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30 May 2012


“This is good news for our customers, employees and for South Africa”said Pannar chairman Brian Corbishley

on the announcement on Monday that the competitions appeal court had approved the merger between PANNAR and Pioneer Hi-Bred International,a US based agriculture company which is a subsidiary of multinational company DuPont.

The Competition appeal court overturned rulings by both the Competition Commission and Tribunal which had found that the merger would lessen competition in the South African seed market as it would reduce the number of seed producers. The Appeal Court’s approval is subject to certain conditions.

They suggested there were other international players that would be interested in Pannar. Swiss agri-business Syngenta indicated it would consider acquiring Pannar after recently announcing investment of $500m into Africa.

Competition authorities in other African countries,where approval was required, have already given the green light to the transaction including including Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Swaziland, Tanzania and Zambia. The financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Earlier this month, Duponts sub-Saharan Africa president said that the tribunal had overlooked certain considerations in turning down the merger which would bring new technology and additional research investment to South Africa working with government, ngo’s and farming communities, both small scale and commercial.

Pannar chairman added that Pioneer was an ideal partner for the long term growth of the company stating that “This is a substantial investment of capital and expertise in South Africa and a vote of confidence in the future potential of agriculture in Africa.”



Find your way among the stars at a special fundraising stargazing evening to be held on Saturday 9th June on Waldecke farm, Hermannsburg at 6 p.m. Its being organised by NTE to raise funds for the Enseleni school, an extension of Hermannsburg Combined School with 200 Grade 1 to Grade 3 learners. Tickets are R70 for adults and children under 13 free. Its a real family event - take along a picnic,blankets and don’t forget to dress warmly! There will be a welcome warming bowl of soup and rolls for guests on arrival.

Making it even more special ,an astronomer from Johannesburg will talk about the stars -he is bringing a telescope with him for guests. The astronomer will hand out a map, advise on how to use it to find their way around the sky. It is suitable for using with the naked eye, binoculars and obviously if anyone has a telescope.

All proceeds will go towards purchasing white boards and other much needed equipment for the school.

As numbers are limited please phone Suzanne on 082 425 5215 to book for this very special event.



On  one hand Department of Rural Development state they are fast tracking valuation of lot 194 Marina Beach the Muden community is claiming and that the land acquisition should be completed by the end of this year.</p><p>But on the other hand  the community say they have heard this before and cannot trust this Department .

KZN Premier last week appointed a task team with the MECs of the Departments involved to negotiate the way to a satisfactory conclusion and senior representatives attended the meeting called by the Muden community on Sunday

Department of Safety and Security head, appealed to the community that whilst negotiations were underway, there should be no road blockades, as these are illegal. COGTA was also present.They also pointed out in detail  to the community members concerned that services could not be installed until the land acquisition was finalised

Apparently , because of the past broken promises by Government department officials, the community is not prepared to accept that negotiations are really underway and that by the end of the year the land will belong to them and services can then be installed

Spokesman for the group , in a press release on Monday to the Greytown Gazette ,demanded that the Mayors and leadership meet them next Sunday ,failing which the spokesman said “we are going to embark on a campaign to mobilise everybody in the Muden area and surrounding areas for the total closure of the road permanently and in other areas around Greytown till services are put and land is acquired.”



Umvoti Municipality, on behalf of Eskom , has issued a warning to consumers not to fall for a current scam doing the rounds that Eskom’s primary banking details have change from FNB to Absa.

The document is on an Eskom letterhead and looks “official” but a spokesman for Eskom states that it has not changed its banking details and this fraudulent document must be ignored.

For further information please contact Eskom Group customer services on 011 800 3740



heading in red please

•Every landowner on whose land a veld fire may start or burn or from whose land it may spread must (as a result of refuse pits, angle grinders, welding torches, kids playing with matches, fire breaks, block burning)

to have such equipment, protective clothing and trained personnel for extinguishing fires as are—

•prescribed; or

•in the absence of prescribed requirements, reasonably required in the circumstances;

ensure that in his or her absence responsible persons are present on or near his or her land who, in the event of fire, will—

•extinguish the fire or assist in doing so; and

•take all reasonable steps to alert the owners of adjoining land and the relevant fire protection association, if any.

•A landowner may appoint an agent to do all that he or she is required to do in terms of fire break burning.

•A landowner who has reason to believe that a fire on his or her land or the land of an adjoining owner may endanger life, property or the environment, must immediately take all reasonable steps to notify

•the fire protection officer; and

•the owners of adjoining land; and

do everything in his or her power to stop the spread of the fire.

•Any person who has reason to believe that a fire on any land may endanger life, property or the environment, may, together with any other person under his or her control, enter that land or land to which the fire can spread in order to prevent that fire from spreading or to extinguish it.

•The fire protection officer generally will take control of fires which cannot be managed by the landowner.





Patrick O’Sullivan, Caroline Minnaar, Jane O’Sullivan and Vanessa Williams were all selected for the SA Veterans to take part in a triangular series against Zimbabwe and Zambia, held in Bethel on 19th and 20th May.

Unfortunately the Zambians only arrived the evening before the tests, so were not very convincing in their first outing. They improved during their second test on Saturday and even managed to beat Zimbabwe in a very close encounter during the third test played on Sunday. .

Traditionally South African female polocrosse players tend to struggle against the Zimbabwe women but the ladies stunned the opposition with Caroline combining with Richmond’s Karen Cocker to play sublime polocrosse whilst smashing the Zimbabwe lady Vets. Her efforts earned her the title “Best Lady Player”. Jane O’Sullivan marked her opposite number tightly all weekend ensuring her continued selection in the B team. Vanessa Williams started out in the C team, but was rewarded for her efforts by being selected as a 1 in the B team for Sunday’s final section decider. In order to at least win a section, Zimbabwe swapped their entire men’s sections, and proved too strong for the B team. Patrick O’Sullivan, Steve Gilson (Swartburg) and John John Rutherford (East London), bulldozed their way through all opposition thrown at them, and convincingly beat Zimbabwe to retain the All Africa Series Trophy - Patrick O’Sullivan won the “Best Male Player”.

Voted best male and female polocrosse players in the Veteran tests against Zambia and Zimbabwe -Caroline Minnaar and Patrick O’Sullivan with their trophies.



Happy Hour was on Friday. Thank you to Keith Cowie from Wimpy and Greytown Beer distributors for sponsoring this event. Grant Gifford was the big cash winner and Keith Norton took the bottle of Chivas Regal. Miss C Hampson and Mrs. R Joubert took the consolation prizes.

Saturday the Hackers teed off from 12pm with 44 enthusiastic golfers. The day turned out to be very enjoyable for all the hackers. Thank you to the NDTLF for making this day possible and also for sponsoring the prizes for these up and coming golfing talents.


1st team – P du Preez & D Cunningham & R Furniss & W Pitout on 22 nett oco

2nd team – B Ngubane & H Pretorius & F Botha & R Botha on 22 nett oco

3rd team – B Mlangeni & M Thusi & T Buthelezi & S Zondi on 22 nett.

Congratulations to all the golfers that came to support this fun golf day. Encouraging and promoting golf is our goal together with the NDTLF.

Member’s attendance draw will be on Friday 1 June with the jackpot standing at R1900. To avoid disappointment make sure that you are at the Club between 6:30pm and 7pm and you could be walking away with the cash.

Our golf section has started individual leagues for Club members and will play every Wednesday and Saturday (except on Monthly Mug Saturdays) until February next year when the champions will be crowned and receive trophies and the grand prize.

Mascor monthly mug is playing on Saturday 2 Jun with t-off from 12pm. Entry is R40 and it includes your halftime

Sunday 3 June is ladies invitation golf day with a shotgun start at 8:30am. R130 entry includes your halftime and lunch. Please phone 0334172441 to enter with one lady and 3 guys per team. The format is a combined better ball where teams of 4 will be split into 2 teams of 2.

Cheap as Tuesday sponsored by Mascor and Greytown Beer Distributors - burger and chips and SAB beer for only R30 from Tuesday 5 June this special will run on a monthly basis on the first Tuesday of every month.

Dates to diarize

Sat 2 Jun – Mascor\NLDBT Monthly Mug

Sun 3 Jun – Ladies invitation

Tues 5 Jun – Cheap as Tuesday


LETCEE fun walk to LILANI

Following on the success of last year’s fundraising fun walk LETCEE is holding one again on 16th June to Lilani. Open to all ages participants can choose to walk, 2,5 or 10 kms from the start to the famous Lilani hot springs resort.

There will be free transport from Lilani to the start or there is safe parking at the start and transport back after the finish/ Entry fee is a minimum of R50 per adult and R30 for under 15’s.

Food and refreshments will be on sale and the five hot pools open to all.

To enter please sms your name to 082 858 0819 or email

Money raised by LETCEE, a non profit organisation which has provided Early Childhood Development training to many thousands of women in rural areas which has enabled them to contribute to the provision of good quality preschool education to the children in these areas.



From the courts

An action packed weekend of tennis is planned for the 2012 Supa-Quick Championship and Handicap tournament. One of the more active members celebrates her birthday this weekend, so come along and enjoy some tea and eats while you watch some great tennis. Saturday tennis will be followed by a “bring and share” or alternatively give Mom a break and support the local take-aways and enjoy the meal with the players at the Club.

The following matches have been scheduled for play this weekend:

Saturday - 13h30

1.Pierre Steyn vs. Juan van der Vyver (c)

2.Mike Barrow vs. Ian Hill (c)

3.Darryl Evans vs. Thuba Mzila (c)

4.Eric Nefdt vs. Herman van Rooyen (c)

5.Mazwi Simelane/Ivanna Dede vs. Steve and Collette Muna (c)

6.Steve and Cathy Cope vs. Josh Meyer/Penny Cutten (h).

Saturday - 14h30

1.Ian Hill/Juan van der Vyver vs. Mazwi Simelane/Erik Nefdt (c)

2.Thuba Mzila/Hermien Steyn vs. Herman van Rooyen/Penny Cutten (c)

3.Steve and Collette Muna vs. Pierre Steyn/Pam Paul (h)

4.Martin Platt/Sue Thomson vs. Willie Weideman/Julie Cotterrell (h)

5.Ian Redfern vs. Mike Barrow (h)

6.James Goble vs. Mark Thomas (h)

Saturday - 15h30

1.Hermien Steyn/Ivanna Dede vs. Pam Paul/Trish Kohne (c)

2.Lance Comins/Thuba Mzila vs. Karl Bartels/Herman van Rooyen (c)

3.Mike Barrow/Hillary le Roux vs. winner of Copes/Josh Meyer/Penny Cutten (h)

4.Darryl Evans/Ian Redfern vs. Ian Hill/Pierre Steyn (h)

5.Eric Nefdt/Mazwi Simelane vs Gordon le Roux/Guy Platt (h)

6.Lynne English/Corne Nefdt vs. Erika Gevers/Sylvia Varty (c)

Sunday - 10h00

1.Phil Waller/Martin Platt vs. Darryl Evans/Dieter Meyer (c)

2.Lance Comins vs. winner Eric Nefdt/Herman van Rooyen (c)

3.Michael Yeadon vs winner James Goble/Mark Thomas (h)

4.Kelsey Edkins vs Penney Waller (c)

5.Hannah Pride vs. Erika Gevers (c)

6.Ruth Drew/Sue Thomson vs. Kerry Evans/Kyla Buchan (h)

Sunday - 11h00

1.Kelsey and Wendy Edkins vs. Hermien Steyn/Ivanna Dede (c)

2.Winner Darryl Evans/Thuba Mzila vs. winner Mike Barrow/Ian Hill (c)

3.Michael Yeadon/Andrew Mason vs. Steve Muna/Phil Waller (h)

4.Mark Thomas/Herman van Rooyen vs. Karl Bartels/Louw Lotter (h)

5.Penny Waller/Penny Cutten vs. Pam Paul/Carol Adendorff (h)

6.Lance Comins/Thuba Mzila vs. Willie Weideman/Kobus Uys (h)

Should you be unable to play, please contact your opponents and Ashley Cotterrell (082 415 0525).


Mascor/Rawstornes winter warmth campaign

Warming up in front of a heater wrapped in a fluffy warm blanket?That’s great when the winter chill hits - but there are a lot of people young and old, who spend the winter suffering from the cold as they have no warm clothes and not enough food.

To assist those in need, MASCOR and The Rawstornes have launched a winter warmth campaign to collect blankets, clothing for young and old, canned and non-perishable foods would also be appreciated.

Drop off points at MASCOR, The Rawstornes or Greytown Gazette office . If you would like goods to be collected please phone Sue on 0433 417 1344 or 084 5176717




Can something not be done about the loading and unloading of lorries and other vehicles opposite the Post Office Post Boxes? Some days it is an absolute nightmare with vehicles double/treble parked loading/unloading and people trying to get in/out of parking for the Post Office, plus the traffic up/down the road – to say nothing of the pedestrians dodging around all of this – and the mess it is causing!!

There does not appear to be a designated loading zone there so surely it is illegal!! Or are Greytown Traffic Police turning a blind eye?

Frustrated motorist!


St Cathryn’s news

A Golfer teeing up on Saturday, was rather surprised and embarrassed when teeing off on the first his ball shot off to the left, hitting one of the two Eskom poles behind the tee box and total distance travelled…..5.7m.

The outcome of the incident after many comments from the rest of the four ball, about slowing down your swing , to turn your right hand further around, was that the luck was on the golfers side, because rule six on the score card states “ Should your ball hit an overhead Eskom or telephone wire or pole, the stroke must be cancelled and replayed without penalty. ” In fact the only penalty that was taken was the drink the golfer had to buy the other players as is the norm when a golfer does not reach the ladies tee.

A fairly large Eagle owl has been spotted at St Cathryn’s and it joins the long list of feathered inhabitants on the golf course and one must keep a look out for it when playing the eighth or when entering the front gate. A few Pied Kingfishers have moved in near the revitalised water feature and the Hadedas have kept to their Sunday morning ritual in waking all guests at the crack of dawn. The giant Kingfisher pair have their favourite spot on the deck of house no 4, but do like to visit the clubhouse when no-one is there.

The Farmers Agri-Care monthly mug is to be played on Saturday 16 June 2012, and a reminder to members of the triangular competition to be played against Mandini and Darnall, at Mandini on Sunday 24th June.

Supper on Friday night 1st June is a Bring and Braai, all welcome to join, just let Piet know that you are coming. To book for golf and / or meals please phone 083 2691661.



23 May 2012


As the  Muden dispute  continues with in creasing frustrations   many questions remain unanswered.The main question of course being why is it taking so long - 12 years -for the Government to pay up and out to settle  the matter.

 Basic outline is that community members want  their  own  land on which services, electricity and water can be installed for them. The land on Lot 194 Marina Beach has been identified with the owner  being  a willing seller. Negotiations have been underway for 12 years accompanied by  constant delays,excuses  and hold ups on the part of the Government Departments and officials.

Obviously this has led to total  frustration on the part of the community which took the decision over a month ago to disrupt daily life in the area so that Government would take notice and actually do the necessary to purchase the land in question now.

But  of course it  hasn't  worked out like that.   Since 12th April, the Greytown to Muden road has

blockaded at all hours of the day and night. This has led to a major breakdown in daily life for all members of  all communities. Taxi  drivers and workers have lost income;school children have lost days of valuable education time as teachers at first were unable to reach their schools but in the past week were threatened with violence if they tried to teach. Many who are dependent on Greytown for schooling and income have  had to stay home.  Millions of rands have been lost by corporate businesses losing out on equipment been delayed by the blockades and millions more will have to be spent to repair the damage to the road surface from heavy  rocks been rolled back and forth and burning tyres .

But there is light at the end of this dark tunnel.  At a meeting held last week at the Muden Police Station to discuss the impounding of stock, representatives of COGTA and Department of Safety and Security undertook to speak to Department of Land Affairs officials to get them to fast track  the matter as a matter of urgency.  These representatives undertook to report back to community representatives  at a meeting  this Thursday at the Muden Police Station.

Muden community spokesman , Jeffrey Ngobese told the Greytown Gazette, after a meeting on Monday afternoon with the community, that they had agreed not to close the road between now and the meeting. Jeffrey said they were depending on these Department officials to achieve something positive with Land Affairs to fast track. If however they did not  the community would meet again to discuss further action.


COUNCIL DRAMAS. In a shock and unexpected move, Umvoti Mayor P.G. Mavundla “suspended the Umvoti’s 9 IFP Councillors ont he grounds that they were no longer members of the IFP and therefore could not serve as Councillors.

This he claimed arose out of the statement by IFP President Mangosuthu Buthelezi on May day that his party members must renew their membership through re-registration. The Mayor claimed that this implied that tall memberships had been terminated and that the IFP Councillors be placed on “special leave” until the matter was resolved.

However this is challenged in that Party members can only be suspended when a letter is received from the party stating so.

The attorneys , representing the IFP Councillors have sent a letter to the Council requesting that the recommendation taken be rescinded by 21st May, failing which an urgent application to set aside the resolution will be submitted.



The Umvoti Fire Protection Association is focused on the achievement of the following objectives, for the benefit of its members and the broader community:

•To inform and train our community on the risks of fire and to ensure fire prevention and planning is used to mitigate fire in our area.

•For the Umvoti FPA area of operation to enjoy the respect and support of our community.

•To ensure planning and resources are in place to proactively ensure communities within the Umvoti FPA area of operation are appropriately protected in the context of rural fire reduction, readiness, response and recovery.

•To ensure fire suppression is coordinated and effective.

•To ensure minimum equipment and personnel standards are met or exceeded while not compromising operational efficiency or effectiveness.

•To ensure landowners are educated about forest and rural fire prevention.

•To implement a personnel fire fighter training program designed for all members to receive the training of their choice from a minimum of basic training to crew leader and specialized courses.

•Provision of quality maps to our volunteers / fire wardens to assist them in their work.

•Radio network coverage across the Umvoti area to effectively combat emergencies and for the protection for our volunteers / members and the general community.

•Establish relationships and management systems with our sister agencies (such as Provincial government departments, commercial forestry and local government fire services) to provide good working relationships and to ensure appropriate levels of hazard reduction are achieved.

•To develop joint Development Control arrangements with our Municipalities to ensure the Umvoti FPA and our Municipality work together efficiently.

•For the Umvoti FPA rural areas to enjoy the respect and support of our Local Government.

•Our Executive Committee and staff, in conjunction with KZNFPA and Working on Fire will be working in as a team that is a passionate, progressive and proactive and has an increasing profile making a significant contribution to the Local, Provincial and National fire initiative.




PHONE CHARLES HADEN (FPO) ON 0761541090 Email:



Born and educated in Greytown Shevani Maharaj is doing her home town proud. Daughter of Mr and Mrs Sudesh Maharaj and granddaughter of Mr and Mrs D.H Maharaj of Greytown,she matriculated from Greytown Secondary in 2008. Public Relations studies came next at Varsity College, Westville and Shevani recently graduated with a Diploma in Public Relations achieving no less than 24/32 distinctions over the 3 years nd an impressive 80% in exams. She intends doing her Masters in PR through DUT next year.

Currently working at Hirsch’s in Springfield Park as the public relations officer Shevani is very enthusiastic about her job, the business and the amazing team with whom she works.



For the past 157 years Umvoti farmers have gathered once a year to hold the annual general meeting of the Umvoti Agricultural Society. There was a good turnout of the current members at the 157th agm held on Friday 18th May at the Green Bar. The meeting was followed by a smart dinner with Dr Arnold Mol and his wife talking on “how to make your spouse deliriously happy”

Winners of the farm competitions were then announced as follows:

Smallholding trophy:Chubby Chickens :Dolla and Juan Pretorius.

Livestock trophy: HMB Piggery - Rolf Gevers

Agriculture trophy:Pidelta (Oaklands farm): Jason Gorzellok

Forestry trophy:Pidelta -Rob Lee

Most improved operation in Umvoti:Fairfield Estate-Matthew Crowe

Best farm manager-Jason Gorzellok

Best conserved farm in Umvoti:Mondi Boscombe-Barnabas Vroegop/Michael Shuttleworth

Farm competition winners with Greg Hull of Umvoti Agriculture Society.



Mrs. Cathy du Preez lost out on the draw money as she was not present at the time of the draw. The next Members draw will be on Friday 1 June and R1900 can be yours, but you have to be at the Club between 6:30pm - 7pm to find out if you are the lucky winner.

Happy Hour is on Friday 25 May and Keith Cowie from Wimpy is sponsoring the meal. Get your R20 ticket and you could be the lucky winner of R1000 or a bottle of Chivas Regal. Everybody is welcome to join. DJ Rob is playing music.

Individual leagues have started for Club members and will be played every Wednesday and Saturday (except on Monthly Mug Saturdays) until February next year when the champions will be crowned and receive trophies and the grand prize.

Hackers day for social golfers, non golfers, seasonal golfers or anybody owning a set of Clubs is welcome to come and play on Saturday 26 May. There is NO ENTRY FEE. Everybody is welcome to come and join in the fun on that day to re-discover your golfing talents. The format is an American scramble. The entry form is up on the notice board in the Club or phone Elmarie on 0334172441 to enter.

Mascor monthly mug is playing on Saturday 2 June with t-off from 12pm. Entry is R40 and it includes your halftime. Everybody is welcome to come and play.

Sunday 3 June is the ladies invitation golf day with a shotgun start at 8:30am. R130 entry includes your halftime and lunch. Please phone 0334172441 to enter with one lady and 3 guys per team. The format is a combined better ball where teams of 4 will be split into 2 teams of 2.


Dates to diarize

Fri 25 May – Happy Hour sponsored by Wimpy

Sat 26 May – Hackers day

Sat 2 Jun – Mascor\NLDBT Monthly Mug

Sun 3 Jun – Ladies invitation



Monday saw the first onset of winter when the golf course received its first heavy frost, somewhat later than usual , as the course has received frost during April in other years. The frost could have advantages but also disadvantages, as the beautiful lush green fairways , greens and roughs go yellow brown and bare trees are to be seen. .The advantage of course is that the mowing decreases, diseases are fewer and golfers get that extra few meters on their drives.

With winter arriving it would be the right time to do maintenance on equipment,. The thatch on the greens now stays until early spring and watering the greens gives a “soft’ landing of the ball. The other negative, is the winter weeds and grasses that make their appearances. Weeds on the green could give the golf ball a sudden tendency to veer off in another direction when the ball should roll against them. Perhaps now is the time to “Snow-white” one’s greens and do a blanket spray of a Paraquat chemical treatment and “burn” everything off.

Golfers were few and far between on the course and many were lounging in front of their fire places and watching The Volvo World Match play championship played in Spain, on the telly won by Nicolas Colsaerts the golfer from Belgium, who beat the Irish man, Graeme Mc Dowell.

Supper this Friday night will be bobotie and yellow rice. Booking essential and numbers are needed by Friday morning at ten. To book please phone Piet 0832691661.


Senior Centre bring ’n share braai

A bring’n share braai for Senior Centre members, their families and friends is to be held on Sunday 27th May at the Centre at 1.30 for 12 noon. Guests are asked to take along meat, a salad, plates, cutlery etc - braai fires will be provided.



In his annual report at the Greytown and District Child and Family Welfare agm, president, Mr R.Maharaj said that the Society was meeting and coping with the many challenges faced by society as it had done since its formation in 1964.

Mr Maharaj was re-elected President with Mr B.Naipal and Mrs Bridgebokhan as vice-Presidents; and patron are Mrs Ajoodha and Mr A.Aheer.

Statistics of social work services from April last year to March showed that 64 children were found to be in need of care ands were in alternate care .Priority attention was given in respect of orphaned, abused, neglected and abandoned children both in Greytown and the Kranskop sub office. In the latter 45 cases of abandoned children were handled .

The pre-school run by the Society is now in its 36th year -there are 24 in pre-primary and nursery and they benefited tremendously from these classes

.In concluding the agm the President said “no welfare organisation can successfully render its services in the welfare of the community without the co-operation of well wishers, donors and individuals who in their own ways assist us to carry out some of our undertakings more successfully” He expressed his appreciation to all who assisted and supported the important service being offered by the Society, its personnel and supporters.




 Mascor polocrosse tournament

MASCOR Umvoti polocrosse tournament takes place this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, 26th and 27th May, There will be some really good polocrosse to watch.

Full catering and refreshments will be on sale throughout the weekend  -take the family along and enjoy.





16 May 2012


There was a constant stream of people at Tranquili-tea last Thursday to celebrate its first birthday in the spectacular surrounds. As can be seen from the picture happiness was the order of the day and will continue to be so according to owner Pippa Harris , seen with new manager Zelda Histermann , the staff and some very happy satisfied customers

 Four people died in a horror accident on the notorious Greytown /Pietermaritzburg killer road on Friday night and it is thanks to the driving skills of Greytonian Roshan Kinno that the toll was not even higher.
At 7 p.m. a white Polo with four occupants was travelling towards Pietermaritzburg approaching Crookes corner (between New Hanover and Dalton turnoff)Mr Kinno with his wife and son were travelling home when he saw the lights of a vehicle coming at speed on the wrong side of the road. The Polo hit his vehicle head on spinning it round -he said as he fought to control it to save his family, a bakkie, driven by Mr Solly Mohammed , collided with the rear of his car.
Two occupants of the Polo, were killed outright, a third died as paramedics battled to save him and the fourth passenger died on Saturday.It is reported the Polo had a NUZ registration but at the time of going to press the dead had not been identified. The Kinno vehicle was extensively damaged and Mrs Anisha Kinno is in a Pietermaritzburg hospital with a broken hip,punctured lung and broken ribs - she is in considerable pain but stable. She was transported by a Netcare 911 ambulance called to the scene from Pietermaritzburg,Yasteer Kinno who was in the front suffered bruIsing and a fractured arm.
 Nic Diedericks, who was called by one of the drivers involved, he alerted Greytown 911 straight away at 7.15 p.m. 911 in turn contacted New Hanover SAPS and RTI as it is their jurisdiction.
 There was a fair amount of traffic coming to Greytown from a hockey match at New Hanover School and according to a number of drivers who contacted the Greytown Gazette there were no Police or traffic Police at the scene. When two SAPS personnel did arrive from New Hanover, after some time, they did not have torches. Traffic control was instituted by Mr Diedericks and his grandson, and much support was given to the accident victims by Greytonians on the scene, Seven Oaks farmers and Dr Ntombela.



South Africa is facing an enormous unemployment problem with well over three million young, between the ages of 18 and 24, jobless. Announcements are regularly made by Government as to actions to be taken to handle and overcome this ...but!

Umvoti as a district has an extremely high rate of unemployment. A training proposal from Muden resident, Fritz Lang to KZN Premier , to set up a training school for panel beating and spray painting has been acknowledged and that's it-since last August.

Mr Lang, who has forty years experience in the motor repair industry in Durban and has now retired to Muden,has a plan to open a training school, with Government help,for males and females . After a year of intensive training these trainees could be employed in panelbeating concerns and could complete their apprenticeship as they worked. The motor industry is one of the country’s major employers and in need of qualified and skilled labour. He has already identified potential premises in Muden where there are considerable number of unemployed youth.

Despite several letters to the Premier’s office since August last year Mr Lang has received acknowledgements only to his suggestions to act as mentor for job creation and skills development of unemployed youth in field.

Here’s hoping that through this article, someone out there will do something positive about the setting up of such a Training School in Muden and contact Mr Lang on 073 704 0900



”The nicest man I have ever known” was Steve Munitich’s wife final tribute to him at the Memorial Service held last Thursday at Shalom. A statement which encompasses what his entire family, clients and many many friends felt about him.

Born in 1930 in Hillbrow the impact of the depression meant Steve and his two brothers went to school barefoot and left in Standard 6. He worked from the age of 14 -always giving of his best and leaving no job undone - a work ethic he retained all his life with his detailed and practical attitude to business...and to life.

Known as the “Peter Pan of the accounting business” Steve’s sudden death from a heart attack at the age of 81 on Monday 7th May was a great shock to all accustomed to his active, enthusiastic and involved approach to life.

He and Brenda married in 1965 and together built “Jabulani” , into a loving home for their two children, Mike and Nikki(and their families)as well as kennels for dogs and every farm animal one could think of. Steve was a great “fixer upper” especially of cars and would spend hours stripping a vehicle to get it mobile once again. His love of South Africa took him on long trips to remote unheard areas -setting off in his camper van for weeks at a time to absorb history and to make friends wherever he went.

The Greytown Gazette over the years was fortunate to Steve as a director, accountant and friend - his patience and insight will be greatly missed.

One of Greytown’s much loved and respected personalities the image of Steve ,in shorts driving round in his Nissan bakkie , will remain a happy memory.



Farmers Agri- Care Monthly Mug drew 14 players to play at St Cathryn’s over the weekend. In the field were the eight Match play golfers and their field started earlier than normal to accommodate their 36 holes. . The first 18 holes was regular play, but anyone could have gone to the next round if they had beaten their opponents in the morning field.

After the first round, Paul Els defeated Dieter Meyer, 3 and 4. JP Ackerman defeated Ruan du Plessis, 2 and 1. Piet Coetzee beat Oscar Ndawonde and Merwin Rabe needed a nineteenth hole to beat Mbongeni Khumalo, as after the first eighteen holes they were all square.

The Monthly mug golfers teed off at ten thirty and many were unaware of the different battles being fought out on the golf course. The afternoon tee for the Match Play saw Paul Els gets drawn against JP Ackerman and Piet Coetzee against Merwin Rabe. The final was to be played Sunday but Paul Els had a walk- over as Merwin had to get back to work urgently on Sunday and could not play. In real terms, Paul would have received the Match play championship on a plate and he opted in true sportsmanship- to play the winner between players Piet Coetzee and JP Ackerman. These two had to play in a playoff to determine who would be Paul’s opponent After the first sudden death play off hole, Piet Coetzee was the winner to play Paul. For Piet it was a real hard tussle with the final score in that tussle... Paul Els beat Piet Coetzee, 2 and 1.

A very welcome surprise was to see Klaus Kluver and his daughter - it was good to see you around about on the course, Klaus and we hope to see you playing the course soon. Paul Els also won the “Blue Jacket” the very same idea as at the US Masters, where the winner receives a Green Jacket, which also serves as the floating trophy. At the prize giving speech Paul dedicated his win to his mother as Sunday was Mothers day. The Green keeper showed other talents and made a delicious chicken potjie, enjoyed by all. St Cathryn’s thanks all who supported and enjoyed the day with us.

Results of the Farmers Agri -Care Monthly Mug:

1st Zane Padoa 65 Nett

2nd Paul Els 67 Nett

3rd Piet Coetzee Nett 68 o.c.o

Oscar Ndawonde.

Nearest to Pin 9/18th : Hennie Wium

Captains Putter : Carina Rommelspacher.

This Friday 18th supper will be Chicken curry and rice, to book for meals and / or golf - please phone 083 269 1661.


Greytown Country Club news

Ashley Cotterrell lost out on the draw money as he was not present at the time of the draw. The next members draw is Friday 18 May and R1800 can be yours, but you have to be at the Club between 6:30pm - 7pm to find out if you are the lucky winner.

Our golf section has started individual leagues for Club members and will play every Wednesday and Saturday (except on Monthly Mug Saturdays) until February next year when the champions will be crowned and receive trophies and the grand prize. Every second Wednesday of the month will be kindly sponsored with meat hampers by FNB and Greytown beer distributors. Entry fees for all the above mentioned leagues will be R40 per round of golf, thanks to the National Lottery Board Trust.

The Hackers day for social golfers, non golfers, seasonal golfers or anybody owning a set of Clubs is welcome to come and play on Saturday 26 May. There is NO ENTRY FEE. Everybody is welcome to come and join in the fun on that day to re-discover your golfing talents. The format is an American scramble. The entry form is up on the notice board in the Club or phone Elmarie on 0334172441 to enter.


From the courts

The 2012 Supa-Quick Championship and Handicap tournament kicked off this weekend with 50% of scheduled games being played so there are courts available for social tennis. .

The first three setter Championship match was played with a ding donger between Michael Yeadon/Steve Muna vs. Pierre Steyn/Mark Thomas. Regular Saturday tennis practice prevailed with Mark and Pierre taking the game. Federer and Nadal intensity in Greytown!

Following matches are scheduled for this coming weekend:


13h30: Mazwi Simelane/Ivanna Dede vs. Steve & Collette Muna (c), Thuba Mzila/Hermien Steyn vs Herman van Rooyen/Penny Cuttin (c), Mike Barrow/Paul Varty vs. Mark Thomas/Pierre Steyn (c), Phil Waller/Martin Platt vs. Darryl Evans/Dieter Meyer (c), Michaela Tedder vs. Penny Waller (c), Angela Blaine vs. Kyla Buchan (c).

14h30: Ian Hill/Juan van der Vyver vs. Mazwi Simelane/Eric Nefdt (c), Lance Comins/Thuba Mzila vs Karl Bartels/Herman van Rooyen (c), Hermien Steyn/Ivanne Dede vs. Pam Paul/Trish Kohne (c), Penney Cuttin/Penney Waller vs. Erika Gevers/Sylvia Varty (c), Michael Yeadon/Andrew Mason vs. Steve Muna/Phil Waller (h), Steve & Cathy Cope vs. Josh Meyer/Penny Cuttin (h).

15h30: Darryl Evans & James Goble (c), Andrew & Vanessa Mason vs. Eric & Corne Nefdt (h), Mazwi Simelane/Hermien Steyn vs. Ian Redfern & Erika Gevers (h), Phil & Penney Waller vs. Dieter Meyer/Trish Kohne (h), Steve & Collette Muna vs. Pam Paul/Pierre Steyn (h), Herman van Rooyen/Ingrid Surendorff vs. Thuba Mzila/Ivanna Dede (h).


10h00 Lance Comins vs. Dieter Meyer (c), Thuba Mzila vs. Steve Muna (c), Mark Thomas vs. Ian Hill (c), Eric Nefdt vs. Herman van Rooyen (c), Mazwi Simelane vs. Pierre Steyn (c), Kelsey Edkins vs. Ivanna Dede (c).

11h00 Hermien Steyn vs. Erika Gevers (c), Hannah Pride vs. Winner Angela Blaine/Kyla Buchan (c), Karl Bartels/Debbie Comins vs. Mike Barrow/Trish Kohne (c), Darryl Evans/Corne Nefdt vs. winner Mazwi Simelane/Ivanna Dede & Steve & Collette Muna (c), Lance Comins/Thuba Mzila vs. Willie Weideman/Kobus Uys (h).

Please contact your opponents should you be unable to play your match this Saturday and reschedule for next week.


Two weeks ago the Greytown Gazette received a message from a concerned parent at Dlabesuthe High School, Muden,asking for assistance in solving the disruption by learners striking at the school. This request was forwarded to the KZN Department of Education head of communications who has responded:

“Following the temporary disruption of classes at Dlabesuthe High School Head of the Department Dr Nkosinathi Sishi called a meeting on 7th May with all the roleplayers .

“Learners belong in the classroom and not a single minute should be compromised” was the message which came across loud and clear from Dr Sishi.

Learners had gone on strike when one of the educators, Mr Ndela was promoted as deputy Principal at another school-they demanded his return as they believed he was one of their best teachers .

At the meeting it was pointed out that under no circumstances could learners be allowed to dictate terms and conditions as to whom could teach at a school. The correct procedures had been followed in the promotion of Mr Ndlela so there was no reason for the learners to strike

and disrupt the school.

It was confirmed on Monday that the learners had returned to classes and that also parents will assist to ensure that no further disruption occurs.

Issued by: Directorate Communications and Publications



In terms of the National Veld and Forest Fire Act 101 of 1998 the duties of the Umvoti Fire Protection Association are as follows;

•Develop and apply a veld fire management strategy for its area which will provide agreed mechanisms for the co-ordination of actions with adjoining fire protection associations in the event of a fire crossing boundaries;

•Make rules which bind its members;

•Identify the ecological conditions that affect the fire danger;

•Regularly communicate the fire danger rating referred to in sections 9 and 10 to its members;

•Organize and train its members in fire fighting, management and prevention and inform them

of equipment and technology available for preventing and fighting veld fires;

•Provide management services, training and support for communities in their efforts to manage and control veld fires;

•Furnish any information requested by the Minister in order to prepare or maintain the fire danger rating system and exercise the powers and perform the duties delegated to it by the Minister.

Do you know whether you as landowner will be deemed liable should there be a fire on your property =-if no sure please phone Charles Haden (FPO) on 0761541090; email:



Gardeners under the impression that Clivias only flower in Spring or that there is only one type, the Clivia miniata, think again. The stalwart group of Garden Club members who attended the meeting last Tuesday were treated to an intriguing presentation by Francois Van Rooyen which showed a number of previously undiscovered Clivias of all shapes and sizes which flower at various times of year. With an infectious passion for his subject, Francois explained the fascinating and lengthy process involved in cross-breeding plants to get the variety of leaf sizes and shapes as well as varieties flowering throughout the year.

As is so often the case it is evident that South African’s have not truly appreciated the value of our indigenous flora. For decades there have been relatively few local enthusiasts and a vast amount of research and breeding of hybrids was carried out in the Far East and in Belgium. It is ironic that South African collectors no have to pay handsomely to buy back specimens of our floral heritage. .

After a sumptuous tea Franscois took interested members on a guided walk through some of the Clivia shade-houses that not only host Clivias but a huge and fascinating variety of plants that grow in the same localities.The Van Rooyen family and their fascinating nursery “The Gem Wildflowers” are certainly a gem on Greytown’s doorstep.!



With the headline ”blackouts for non-payers!” the Greytown Gazette two weeks ago warned that Umvoti Municipality was getting tough and clamping down on debtors owing R18 million in unpaid electricity, rates and service charges.

Umvoti Council took a resolution in April that residents in arrears would be disconnected with immediate effect.

As a result of this the harsh stance acting CFO Martin Swanlow told the Greytown Gazette that the debtors book has been reduced from R17 million to R15 million.

However the Municipality is still facing challenges with people illegally reconnecting themselves after they have been disconnected. The Municipal management team is currently in discussions with service providers to assist them in solving this problem. A meter sweep will be conducted very soon to ensure that all meters are functioning properly and any meter that has been tampered with will be removed and the consumer will be liable for the replacement cost thereof. Back charges will be charged to the consumer.

Within the next week or two a list will be published of all rate payers who have not yet paid their arrears to the Municipality. This list will include farmers who were requested to update their records with the Municipality but who have failed to do so.

The next phase in disconnecting electricity will start with notices being sent out during the course of this week and disconnections from Monday21st May

Breakdown of outstanding amounts as follows: 120 days and above R12,881,082: 90 days and above R721,652: 60 days and above R805,818 and 30 days R972,659



Two singles championship games were played during the week; the 1st game between Roy Thomson and Bryan Paul was a one sided affair with Roy completely outplaying the favourite Bryan 21 - 9. The 2nd game between the 2011 champ Derrick Balfour and his pairs partner Jack Drew turned out to be nail biter with Jack winning the game 21 - 19. The final will now be between Jack and Roy.

The long awaited Jack Mason Fun Day takes place this Sunday 20th May. Jack is doing all the cooking and a “lekker” meal can be expected. From all the comments on the previous fun day, a good morning of bowls is on the cards. Morning bowls will be followed by lunch and should anyone wish to play social bowls in the afternoon, they are most welcome.

For catering purposes Jack has asked that entries be in by Thursday (17th) - please contact Jack Drew (082 555 3518) or Derrick Balfour (072 271 3047). Players R50 (includes lunch and prizes) non players R20 for lunch. Do not miss this Sunday!



This family comedy features Essop Khan, Mahomed Ally and Savy Ramsamy, and is set in the fast-paced world of the Durban Daily Mail , a weekly newspaper.

Khan plays the wise old editor, while Ally is the ambitious deputy editor who sees his future in the hot seat, but gets a lot of competition from Ramsamy who is the paper’s “know it all” broken hearts columnist.

. In the play, three young actors are equally ambitious to make fame and fortune their goal. But, their taskmasters drive a burdensome schedule, which demands that they go to great lengths to secure the front-page story of the week.

Tickets are R35.00 and R55.00 for the performance on Saturday 19th May at the Community Centre at 8 p.m. To book, contact Dan Naidoo :082 361 3315 Moonsamy Naicker : 033 4132164 Ganga Moodley : 082 772 6797 Manickam Naicker :0825635000 and Yaga Moodley :0726425802.





9 May 2012 

----- .

For the past month a small group of protestors in Muden have managed to hold to ransom a  large number  of victims  ranging from schoolchildren to multi million corporate businesses who actually have nothing whatsoever to do with the  problems!
Last week Government officials, Police, Municipal officials  admitted that they had not  not realised the  enormous impact of the ongoing blockade on the road, the criminal element which had become involved  and the millions of rand in damages and delays to so many.
After a meeting held last Thursday, attended by Umvoti Mayor PG Mavundla , community and officials,  the Mayor issued the following press statement:
"Following the suffering that has  been encountered by the people of Muden as a result of the protest regarding a land claim that has been going for years without finality we can safely report that a meeting was held last week Thursday and in that meeting the agreement was reached being that the Department was going to fast track the process. We will not go into details at the moment as the negotiations with the Department and the landowner are still underway but we can report that our request to have additional Police deployed to protect those who want to come to town has been accepted by the Province and there are now additional Police patrolling the road."
The Mayor has also condemned the lawlessness which has occurred during the protests.
However, spokesman for the community concerned, Jeffrey Ngobese, told the Greytown Gazette on Monday that even though  the negotiations were taking place this week between the Department of Rural Development and  Lot 194 Marina Beach(Pty) ltd  unless  it was agreed that service delivery would take place very soon the road blockade would continue.
In addition to the frustration of members of the community who have been unable to get to schools in Muden and Greytown; to get to work in Muden and Greytown; to carry out normal daily activities in Muden and Greytown, big business has also been adversely affected.
Although the Greytown Gazette has complained about the negative impact on the area's roads and the increased hazards of driving on these roads because of the huge increase in abnormal loads  the blockade has cost this sector of the economy hundreds of thousands of rand. Drivers and escorts staged their own blockade last Friday -blocking the Greytown road at the pull off area just outside town.  Eight drivers and their loads had been "dumped" there  for four days by the traffic officials -no water;no toilets; no showers -no facilities whatsoever.
On Friday morning thanks to 911 Ops Centre; Greytown High School; Umvoti Agricultural Society facilities were supplied ...and then the road was cleared with graders leading the way. In the meantime half a million rand in penalties had been imposed -permits had expired and had to be renewed at cost-timetables for huge projects thrown out of kilter-all due  to the Muden protestors.
St Cathryn’s news

On Saturday 12 May , the Farmers Agri - Care Monthly Mug will be played in conjunction with the Match Play finals.

The previous match Play champion, Eddie Senar, was crowned many years ago but this format of competition died a quiet death at St Cathryn’s as we could not find a sponsor for the event and players at the time lost interest due to the amount of holes that have to be played. With a new “ younger older generation” there is a lot of interest to revive this format.

The match play champion has to play a minimum of 72 holes come Sunday afternoon and” A true Match Play champion” deserves the title after all that golf. The top eight players from the Tuta Carriers, St Cathryn’s Club Championship were selected to play and the champion will be crowned on Sunday afternoon.

After the first round of knock- out, the players then take on the winners from the other draws, with the Match Play finals to be played on Sunday morning with a 9 am tee off time. This format also allows for spectators to follow the players. .

Draw for Saturday:

Louis Oosthuizen section: 8H00 1: Dieter Meyer vs. Paul Els.

8H10 2: JP Ackerman vs. Ruan Du Plessis

Charl Schwartzel section: 8H20 1.Merwin Rabe vs. Mbongeni Khumalo

8H30 2. Oscar Ndawonde vs. Piet Coetzee.

13H00 Winner 12H00 Winner Louis Oosthuizen 1 vs. winner 2

12H00 Winner Charl Schwartzel 1 vs. winner 2

Sunday Morning 9HOO Winner Louis Oosthuizen section vs. Winner Charl Schwartzel section to determine the 2012 St Cathryn’s Match Play champion.

A bring and braai will be held after the Prize giving function on Sunday.

This Friday 11 May supper will be sausage and mash, to book, please phone 0832691661 by Friday 10h00 at the latest.

----- .




It is with great sadness the Greytown Gazette records the sudden death of one of its directors, Steve Munitich, early on Monday morning.

Despite having passed the age of 80 Steve was amazing in his active lifestyle - still servicing a number of special clients and keeping busy with his many interests.

A memorial service will take place at Shalom on Thursday 10th at 3 p.m.


Umvoti Polocrosse News

Umvoti Mascor polocrosse teams were well represented at the recent Natal Champs held in Mooiriver. It was however our juniors who held the club’s banner high with the C team of Caryn Minnaar, Callum Shaw and Andrew Grant easily winning their section. All the other teams fared well in just losing out on silverware, except the A team who uncharacteristically lost all their games. The team on paper looked good, but combinations were not gelling and this showed up easily enough on the score board.

Attention now turns to the Veterans, where no fewer than 4 Umvoti Mascor players have been selected to play for SA against Zimbabwe and Zambia this coming weekend in Bethal. Patrick O’Sullivan and Caroline Minnaar have both been selected to play in the A-team, Jane O’Sullivan in the B team, and Vanessa Williams in the C team. Vanessa has been ill of late, and no doubt will make an impact in the C-team that could easily see her jump into the B team where she probably ought to be.

The annual Umvoti Mascor tournament will be held at Lake Merthley over the weekend 26/27 May. Please feel free to come join us to watch this exciting game. Full catering will be available.


plane crash outside greytown

Engine failure is thought to have been the cause of the plane crash on Friday night in which Jurgen and Analiese Christiansen lost their lives.The couple were flying from Piet Retief to be with their 16 year old daughter, Nadia a pupil at Hermannsburg School.

Round about 6 p.m.the plane, a Cessna 206, came down in a plantation about three kms outside Greytown on the Kranskop road. It is reported that the plane hit the trees, then burst into flames.The trees were still smouldering several hours later. Pieces of the aircraft were scattered over the area.

Police, including search and rescue unit personnel, 911 Ops Centre and security personnel were on the scene -the bodies of Jurgen and Analiese were found near the wreckage. Lieutenant Jack Haskins, of the search and rescue unit said that the damage to the trees indicated that the plane must have come down fast - there was wreckage stuck in the trees.

A Civil Aviation Associaiton investigator was at the site of the crash on Sunday to look into the possible causes of the tragedy.



Greytown Country Club 7 May 2012 .

Lynda Droggemoller lost out on the draw money as she was not present at the time of the draw. The next Members draw will be on Friday 11 May and R1700 can be yours, but you have to be at the Club between 6:30pm - 7pm to find out if you are the lucky winner.

Our golf section will start Wednesday and Saturday individual leagues for Club members from 9th and 12th of May and will run every Wednesday and Saturday (except on Monthly Mug Saturdays) until February next year when the champions will be crowned and receive trophies and the grand prize. Every second Wednesday of the month will be sponsored with meat hampers by FNB and Greytown beer distributors.

In addition, the Mascor\NLDBT Greytown Business league and Mascor\NLDBT Monthly Mug league teed off on 5th May to run concurrent. We would like to thank Mascor and NLDBT for making this possible. Entry fees for above mentioned leagues will be R40 per round of golf, thanks to the National Lottery Board Trust. Visitors, who do not form part of a business league side, are welcome to join us on any of these days at our normal green fees.

”We had a wonderful launch of the Mascor/NLDTF Business and Monthly Mug leagues on Saturday 5th of May. Seven teams entered with 26 players enjoying the cut and thrust of competitive golf. The early pace setters in the Business League is the GCC Development side with the rest determined to haul them in. A special word of thanks to Tugela Foods and Hoosen’s Butchery who also contributed to the prizes.”

Then comes the results. Results:

1st – B Ngonyama on 63 nett;

2nd – O Ndawonde on 65 nett;

3rd – M Steyn on 66 nett;

4th – S Muna on 68 nett

Best Stableford was C Odendaal on 37 points

“Chicken run” is every Friday with t-off starting from 4pm with 6 holes i to play in this social competition. Entry is R30 for members and non members. New Generation Lubricants is the sponsor of the chicken.



Mother’s Day is a special day for celebrating mothers and the life they bring into the world. But, according to SA Blood Bank, approximately 26% of the Bank’s blood supply is used for excessive bleeding at birth and for paediatric cases? So help to give those mothers the opportunity to clebrate their day by donating blood.

South African National Blood Service needs to collect over 500 units a day to meet the demand in KZN. Please make a difference to a family today by donating blood at your nearest blood donor clinic or at the Blood Bank in Greytown on Monday 28th May in Greytown Town Hall from 12 noon-the Blood Bank is in Greytown on the fourth Monday of every month.

To qualify to donate blood you must:-

•Be between the age of 16 and 65

•Weigh more than 50 kgs

•Be in good health

•Lead a sexually safe lifestyle



There has been an increase in the number of housebreak ins reported in Greytown , Enhalakahle, and farms in the area recently. Greytown Police Chief Lt Colonel Maphalala has issued the following for information of residents:

”We are intending to establish street committees the members of which will be responsible for the street in which they live -this will operate in a similar way to neighbourhood watch. We need to take action together to fight crime in our area. I want also to discourage the buying of stolen property the revised second-hand goods Act 6 of 2009 came into operation as from 1 April this year - details of the Act can to obtained from Greytown Police or SAPS website.

The police recommend that the following measures be taken to prevent break ins :

:*Ensure all doors are locked at all times, and windows are closed when you are not at home

*Large dogs serve as a deterrent. At least one dog should be trained to sleep inside the house.

*Ensure that tools such as axes, spades, picks, ladders, etc that can be used in an attack, are locked away when not in use

*Always keep a torch nearby at night and when you use it, ensure that you do not give away your position

*If you are unsure about the security status of your home after returning from work/a visit, eg your dogs do not come to the gate, do not enter your home. Report suspicious behavior and information to the South African Police Service.

*Take photographs of all employees. It could be to your advantage to identify them, if required

*Do not employ casual workers without a reference. Keep copies of all your employees’ Identity Documents



There was lots of interest and enthusiasm at the H&S Autosound Sound-off held last Siunday at Emergency Auto Spares with 27 vehicles taking up the challenge. Twenty one torphies were awarded to the winners in different categories. Results are taken from the 3 highest db readings -db is measured with a meter put into the car on inside of the windscreen. Winners were:

Rookie :1st:Daylin Ahrens:134.9; 2nd:Nevukke Naiucker:132.7

Stock 1: 1st: Khuvesh Babodram:144.1; 2nd:Sherwin Dukhi:142.2;3rd:Imraan Khan:133.0

Stock 2:1st:Dhesen Moodley:150.2;2nd:Ralph Baptist:143.7;3rd:Sherwin Dukhi

Advanced: 1st:Yakesh Sooklall:142.8;2nd:Calvin Munzami:142.0; 3rd:Jitesh Mewa:140.9

Overall:1st: Dinesh Moodley:150.2;2nd:Khuvesh Babooram:144.1;3rd:Ralph Baptist:143.7



The Shri Vishnu Mandir Paatshaala of Greytown once again fared very well at the Regional Eisteddfod held in Pietermaritzburg on Sunday 6 May Hosted by the Plessisslaer Arya Samaj in conjunction with the Hindi Shiksha Sangh of South Africa, the competition was of a very high standard with ten schools taking part. The Mandir took part in ten items and came first in four and second in three - winning seven trophies.

These items will be presented at the finals in Durban on Sunday, 27 May, when when finalists from the other regions will compete. The Sabha thanks all the teachers, parents, well wishers and students for their effort in making this venture a success. A special thank you to Mrs K.D. Maharaj for producing and directing the play on the Ramayana.


From the courts

What a lovely run the Greytown Tennis Club is having, signing up over 10 new members in the last few weeks and over 53 players entering the 2012 Supa-Quick Championship and Handicap tournament. This starts on Saturday 12 May and the co-operation of all players is needed to ensure the matches are played in time for finals to be played 16 and 17 June

The following matches are scheduled for this Saturday:

13h30: Lance Comins /Kyla Buchan vs. Karl Bartels /Debbie Comins (c), Mazwi Simelane / Ivanna Dede vs. Steve Muna / Kath du Preez (c), Thuba Mzila / Hermien Steyn vs Herman van Rooyen / Penny Cuttin (c), Darryl / Kerry Evans vs. Kobus Uys / Lynne English (h), Ian Redfern vs Willie Weideman (h), Josh Meyer vs Mike Barrow (c).

14h30: Steve Muna / Michael Yeadon vs. Mark Thomas / Pierre Steyn (c), Jenny Tedder / Erika Gevers vs. Hermien Steyn / Ivanna Dede (h), Lance Comins / Thuba Mzila vs Karl Bartels / Herman van Rooyen (c), Debbie Comins / Kyla Buchan vs. Lynne English / Corne Nefdt (c), Steve / Cathy Cope vs Josh Meyer /Penny Cuttin (h), Eric Nefdt / Mazwi Simelane vs. Gordon le Roux / Guy Platt (h).

15h30: Mark Thomas / Carol Adendorff vs. Herman van Rooyen / Ingrid Surrendorff (h), Lance Comins / Thuba Mzila vs Willie Weideman / Kobus Uys (h), Mazwi Simelane / Hermien Steyn vs. Ian Redfern / Erika Gevers (h), Andrew / Vanessa Mason vs. Eric / Corne Nefdt (h), Dieter Meyer vs Steve Muna (h), Gordon le Roux vs Karl Bartels (h).

If unable to play please reschedule for next week - if not played by then could be scratched


2 May 2012


Capture on camera those incidents of irresponsible and downright stupid driving on the Greytown/Pietermaritzburg killer road and help RTI to make it a safe road for all.

Photographs of bad driving can be emailed to any of the following but please make sure that the registration numbers are visible otherwise no action can be taken by the officials.



No services! An incredible R18 million is owed to Umvoti Municipality by householders, businesses, the hostel and Government Departments for the provision of electricity and rates. Having inherited a major deficit, the Municipality has, since 10 months ago been struggling to balance the books to provide services. The outstanding millions would go a long way to helping Umvoti back into the black.

So Council decided enough is enough and passed a resolution that the outstanding millions be collected from all residents in arrears and that such residents be disconnected immediately -no matter who they are!

Wednesday 25th April was D (disconnection) Day in Enhlalakahle and town and this process will continue on a daily basis until all non-paying customers have been disconnected or got the message loud and clear and paid!

There is no way out -and the Municipality has made it very clear that no arrangements for short payments will be made as the Municipality is not a lending agent -in other words all accounts will have to be paid in full prior to reconnections.

A warning to property owners using prepaid electricity, all those in arrears (e.g. rates) will have their pre-paid cards blocked and property owners who do not have electricity accounts in their names will not escape the stringent measures being implemented. With the blocking of prepaid cards such consumers will not be able to purchase electricity from vendors.

A special request has been made to members of the farming community who have not yet updated their records to please check in with the Municipality as a matter of urgency.



Greytown Mountain Bike Club this weekend hosts the popular Starke Ayres biking challenge over Saturday 5th May and Sunday 6th. Start and finish is at the Beehive, just outside Greytown on the Rietvlei road, and is an exciting and pleasant outing for the public.

There are excellent camping facilities and ablutions at the Beehive and there will be food and beverage stalls available for hungry cyclists and their families as well as spectators!

Cyclists, depending on their capabilities, can do the 35 km ride at 1 p.m. on Saturday; and on Sunday, 50 km ride starting at 8.30 a.m. or 25km ride at 8.45 a.m.

On both days there will be a 10 km fun ride as well as a kid’s 3 km ride - starting times: 2 p.m. on Saturday and 9.30 a.m. on Sunday.

Any runners looking for an enjoyable leg stretch are invited to take part in the trail runs on:

Saturday 10 km starting 2 p.m. and Sunday 25km and 10km starting 6.30 a.m.

Saturday evening the Beehive will be a-buzz with a pub and rugby evening - go along and enjoy the camaraderie of the other MTB ‘ers and their families and the family of some 60 Greytown MTB Club members involved through their love of the sport

Participants can enter on the day or download pre-entry forms from

For more information please contact either Andy Mason at 082 555 2953 or Dean Brown at 082 789 0193.



Mention of Clivias conjours up the blaze of orange, peach and apricot, yellow and cream blooms which herald the onset of Spring in many gardens and a lot of seasoned gardeners believe that these magnificent plants only flower at that time. But continuous research and new discoveries have proved otherwise and it is now understood that there is at least one variety of Clivia flowering almost throughout the year.

Well respected Clivia enthusiast and expert, Franscois van Rooyen, is the speaker for the next Garden Club meeting to be held on Tuesday 8 May at “The Gem” which houses the van Rooyen’s clivia nursery. He will be offering members a fascinating insight into the enchanting world of the lesser known Clivias.

The Gem is on the Nadi road - Garden Club direction signs will be placed from the junction of the Kranskop road. Clivia plants will be on sale after the meeting which starts at 9h00 for 9h30. Members are encouraged to bring along a friend or tender their apologies if unable to attend. As the meeting is at a private venue please remember to bring chairs.



Family of 13 year old Yavisithi Seebadri, pupils and staff at Greytown High School are shocked at the death of the teenager at a rugby match last Tuesday.

The Grade 9 youngster was playing for GHS U14A team and was standing next to the scrum when he collapsed. Parameidcs applied advanced life support resuscitation and managed to regain a heartbeat. He was taken to hopsital where he died later that night. At this stage it is not clear what caused him to collapse.

A well liked healthy 13 year old, Yavisithi was a boarder at the school hostel.

Greytown High School principal Johan Scholtz has conveyed the school’s deepest sympathy to family and friends at this time of bereavement.


TRIBUTE TO MR T.H. MFEKA contributed

Wellknown in the field of education, highly respected, and very popular Thulasizwe Herman Mfeka died on 15th April at the age of 64. He was born on 10th January, 1948 at Appelsbosch Mission, Ozwathini. He was educated at Appelsbosch Primary and Secondary schools then obtained his teacher’s diploma at the Madadeni College of Education. This was followed with his Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education at the University of Natal and still more training as a welder at RAU, Molapo campus.

He taught at Hermannsburg Combined, Khwezi Higher Primary, Imbali Industrial School and returned to Hermannsburg as Principal. His abilities and commitment to education were recognised when he was appointed as circuit inspector in Umvoti until he retired.

Mr Mfeka was also a very active member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church - a long serving Youth Leader of the Durban Circuit as well as the South Eastern Diocese. He was a Church Warden and Parish Council member of Imbali Church. He was a treasurer of the Partnership Diocese Committee and also the Chairperson of the Link Partnership between the Parishes of Durban, Umngeni, Melle, Prima and the Unites States of America from 1986 to the day of his passing. He was leading the Project Management team tasked with building a new Church Centre at Bishopstowe, Pietermaritzburg.

Mr TH Mfeka is survived by his wife MaMthembu, son Sihle, daughter Makhosazana, his daughter-in-law KaMajola, four grandchildren and three sisters.

Hamba kahle Mzimela, Mnguni, Lwandle kaluwelwa, Nzungane.


Youth Choir in Greytown...and UK!

Not only is the PMB and Midlands Youth Choir singing in Greytown on 17th May but also at the Queen’s Jubilee in July in England and Wales.

The Choir will be singing, by invitation, in Westminster Palace on 2 July to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and will then compete in the Llangollen International Eisteddfod in Wales.

Since 2008 Wembley College pupils have been members of this choir and currently Mark Reineke, Micaela Reineke and Devon Hull are members and will be singing at Wembley on the 17th.

The choir was instituted in 2007 and represents children from 14 different schools in PMB and Midlands.

Conductor William Silk who has conducted numerous choirs is currently the Choral Director of Michaelhouse Chapel and Chamber choirs.











Greytown doctors have set up a call register to ensure that if anyone needs after hours assistance, and their own doctor is not available, they can contact the doctors on call. 911 Ops Centre and Arcadia will have list which is also printed in the Greytown Gazette each month.

Please cut out and keep accessible:

Cell numbers:

Dr Ally: 083 786 7138

Dr Gcumisda: 082 396 0315

Dr Mkhize: 079 645 5964

Dr Ntombela: 082 751 7024

Dr Owen: 082 859 9307

Dr Roodt: 084 679 6300.


DR ALLY; 1st; 3rd; 9th;10th

Dr ROODT;2nd;16th;17th;23rd; 25th; 26th; 27th;30th; 31st;



DR MKHIZE;5th;6th;

Dr NTOMBELA;12th;13th;

DR GCUMISA;19th;20th.



Its an educational evening...and exciting as teams from schools in Umvoti compete in the annual Umvoti Enviro Quiz to show their knowledge of wild life, environment and nature.

Members of the public are invitited to attend this interesting evening to take place on Tuesday 8th May at Wembley College at 6.30.

For further informaiton please contact Cliff Walton on 082 804 8303



It tells in song Mary’s meaningful story of the Cross. Members of the public are invited to go along to listen to the performance by the Golden Years senior choir on Friday 11th at 10 a.m. at Arcadia or 9 a.m. at the Greytown Methodist Churchon Sunday 13th May.Under the guidance of Libby Churchill the choir has spent many hours rehearsing and polishing this performance.




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