4 800 for the 30 people for two days. In addition funds are needed to buy food for the two days of travelling and two days in George.

Team captain Bongani Mkhize (072 745 5457) and Umvoti Disabled Forum chair and sport co-ordinator Sbongiseni Jaca (076 898 8712)told the Greytown Gazette that an approach had been made to the Municipality for assistance as Greytown is considered a nodal point which needs development for the disabled.

There are limited facilities for the disabled in the area - please give something to enable them to take part in this challenge - contact Bongani or Sbongiseni or the Greytown Gazette.



We want to remind our members that their subscriptions for 2012 will be due from the 1st Feb. You are welcome to contact Elmarie on 0334172441 if you have any queries.

Wednesday’s golf competition was an Individual stableford and the winner was Pieter Caljouw and second was John Rawstorne.

Louw Lotter lost out on the money from the member’s draw as he was not present on Friday at the time of the draw. R700 can be yours on Friday 3 Feb when you attend the draw at 6:30pm.

Sunday 22 January the annual Jen’s Jug played. A very big thank you to the Mason Family for a very successful day! Jack & Di we really appreciate all your time and efforts that went into making this day such a big success. The food was delicious and the golf prizes were worth playing for. 56 golfers were impressed with the condition of our course and it is all because of Freddie’s hard work and dedication, thank you Freddie.


1st – J Anderson and P Anderson on 48 points

2nd – P Schwarz and G Schwarz on 44 points oco

3rd – S Rowley and T Larkan on 44 oco

4th – C Sykes and N Sykes on 44

5th – J Mason and M Mason on 43 oco

Nearest pin ladies: P Paul and P Mnculwane

Nearest pin men: D Khumalo and B Frost

Longest drive ladies : C Sykes and J Mason

Longest drive men: N Aheer and M Hlongwane

Longest day ladies : E Nxumalo

Longest day men : V Singh

Thank you to everybody who entered and contributed to this event.

Friday 27 Jan will be our first happy hour for the year and we would like everybody to come and join us at the Club. R20 will put you in the draw to win R1000 or a bottle of Chivas Regal. Greytown Beer distributors will be sponsoring the SAB beer. Food will be a pig on the spit.

The Karl Bartels TV Competition ends on 31 January. Remember to get those rounds in to qualify. The entry fee is only R10 added to the normal green fee\competition fee.

Dates to diarize

Fri 27 Jan – Happy Hour

Sat 28 Jan - PUGS



It is all systems go for the 2012 academic year and along with school books and uniforms parents will be thinking about what to give their kids for school lunches.

Studies show children perform better at school and have less health problems later in life if they take healthy meals to school.

According to Claudine Ryan, registered dietician (SA) for Compass Group Southern Africa, a perfect lunchbox contains food items from all six food groups.

“It is important that starches, proteins, fruits, vegetables, dairy and limited amounts of fats and sugar are used.. This might sound like a lot of food to include, but with a little bit of creativity and planning it can be simple.”

Check the following food groups tips:

· Bread, cereal and starch group. Include one or two portions of unrefined starches and choose items with a low Glycemic Index (GI) such as a bread sandwich, whole wheat crackers, mielie bread, baby potatoes and pasta salads for sustained energy and concentration.

· Protein group. Include one portion of lean protein such as mini fish or meat balls, grilled chicken strips, chicken kebabs, lean roasted beef, shaved cold meat, boiled egg or egg mashed with low fat mayonnaise, low fat cheese fingers, peanut butter or 30g of lean biltong.

· Vegetable group. Include two portions of fresh vegetables – at least 2 different colours - such as cucumber wedges, raw French beans, snap peas, green and red pepper strips,cherry tomatoes, baby beetroot, carrot rings or salad, small button mushrooms, pickled onions, asparagus spears, coleslaw, raw vegetable kebabs or mixed salad.

· Fruit group. Include one or two portions of fresh fruit such as green melon cubes, grapes, kiwi slices, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, watermelon cubes, blueberries, orange and naartjie segments, pawpaw cubes, mango strips, apple, pear,fruit kebabs or fruit salad.

· Dairy group. Include one portion of low fat or fat-free dairy, like Mozzarella wedges, processed cheese wedges, cream cheese, yoghurt and flavoured milk.

· Fats and sugar group. Include not more than one serving of fat and avoid added sugars, sweets and sugary drinks. Healthy fats that can be included are low oil mayonnaise or salad dressing, avocado, margarine in tubs, peanut butter or nuts.

It is also important that parents should include suitable drinks to pack such as water, homemade ice-tea or diluted fruit juice.

Parents should avoid items that contain hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, sugar, colourants and preservatives, fizzy drinks and other cold drinks with a high sugar content, as well as processed foods like packaged soups, noodles , pies and doughnuts.

Issued on behalf of Compass Group SA by Meropa Communications


Story with a happy ending!

Early on Thursday afternoon, a domestic employee found a 4 year old boy on the pavement in Kelly Street - he was clutching a lunch box and was obviously lost. After informing her employer,Mrs X,telephonically she took the little one to Greytown Police station round about 3.30 in case his parents or family were looking for him. The charge office did not have any reports but wrote down the cell number of Mrs X - just in case. The lost boy’s father visited the charge office shortly afterwards to report his missing son but unfortunately the information was not passed on.

The young man only knew his first name - no surname or where he lived. The next morning, a report was received that a distraught mother was in Pine Street desperately looking for her lost son. Mrs X and Gangai Moodley of Pannar Security rushed to Pine Street but she had already left. But miraculously the pavement vendors had the cell phone number of the father!

He was phoned immediately and was actually at Indlovana Primary School in the hope that someone might bring his son to the school. Very shortly afterwards the tearful but actually very happy and relieved parents and son were reunited.


She wants to help others...

It hasn’t been an easy ride for 20 year old Nanjabula Phungula but all she wants to do is to help those who are less fortunate than she.

Nanjabula passed her matric well at Phathizwe School in 2010 and has been accepted by the University of Johannesburg to fulfil her lifelong dream of obtaining a degree in social work .She told a Greytown Gazette reporter that she wants to do this degree to qualify to help others.

Her mother and 14 year old brother are both HIV positive and do not receive any grants. In an attempt to save some money for her education, Nanjabula started work as a domestic -her employer, Mrs Luvuno was so impressed with her intelligence that she has encouraged Nanjabula to do her utmost to obtain further education and training.

If anyone can assist please call Nanjabula on 076 232 4445.



The weather was once again just about perfect and tennis players rocked up ready to take on the new year challenges.

Five courts were played and the sixth court was kept for all the youngsters who came along to improve their skills. After tennis a large crowd gathered and enjoyed a drink and snacks and welcomed ex-Greytonian, Roelien Steyn, who was visiting from Holland.

Next Saturday social tennis will start at 2 p.m.and all players new to the game or who haven’t played for a long time are invited to join in the hit and giggle session starting after four.. Be sure to bring the youngsters along After tennis there will be a bring and share braai.



It was not good news at last Thursday’s full Council meeting when a representative of the Auditor General presented the final report for the 2010 / 2011 financial year which ended on the 30th of June 2011.After three years of unqualified (clean)audit reports, the final report which covered the final term of the IFP Council reversed the previous trend -mainly through lack of fiscal discipline.

When the new Council took office in June last year after the Municipal elections one of the first actions was to initiate a forensic audit -KPMG .was appointed and its final report is currently awaited. In the AG report, reference is made to the irregular expenditure (in the 2010-11 financial year) of R4.34 million as a result of supply chain management regulations not being followed. Obviously this is one of the many aspects being thoroughly investigated in the forensic audit which will expose all fraudulent activities and irregularities.

. Cost of the the KPMG report is at R3 800 million but this is money which has to be spent to root out all corruption.

Because of this background, Council has been forced to cut back expenditure .One of the areas affected is street cleaning as the number of temporary workers has been cut. But to ensure that the cleanliness of the town is retained Council is considering small units to empower staff to allocate sections of streets to be cleaned, grass cut etc. It is envisaged that money to assist such small units in purchasing necessary equipment could be obtained from Government sources



Rowing, at least in KZN, is sadly misunderstood. It is either confused with canoeing or, if the difference is known, is perceived as a sport only pursued by two-meter-tall clones of ‘Conan the Barbarian’ with the staying power of a jumbo jet. Whilst this is true at the highest level , the fact is that rowing can be, and is, enjoyed by all manner of folk in all manner of ways; youngsters from the age of about twelve to octogenarians, male and female, and even people with disabilities can all take part at a social or competitive level.

Rowing develops cardio-vascular fitness and uses every muscle in the body. It develops strength and flexibility and, because there is no impact on the joints, is suitable for even the most sedentary of individuals.It is an ideal activity for families; with crew combinations of one to eight rowers in a boat, all but the largest can find something to suit!

There is a friendly and welcoming club based at Albert Falls Dam, right in our midst! The club house has excellent facilities and is fully wheel-chair friendly. The club’s boats range from the “social outing picnic” variety to top of the range racing shells, and include two which have been especially adapted for wheel-chair users. The club’s experienced coach will help you get started

Further information can be obtained from Hilary on 082 292 0115 or email .


BIZARRE JANUARY HOLIDAYS Public holidays in January are few and far between - but in America the following bizarre are listed . It is extremely unlikely however that any are regarded as public holidays! January 1 is . . . . .First Foot Day and Z Day(enables anyone whose name starts with “z” to stand first in line ) January 2 is . . . . .Run Up the Flagpole and See if Anybody Salutes It Day January 3 is . . . . .Festival of Sleep Day January 4 is . . . . .Trivia Day and Humiliation Day January 5 is . . . . .Bird Day January 6 is . . . . .Bean Day January 7 is . . . . .Old Rock Day January 8 is . . . . .National Joy Germ Day and Man Watcher’s Day January 9 is . . . . . Play God Day January 10 is . . . . Peculiar People Day January 11 is . . . . National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day January 12 is . . . . Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day January 13 is . . . . Make Your Dream Come True Day and Blame Someone Else Day January 14 is . . . . National Dress Up Your Pet Day January 15 is . . . . Hat Day January 16 is . . . . Hot and Spicy Food International Day and National Nothing Day January 17 is . . . . Blessing of the Animals at the Cathedral Day January 18 is . . . . Winnie the Pooh Day January 19 is . . . . National Popcorn Day January 20 is . . . . National Buttercrunch Day January 21 is . . . . National Hugging Day January 22 is . . . . National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day and National Blonde Brownie Day January 23 is . . . . National Handwriting Day, National Pie Day, and Measure Your Feet Day January 24 is . . . . Eskimo Pie Patent Day January 25 is . . . . Opposite Day January 26 is . . . . Australia Day January 27 is . . . . Punch the Clock Day and Thomas Crapper Day ( the man who invented the flush toilet) January 28 is . . . . National Kazoo Day, Clash Day, Rattle Snake Round-Up Day January 29 is . . . . National Cornchip Day January 30 is . . . . Escape Day January 31 is . . . . National Popcorn Day



Whilst every effort is being made by Umvoti Municipality to keep the streets and verges of Greytown clean and litter free the powers that be apparently have developed blind spots in regard to what have now become permanent fixtures in the town. These photographs tell the sad tale of just two of these problems:

This information sign in Shepstone Street has greeted visitors to the town for the past two years face down. Please note that the grass is carefully cut around the sign but at no stage has there been any attempt to restore it to its former glory!

For the past six months this stop street on the corner of Cooper and Scott Streets has been blacked out by vandals...and no action taken to sort it out!


18 January 2012


Death and destruction saw the old year out as a freak storm and tornado wreaked havoc in parts of Muden and Msinga affecting close to 4 000 people. Between 4.30 p.m. and 6 p.m. winds, hail and rain flattened homes,destroyed stock and crops;damaged vehicles and caused the death of 8 people


Mr MJ Ndawonde (CPF Deputy Chairman), Capt. PS Mncube (SAPS Muden Station Commander), W/O Thusi (Social Crime prevention SAPS Muden) and Ms Sbongile Dladla (VSSCPP), handing over blankets to Boyce Dladla,one of the many devastated residents in Opathe as a small token of the concern of the Muden SAPS to the> affected community

Damage estimated at least of R10 million was caused in a matter of minutes.

Muden CPF chairman, Rupert Mare stated “wind damage could be seen in a 500 metre belt which hopped, skipped and jumped with a one kilometre swathe of hail damage on either side”

Lee Cilliers of Pecana farm,one of the farms in the path of the storm,told the Greytown Gazette that it was literally within a matter of minutes that the blasts of small hailstones snowed the ground and with the tornado winds shredded trees and crops, blew roofs off and demolished buildings. Houses in the Mtinjini valley and Opathe , and three farms, were right in the path of the storm which,within minutes, did a 90 degree turn and swept down to Msinga and Tugela Ferry to cause as much devastation there. Nquthu was also in the line of destruction but not quite as severe as the storm had lost impact.

Statistics given to the Greytown Gazette on Monday by Mr M.C. Hadebe Umzinyathi Disaster Management Chief are that a total of 3930 people affected ;totally damaged houses 921;partially damaged 910; 8 deaths reported with still one person missing and 80 people were injured. Eight schools are struggling at the start of the school year as children sit in roofless buildings - a church was also destroyed.Mr Hadebe said that there had been significant support from Government departments and essential services with everyone working towards providing relief from the thousands affected.

In an interview with a Greytown Gazette reporter Lee Cilliers said that the response of the people of Greytown and district, and further afield , had been absolutely amazing. Although food parcels had been handed out, many had still not eaten by Monday morning - their last meal had been prior to the storm on Saturday. It was decided that bread was the quickest and easiest source of food as there were no cooking facilities,and there were generous and prompt donations from SASKO from Ladysmith, Aheers and Star Bakery. Cash donations had been used to buy food and there had been many donations of clothing etc. Tents were provided for the homeless by Umvoti and Umzinyathi Municipalities, together with blankets , food parcels , plastic ground sheets etc.

Umvoti AIDS Centre obtained a R10 000 donation from Rotary which was put to provide food parcels for the poorest of the poor who had lost everything in Muden and Msinga.

As quickly as the storm arrived it went - followed by heavy rain which together with trees, telephone poles, roofs, buildings etc, made many of the roads almost impassable -three bridges were damaged as the rivers and canals filled with water.

But later in the evening, throughout the night and the following days, the sound of hammering could be heard as many of the residents repaired , if they could, their houses. Agricultural firms and the Department were promptly on the scene providing seed to be planted to replace the destroyed crops.

The Greytown Gazette, on behalf the people affected and the many officials and ngo’s involved, is appealing for building materials, clothing, blankets, tinned foods etc. Please contact Mr Hadebe on 071 671 0741 or Umvoti AIDS Centre (033 413 2745) in regard to building materials. Clothing, blankets etc can be dropped off at the Greytown Gazette office for distribution.


Smart detective work by Field Security personnel combined with mugshots captured on camera at the scene of crime number one led to the capture of four light fingered suspects as they were planning crime number two!

On the evening of Wednesday 7th December, the staff of Chicken Licken in Sergeant Street were held up at gunpoint by 4 robbers who grabbed cash and then fled in a vehicle. Field Security responded to a panic call , but were unable to find them after searching the area. However they checked the camera footage.

On the evening of Saturday 17th December Field Security personnel, who were patrolling at Engen Quick Shop saw four men in the forecourt - one was armed. They overheard the four talking about robbing Engen and moved towards them but the gang started running towards Bell Street. However the four would be robbers were soon caught and apprehended by the faster security officers who also recognised the four from the camera shots taken at Chicken Licken. Knives and one illegal firearm were recovered.

Friday the 13th lived up to its name when another would be robber was apprehended by Field Security after he had broken into Hip Hop Kulcha in the early hours of the morning.




Greytown RTI (KZN Transport) owes the residents of the town an explanation in regard to the way traffic is regulated in Durban Street, Greytown. The experience is that

· The traffic officials park the patrol vehicles under the trees near CrossRoads Café and then spend hours on end sitting in the vehicles with tightly closed tinted windows instead of pulling motorists over for-

Ø Exceeding the 40 km/h speed limit between Scott and Shepstone Street or

Ø Parking on the road surface to pick up passengers opposite Cross Roads Café or

Ø Blocking the entrance or impair the vision for vehicles leaving or entering the premises of the Greytown Children’s Home and the flats directly opposite the café.

· Between 16:00 and 07:00 and during weekends the sight of a traffic officers is very rare and then –

Ø Durban Street is being used as a speed track by motor cycles, motor cars and even heavy haulers. The speedsters must appreciate the privilege of having a speed track in town! Now all that is needed is for the RTI to remove the ridiculous robot at Shepstone Street and the 40 km/h speed limit then the speedsters won’t feel guilty when they ignore these traffic signs.

Ø The overloaded and non-roadworthy vehicles start using the road. These vehicles are revved to the limit in an effort to make it uphill and thus causing excessive noise.

Please explain why speed humps can’t be erected to deter motorists from speeding?

Irritated motorist


half million rand counterfeit goods recovered

In the first of a series of “operation counterfeit” raids carried out last Thursday members of Nike and Adidas companies, Greytown Crime Prevention and Crime Intelligence personnel confiscated clothing and shoes from six shops visited.

The owners of the six shops searched were given a warning and fines which varied from R500 to R 5 000.Two shops each in Bell Street,Sergeant Street and Pine Street were targetted. by the team.

In all 1 080 items to the value of R518 000 were confiscated.

The counterfeit team have issued a warning to all shopkeepers selling counterfeit clothing and goods that this is a criminal offence and that the Policing raids will be carried out on a regular basis.


aQuelle Hermannsburg Mudman Watch

Hermannsburg is ready to host the aQuellé Mudman on Saturday, 4 February!

We are aiming for record entries of close to a thousand participants. With a steady increase in entries over the past 13 years, the Hermannsburg Mudman has become a popular mega multi-sport event, televised by SuperSport on DSTV.

This is an excellent opportunity to be close to nature. You can appreciate the beauty of the surroundings of the track, while breathing in the fresh, clean country air and re-energising yourself.

If you are not that energetic, perhaps we could tempt you with a good lunch, some traditional German cakes and treats, and exciting action sport to watch.

You can either enter the full distance race: 750m swim or 4km paddle, plus a 20km MTB ride and a 5km trail run; or the half distance race: 375m swim or 2km paddle, plus a 10km MTB ride and a 2.5km trail run.

Both full and half distance events can be completed as an individual or by teams of three.

Spur Mudskipper Adventure, where children under 12 can take part in a mini-multi-sport event in different age groups, promises to make the day an amazing experience for the whole family. Here you can see 3-year-olds riding their tricycles, 4-year-olds doggy-paddling with all their might through the pool, and moms or dads running with their little ones across the finish line. But the most rewarding sight is the proud smile when they receive their medals!

For further information or to enter the race go to: or contact 071 483 1707.



St Cathryn’s News.

The Christmas holidays and New Year’s public holidays combined with pleasant golfing weather saw a number of golfers turn out on the course. Special mention must be made of Erwin Brunkhorst who arrived to play at his home course before he went back to the sand dunes of Oman, and made a welcome return to the fairways with borrowed clubs. His first comment was how big the trees had grown, how lush and green the fairways are and the greens with grass, because in Oman the old type golf courses have “No Trees….No Grass Fairways…No Greens with Grass…”

He took on a supposedly soft target in the form of Klaus Kluver but after the game at the nineteenth hole, he had to pay up his skins and with the 30 to 1 exchange rate of Rand to Rial, he took out the money with a smile.

The family golf day at Sakabula golf club, drew sixteen golfers and the winners were Carl and Shane Groenewald, Shane Smith and Dale Michau. Runners up were Mike and Justin Harrison, Steve Nel and Nick Harrison. We would like to mention that in this small field of golfers there were three father and son golfing combinations making it a truly family golfing outing. Up One Farming supplied the transport and would like to thank them for the free use of their vehicle.

Most of our members have renewed their membership and we thank all members for their commitment.

This coming Saturday 21st, the Farmers Agri- Care Monthly mug is to be played. We are inviting all members to bring along a non- member or golfing friend to be part of our Mug competition, where we will allow all visitors to play in a separate Individual stableford competition, whilst being part of our Farmers Agri -Care Monthly Mug day.

This format will from now on allow any person to be part of our Mug day and indicate before tee- off, if they are in the Medal competition, the Individual Stableford competition or playing in both.

Current negotiations with KZNGU in regard to development golf funding are at an advanced stage, and feedback from the golf union is awaited. We will let the interested parties know the results as soon as we know them.

The club has negotiated a new set of competitions for the year – there are now three Triangular Competitions between St Cathryns, Mandini and Darnall, with the first competition to be held at St Cathryns on Sunday 25 March . The aim is to enjoy the golf and have time to socialise afterwards. As many players as are able to play are welcome to join in for the day and there will be lunch – but please book for catering purposes.

The fishing has been good and some impressive sized bass ( 2,5 – 3,3 kgs ) have been caught and released – this is a closed dam, and fishing is allowed by special arrangement and R 30.00 rod fee. We are waiting for the Blue Gill and Tilapia to be more on the bite.

We look forward to a busy year on the course and wish all members and friends a very happy and healthy 2012. To book for golf please phone Piet 083 269 1661.

Supper this Friday will be curry and rice – to book please phone 082 555 2661.



Umvoti Municipality Speaker, Councillor Ahmed Shaikh comments:”We kicked of with good news last Monday when we visited together with National Parliamentarians, District and Local Councillors and the new SEM for Umvoti District Mr. T.L. Mvubu ,the best performing school in the Umvoti circuit -Ophini High school.

This school lies on the banks of the Tugela River, some 2 hours by road in Ward 6, What struck as we entered the school, that despite the excruciating heat at 45ºc, the learners who where well disciplined, neatly attired and committed to being educated. We were also impressed with the Principal and educators all young, and most from outside the area ,who too were neatly attired with ties.. It attained a 100% pass with 50 of the 68 matriculants obtaining Bachelor degree passes. The school, which is definitely under resourced does not have a computer lab. The next day the delegation proceeded to Elsi Mtshali Combined School. What struck us as we walked into the school were the ornate Slasto paving and a plaque indicating the involvement of the American Corporation together with Masonite having funded the school. . We were horrified to discover the schools Matric results had plunged from 77% for 2010 to 46% for last year 2011 - of the 16 students that passed, not one attained a University entrance pass. . Although the school has a computer lab it is non-operational.

The ugly scene on the Tuesday faced us when an old man Mr. Shandu who was blind fell into a long drop toilet at Lindilani squatter camp and died. The structure around him had to be destroyed in order to remove his remains. It is sad that Umzinyathi District Municipality despite been warned severally by the NCOP to urgently address the water and sanitation problem at Lindilani and Tent Town have failed to act.

Over the New Years weekend parts of Muden and Msinga were devastated by a horrific tornado storm. A number of lives where lost and homes destroyed. Umvoti Municipality together with the Umzinyathi Disaster Team and Local Councilors including the Mayor, PG Mavundla were on the respective areas/scene. Tents and blankets together with food parcels were distributed to those affected.

Council has resolved to sell all its staff houses accept houses that needs for essential staff. Further all vacant land will be sold. This includes the roughly 20 plots on the Lake road (Extension 9) that overlooks Greytown together with all the plots of land in Enhlalakahle, Kranskop and Greytown areas.The bases upon this been sold will be such that no speculators and exploitation occurs. Only first time potential home owners who wish to build will be afforded the opportunity to buy one plot only with a time clause.In the interest of transparency this will be sold with upset prices to public auction.

Council is going to be very busy in the next three months with Ward Committees been up and running with training taking place. Further each ward will soon call public meetings to prioritize their most urgent needs around Capital Projects.

This Thursday 19th of January , sees one of the most important meeting taking place in council at which the adjustment budget and financial report will be presented. This feeds the IDP which informs the budget for the next five years. The Auditor General together with officials from the Department of Provincial of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Provincial Treasury, Provincial Finance Officials and other Senior Officials will be present when the Auditor Generals report is present to council for consideration.

The Council will start at 10 a.m. in the Council Chamber

All members of Public are urged to attend as in terms of the Constitution Public participation and involvement in Local Government affairs is critical.


Greytown country club news

Welcome back to everybody! Back to the swing of things we would like to remind our members that their subscriptions for 2012 will be due from the 1st Feb. You are welcome to contact Elmarie on 033 417 2441 if you have any queries.

Mrs. P van der Merwe and Conrad Fourie and Mr. PG Mavundla lost out on the money from the member’s draws, during the holiday period, as they were not present at the time of the draws. R600 can be yours on Friday 20 Jan when you attend the draw at 6:30pm.

Thank you very much to Joha and Stevan Wilken from Greytown Beer Distributors for sponsoring the meal and Happy Hour on Friday 6 Jan. It was very successful and well supported. The pig on the spit was very delicious. .

Mascor monthly mug played on Sat 7 Jan. with some golfers we have not seen on the course for some time. Hopefully that means that 2012 will be a very successful golfing year.


1st – S Bondesio on 68 nett

2nd – G Schwartz on 70 nett

3rd – M Steyn on 72 nett

Best stableford G Ngubane on 35 points

Sunday 22 January is the annual Jen’s Jug. R150 entry includes green fee , halftime and lunch. The competition is a mixed better ball and a shotgun start at 8:30am. Entry form is up on the notice board or phone the Club to enter.

Friday 27 Jan will be the first happy hour for the year and we would like everybody to come and join us at the Club. R20 will put you in the draw to win R1000 or a bottle of Shivas Regal. Greytown Beer distributors will be sponsoring the SAB beer. Food will be a pig on the spit. Thank you to all the sponsors.

The Karl Bartels TV Competition ends on 31 January. Remember to get those rounds in to qualify. The entry fee is only R10 added to the normal green fee\competition fee.

Dates to diarize

Sun 22 Jan – Jen’s Jug

Fri 27 Jan – Happy Hour

Sat 28 Jan - PUGS



Greytown Pannar Engen Junior Tennis Tournament

Results of the popular junior tennis tournament held in Greytown last week which was organised by tennis coach Derrick Brown and sponsored by Pannar and Engen are as follows:


8 and under: winner: John Yeadon

runner up: Keegan Brown

Boys 10 and under: winner: Michael Chiazzari

runner up: Luke Poree

girls: winner:Calista Muna

runner up: Amy Cope

Boys 12 and under: winner: Ross Goble

runner up: Luke Ogelsby

girls winner:Hannah Tedder

runner up: Nicki McGie

Boys 14 and under: winner: Ryan Slotow

runner up: Michael Darroch

girls winner:Erin Jarvie

runner up: Elke Engelbrecht

Boys 16 and under: winner: David Callegari :runner up: Jaron Roper

girls winner:Tess Miles ;runner up: Rachel Jarvie

Girls 18 and under: winner: Jennifer Slotow;runner up: Rachel Barnard


8 and under: winners: Keegan Brown and Leah Tedder

runner ups: Jack and John Yeadon

Boys 10 and under: winners: Michael Chiazzari Luke Poree ;runner ups: Guy Daugherty and Callum Norris

girls winners : Amy Cope and Melissa Dutton

runner ups: Stella Ogelsby and Calista Muna

Boys 12 and under: winners: Ross Goble and Tim Norris

runner ups: Luke Ogelsby and Sachin Singh

girls winners: Nicki McGie and Hannah Tedder.,

runner ups: Ashleigh Mason and Jamie Buchan

Boys 14 and under: winners: Joshua Meyer and James Tedder ;runners ups: Ryan Slotow and Toby Miles

girls winners:Erin Jarvie and Elke Engelbrecht

runner ups: Jean Botha and Sasha Botha

Boys 16 and under: winners: David Callegari and Troy Greyling

Girls winners: Jennifer Slotow and Rachel Barnard

runner ups: Luke Barnard and Jaraon Roper

girls winners: Jennifer Slotow and Rachel Barnard

runner ups: Tess Miles and Sabrina Miles

Mixed:10 and under winners: Michael Chiazzari and Amy Cope;runner ups: Luke Pore and Calista Muna

12 and under: winners: Sachin Singh and Hannah Tedder

runner ups: Ross Goble and Nicki McGie

14 and under: winners: Luke Barnard and Jean Botha

runner ups: Lance Comins and Kyla Buchan

16 and 18 and under: winners: Ryan Slotow and Jennifer Slotow;runner ups: David Callergari and Sabrina Miles

Organiser Derrick Brown expressed his appreciation, on behalf of the players , to Pannar for its generous sponsorship and to Engen/Barcellos for the food sponsorship during the tournament.

A big welcome back to all Greytown Tennis Club members and look forward to a year filled with lots of tennis and fun! Former Greytonian and wellknown tennis player Roelien Steyn will be at the tennis club this Saturday -anyone who would like to see her - please be there round about 6 and bring along a plate of snacks.



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