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31 July 2013

Total and complete frustration is being experienced by every single resident of the Muden valley and beyond
as the same endless talks and empty promises continue . The Muden road represents a war zone - holes and trenches have been dug, rocks and boulders spread all over.Tension is mounting all round as the authorities drag their heels as they have done over the past 12 years.
There are lots of meetings - after numerous requests -meetings with the MEC Willis Mchunu with Muden residents;meetings with the Police;meetings with the Department of Transport...and finally yesterday morning a meeting with representatives of the Premier’s office.
In the meantime while its all talk and no positive action a lot of anger and aggression is building up and unless positive, concrete and rapid action is taken immediately the situation could easily escalate into even more of a crisis.
Since the report in last week’s Greytown Gazette:
*Farm bridge burnt
*Mhlopeni blockaded and two camps vandalised
*Limited schooling as many teachers not able to get to their schools.
*Intimidation of residents been forced to blockade the road
*Canal valve tampered with as a result no water over weekend and Monday.
*Vehicles vandalised including Transport Department’s TLB.
In the early hours of Monday morning the Armco railing which was ripped out last week by the protestors was bolted across the road -further on a trench about one and half metres deep was dug across the full width of the road and the daily barrier of rocks spread.A visitor to the area on his way to the airport, met up with some very angry and frustrated taxi drivers and between them moved the rocks, then on coming across the trench managed to pile the rocks into the trench making just possible to edge through.
Taxi owners and drivers have expressed their anger at the continuing blockade as they are losing income because of the closures.
During the blockade RTI personnel have been very visible in controlling the flow of traffic to ensure the safety of motorists on this road. On Monday Public Order Police (POP) members were once again on patrol.
Compounding it all the total lack of action on the part of the Government to visibly take action to solve this 12 year old situation.
Following on the announcement that as from 1st August Umvoti Municipality would be in adminstration the Greytown Gazette requested a statement from Umvoti Mayor Councillor Z.Xaba who responded as follows:
“Umvoti Municipality situation is stayable.The intervention of the administration is on our side as we want to do things right although the procedure was biasedto some people, because they knew the decion that was declared by the KZN cabinetdue to the political report made by officials requesting the COGTA MEC to intervene. I work freely with the MEC and cabinet to represent us at Provincial level.
The truth needs to be told that our MEC and cabinet were misled on the situation at Umvoti Municipality.
The Municipal officials are working freely and with confidence.
As the Mayor of Umvoti Municipality I am equal to the task and challenges of Umvoti. As the leader I will deal with the situation which has deprived the rights of our citizens.
I wish the citizens of Umvoti all the best.”

NCOP oversight on service delivery
Two years ago in the “Taking Parliament to the People “ programme, the four munnicipalities, Umvoti, Msinga , Ndumeni and Nquthu, which make up the Umzinyathi district, were identified as the poorest and least developed in the Province. Last week members of the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) conducted site visits to assess what measure had been taken to accelerate service delivery to the communities as identified in 2011.
The National Council of Provinces (NCOP) has urged all stakeholders in KwaZulu-Natal to implement outstanding commitments made during the Taking Parliament to the People programme which took place in Nquthu in 2011.
At the public meeting called by the NCOP at the conclusion of their oversight programme, residents of Umvoti were invited to air thier grievances. Amongst the issues raised ewere the lack of recognition by the municipality of the Disabled Forum; lack of sports facilities in Enhlalakahle ;the level of crime in the township and the Coloured Village;that beneficiaries were not housed in the 271;194 and 497 housing schemes;;no toilets in Mpassiwe;service delivery in Mpalza .About 150 residents from the area were present at the meeting.
The NCOP’s Taking Parliament to the People programme was established in 2002 to enhance public education and participoation
GREYTOWN farmers top of the trees
NCT FORESTRY announced its tree farmers of the year awards at its AGM in Pietmaritzburg recently.Congratulations to father and son team Jack and Andrew Mason and Izngwe FArming on their achievements!

Holme Lacy Farm and Izanqawe Farming received this year’s coveted awards in tree farming. The winners were recognised for their excellence in sustainable plantation management and earned them a place on the exclusive list of achievers in tree farming.

The father and son team of Jack and Andrew Mason from Greytown have increased productivity on their farms through correct site species matching, exceptional silviculture practices, good labour relations and effective diversification of markets. Their plantation management is compliant with all aspects of sustainable plantation management including health and safety and minimizing impacts on the environment. These aspects, together with their service to the local community make them worthy recipients of the NCT tree farmer of the year award in the category of farm managed on private land.

Izanqanawe Farming was acknowledged the winner in the category of farm managed on communal land.
The farm is a land claim settlement in Ngome between Greytown and Tugela Ferry, a region rich in history.
The Izanqawe Community Trust, made up of 199 beneficiaries, was formed to operate the new business venture after the successful settlement in 2007. The operation was judged on general farm management and adherence to forestry standards in silviculture, harvesting, road construction and maintenance, environmental management and social responsibility.

The NCT tree farmer of the year was initiated in 2002 and is awarded annually to tree farming operations that display excellence in sustainable plantation management.

Each winner received a chain saw sponsored by PMB Power Products Andreas Stihl Pietermaritzburg.


Picture captions:
Andrew Mason (heart) of HOLME LACY winner in the category farm managed on private land, receives the award from NCT Forestry chairman, Harald Niebuhr.

(l-r) Harald Niebuhr, NCT Forestry chairman, Patrick Dhlamini, Ncamisile Zulu & Thokosane Zondi of ZANQAWE FARMING, winner in the category farm managed on communal land.

For more information contact:
Anita Nicholson
NCT Forestry Co-operative Limited
Tel: 033-8978507 * Fax: 033-8978501

A farewell dinner was held in honour of outgoing Chairman of St. David’s School, Barry Lamb, who is moving to Howick. During his 15 years of service he has worn many hats: Secretary, Chairman of Finance, Chairman of the School Council, Chief Score-Keeper at sports days and galas and administrator of the Greytown mountain bike festival, a task he undertook as a fund-raiser for the school. This job involved getting up at some unearthly hour on dark chilly mornings to arrive at the venue well before dawn. We will miss Barry’s unwavering loyalty and commitment to the school, his love and concern for all the children and his frequent visits for tea..


24 July 2013


Well over a year ago National and Provincial government assured the protestors in Muden that, despite having taken no action over the past 12 years to solve the situation action would be now be taken .This was after the almost month long blockade of the Greytown/Muden road which led to considerable hardships on both sides of the road affecting businesses; transport and most of all thousands of school children in Muden who could not go to school or whose teachers were not able to get there. The reason - 13 years of discussion and negotiations with the land owners (Lot 194 Marina Beach) who are willing to sell a substantial portion, the residents on Hillermann farm who demand service delivery , and Provincial and National government who meet, talk and promise and do absolutely nothing   to further, let alone finalise the situation. But last year’s blockades did not achieve the hoped for end results.
And once again angry protestors are taking this disruptive action hoping that the powers that be will get the message and actually do something positive. Zimbambeleni head Jeffrey Ngobese told the Greytown Gazette that the community had submitted letters, made phone calls and despite Minister Collins Chabane visit to the community and assurances that action would be taken - there was nothing.
There were major hold ups on the road which was solidly blocked from about 2.30 on Monday morning...and again on Tuesday with already considerable damage (a SASKO truck delivering bread was set alight) and chaos - matrics should be writing their trials but about 30 or so teachers were stuck in Greytown on Monday morning because of the safety railings ripped from the sides of the road, rocks and burning tyre blockades at Santa Maria and Mount Ernestina School.
RTI personnel moved in to control and monitor and were joined by POP personnel from Pietermaritzburg and Greytown and Muden Police., A Department of Transport TLB and driver was used to open a single lane for light vehicles on Monday but was then vandalised..
Whilst sympathising with the residents frustrations at the total lack of action on the part of all sections of Government involved the impact on all members of the community the impact on all members of the community is considerable- as queried in the past, what will it take for the message to get through to Government that 13 years of no action is not acceptable at any level. And that these protests will continue until the promised action is taken.
A fight between two sisters on Sunday night ended in tragedy when the older sister, Nonhlanhla Ndlovu was axed to death by her younger sister. Residents in the lower Cooper Street village were devastated by the killing. Evidently Nonhlanhla was visiting her sister when the fighting started and according to neighbours there was “loud shouting and swearing.” which escalated into the tragic killing outside Both sisters have young children who were apparently in the house.
One of the residents told the Greytown Gazette that after the axing the younger sister ran off but was brought back to the scene by some of the residents.
Greytown Police arrested her and she will appear in Greytown Magistrate’s Court this week on charges of murder.
A flower that blooms for so long in a vase you actually forget it’s not still getting nutrients from the soil. A flower which opens up magnificently at the same time, showing off its petals in the most flamboyant way, while also offering many impressive colour options.
Lilium LA hybrids pack in all of this and so much more. Also known as the Asiflorum hybrids, they’re a cross between L. longiflorum and Asiatic hybrids. Besides their much extended vase life, the variety of colours of these hybrids range from red and orange, to yellow, violet and pink.
Rather new to the bulb family, these hybrids were only introduced to the world in 1992. Because of the many years spent crossing lilies to get such strong hybrids, they’re very resistant to disease and are more tolerant to a range of climate and soil conditions, making them some of the easiest lilies to grow and display. However, some general Lilium rules should still be taken into account, such as the ‘head in the sun, feet in the shade’ mantra that Lilium growers are prone to chant – in other words, finding a spot that offers a cool soil but still receives enough morning sunlight. Also, because Lilium don’t possess a protective outer layer like most other true bulbs, they’re quick to dry out and should, therefore, be planted immediately after purchase, with the soil watered straight away and kept moist all year long.
Planting should take place in winter for flowers to appear in spring and summer, and these bulbs can be left in the ground for five years, yielding beautiful results every new flowering season if the correct routine is maintained. This means feeding the soil with a high potash mix in summer when growth is at its peak, and, when flowers die and leaves and stems become yellow, these should be cut off so that all energy is directed where it’s most needed: to the bulb. During growth, look out for slugs and snails, and, if Botrytis is spotted (usually in humid conditions), don’t be afraid to spray the plants, including the underside of the leaves. .
Visit the Online Shop or visit for more information.
Greytown Firearm Licence office is now operating on an appointment basis for all firearm related matters. Applicants are requested to phone 033-4139003 to set up an appointment.
This system has been brought into operation to prevent applicants from waiting for assistance - preference will be given to persons who have made appointments, those who have not will be accommodated whenever possible.
The Interclub dates are 8th, 9th and 10th November 2013 – apologies as I wrote October last week! Please book your leave, ask your wife and let us know if you would like to join the chaps in this very social and fun weekend down the South Coast. We enter teams in the Frog division and also in the Senior Frog – so we hope to send at least two teams.
Farmers Agri-Care Monthly Mug was played this past Saturday and the weather was warm, but some of the golfers were hot!!
1st: Deon van Dyk nett 66
2nd: Barry Oehme nett 67
3rd: Steve Nel nett 72
Nearest to pin 9/18: Deon van Dyk
Best Stableford: Deon van Dyk 43 points
Captains putter: Zane Padoa
Next golf game will be Development Golf Day to be held on Saturday 3 August, in honour of Mbongeni Khumalo.
The next round of the Sanlam Cancer Challenge for men will be on Sunday 25th August 2 at Prince’s Grant Golf course. We are still waiting for the tee-off times and will let members know, as soon as received.
This Friday 26th we will have Curry and Rice for supper, please phone 0832691661 to book for golf or meals.
Greytown post box customers will soon be able to collect their mail between 7.30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday to Fridays and Saturdays 7.30 a.m. to 1 p.m only. as the verandah housing the boxes will be fenced off.
Postmaster Brian Nairn told the Greytown Gazette that the Post Office had been forced to take this action as members of the public were urinating on the verandah and sleeping there at night.
The verandah will be fenced off with a gate which will be opened at 7.30 in the morning until 5 p.m. and will be closed from 1 p.m. Saturdays until 7.30 on Monday mornings.
Mr Nairn said he was aware that these opening times might create problems for some out of town customers but anyone adversely affected is asked to contact the Postmaster so a special arrangement can be made.
A reminder on the requirements of the second hand goods act has been issued by the Police in the interests of combatting trade in stolen goods and to promote ethical standards in the second hand goods trade.
In terms of section 21, Subsections (4) and (5) of the second hand goods Act, Act 6 of 2000, dealers are required to maintain the following records:
Subsection (4):“A person acquiring second-hand goods from, or disposing of goods to, a dealer, must furnish such dealer with his or her full names – physical address –and original identity document or passport as proof of his or her identity”
Subsection (5): “a dealer must obtain and keep a copy of the identity document or passport contemplated in subsection (4)”.
The Second Hand Goods Act, Act 6 of 2000 was introduced to achieve the following three broad objectives:
(1) To regulate dealers and recyclers;
(2) To combat the trade in stolen goods; and
(3) To promote ethical standards in the second-hand goods trade.
It is also important that every dealer and the community are aware of the legislation governing second hand dealers .Dealers who do not comply with the act will face criminal charges.
Christmas in July luncheon
Don’t miss out on special enjoyable and fun event this Sunday with good food and entertainment. It’s the annual LETCEE Christmas in July luncheon to take place Sunday 28th July at the Moth Hall. Enjoy a traditional and tasty Christmas meal in the coolth of winter rather than blazing hot summer!
On the entertainment front, well-known jazz singer (she also does classics) Haylea Hounsom will be performing. Haylea has attracted many fans with her performances at Ushaka Marine world, Splashy Fen, “The Voice” and more.
All proceeds go towards LETCEE community projects in neighbouring rural communities to assist young children to access learning opportunities and in regard to this guests are requested to bring along a gift to put under the tree.
Any gift suitable for children (puzzles, blocks, teddy bears, balls, stationery, crayons etc.) would be very welcome -these will be put into four toy libraries.
Book please phone 033 413 2736, or email Mary on Tickets are R120 per person; R60 for 10 -15 year olds but children under 10 years of age are free - however a donation would be appreciated.
A cash bar will be available
So many, young and old, happily spent their 67 minutes (and lots more) promoting the Madiba legacy last Thursday, Mandela Day. Schools, private groups, the Police, Councillors and Municipal officials contributed to making and improving the life of many in need through providing food, rebuilding broken buildings, painting, planting trees, purchasing school uniforms, donating library books to schools, and so many more positive activities which hopefully will not be just once a year on Mandela Day happening!
Umvoti AIDS Centre were the focal point for the eMdlovana youth group who did an amazing full day’s work there which included restoring the Place of Safety which had been badly damaged by fire - it was cleaned and repainted in bright welcoming colours to cheer abused youngsters and adults when they are given protection there. A number of trees were planted in the surrounding garden; over 80 children received a tasty meal; the new play centre also got a colourful bright paint job. These activities were co-ordinated by eMdlovana’s chief, Dumi Mdluli, his team of volunteers and UAC staff and volunteers and received donations in cash and kind from
KTZ Trading Enterprise, Mascor, Country Nursery, Siyabonga Tugela Foods, Umvoti Tyres, Build-It / Aulfes, H2B Contractors, Dr. Aheer, Emeeson Shop, Greytown Gazette, Rishad.Com, Imagination Republic, Greytown Rotary Club, Aheers Supermarket, Mankayinga and Radio Khwezi, This project was registered on the official international Mandela Day website which obtained lots of coverage including photographers from New Age and the international Getty Images.
Greytown SAPS members paid their tribute by giving back to the community. The SAPS women’s network donated food parcels and pairs of socks to a disabled children’s school, Ukukhanya komsinga. The Police personnel spent the day playing with and singing together with the children as well as reciting a poem about Tata Mandela.
In the interests of service delivery Umvoti Municipality has been placed under administration .This was announced at a special Council meeting on Monday afternoon by COGTA ‘s Nonhlanhla Qbobosheane on the grounds that “in view of the uncontrollable political tensions at Umvoti Municipality, in the last month, Council has attracted bad media arising out of disagreements between political parties” This adversely affected service delivery and it was vital that this was ensured by such an intervention.
In referring to the meeting of 21st June when the ANC were voted out of power by the IFP, NFP and DA alliance -she said these proceedings were sitll under litigation. Whilst the ANC welcomed the decision to place the municipality under administration, the alliance protested. Past Mayor Ngubane accused COGTA of being biased towards the ANC as over the years, IFP submissions on many issues to COGTA had been ignored.
NFP Zama Xaba accused past mayor Mavundla of causing the problems -he said his party would co-operate with the administrator to resolve the crisis speedily.
PANNAR Junior Tennis Tournament
It certainly put Greytown on the tennis map as 72 young players, from all over KZN and Pretoria, played in the PANNAR junior tennis tournament, organised by tennis coach Derek Brown during the school holidays. Lots of fun was had and all were very appreciative of the PANNAR sponsorship [, the courts made available by Greytown Tennis Club and Wembley College.
Results of the different age categories:
Mixed doubles:
u14/16: winners: Roland Gouws and Jemma Veenstra: r/up: Hermien Steyn and Julian Acutt.
U12: winners: Troy Perekslis and Renier van Rooyen; R/u: Mark Grant and Calista Muna:
u10: Winners Franco Els and Sayuri Naidoo; r/up: Karen Chiazzari and Christo Venter.
Doubles; U16: Boys: winners: James Tedder and Lance Comins; r/up: Julia Acutt and Michael Durroch.
Girls: winners Ivanna Dede and C. Scott; r/up: Hermien Steyn and Kyla Buchan.
U14: Boys: winners Luke Ogelsby and Thomas Moore: r/up: Timmy Norris and Roland Gouws,
Girls: Hannah Tedder and Grace Grant; r/up: Melissa van Rensburg and Kelly Panter.
U12: Boys; winners A. Els and Troy Pereleslis; r/up: Tiaan Vivier and Johan Fourie
Girls: winners: Calisna Muna and Amy Cotterrell; r/up: Robyn Steyn and Jamie Buchan.
U10: boys: winners: Thomas Hill and Franco Els; r/up: K.Brown and Christo Venter.
Girls: Winners: Stella Ogelsby and Bella Halstead; r/up: Leah Tedder and Keryn Chiazzari;
u8 winners: John Yeadon and M.J.Venter; r/up: Emma Martins and Kelly Cotterell.
Singles: u16: boys: winner: Michael Durroch; r/up: James Tedder
Girls: winner: Ivanna Dede; r/up: Ceyanne Scott.
U14: Boys: Winner: Roland Gouws; r/up: Luke Ogelsby.
Girls; winner: Grace Grant; r/up: Hannah Tedder
U12: boys; Troy Pertekslis; r/up: Matt Veenstra
Girls: winner: Calista Muna; r/up: Jamie Buchan
U10: Boys: winner: Franco Els; r/up: Christo Venter
Girls: winner: Sayuri Naidoo; r/up: Leah Tedder
u8 boys/girls: winner: M.J.Venter; r/up: John Yeadon
“Woman: A survivor’’
Just over a year ago the Greytown Gazette reported that ex Greytonian, Nomusa Mazubane had published her first book...the good news it that her second book ,”Woman, A Survivor” will be available in August! Nomusa grew up in Greytown, matriculated at Buhlebuyeza High School and is positive proof that “nothing is impossible” through being strong and putting your trust in God. This belief enabled her to obtain a loan to educate herself over a range of diplomas and courses -she works in the Finance accounting office in the Department of Justice, Pinetown.
Through her work Nomusa is constantly meeting women who are facing a wide range of problems - divorce, economic hardships, abuse etc. Responding to these women to give them help wherever possible, led to her first book with the theme throughout “Trust God; love yourself; be strong; communicate and speak out.”
Living in Pinetown, Nomusa is married to businessman Musa Mazubane with their three young children. With her full time job and caring for her family, Nomusa still finds the time to study for her law degree through UNISA and to write her second book in English “Woman. A survivor.” This book emphasises the strength of women - they able to pick up the pieces, be stronger than ever and survive to overcome challenges; the book urges them to keep on pushing until their dreams are achieved.
Nomusa told the Greytown Gazette:
”I made an oath to God that I will not rest till all women in all four corners of the world self develop themselves and stand up , do it for themselves . I have dedicated this book to my children -pillars of my strength.”
Woman: A Survivor will be available at Greytown Bookshop in August.



17 July 2013


Over a thousand kilograms of dagga was recovered by Greytown Police on Saturday when acting on a tip off they raided a Mizpah farm. The Police had been informed that a “Rasta man” was dealing in dagga on the farm.
At the farm Greytown Police personnel discovered fifty bags each containing 25 kgs dagga; three bundles of Telkom cables;water pipes, and Telkom distribution box!
Richard Mchunu, from Keates Drift, was arrested at the scene -he appeared in Greytown Magistrate’s Court on Monday on charges of dealing in dagga and possession of suspected stolen goods.He was released on bail. The case was remanded.
A spokesman for the Police said that the raid had been very successful and they were appreciative of the tip off which led to one of the largest recoveries of dagga in the area for some time.
Why effective crime fighting needs the community.
Greytown Community Policing Forum (CPF) is appealing to community stake holders to join hands with them in the fight against crime to help bring about:
· Increased co-operation and information transparency.
· Improved problem identification through the forum with the police, which will result in more effective solutions.
· Better understanding of the police’s problems by the community .
· Community will be aware of their responsibility so that criminals can be brought to justice.
· Most importantly the forum requires the community to tell them where “trouble spots” are- so that the police will be able to prevent and combat crime.
· The community to take note that the key element to the success of the concept of community policing is structured consultation between the police and role players in the community.
Next CPF meeting will be on Monday 5th August at Greytown police station conference room at 2 p.m. Greytown CPF calls on all role-players in the community, to act together against crime.
CPF chairman: Strike Buthelezi;co-ordinator Const. Z.T. Madonda and PRO I. Moola (072 874 7445)
Greytown youth are invited to attend the CPF Youth Desk meeting on Thursday 25th July at 12 noon in the SAPS conference room.
Press releases hit the email circuit on a regular basis as companies vie for free promotion and coverage of their products in the media. One with a sense of fun and positive for publishing is a report on a massive tweet-a-thon staged by colds and flu medicine provider, Pharma Dynamics, which revealed that “man flu” is alive and unwell among South African men!.
More than 72% tweets confirmed that man flu does exist.Most female participants simply put man flu down to a need for more attention when men are sick accompanied by a burning need to lie on the couch and watch copious amounts of television, but the latest research indicates some truth to the condition.
Mariska Fouche, spokesperson for Pharma Dynamics, says that when struck by the flu, men really do suffer more, despite being accused of exaggerating symptoms to gain sympathy.
Some old wives’ tales unearthed during the tweet-a thon chopping up an onion and placing it next to you in bed – to absorb flu germs. Another tweet swore by a mixture of ginger beer and Disprins, while another suggested taking a hot mustard bath with feet covered in a menthol rub along with a hot toddy, of course. Eating copious numbers of Marmite sandwiches also seemed to be a sure-fire-flu-buster since it contains vitamin B3.
Motion-picture penicillin was also tweeted as a way to help ease flu symptoms with the top five must-see flu-movies topping the chart:Pretty Woman;Die Hard;
Shrek;The Lord of the Rings trilogy;and
Friends with Benefits
Pharma Dynamics’ tweet-a-thon also revealed that
most participants admitted to sneezing into their hands more often than tissues and some don’t bother to cover up at all. Coughing or sneezing directly into a hand that subsequently touches food, money or other people is clearly a recipe for contagion. A typical sneeze can travel 160 kph and spew countless germs into the air or onto one’s hand.
Lange Strategic Communications on behalf of Pharma Dynamics.
Its a huge positive step forward for health care -the Umvoti AIDS Centre step down in patient facility which was opened last Thursday by Dr May Mkhize, a health carer of note and wife of KZN Premier Zweli Mkhize.
A large crowd were present for the long awaited occasion which will fill a much needed gap for recovering patients not yet well enough to return home but well enough to leave hospital. The 8 bed facility will take referrals direct from the Greytown general and TB hospitals on an inpatient basis. The building is well planned, bright and airy -with patient friendly bathrooms and a well kitted out kitchen.
In her address, Dr Mkhize, emphasised her background as a health carer who supported the various programmes operated by the Premier’s office where she was in the “espousal” office! Such a facility was of vital importance in that it would ease the very real problem of shortage of beds for patients in need of acute care as those who had improved to the category of non-acute care could be moved to such a step down facility.
Speaking in her capacity as a health she said that the step down route was the way forward for the optimum use of the Province’s health facility and she made a commitment to support and promote the establishment of more step downs.
Dr Mkhize complimented Umvoti AIDS Centre on the way in which it had tackled HIV/AIDS patients and the initiative it had shown in establishing the step down facility. She said that both the public and private sectors should be working hand in hand to promote health care programmes -it was of the utmost importance that they continued to consult and liaise with each to obtain maximum benefit in promoting and maintaining the health of all.
The plaque commemorating the opening of the Step Down was unveiled by Dr Mkhize, assisted by Mrs Futhi Ndlovu of the Office of the Premier and Mrs Joan Dutton of UAC.
UAC director, Thuli Sikhosana in thanking all involved expressed her joy at being able to provide such care for those in need. She thanked the donors who had , through the generosity, enabled the project to be: Rotary South Africa;Rotary Australia: National Lottery;Sappi; Operation Jump Start;Independent Development Trust and Aheers Trading;Min Cash;Boxer;Sizabantu and Lee Cilliers
Mandela Day 2013 is the most poignant and memorable since this auspicious day has been celebrated throughout South Africa and the world when United Nations officially declared 18th July as Nelson Mandela International Day in November 2009. A day on which everyone can celebrate and commemorate his birthday by encouraging the continuation of his legacy of compassion.
This day has a simple message - Madiba gave 67 years of his life fighting for social justice and human rights -all individuals are asked to give just 67 minutes of their time taking action to make the world a better place for all and to carry it through by making every day Mandela Day. Support a charity, serve the community , make friends across the board -all with the aim to change the world for the better.
Use your 67 minutes to kick start a sustainable project -on your own, as a family, team at work or sport, circle of friends, book clubs etc. Madiba said “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”
67 minutes is a small price to pay to honour a great man so loved by so many throughout the world.
Many words of wisdom have been pronounced over the years by Mandela -”What counts in life is not the mere fact we have lived.It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.”
eMdlovana , a Greytown youth movement is spreading the Mandela message on Thursday by planting fruit trees and providing a meal for vulnerable children at Umvoti AIDS Centre.
Umvoti Municipality and Department of Agriculture as part of Operation Sukuma Sakhe will be carrying out various activities this week. A garden will be planted at the Greytown and Bethalaim child care centres ;69 households will be visited in all 11 wards to assess needs and necessary interventions;all stakeholders in the eleven wards will host an event to commemorate the 67 minutes.
What are you doing? Please submit a report and photo of Mandela Day activities to the Greytown Gazette.
There has been considerable interest shown in the Hermannsburg Golf Day Poster that is being used for advertising purposes, and there is much speculation about who the handsome golfer is? Enquiries can be made to the club(in writing!).
The Hermannsburg Golf Day is one of the highlights of our golfing calendar and is to be held on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th September . Anyone wishing to advertise and sponsor on this day must please contact the school and please contact Piet should you like to enter for the golf.
The forms for Interclub( 8,9,and 10 October ) have arrived and members are asked to please indicate if they would like to play as we need to make a provisional booking as soon as possible and we need to know how many teams to enter and just how “Senior” they will be.
This Saturday 20 July , we will be playing the Farmers Agri-Care Monthly Mug and will have a group of visitors staying and playing as well.
To enter please phone Piet Nel on 083 269 1661. All visitors are very welcome.
This Friday there will be a bring and braai , please contact 082 555 2661 should you like to join in.
At the Greytown Rotary Club meeting this Thursday the guest speakers will be a very interesting American couple , now working in Tugela Ferry.
Pat and Greg Mork volunteered with U.S. Peace corps and are working in the community HIV/AIDS outreach project. Greg has degrees in Civil Engineering and Business Finance. For most of his career he worked as a general contractor and also acquired and renovated rental property. Pat has degrees in Physical Therapy and Public Health and has spent most of her career working as a physical therapist.
In their work at Tugela Ferry, Greg is assigned to Sinozwelo Resource Center and Pat is at Philanjalo Care Center.
Anyone who would like to attend, what promises to be a most interesting talk, is asked to phone UAC 033 413 2746 to hand thier names in.
The meeting starts at 6 p.m. at Greytown Country Club.
Once again it was perfect playing weather last Saturday and good tennis was seen on the three courts in action.
Tennis players, young and old turned out in force in the evening to say goodbye to one of the most popular members of the club, Barry Lamb who with Jill moves to Howick soon.
Barry has been a member of the Greytown Tennis club for half a century and has certainly made his mark not only on the “winner’s “ boards but also his gentlemanly and fun approach with good and not so good players on Saturday afternoons...and of course his devastating returns!
To Barry and Jill - keep well and be happy !
PANNAR mixed coudl4es takes place on Sunday 28 July. .. R120 per player which include tea eats and a scrumptious lunch. Please contact Pierre Steyn ( 082 772 5504) or Ian Hill to enter(0334172434 ). Interested players who need a partner can also contact them.
The Greytown Gazette apologises to all its readers and advertisers for the quality of reproduction in last week’s issue - this was due to a series of technical hitches which hopefully will not re-occur!
Martin Eggers lost out on the cash on Friday night as he was not present at the time of the draw. The next attendance draw will be on Friday (19 July) with R300 up for grabs. Be here at 6:30 – 7pm and you could be the lucky winner.
Mascor monthly mug and NLDTF business league played on Saturday.
A Div winner – Oscar Ndawonde on 66 net
B Div winner and mug winner – Bigboy Ngonyama on 59 netts. Thank you to Mascor and NLDTF for sponsoring this successful day.
“Sunday 9@9” entry fee is R25 to play 9 holes. Richard Chiazzari is sponsoring a chicken that will be up for the winning on Sunday mornings..
Wednesday 31 July we will be having a sushi evening at the Club. Stay tuned for further details…


Two years ago armed robbers raided Fairways store in Sergeant Street but had no time to "enjoy" their spoils as they were arrested within a few hours by  Greytown Police and most of the stolen items recovered.
In the Greytown Regional Court on 4th July this year two of the robbers, 21 year old Funukwazi Zondi from Mpofeni in the Dalton area and 19 year old Philani Khanyile of Kwamashu were sentenced to 18 and 13 years respectively for armed robbery .
During the robbery one of the gang of 3 threatened the customers with a firearm and forced them to lie on the floor. One of the other robbers loaded R30 000 in cash and R20 000 worth airtime vouchers into a black rubbish and ran off.
Greytown Police, Field Security and Fairways staff gave chase  and one of the robbers was identified and arrested in a nearby supermarket - an unlicensed 9mm Norinco pistol and seven 9mm rounds were found in his possession.
Three hours later another robbed was tracked down in a  plantation in Mpofeni, arrested and the black refuse bag containing the money and airtime vouchers recovered. They appeared in the Greytown Magistrate's Court  that week on charges of armed robbery, attempted murder and possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition.
The third robber , is still at large.


10 July 2013


At last Friday’Council meeting when past Mayor Mavundla queried the validity of the IFP alliance motion to remove ANC speaker,Ahmed Shaikh, this triggered off a chorus of indignant shouts as the 12 alliance majority protested.
As Speaker Shaikh tried to make himself heard,with ringing the bell and leading the chorus of “order” but to no avail. And someone summoned members of the Greytown Police to keep a watchful eye on the proceedings which were noisy and voluble but no more than that.
Also present at the meeting were senior COGTA officials, Lionel Pienaar and Jomo Sibiya who had been invited to meet with representatives of the the four political parities to give guidance on the composition of the Executive committee. Following the dissolution of the previous Exco on and the takeover of Umvoti Council by the IFP alliance, who protested at the make-up of Exco -this has now been taken to High Court and a ruling is expected at the next hearing on Wednesday 17th July.
The motion for the removal of the Speaker was proposed by Councillor Petros Ngubane and seconded by Councillor Maharaj. Whilst Ngubane was speaking to the motion, Councillor Mavundla, on a point of order, queried whether the motion was valid, as only signatures of the proposer and seconder appeared and not printed names(the motion was also supported by the other 7 1FP, 2 NFP and the DA Councillors).There was an immediate passionate, voluble and non stop protests from IFP Councillors Zondi and Ngubane mainly, with ANC Councillor Nzama supporting Mavundla’s point of order.
In vain, Speaker Shaikh rang that bell accompanied by a constant chant of “order” from all parts of the Council chamber. the Police were called in as a safeguard, but that still did not quieten the protesting voices.
Then in a reversal of Council proceedings over the past year, the ANC Councillors walked out!
As there was a quorum of the 12 member alliance the meeting proceeded calmly and pat Umzinyathi District Municipality Mayor and long serving Umvoti Councillor Yengwa was unanimously elected Umvoti Council Speaker!
In a brief acceptance speech Councillor Yengwa emphasised that, as Speaker, he would regard everyone
as equal and give equal opportunities -the officials would be required to do their jobs and the politicians theirs. He pledged that he would ensure that all communities in Umvoti would benefit equally and that their voices would be heard and listened to.
Photo: Councillor Mbangiseni Yengwa ,newly elected Speaker
Councillors Ngubane, Zondi and Nzama got quite passionate and voluble in making their points.
Umvoti AIDS Centre is to officially launch its Step-Down-Facility on Thursday 11th July. For the past two years Umvoti AIDS Centre has been mentored by the Hospice Association of South Africa in an effort to provide outpatient’s support to terminal patients or anyone with a life threatening illness..More recently the focus has shifted to creating a facility that can provide in -patient services.
Umvoti Aid Centre’s 8 bed Step Down facility will take referrals directly from Greytown General Hospital and Greytown special T.B Hospital. It will be a halfway house between hospital and home, providing care services for patients who no longer require critical care, but are not ready to return home.
Services include skilled nursing by professional nursing sister and staff nurse who will be assisted by capable and dedicated auxiliary nursing staff 24 hours a day. During a typical stay of 1-3 weeks the progress of the patient is monitored, medication checked and most important of all they gain strength through regular nutritious meals. On leaving the Step Down the patient is much better equipped to enjoy and maintain a full recovery through sustained outpatient support as offered by the UAC and its team of staff nurses and auxiliary nurses.
Ramadan, the major fast of the Islamic year, falls in the ninth lunar month. Traditionally, Ramadan commences and ends with the sighting of the new moon, which is expected today, Wednesday 10th July . The month-long fast involves abstinence from food, liquids, smoking, and sexual intercourse between the hours of sunrise and sunset. Moreover, fasting must be undertaken with spiritual intent (niyyah ), and this intent must be renewed each day before dawn.
 Mean-spirited words, and thoughts and deeds such as slander, lying, and covetousness negate the value of fasting. The fast commences each day at sunrise , immediately prior to which an early morning meal, suhoor, is eaten. It usually includes a special bread called mushtah and a sweet cream-filled pastry called kilaj, which are served only during Ramadan. During the day no food or drink may be taken, which can be a severe test when Ramadan falls during the hot summer season.
 The day’s fast is broken with a small meal, iftar, taken as soon as possible after sunset. Traditionally, this is dates and water in remembrance of Muhammed, who always broke his fast by first eating dates, followed by lentil soup and salad. A larger, often quite elaborate meal may be eaten later at a mosque or shared with visiting friends and family.
 Although the fast is obligatory for all adult Muslims in good health, a number of exemptions are allowed. Children are not required to fast until they reach the Age of Responsibility (twelve years for girls; fifteen years for boys). Children from the ages of six to eight may fast for half the day, gradually increasing the duration until old enough to fully observe the fast. Elderly and the chronically ill whose health may be compromised by fasting may substitute the feeding of one poor person for each day of fasting missed. Pregnant and nursing women, women in post-child-birth confinement, and menstruating women may postpone the fast and make up the days later. Those who are sick, traveling, or engaged in hard labor may make up missed fast days later.
Unintentional breaking of the fast is not punished, and Muslims are enjoined to break their fast if there is a threat to health. Other types of infractions require restitution. This is of two kinds: Qada, which involves making up missed days, and Kaffarah, which additionally exacts a penalty from the transgressor.
Fasting during Ramadan is a festive occasion of gratitude and thanksgiving to God. It has also acquired moral, social, and physical virtues. Observance of the fast is commonly seen as a way of receiving pardon for past sins; it creates empathy with the plight of the hungry, and it teaches self-control and endurance of deprivation. Following Ramadan there is a three-day festival of prayer and feasting known as ʿAl Id-Fitr. Special sweet dishes are prepared, giving the festival its other name of Sweet Id. Muslims give thanks to Allah for enabling them to perform their duty of fasting, and there is much visiting and exchange of gifts, including food, with family and friends. Charitable giving is also encouraged.
Sanlam Cancer Challenge was played here on Saturday 6th July 2013, attracting three A division, four B division and seven C division players, and three ladies in the ladies division.
The early starters had to contend with a coldish berg wind but that did not seem to be much of a deterrent. In the field were two father and son and one mother an daughter combinations and it’s always good to see these family spending golfing time together.
Saturday started with Umvoti’s new Mayor Xaba, who came to take his wedding photos at St Cathryn’s,
A Div:
1st Edmund Duvel 37 points
2nd Paul Els 36 points
3rd Louis Stegen 26 points.
B Div:
1st Barry Oehme 39 points
2nd Steve Nel 37 points
3rd Brent Barkhuizen 34 points.
C Div:
1st Justin Harrison 41 points
2nd Piet Nel 38 points
3rd Lawrence Kimble 35 points oco
4th Mike Harrison.
The regional finals are to be played at Princes Grant on Sunday 25th August and that means that Paul , Barry and Justin will be going to represent St Cathryn’s. Edmund Duvel has apologized as he will not make the next round due to prior commitments. The next round for Liekie will also be playing on 25th August at Maritzburg golf club. Just a small reminder last year Liekie was placed fourth overall at the finals at Sun City, ……you go girl!
Ladies Division:
1st Liekie Steyn 42 points
2nd Deborah Buss 29 points
3rd Alice Palm 23 points.
The shot of the day was “the nearest to pin” when the ball landed millimetres from the hole on the 9th /18th…….and the worst putt of the day was the same next putt but hard breathing from an opponent caused the ball to deviate off the line and the golfer ended with a two putt and a score of three for three.
All St Cathryn’s golfers would like to thank Analise Msimang for visiting our club and sharing the aims and ideals of the Cancer association. She also sold goodies and in her speech she asked all to go for their tests and screening. Thank you to all who supported this worthy cause.
This Friday 12 July, there will be a bring and braai. To book for golf and / or meals please phone 082 555 2661
White gold
Exquisite sweet smelling Lilium Longiflorum, commonly known as St Joseph’s lily is is associated with Joseph of Nazareth as he is generally depicted with a staff blooming with these flowers . Also known as the Easter lily, L. longiflorum is used to decorate church altars during Easter because of its symbolism of purity and new life.
Native to the Ryukyu Islands of southern Japan, L. longiflorum began its commercial production in Bermuda in the mid 1800s but this business was destroyed later that century by a virus infestation. Japan took over the production and exportation of the lily to America but World War II put an end to these Japanese imports which were quickly halted,. Entrepreneurial Americans began their own production and made big bucks on these St. Joseph’s lily bulbs, which became known as ‘white gold’ due to their great value.
Plant bulbs in full sun to semi-shade between May and August and have flowers from September through to January . Make holes 8cm deep and 15cm apart for each bulb, in soil that is cool, with a good percentage of humus and good drainage. End off the planting process by watering the ground and adding a top layer of mulch to keep it all cool and moist, and to protect the bulbs from frost in very cold areas.
During summer, when St. Joseph’s lilies are growing at their fastest rate, feed the soil with fertiliser and insert stakes in the ground to support the stems. At the end of the flowering season,once the stems have yellowed and been cut off , leave the bulbs in position in the ground, as L. longiflorum thrive when left in the same spot for five years, on condition that they receive adequate nutrition.
Online Shop or visit for more information.
Work well done - thank you
Contrary to what some people in Greytown think the work being done the Crime Prevention task team deserves loud applause.This group is made up of about 15 members led by Mr Zondi.
You will be amazed to find out how they work around the clock closely watching out for those up to no good.
On Saturday, for instance, they made a breakthrough in the Park, where about 8 schoolboys were found intoxicated and so drugged that they did not know themselves.
On investigation it was found that the boys had stolen money from their homes - abusing their families and themselves.
But we salute the team crime prevention members -keep it up!!!
Sam Gcwensa
July, the seventh month of the Gregorian calendar was so named in 44 B.C. after Julius Caesar. Ruby is the traditional, modern, mystical and ayurvedic birthstone and larkspur ,water lily or sunflower are the month’s flower.
Star signs Cancer the Crab runs from 21st June to 22nd July and Leo the Lion from July 23rd to August 22nd.
Important days in times gone by were :2nd when in ancient Rome the feast of expectant mothers was celebrated as all pregnant women gathered in the temples to be blessed by goddesses associated with birth and fertility.
On 4th July 1776,the declaration of independence, the official “birth” of the United States is celebrated . ----
In Spain, the annual Running of the Bulls takes place on 6th July -. The bull symbolizes fertility and the male procreative power .
According to an age-old superstition, a child who is born on the twelfth day of July (”the luckiest day of the year”) will be destined for a life of wealth and great success.
In France, on the 14th the fall of the Bastille in 1789 in Paris is commemorated.
It is said that if it rains on St Swithin’s day -15th July -it will rain nonstop for six weeks, St Swithin was a 9th century bishop said to have created a 6 week downpour to prevent his grave being moved 100 years after his death.
On 22nd July,1930, the first sighting of the famous monster of Loch Ness was officially recorded in Scotland. Old Nessie has since been “seen” by thousands of people and continues to attract countless numbers of tourists to Loch Ness each year.
In Osaka, Japan, a thousand-year-old festival of paper dolls is celebrated annually on 25th July The handmade dolls are traditionally rubbed on the bodies of the faithful to absorb illnesses, negativity, and evil spirits. The dolls are then taken to a bridge and dropped into the waters of the river below for good luck and to ward off evil.
Also on 25th -the festival of St Christopher . French fishermen claimed that the flounder has a crooked mouth because it made faces instead of listening when the saint preached a sermon to the fishes. Saint Christopher who carried Jesus on his back across a stream, is patron saint of travellers.
Patron saint of housewives, cooks, innkeepers and laundresses, St Martha once had to stop her housework to overcome a dragon by sprinkling it with holy water.
31st July is August Eve, Lammas Eve, The Eve of Lughnasadh. In pre-Christian times, Oidhche Lugnasa was celebrated by the Celts in honor of their solar deity Lugh. His annual sacrifice at the end of the harvest ensured the fertility of the corn and grain for the next growing season.
Three years ago a heavily armed gang of robbers raided Siyabonga supermarket in Kranskop and in a shoot out with the Police, as they tried to escape, five people including a young boy were shot and wounded.Last Friday acting High Court Judge Tule-tu Tonjeni sentenced the robbers to 25 years imprisonment each, ordering further that the accused should not be released before they have served 20 years of their sentences branding their behaviour as unbelevable and reckless.
It was miraculours that no one was killed in the fierce and random crossfire that day, 2nd July 2010 as hundreds of people, young and old , milled around the pension pay out point and shops.
With three getaway vehicles closeby the robbers made a clean get away. But there was an immediate response from Kranskop, Greytown and Matimatola Police as well as a Police helicopter. As they caught up with the gang, who had abandoned their vehicles, there was an exchange of fire and five robbers were arrested.All firearms used were recovered including a 45 Magnum which one of the robbers, who had climbed a tree, was trying to shoot point blank at the Police -it was later discovered that the worng bullets had been loaded into this firearm!
All five accused, Sizwe Ntashangase, Muzi Ndawonde, Mlungisi Magwaza,Bongikwema Lab=nga and Phumlani Mjembe were convicted earlier this year by Acting judge Tule-tu Tonjeni on charges with robbery with aggravating circumstances, nine counts of attempted murder relating to the five civilians caught in the crossfire and the others to the shoot out with police, as well as possession of suspected stolen property and some of unlawful possession of firearms.
Appearing in Court last Wednesday, three of the accused, Ntshangase, Ndawonde and Magwaza pleaded for leniency stating they had not committed the crimes of which they had been convicted.In presenting their personal ciorcumstances they asked it be taken into account that they were the sole supporters of members of their families and children prior to their arrest in 2010.
However State advocate, Candy Kander, in her submissions to the Court on Thursday 4th July, urged an effective sentence of 42 years or so imprisonment for each and that Judge Tule-tu Tonjeni order that the accused not be released on parole until 25 years have been served
In response to an appeal by the lawyer of Langa and Mjembe that mitigating factors be taken into account as the latter had been the getaway driver and played a lesser role, Kander said that the magnitude of the robbery, the planning and heavy artillery used called for a sentence that was higher than the minimum 15 years imprisonment prescribed in law. She furthermore said that the gang’s “brazenness and recklessness” in targetting the supermarket on a day when it was known that many elderly would be there to collect their pensions.
In sentencing the five, the Judge said that the accused had used heavy calibre firearms in broad daylight ”they did not care about anyone else and had no regard or respect for human life, as they to achieve their goal -to rob” she said. On nine counts of attempted murder the accused were sentenced to ten years for each count -to run concurrently and 15 years each for the armed robbery.
Five year old Banele Hlela who was one of the civilians shot and wounded during the robbery is still walking around with a bullet lodged in neck and his medical prognosis is not promising.
Its tax season again, with filing for the 2013 tax year set from 1 July to 22 November. This tax year covers 1 March 2012 to 28 February 2013. Legal& Tax has put together a few tips to help get through tax filing time with as little stress as possible.
* Get started now or as soon as possible
Filing an income tax can be a surprising amount of work. It’s best to get an early start so that you can submit your return before the rush starts. If you are due a refund, the sooner you file, the sooner you’ll get your money.
* Use eFiling
The SARS eFiling service is convenient, secure and easy to use can file seven days a week, 24 hours per day with no problem.
Plus, if you use eFiling you have until 22 November to submit your return. If you file manually by post or SARS drop box, you must file by 27 September.* Make sure you have all your supporting documents ready
Supporting documents may include:
· Your IRP5 tax certificate from your employer
· An income tax certificate from your medical aid scheme
· A list and the receipts of medical expenses not covered by your medical aid scheme
· A tax certificate for your contributions towards a retirement annuity fund
· A detailed logbook specifying your business trips and travel costs for the period
* Be 100% honest
It is illegal to lie on your return by inflating your expenses or not declaring your correct income. Since the inception of eFiling there has been a substantial increase in random audits performed by SARS, accompanied by severe penalties for false declarations on tax returns.
* Not sure of something? Ask!
SARS has tried to make life easy for the tax payer by simplifying the paperwork and process of paying tax, but tax affairs can still be complicated. Rather contact the SARS call centre on 0800 00 7277 (0800 00 SARS) or a tax expert to ensure you do your return correctly the first time than risk getting something wrong. za.
issued by Johan Swart: Legal &Tax

A 45 year old man was killed when a heavy truck transporting cane overturned on the Greytown/Muden road on Monday morning. The truck, with a Durban registration , was apparently transporting cane from a Muden farm, when according to a RTI spokesman , the vehicle's brakes failed and the driver hit a huge pile of dry gravel on the road fbeing used for the ongoing roadworks.
The accident ocurred about 50 metres from the turn off ot Enfield farm. When the driver was unable to stop, the pedestriaN (who has not yet been identified) was knocked down and the truck overturned.  The driver and his passenger escaped , unhurt, through the open hatch in the roof of the cab.

RTI,EMRS and SAPS were quickly at the scene.

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3 July 2013

Constable Khulekani Mbatha appeared in the Greytown Magistrate’s Court on Monday on a charge of attempted murder;two assaults and 5 kidnapping charges -the case was remanded until 9th July.
It is reported by Police spokesperson, Captain Thulani Zwane that early last Thursday morning, four people, claiming to be Police officers, driving a police vehicle, kidnapped five Shezi family members at their homestead The Shezi victims claim that were dragged into nearby bushes and assaulted being accused by their attackers of having being involved in a murder in the area last July.
Following the assault they were dropped off -three of the Shezi victims then reported the attack to the Police.One of the other two was later found injured but alive, but the fifth victim, 20 year old Nhlaka Shezi who was severely beaten, died.
KZN Police commissioner, Lieutenant General Ngobeni said that the Police would co-operate fully with the Independent Police Investigative Directorate to ensure that the perpetrators were identified and “an internal investigation will also be conducted and any police officer that may be identified as being part of this group will be dealt with harshly.”
It is a wellknown researched fact that there is a major crisis in the teaching of mathematics in South African schools due largely to the on-going shortage of qualified mathematics teachers in rural schools.
Whilst thousands of learners try for bursaries, many loose out because of poor maths skills. Mondi realising this, as its forestry bursaries, require good marks in mathematics decided to take positive action.
In partnership with Unitrans ,Mondi have organised an Advanced Certificate in Mathematics Programme to enhance teacher’s qualifications, competencies and professionalism in teaching the subject.
The urgent need for such a programme was highlighted last year with less than 48% Grade 12’s in Umzinyathi district passing maths.Schools in the district included in this year’s programme are:Makhedama High , Gcotoi High , Muntukaboni High, Kranskop Primary , Hermannsburg Combined , Maqhinga High , Candabuthule High , uMvoti High , Mgwempisi Combined , Mashingizela High , Elsie Mtshali Combined , Muden Combined , Mount Ernestina Combined .
Mondi and Unitrans funded travelling allowances including air tickets,transport, tuition, meals and accommodation fees to Stellenbosch University.Teachers from Umvoti left on the 28 June for Stellenbosch University (Cape Town) and will return on 6 July.
Report:Xolani Gwabe
Even though midwinter fell on 21st June winter weather in Umvoti has not really followed the traditional pattern - how many can recall a thunderstorm in the month of June? This occurred during the night of 27th creating a major hearing aid problem! In Greytown , according to Grant Gifford”s rainfall gauge - 12 mm was recorded that night bringing the month’s total to 15mm!
PANNAR research weather station recorded 9.2mm on the 27th bringing the monthly total to 15.2.rainfall recorded for June.
Ram Bagdath of Pannar shows the 39 year mean as 12.86843823mm : Lowest June rainfall was 2.5 in 2009 and the highest 49.8mm in 2011.
Minimum temps recorded show only four days below freezing:minus 4.09 on 16th June;minus 1.9 on 17th;
minus 2.23 on 18th and minus 0.77 on the 30th.
Lowest minimum recorded was 12.78 on 27th nd highest 24.64.
Average minimum temperature for the month was 3.619667 and average maximum:21.27233.
Lake Merthley is  89.80% full and  0.349 mbelow the wall.
tribute to Captain Bobby Naicker
Family, friends and colleagues were saddened at the unexpected death of Captain Bobby Naicker on Tuesday 25th June after a short illness. He grew up in Greytown and matriculated from Greytown Secondary School .He was a regarded as one of the top cops in KZN.
Bobby joined the SAPS in 1982 at the age of 21 having undergone his police training at Wentworth Police College. He was posted to New Hanvoer and in 1993 to Greytown as member of the Greytown detective branch where he soon became known for his outstanding work.
His reputation continued to strengthen when he joined the Greytown Murder and Robbery Unit in 1995 -this unit was changed to the directorate of priority crimes, serious and violent section, and was tasked with investigating all serious cases in Greytown and surrounds.On receiving his diploma in Policing in 1999 Bobby was promoted to the rank of Captain appointed as Unit Commander of the then murder and robbery unit.
At the time of his death, he had been involved in counter terrorism and worked for the HAWKS..
A large contingent of top KZN Police officials and many of his colleagues attended the service and cremation held last Thursday.
Bobby leaves his two sons, Nicholas and Nicardo.
All golfers are reminded that the Sanlam Cancer challenge is to be played this Saturday, 6th July. We will be playing in four divisions, men’s A,B and C as well as ladies.

This is such a worthy cause and we invite all affiliated golfers to come to join us for the day. The prizes are donated by Sanlam and are always greatly appreciated by the golfers.
This Friday, the Kranskop Consrvancy will be holding its annual game count and function. Gerite is making her famous chicken pie so please let us know if you will be attending by Thursday 4th at 10 a.m.
To book for golf or meals please phone Piet on 083 269 1661.
Please pass our condolences to the familiesof Bruce Gifford, Bhai Maharaj, Ishmail Sibiya, Capatain Bobby Naicker, Dr. CA Motala and Rev. Titus Gwamanda. Greytown is indeed poorer without these eminent gentlemen who were shining beacons of our society.
They shall all be sorely missed.
Oscar and Lillian Zondi and family.
Introduce an explosion of colour to the winter garden with bright and sunny calendulas! Whether it’s a sweep of golden blooms in a flower bed or a vivacious display in a pot, calendulas are a golden ray on a cold winter day. What’s more, even the most inexperienced of gardeners can grow them easily. They also make an excellent companion plant in veggie beds as they repel many pests.
Calendulas are one of the most trouble-free annuals. Plant the seedlings in a full-sun to part-sun. They are not particularly fussy about their soil and in fact too much pampering is often detrimental to their wellbeing. Water the calendula plants once or twice a week. Don’t forget to deadhead your plants by removing the dying flower heads so that the plants maintain an even blossom production.
Information supplied by the Bedding Plant Growers Association. For more go to
On Saturday we had a small field of players , but good tennis was played in perfect tennis weather. Next Saturday players, visitors and scholars are invited to a social family spoon competition. Play will start at 2 p.m., but players can also join in later, should they arrive late. Prizes will be awarded to the winners.
Reminder - PANNAR Greytown Junior Tennis Tournament
This winter tournament is coming up in the holidays and will take place from 10th to 12th July at R180 per pupil for all age groups. There are very generous cash prizes for each age group, as specified on the entry forms.
Please contact Derek Brown( 083 228 9243) if you want to enter.
Another important reminder of one of our most popular tournaments, the PANNAR mixed doubles tournament to take place on Sunday 28 July. The cost is R120 per player and this will include tea eats and a scrumptious lunch. Couples will be seeded according to strength and prizes will be awarded per section.
Please contact Pierre Steyn ( 082 772 5504) or Ashley Cotterell if you want to enter(082 415 0525). Interested players who needs a partner can also contact them.
A full field of players are expected to enter therefore players are encouraged to enter sooner rather than later to avoid the disappointment of not been able to play.
We look forward to receiving entries of Dads and Daughters, Mothers and Sons, Husbands and Wives, Brothers and Sisters, Boyfriends and Girlfriends, or just good tennis partners!
There appears to be a non stop flow of different scams and obviously quite a few people are conned into believing the blurb that they will receive vast sums of money...but!Pietermaritzburg SAPS have urged the public to be aware of the following scams currently doing the rounds once again on cellphones or emails:
1. Notification from SARS for payment due to you; notification from” your bank “to update your pin numbers or personal information.;deposit scams; Sim swap .
Police recommend the following:
1. Never follow a link on an e-mail to visit your bank’s website and type in your bank’s full URL every time. Also make sure the first URL letters change from “http” to “https” (the “s” means it’s secure site).
2. Do not make your internet banking login password personal. Instead use letters and figures which cannot be linked to you. Change your password every few months or immediately if you suspect someone has seen it. Don’t leave your computer when you have logged on to your internet banking account and always log off at the end. Do not do your internet banking on any computer that’s also used by strangers, such as in internet cafes. Make sure your antivirus software is updated regularly.
3. Don’t tear up your bank statements and dispose of them in your garbage bin-fraudsters can obtain personal details from these.. Check your bank statements and make sure you can account for even small amounts. If not fraudsters may have gained access to your account and performed small transactions to check if you have noticed before they take a bigger risks. . Call your bank’s call centre immediately if your cellphone suddenly stops working and ask if there have been any changes in your accounts. Banks will never ask you to provide your secret login details by e-mail, SMS or when calling you.
4. Never respond to any “SMS” pertaining to UK lottery winner or cellphone number winner, you do not have to pay to receive proceeds for any competition.
5 Deposit scams - (eg. fake deposit or fake “EFT” transfers). Always check and confirm for authenticity of the deposit.
8. Take note of changes to ATM’s ( eg. key pads, card slots or people handing/milling close by) – don’t get distracted. Always use an ATM that you’re familiar with. Be careful when drawing large sums of cash. Various street cons are where money was found on the street, suspects pour “muti” on the victim’s clothing or suspects approach the victim as fake “police officials”. Do not ever hand over your cash.
9. Don’t get caught with an offer to get clothing at a discount from people in the streets. Don’t leave your belongings with them. Don’t be fooled by a con artist who promises job opportunities in government departments for a fee. Be wary of the Black dollar scam – no one can make money by their hocus–pocus method.
Like so many South Africans SA CAN (South Africa Community Action Network) has the vision and dream of a crime-free, safer South Africa... and is taking action to achieve this for the country and all inhabitants. Its comprehensive services (and successes) were outlined by founder Brian Jones at th recent 911 agm.And through its innovative and unique approach to membership, funding and networking it is on the road to achieving this. Founded in 2003 SA CAN serves as a co-ordinator of a network of emergency services empowering communities to proactively prevent crimes . Although at first the emphasis was on providing services to farming communities it was soon realised that urban, townships and rural communities needed to be involved -the current 40 000 members are from all communities.
It has built up a comprehensive and close working relationship with 84 service providers and roleplayers from the Police to medical emergency responders. The outstanding aspect of the organisation is that it is available to all - for those who can afford it , a SA CAN member pays R39.90 per month but paying members help those who are unable to afford to pay to help them with some facilities such as Township SOS based on the “please call me” facility to obtain help in emergency situations or provide information on crimes or criminals.
Whilst it works towards intergrating communities with the relevant emergency service providers, SA CAN has built up an exceptional network -on the crime front vital information is obtained from communities to pass on to SAPS so that genuine crime prevention is becoming a reality rather than just incident response.
As a registered SA CAN member you have a SOS panic button on your cellphone with GPS/LBS tracking:ER24 Medic - working with airborne service providers helicopter flights in instances of medical emergencies;all cases are followed up until completed with support and counselling if required;SMS updates on area incidents;input to neighbourhood watches;SOS ID containing personal details in case of medical emergency; and so much more.
Every individual can ensure a safer and more secure South Africa by becoming a member of SA CAN - to obtain more information and to join go onto the website
Its become a popular date on the year’s calendar - the annual LETCEE Christmas in July fundraiser to take place Sunday 28th July at the Moth Hall Enjoy a traditional Christmas in the coolth of winter rather than blazing hot summer!
Its a good opportunity for families and friends to get together to enjoy a tasty three course lunch as well as entertainment and Christmas carols.All proceeds go towards LETCEE community projects in neighbouring rural communities to assist young children to access learning opportunity and in regard to this guests are requested to bring along a gift to put under the tree.
Any gift suitable for children(puzzles, blocks, teddy bears, balls, stationery, crayons etc.) would be very welcome -these will be put into four toy libraries.
To book please phone 033 413 2736, or email Mary on Tickets are R120 per person but children under 10 years of age are free - however a donation would be appreciated.A cash bar will be available
In an exciting and positive development for the youth of Muden and area, the news was announced last week that a FET College is to open in time for 2013 matrics to study there!
This has come about as a result of the tremendous commitment and perserverance of community leader Jeffrey Ngobese and Mnqobi Ngubane(Zibambeleni community development).
In his original submissions,first made in 2010, Jeffrey stated that Muden had been the first to obtain land through the land reform pilot programme in 1996. Since then there has been an exponential increase in families returning to the land of their forefathers . Ten new high schools have been built since then to date. Many of the young students want to further their studies but parents cannot afford to move from Muden to the nearest tertiary institutions or send their children to further their education..
Last Wednesday senior officials of the Department of Higher Education met with the Zibambeleni leaders in their community hall in Muden -the Department announced that the Minister had decided that a post school facility or skills development college be established under the auspices of uMgungundlovu FET College with immediate effect to accomodate the current matrics next year. Three Setas, construction, agricultural and ITC will be operative in setting up the centre which will cater for non-matrics; youth;unemployed and employed - some university level courses will be offered. Students will receive a stipend while training.
For the time being the Zimbambeleni hall will be used for classes .
In an interview with the Greytown Gazette , Jeffrey Ngobese said that all revelant stakeholders were on board including 20 schools, izinduna and amakhosi, municipalities and the community.Commercial farmers and game farmers in the area have indicated their involvment in mentoring and training with the support of Cedara college.
This is a great achievement on the part of the Zibambeleni community organisation and augers very favourably for the future positive economic growth and development of Muden and district.
Mondi again showed its commitment and support to community development, especially education, by donating Physical Science and Life Science kits to the Upper Mvoti Combined School on 20th June. It is not the first time Mondi has so generously invested in the school., having together with GBR contractor renovated the school classrooms and built 8 units of water-borne toilets.
Principal, Mr Hlanguza thanked Mondi and urged teachers and learners to remain committed and disciplined so that companies like Mondi would continue to assist the school. Upper uMvoti staff and School Management Team promised to continue working as a team to achieve more such as improving the Physical and Life Sciences results for the school.
Report :Xolani Gwaba


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