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4 September 2013


The smaller python which Percy Dumakude brought into Greytown to get assistance in capturing its very big mate


Well aware of the fact the pythons are protected in terms of the law, a Muden community followed the correct route in removing the "hugest" python which had been living very close to their houses.

Last Thursday Mr Percy Dumakude arrived in Greytown with a "small" python of about 2.5 to 3 metres in length. He had brought it in to show Honorary Wild Life Officer Nico Herbst requesting him to remove the larger one which he said was over 5 metres in length, which could be a danger to the people and animals as it was very close to the homes.

Together with Honorary Officer Nic Klaprott the two set out at about 4 that afternoon to Muden to capture the "big one". Nico, a wellknown Umvoti herpetologist told a Greytown Gazette reporter that this was one of the larger African Rock pythons he had seen in this area. And the python had not eaten recently! The two reckoned it weighed over 70 kgs . After capture it took four strong men to lift the bag. Both pythons were then transported and released in a "safe" area.

Mr Dumakude and his neighbours took the correct action as they know that anyone found killing or trying to sell a python can be prosecuted as they are protected .



A couple of below freezing temperatures were recorded in August just to prove that this is winter in Umvoti!The frosty mornings were recorded on 1st; 2nd; 3rd; 23rd; and 31st. Lowest maximum recorded was 9.54 on 9th August on which day 17.8mm rain fell!. Total for August was 36.6 as recorded by Ram Bagdath at the Pannar Seed research department.

In Greytown itself Grant Gifford recorded 38mm for the month. Hottest maximum temperatures were 28.07; 28.9; 29.39; 29.61 and 30.77 all from 26th to 30th August.

40 year mean August rainfall is 28.2295 with the lowest recorded , 1.2mm , in 20008/2009.



Archbishop Philip Russel, who served as Rector of St James in the 1950's, will be commemorated on Friday as his ashes are interned alongside those of his wife Eirene in St James churchyard on Friday.

Paying tribute to this remarkable man and human rights champion, the present Archbishop of Cape Town, Thabo Makgoba will preside at the celebration of the Eucharist at the service. Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu will deliver the sermon and the Bishop of Natal, Rubin Phillip will take the service of the internment of the ashes.

In a tribute to his predecessor as Archbishop of Cape Town, Archbishop Tutu said that as Bishop of Port Elizabeth and then Durban, he had campaigned enthusiastically for human rights, supporting the Institute of Race Relations, Civic Rights League, Diakonia, and the S.A. and World Council of Churches.

A member of the S.A. Engineering Corps in World War 11 after the war he studied to become an Anglican priest at theological college. As a parish priest in various Natal congregations be started expressing his doubts about apartheid in sermons.

Archbishop Philip retired to Australia where three of his four children lived. He told how at the frail care home in Adelaide, where he spent his last year, he was known as Bishop one -one- unlike his friend the more famous Bishop Tutu!

The Requiem Eucharist at St James will start at 11 a.m. on Friday and will be followed by the internment of the ashes.


Ali Baba and the over forty thieves

The title says it all - the music, dance and fun show to be presented by the Farmyard Theatre group in Dalton on 6th,7th and 13th September.

"Ali Baba and the over 40 thieves", written and produced by John Love features the same talented cast as last years most enjoyable "Mama Mia" and an evening of laughter and enjoyment is guaranteed! The cast volunteer their spare time to take part in support of fundraising for different beneficiaries, each of which enjoys the proceeds of one performance.

Beneficiaries this year are Wartburg's Rencken Centre on September 6th, Wartburg's Altenheim on September 7th, and the Wartburg Catholic Church and Dalton Methodist Church on September 13th. During the evening a tasty three course meal is served - take along refreshments and glasses. Tickets R120.00 per person and are available from Rencken Centre, Altenheim and Bridglee Coffee Shop in Wartburg . For further information please contact 033 503 1906.




On behalf of all at Mhlopeni Reserve, I would like to express our deep thanks to those many precious friends and neighbours, who rallied to our assistance during the recent Muden/Greytown road blockage problems.

As violence spiralled out of control, the criminal element took over, with arsonists, thieves and anarchists working in unison for a wicked destruction of properties, and including beautiful trees that were over a thousand years old.

Thanks also to those, at a distance, who sent their prayers for our safety, goodwill and love during this difficult time. I cannot name you all, because the perpetrators have not yet been brought to book and intimidation remains an obstacle to peace and stability, until law and order is fully restored and the culprits face the "full might of the Law" whatever that may mean, these days.

God bless and stay strong.

Joy and Richard Alcock

and all at Mhlopeni


Greytown Country Club news

A small country club such as Greytown relies heavily on large sponsored golf days to thrive. The Wembley College golf day held on Saturday 31st August is a fine example of such an event.

A record entry of 88 players participated on a bright sunshiny day, despite the gloomy weather forecasts and all players were in before sunset, thanks to the good discipline maintained by our starter, Jack Mason. The day was a huge success, in no small part due to the efforts of the Wembley PA under the very capable leadership of Tanya Schneider.

It was a special privilege to host the players from St Cathryns, led by captain Piet Nel, as well as the erstwhile management of our club, Stan and Bridget Kippen.

After the prize giving Capitol Caterers served up a delicious supper and everyone managed to catch the last bit of the Sharks thrashing the enemy!

Results were

1st: D Mason, R Furniss, B Zuma, W Kohne (96pts):

2nd: F Botha, R Botha, O Ndawonde, M Msomi (92pts),

3rd: G Schwarz, P Schwarz, S Bondesio, P Hardy (91pts).

The next attendance draw will be on Friday (6th September 2013) with R800 up for grabs. Be here at 6:30 - 7pm and you could be the lucky winner.

The "Sunday 9@9" entry fee is R25 to play 9 holes. Richard Chiazzari is sponsoring a chicken that will be up for the winning on Sunday mornings. Thank You UFO.

An early reminder of the Greytown Country Club Beer Festival, which will be taking place on Saturday 4th October Durban's Premier Party Band "CHAMELEON" will be the entertainment for the evening. Tickets are available and selling @ R50 which includes your meal (Pig on the spit) and 330ml free draught beer of your choice.

For further information contact The Country Club at 033-417 2441.



Some St Cathryn's members played in the Wembley golf day on Saturday and
enjoyed the day - thank you to all concerned.

On the first day of Spring the golf course was white with frost !! Interesting weather we are having .

Members are reminded of the Farmers Agri-Care Monthly Mug to be played this coming Saturday 7th. This will be a useful practice for members before the stiff competition of the Hermannsburg Golf Day field. We still have some spots available for the Hermannsburg day - Friday 13th or Saturday 14th September , so please contact the school to sponsor or Piet should you want to play.

Supper this Friday will be Devilled Chicken, rice and salad - please phone
083 269 1661 or 082 555 2661 to book for golf and / or meals.


Its Casual day on Friday!

Remember, remember Friday 6 September... is Casual Day!

It's the final countdown to Casual Day. -wear your sticker and go big on this year's theme.

Casual Day gives communities the chance to come together to raise funds for organisations in the area that render services to persons with disabilities.

Casual Day supports the right of persons with disabilities to education, housing, training, accessibility, employment... in other words, full inclusion into society..

Casual Day is a project owned by the National Council of Persons with Physical Disabilities and has been run in partnership with its national beneficiaries, SA National Council for the Blind, Disabled People South (DPSA), SA Federation for Mental Health, Deaf Federation of SA (DeafSA) and Epilepsy SA, for the past 18 years.

Casual Day has invited eight new organisations to join its beneficiary family: Autism South Africa (ASA), Down Syndrome South Africa, The National Association for Persons with Cerebral Palsy (NAPCP), the South African National Deaf Association (SANDA), the National Institute for the Deaf (NID), QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA), Alzheimer's South Africa and the South African Disability Alliance (SADA).

To find out how to go big visit the website Leading retail group Edcon, is Casual Day's principal financial sponsor.

Stickers are available at all Edcon stores,(Greytown: Jet, and also Absa,)


New Hanover School Bike ride

The New Hanover School Bike Ride is an annual fund raiser that has been held for a number of years, either at New Hanover or Seven Oaks. This year it takes place at Westcliffe Farm, Seven Oaks, on Sunday 8th September. Funds are raised for New Hanover Prep, including the Pre-primary and Mphelandaba High School at Ekhamanzi.

Part of the ride goes through the tribal area and the Mphelandaba Matrics act as marshals. The ride itself has some challenging sections, but there are always alternate routes for quads and less adventurous riders.

For more details, go to the website at or call Andrew
Braithwaite on 082 859 0947.


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